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Calling Stydia, Bellarke and Bughead ‘The Holy Trinity’ is my new favourite thing.

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i loveeeee your svtfoe drawings! are you still doin that platonic touch meme? can i get starco #12 if you are! if not thats cool! your art rocks!

of course! ive been waiting for someone to send me a request! here ya go!

btw requests are still open!~

I feel like people have been complaining about ONE OK ROCK’s “new” sound for 2-3 years now?

Give them a break. They’re trying out new things, broadening their style and reaching out to a new audience in a new country. It’s what they currently want. There is nothing that says that they need to sound the same as they did 5 years ago.

Friend: Do you have a Tumblr?

Me: *pictures her seeing my Tumblr* *proceeds to panic* No, I don’t have a rock tumbler! God, you’re so weird! I love it! *smiles innocently*

Friend: No, I mean the website…

Me: *scoffs* Of course they have a website dedicated to making rocks shiny! Of course! *laughs as she makes a mad dash for the door*

Every few years remember about the Metal Gear franchise, go through the games, read the lore again. This year I found the MGS1 artbook I got when I was 11, and now not being 11 and looking back through it I’ve really gone on a journey of wonderment and confusion looking at the early versions of everything. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW:

Extreme Fishin’ Miller

Casual Snake

Rad Liquid & Sad Liquid

Good ol’ Faceless Frank

Mantis concepts feat. such strong looks as ‘lunchbreak’, ‘invisible handcuffs’, and ‘dick sounds’.

Otacon and Otacon run through a tiny face filter.


Snake-Meryl (Sneryl) and Flamethrower Mei Ling who I am ASHAMED do not exist

Utterly terrifying Veiny Raven and less terrifying Mange Raven

And of course, Punk Rock Mantis.

According to one of their co-stars, Liz and Rock had a bet which of them could get James Dean into bed first… of course, Rock won the bet! Imagine how shocked 1950’s Americans would have been if they found out that Rock Hudson and James Dean were not only gay, but also hooking up with each other off camera! Hudson and Dean both earned Oscar nominations for their performances in “Giant.” –

James Dean and Rock Hudson on the set of Giant, c. 1955

For the second letter of Christmas, Pointless Letters gave to me…..

New games sensation!
And a right old bloody misery!

And the two librarians ordered more drinks and talked about books while whistles blew and train after train left the station.  Crackle told Dopey that her husband didn’t like books and considered that mumbling should be good enough for trolls like it was in the old days, and the dwarf told her about his wife who even after the Koom Valley Accord still thought of trolls as a kind of animal, and they talked and talked and talked about the meaning of words and, indeed, the love of words.  And Marjorie recognized the syndrome and kept the hot coffee and sulphur flowing, with the occasional warm rock cake.

Of course, it wasn’t her business, she thought, it wasn’t up to her how other people led their lives, and she definitely didn’t eavesdrop, well, not much, but she couldn’t help hearing the dwarf say, ‘I’ve been offered a post as librarian at Brazeneck University and they’ve already told me I can bring my own assistant.’

And Marjorie was not surprised to find two empty cups and an empty table when she next looked: this sort of thing was bound to happen with the railway.  It expanded horizons, inside and out, people went looking to find themselves and what they found was somebody else.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Raising Steam”
(This is my new ship.)

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Think all ya want, but you’re out of time~ You’re so wimpy, you should grow a spine~

Make a wish, ‘fore I end your life~ Cuz you’re goin’ ghost, for the laaaaast time!~

Cuz I’m EM-BER! And I’m coming for all of you… coming for all of you~