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I love the dwarven origins in DA:O though.

Like, just imagine. You live your entire life underground. And you know there are these giants who live on the surface, because they buy lyrium and sometimes they send people to negotiate, and some of them fight darkspawn. Some of them can reputedly do ‘magic’, which is what they buy all that lyrium for, and all of them apparently ‘dream’, which is this weird thing where they go to sleep but then they actually visit somewhere else? And they worship a woman who died ages ago (normal) and a big invisible guy who they think created everything (weird) and the people who can’t do magic are terrified of the people who can and so they buy lyrium to make more people who can do magic but, like, a different kind of magic. Anti-magic magic.

And then all of a sudden, you’re there, and you have to save all of these crazy giant people because a Blight is coming and apparently they don’t have much experience in fighting darkspawn, like it’s a rare thing for them, but apparently they have roughly the same amount of political batshittery going on because there are usurpers and werewolves and the magic-wielding ones have all flown off the deep end, and basically everyone is doing the exact opposite of what they should if they don’t want to get eaten by darkspawn, and you’re still adjusting to the fact that instead of a rock ceiling, you’ve got a giant, colour-changing void with a giant flaming ball in it sitting over your head.

The Hero of Ferelden is impressive with any origin but I mean, shout out to the Aeducans and Broscas as the ones who’ve practically stepped onto Mars at the outset.

The story of Ann Hodges, the only confirmed person in history to have been hit by a meteorite. On a clear afternoon in Sylacauga, Alabama in 1954, Ann was napping on her couch, under quilts, when a black rock broke through the ceiling, off a radio, and hit her in the thigh, leaving a dark bruise.

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Stronger than His Words

Summary: You get captured by Hydra, confident that your boyfriend Bucky will save you. But they have a trick up their sleeves; the red book aiding them

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3260 (I regret nothing)

Warnings: reader gets kidnapped, winter soldier feelings

A/N: This was waaay longer than expected, but I loved writing every minute of it. Thank you so much Anon for requesting! 

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You knew you screwed up the moment you left the grocery store.

It was hard not to miss the sudden change in the air, the shadows out on the street. You just didn’t expect it to happen in broad daylight. You regretted going outside today, for craving snowballs. For not telling Bucky beforehand, like he wanted you to.

And now, you’re paying the price.

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AU where something goes wrong and Obi-Wan dies long before his destiny has determined he will-- The Force doesn't like this, and refuses so strongly that, upon pushing his soul back into his body and healing his wounds, there comes the unfortunate(or perhaps not unfortunate at all) side effect that Obi-Wan just. Can't die. He can be injured, but it will heal in the blink of an eye. Even a blaster bolt to the forehead or a lightsaber to the chest can't keep him down for long...

There are three things Obi-Wan knows at that moment.


One is the smell of burning flesh is as sickening as always as the lightsaber burrows into his chest and pierces through his heart.

Two is that he never wants to hear Anakin scream like that again.

And three that Ventress looks real pretty up close when she’s close enough for her breath to wash over his face.

Obi-Wan takes a jagged breath and then calmly closes his hand around her wrist. “That hurts.” He offered roughly before squeezing down on her wrist until she let go, not hard considering she looks shocked to the core as Obi-Wan stands there with a lightsaber buried in his chest.

The Jedi took that chance to remove the crimson saber from his chest, staring at her still before he gave her a directed shock through the grasp he had on her bared wrist, knocking her unconscious.

Obi-Wan summoned his own saber back to his hand from where Ventress had knocked moments ago and hooked it to his belt. “Anakin, please stop staring at me. I’m fine.” He finally offered.

That got a flurry of motions before the dark clothed Jedi was in front of him, blue eyes wide and wild as he stared down at Obi-Wan. “Fine!? She…you were…” He focused on the round hole burned through his armor and tunic, only seeing pink skin beneath it.

“I’m fine. We should most likely bring Asajj in before the droids has a chance to regroup and save her.” Obi-Wan looked down at the Sith acolyte. “And I’ll explain to your, and anyone else satisfaction once that’s done.” He sighed.

How to explain though?

This wasn’t something he could really explain.

Obi-Wan couldn’t die.

The Force was at act in it, though at times Obi-Wan wondered if it was a perversion of nature what he was.

His heart beat though, his mind spun its thoughts and his lungs required oxygen.

He was clearly human despite being unable to die.

But he could still bruise.

“Damn it Anakin!” He yelped as he was shoved into a chair in the command center, hastily reaching beneath him to pull Ventress saber out from under his butt. “I can still bruise you know!” He huffed and dropped the saber onto the desk.

