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Link compares himself to a pregnant woman, talks about peeing on himself, and then…. I don’t even know what to do with that wheel ending…

An Ode To Allen Fieldhouse

Twas the minute before tip-off, when all through the gym

Not a player was shooting, untouched were the rims.

The students were standing in their crimson and blue

In hopes that the dunks soon would ring true.

With a blue checkered tie, with such knowledge and skill

We knew in a moment, it must be Coach Bill.

More rapid than eagles his players they came,

And he whistled and shouted and called them by name!

Now Lucas!

Now Mari!

Now Perry and Frank!

On Embiid!

On Tarik!

On Selden and Wiggs!

We sprang to our feet, on our feet we did cheer!

And the players were dancing, their happiness clear.

That’s when we heard Coach yell, with all of his might

“Rock Chalk to all, and to all a good night!”

Among prehistoric fish, Xiphactinus is certainly one of the most terrifying. The species thrived during the Late Cretaceous era, 85 million years ago as dinosaurs’ reign was ending. Extending up to 17 feet, the carnivorous animal could swallow a six-foot-long fish whole. Giant fanglike teeth, winglike fins, and powerful swimming ability (their top speed was nearly 40 miles/hour) made this monster a formidable ocean enemy—though the shark Cretoxyrhina preyed on it in turn. Airborne creatures also had cause for alarm. Xiphactinus chomped on seabirds that skimmed the ocean surface.

The Museum’s Xiphactinus fossils come from Logan County, Kansas, which is home to 70 foot tall sedimentary formations. If you’re a University of Kansas fan, you’ll know the chant “rock chalk, jayhawk.” The “chalk” in question refers to these geological curiosities, which spread across the state. You can find Xiphactinus audax in the Hall of Vertebrate Origins:


Roy Williams learns he could face Kansas AGAIN in the 2013 NCAA tournament.

This is brilliant.

  • all of the goddamn newspaper
  • waving the wheat
  • when the band plays all of the lights
  • when the band plays we’re not gonna take it
  • when the band plays all i do is win
  • thomas robinson dunks
  • jeff withey blocks
  • connor teahan three-pointers
  • counting off fouls
  • etc

T-Rob says no.

ICYMI, Thomas Robinson had a monster block the other night:

And we were all like:

But then we watched it again

… and we thought that we have seen this before.

In fact, we saw this same block two years ago:

We see what you did there, Mr. Robinson.

22 Reasons Why We Love Andrew Wiggins

1. He leads the Jayhawks with 16.8 points per game.

2. He likes to steal the ball:

3. Even when the opponent isn’t watching:

4. He can drain it from long-range:

5. Really, long-range:

6. He can dish out an alley-oop:

7. And he can throw one down:

8. He brought Canadian flair to the Fieldhouse:

9. But is still All-American:

10. He’s been on SportsCenter a few times:

11. But he’s still a kid at heart:

12. He can spin:

13. He can slam:

14. He can jam:

15. He can fly:

16. He has his teammates backs on the court:

17. And off of it:

18. He knows how to celebrate:

19. He was in GQ:

20. And on the cover of ESPN Magazine:

21. Aaaaaand Sports Illustrated:

But most of all…

22. THIS: