rock city records

So this is the Vinyl Me Please Record of the Month for June.  I actually got it last night but put the package down on the couch and forgot it existed until I saw it pouring my coffee this morning.  Wait, that was sloppy, I was pouring myself coffee and I saw it.  The package was just laying there like some kind of lazy asshole.  This is among my favorite kind of Vinyl Me Please releases in that I don’t know the music, don’t know the artist, and probably never would have on my own.  Sometimes it happens and the album isn’t for me but most of my favorite releases have been things like this and I really cherish them.

So this is a fascinating album and maybe I should wait a day or two to write about it because it’s a new artist and a new record and I have listen to it exactly once but I decided to go ahead and write.  It is pretty good, certain tracks have really grabbed my attention.  The album starts with a track called Come to me Now which really I found enjoyable and am going to have to listen to a few times.  It is a really eclectic album though, as soon we’re on to 1234 which is a really crunchy rocker apparently about the Ramones.  But the title track will probably be the crown jewel of the record because it almost encompasses the entire album in one song, it starts slow and then slowly builds into something completely different.  In the end, it’s all about a celebration of just living in the city, how it feels different.  I think that’s this entire album really, it’s trying to capture the feel of the city.  As someone who lives in a city I think I get what he is trying to go for with that, there is just a different feel to life.  This is why I am writing right now, I thought it might be fun to see what I think with a snap judgment as opposed to a week from now.  Right now I am really enjoying this but will I ever put it on after a week?  Will different themes jump out at me?  I don’t know. But once again I am glad this exists and I am always thrilled when VMP surprises me with something new.