“But not die apparently.” The blond growled out while crossing his arms over his chest.

Obi-Wan sighed. “No, not die.” He confessed.


“If you’re asking me then I ask you. I died a long time ago and just never remained dead. I’d blame the Force somehow.” Obi-Wan shrugged.

“Okay…you can’t die.” Anakin ran his hand over his face then crossed his arms over his chest. “You got a lightsaber THROUGH you heart…”

“Anakin, I’ve had a lot of fatal injuries and actions put on me. I’m not dead despite my heart having stopped several times. The bottom line is that I always came back.” Obi-Wan sighed.

“…When did you first die Master Obi-Wan?” Ahsoka suddenly asked, blinking at the human from behind her master.

“When I was twelve.” Obi-Wan shrugged. “I got trapped underneath the rubble in a mine, my head got caved in my a giant rock from the ceiling and I just…died.” He sat back in his chair, watching them. “I woke up stiff and cold and since then I haven’t been able to die.”

“You died when you were twelve?” Anakin’s arms dropped.

“I died at the age of twelve on Bandomeer and no one knew. I never told anyone. I didn’t want anyone to know. I was weird enough for coming back to the temple after being sent away. Anakin, I can’t die, I breath poison gas and wake up once I’m done choking on my own blood. I have every bone broken in fall damage and yet when my eyes open again, I can move as easily as I can now.” He stared at him. “The trauma alone should have me at the steps of insanity but I am not. I cling to the faint remains of sanity.”

Anakin stared at him.

Obi-Wan sighed then pushed to his feet, reaching up and resting his hands on the others shoulders. “And since you now know, I can promise you this Anakin, I will not leave your side.” He smiled faintly.

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could you write something where Kara (as Supergirl) tries to rescue Lena from something/someone and Kara ends up getting hurt and the two of them end up trapped somewhere alone together while she's hurt and fluff ensues Please and thanks

“would you stop pacing?” she grumbles. her words do stop the pacing—thank heavens, because it did nothing to help the pounding in her head—but it only takes a few short seconds for guilt to hit her and she flushes, digs her fingers into the gravel next to her and adds, quietly, “please.”

“i did. couldn’t you tell?” lena kneels next to her, grabs her chin between finger and thumb and peers into her eyes. “pupil reaction seems normal. how do you feel?”

“like i went ten rounds with a white martian and decided it would be fun to go another ten.” 

“so, not in peak condition then?”

kara frowns over at lena—the fact that she’s bleeding ought to give away that she’s powerless and hurt—and only then does she see the faint amusement. 

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For Richer, For Poorer

Anon Request: Hi! I just came across a fic search for when james takes lily to his vault and thought that you might write this. 


Lily Evans frowned at her less-than-eloquent boyfriend as he dug through his pockets looking for something. The woman in front of them in the line at the ice cream shop also frowned greatly at them. Lily smiled at the woman before shooting James another glance; he was running his hands up and down his robes as if searching for something on his person.

“What’s wrong with you?” she couldn’t help laughing at his ridiculous face as he dug his fingers deep into his pockets.

James pulled out the empty insides of his pockets, “I forgot my money!” he exclaimed.

Lily rolled her eyes and reached for her purse, “Then I’ll pay.”

“No!” James exclaimed, yanking her from the line and she groaned as they passed two women holding nice looking ice cream cones. 

Lily stomped her feet repeatedly, trying to get James to stop pulling her by the arm. It didn’t work. He was such a boy. He couldn’t go shopping on his own, he couldn’t let his girlfriend pay for a bit of ice cream, and he couldn’t hear her annoyance as they left the ice cream shop.

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Bloomtale - Chapter 12 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 12 is up!!! And so, Snowdin starts… maybe? :D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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The Ex Mess

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Request: The reader is an engineer of the stellar fleet and left with Doctor McCoy on mission, the mission is to find his ex-wife who is exploring a new planet with her current husband, but as always he is in a bad mood and you like him but do not admit And finds this way of him very attractive, but always ends up beating him because of his rude way and this mission ends up leaving you jealous of Doctor McCoy with the ex-wife and you end up revealing your feelings for him and now which Will Doctor McCoy’s reaction be? - @lia-barnes

Prompts: “This is true love; you think this happens every day?”, “You gonna kiss me or can I finish my sandwich?”, “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”, “He’s too attractive. I don’t trust him.“, “On a scale of one to ten… how illegal do you think doing this is?”

A/N: So apparently AOS Bones was married to someone named Pamela Branch instead of Jocelyn, but that dumb and no one cares so we’re going to pretend that they didn’t changed that. 

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My take on 7x04, having dodged the leaks as best I could (which, to be fair, is no easy task). Particularly when they’re spelunking in a cave. Because I can almost guarantee that the show will not spend as much time on it as I would like. 

The cave entrance was so well hidden that Dany would have missed it if she hadn’t been looking for it. As it was, her Dothraki had only found it the day before; they’d been combing the island for days in search of it. But every time they wanted to give up Jon would convince her not to…and eventually, their careful efforts had paid off.

“Are you sure about this, your Grace?” Missandei finished braiding her long hair, adjusting the dragon head pin on her dress so that it hung straight. “If you’d rather not-”

“I’m sure. It’s only a cave, after all. What’s so scary about caves?”

Missandei grinned. “The old ghiscari used to tell stories about dragons that lived in caves, from long forgotten times, guarding hoards of gold and precious jewels.”

“If there is a dragon in that cave, he must be a very small one. You know, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“And leave you alone with the King in the North? I think not.” The corners of her mouth turned up in just the faintest impression of a smile.

She shrugged. “As you wish. As long as you know that we won’t be doing anything terribly exciting.”

“You’ll be exploring a cave. I’d be disappointed if it was anything but exciting.”


They met Jon in front of the castle. Dany noticed, rather absentmindedly, that he was wearing a new doublet-he cut a rather dashing figure. He nodded once to Missandei and once to Dany. “My lady; your Grace.”

“How are you, Lord Snow?” There was less of a bite to the words; she would never have thought it possible, but she was growing used to the Northern king-even if he stubbornly refused to bend the knee.

“I’m well, your Grace. Better now that our journey has a purpose.” He led the way down the beach, footprints leaving tracks in the sand. Daenerys noticed that he carried a dagger; not his sword, but some kind of weapon…as if he feared what they might face in the cave. Or the knife might be meant for her…a shiver ran down her spine, even though Jon Snow hadn’t struck her as that kind of man. Even good men could sometimes be cruel.

The cave was nestled away in a hollow of rocks next to the waterfront, obscured at high tide. The doorway was small; Dany could step inside without ducking, but Missandei and Jon both looked uncomfortable until they’d made it past the initial entrance. Two of Dany’s guards entered last, wearing heavy armor even though the day was unseasonably warm.

They walked down a narrow pathway, lit only by the light of the torches Jon and the guards carried. Dany held out a hand to touch the rocks as she passed; they were cool and wet under her fingertips and the air felt still and hushed-almost expectant. She wondered how long it had been since other humans had walked here; the place felt neglected and disused, as if it hadn’t seen human beings in years. Perhaps centuries. Perhaps not since the First Men.

It seemed that they walked for a long time. No one talked; the only sounds were their boots on the rock floor and water dripping somewhere far away. She found her senses attuned to every sound; every rustle, every creak, every lap of the waves outside. Jon never stopped and his torch never wavered. The flickering firelight painted the side of his face in a warm red, illuminating more prominently than ever the hard lines of his cheekbones. She had to turn away; she was a queen, not a silly little girl. She had to focus.

Just then they reached a rise in the stone, where part of the ceiling had fallen in long before. Jon turned to her and took her hand before she could protest, helping her over the debris. She almost pulled away from him because the shock of his touch sent heat searing through her skin. As it was, she felt her breath catch in her throat and she hoped to death he couldn’t hear it.

She let go as soon as she was on solid ground, with a whispered “Thank you, Lord Snow,” trying not to let on how much her skin suddenly craved his touch. She couldn’t help noticing how his eyes lingered on her, just for a moment.

Missandei was looking at her as if to say I told you so and Dany pointedly did not respond.

The cave widened until it became a large, cavernous space with a high vaulted ceiling that was so high up she had to catch her breath. She’d just taken a step forward to examine it-it was so much bigger than she’d expected it would be-when she heard Missandei gasp and grab her elbow, pulling her backwards. “Your Grace!”

At first she didn’t see what the problem was-until the light from one of the torches glinted off the edge of what looked like a knife. Dragonglass. There were dozens of them, maybe even hundreds; tiny daggers no longer than her arm and broadswords that were half as tall as she was. They piled in the center of the room, stretching to a ceiling of rock some miles and miles above, glittering in the dim light. Again she got a feeling of history, profound and meaningful, practically weighing down on her shoulders. 

She heard Jon catch his breath, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing either. “I have to say, I didn’t expect…”

“So much of it?” She had to pinch herself and make sure this wasn’t some kind of dream and they were actually far below the surface of the earth, in a magical cave of magical weapons. “Me neither.” 

But if the swords were real…were the other things he’d talked about real too? 

“They’re yours, if you want them,” she said, picking one up carefully. She measured it in her hand; it was lighter than any dagger she’d ever held before, with a blade that was so dark it was almost black. She couldn’t see her reflection in it. Like an endless hole, it seemed to suck away what little light remained in the room. “Take as many as you’d like.”

She didn’t hear him come up behind her until he was practically breathing down her neck-until his fingers, soft and gentle, came up to cup her hand in his and gently close her fingers around the handle. “Then this one can be yours, Your Grace.” 

She was grateful he couldn’t see her face, because she was finding it very hard to keep her face expressionless. 

“I don’t need a dagger,” she replied. 

For a moment there was complete and utter silence-and then Jon said “Believe me, your Grace, you will.” 

They went from the cave in silence; Dany didn’t know what Jon was thinking about because she almost never did, but she was thinking about how they were going to get all of the dragonglass out of the cave. She wasn’t thinking about White Walkers, or even Lord Snow-how his hand had felt on hers, his fingers soft and gentle but still able to electrify her with a single touch. 

You can’t think this way. Of course he was handsome-and not only handsome, but thoughtful and considerate and genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of his people. But he wasn’t a friend, not yet. He wasn’t an enemy either, but she couldn’t afford to let her guard down around him. You’re a queen, and he is a king. He’s in open rebellion against the crown. 

“I will instruct my men to remove the obsidian as soon as they can,” she said when they reached the castle again, still blinking in the sunshine. It seemed like an eternity had passed, and they’d left the world behind while they were in the cave-it was a shock to adjust to the late afternoon light. 

He nodded once, measured and evenly. “Thank you, your Grace.”

“Good afternoon.” She left him standing on the beach and hurried over the nearest ridge, with Missandei by her side. 

“Was that interesting?” Daenerys asked as soon as she and her advisor were safely inside the castle and the heavy stone doors had closed behind them. “I certainly hope you weren’t disappointed.” 

It seemed like it was all Missandei could do to keep a smile in check. “Of course not, your Grace. It was very interesting, and informative.” 

“Do you believe he’s telling the truth? About his children’s tales?”

She shrugged. “I hope not, your Grace. But…Lord Snow doesn’t seem like the kind of man who lies.”

As much as she hated to admit it, Dany was beginning to think she was right. 

Two in one day! I’m on a roll here. Exciting, exciting, exciting. Now I can finally get to the prompts from my 1k followers stuff, which can be found here if you’re interested. 

Have a nice day, lovelies <3 


-With all respect, Vice President.-

The young woman daringly stood in her pod, her silvery and greenish robe floating on her slender figure. 
Around her and her delegation, hundreds of people were shouting and yelling against her motion and her sharp judgment.

She didn’t increase her voice, claiming pretentious rights; she waited to go on instead. A feral pride shone in her hazel eyes as she repeated herself.

-With all respect, Vice President.-

That time, the crowd felt silent instantly.

A silent thunder of power had been crackling in the Galactic Congress; only few people could describe what happened just the second before. It seemed just two of them was there, right in the Chamber: one in a more responsive way of the second.

The young Senator smiled a little but soon her refined facade came back on her freckled, delicate features.

-I will not stay silent, milords and miladies. I wasn’t elected after a such bloody war to don’t report what ’s still happening in my System. I’m ready to call a vote of no confidence against the Senate’s delegates if would necessary.-

A gloved hand rose up, followed by a husky whisper to one of his advisor.

-Who’s that girl?-

-The former Captain of the Ahch-To Rebellion, my Lord- he answered, flaring his nostrils to make clear his disdain for a such insolent behavior.

-She was elected just one month ago and now she is in Coruscant leading a small group of insolents with a petition against the Trade Federation.-

The tall man still seated on his throne at the center of the podium.
Beside his quite stare, anger and frustration was running in his chest.

Arrogant brat.

-If I remember correct, I let that Rebellion to win.-

His tone was sultry, polite. His voice was deep, feral. This was the Emperor’s voice. The voice of command, the only one capable to summon fear and respect in his subjects.

-Ahch-To System plays an important role in the Empire’s strategies. Without that planet an its government, the Force could never exists. Without the Force, even its Dark Side, the side where our power lay, could barely survive in the Galaxy.-

-I know, my Lord but the Trade Federation claims- -

Emperor Kylo Ren moved his stare on his first advisor. Dark shadows clouded his brown eyes, while his hand was starting to clutch in a menacing fist. The throat of that pathetic creature sudden dried; the Emperor could felt that harsh sensation under his fingers.

That was the power of his family.

His mother had it.

His uncle had it.

