rock climbing,

Tom Myers on the classic 20 foot crack at Burbage.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research into new photography techniques and all that good stuff, to try and hone in my art but I feel as though I’ve come to a plateau when it comes being creative. 

I think it’s good to challenge ourselves when it comes to things we love, usually those things brings more stress and pressure. But pressure is good, it makes us learn faster, the old saying being thrown into the deep end comes to mind. I think that term works well with climbing, especially the Onsight mentality. When you Onsight its just complete mystery, the only tools you have are the ones you’ve learned, it helps you rediscover those skills and figure out things about yourself you’d never have known if you never tried. So I would say always challenge yourself and be open to trying that little bit harder, because if we didn’t try that little bit harder it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.