He had it too.

Even that sparkling flame of energy below his eyes brought the first, raw Force glimmer. 

She was the real reason he let that far, remote Rebellion to win against the Trade’s Viceroy.

He felt her presence for years, a churning, elusive flame lost in the starry abyss of the Core. 

She sang with no songs during his longing meditation hours, during his training. She whispered with no certain words in his dreams, followed him to a bleak dawn of dull, constant starvation. 

The most powerful and fearful man in the Galaxy, heir of legends, was without something so important to don’t need a name, a face, a voice.

She was in everything in his life, deep in the absence she made day by day.

Her name burst in his mind when General Phasma, one oh his most valuable soldier, reported about the turmoil exploded in the Ahch-To System as a consequence of a beginning invasion against the pacific people on the principal planet.


He saw her fight, he saw her dream, he saw her protecting a gigantic, underground tree, with a solemn grey trunk and thousands of black, tangled branches dipped in a vast, vaulted rock ceiling.

He called her and now she was there. Beautiful, daring.

-Let her to speak- he commanded, his eyes intent on her raised right hand. All he wanted now was touch that fingers, thrill under the warm sensation of her skin brush against his.

-But… my Lord…-

-I said: let. her. to. speak.-

(Yeah, remember that part when I say “English is not my first language but blahblahblah” ?… Well. I did it again. It begun with some sketches on my notebook and it became a- moment. A Reylo moment, of course. To the trashcan and beyond!)

49 Ways To Save Money
  1. Talk to your bank. Are you receiving the lowest possible interest rate on loans? What about your mortgage? Are you carrying extra insurance, or does your current policy fit your needs? If you have credit card debt, does your bank know your plans to pay off that debt? When was the last time you talked to the free financial advisor your bank likely has on staff? Proactive clients with long-term relationships with a particular institution can often negotiate better deals and rates. Some banks offer incentives for “house holding,” or consolidating assets, insurance, and other services with them. You won’t know what’s possible until you talk to them, so pick up the phone regularly. 

  2. Cultivate friendships for free. Literally. Skip weekends with your pals at the movies, expensive brunches, or out-of-town trips. Instead, link up for a day at a beach or park, or a drive to explore a nearby town that no one has actually spent time in. Local fairs and festivals are fun choices for groups with varying financial considerations–those who want to spend more, can, but those on a strict budget can still enjoy the day, environment, and perhaps a well-chosen treat. 

  3. Reign in your family. Already stressed about holiday gift-giving and the associated price tag? Make a pact with your family that no gift will exceed a certain monetary limit, and encourage homemade items or gifts of service. Those will small children would likely appreciate a free day or two of babysitting, for instance, while those with pets might value a guaranteed pet sitter during their next out-of-town trip. I’d bet anyone would enjoy having cleaning or chores done around their home. 

  4. Court the old fashioned way. Our most romantic moments rarely have anything to do with money. So, why is your dating life centered around how much money you spend on your partner? Picnics, walks, and surprise gestures don’t take a lot of cash–they take thought, time, and effort, which are worth so much more.

  5. Talk to your friends and family. Be upfront about the fact that you are on a budget, and that you are committed to making it work. While you don’t have to get specific, making them aware of your ambition will save feelings when you decline invitations that don’t fit your budget. Better yet, they may think of creative and cheaper ways to spend time together. 

  6. Take pet care into your own hands. No more trips to the fancy doggy spa. Now, you bathe and groom your pooch yourself. Invest in a pair of clippers, soap, and other minimal tools, then prepare to lather, rinse, repeat. 

  7. Make gifts yourself. Homemade gifts show a thoughtfulness that store-bought items simply can’t equal. Mature adults recognize that the gift of time is truly the most precious of all, and will appreciate your gift even more. You will appreciate the fact that assembling your own goods will save a great deal of money, come the holiday season.

  8. Read. Not only is a book cheaper than a movie, reading also boosts brain power, productivity, and can infuse you with creative ideas. Consider forming a book club with friends for another low-cost social option. Bonus points for choosing reading material that enhances professional skills, potentially leading to new or increased sources of income. 

  9. Better yet, read books from the library. Remember the library? That place where you spent time as a child is still there, and it’s still free. You already pay for it when you paid your taxes, so why not enjoy it? Modern libraries also offer DVDs, internet access, popular magazines, and family events. 

  10. Ditch the cable subscription. How many of those channels do you actually watch? Likely only a handful. Get the shows you love from Netlix or a similar vendor and cut both costs and time wasted by commercials. If it’s new and you have to see it, get it from RedBox for a dollar and some change. 

  11. Turn off the television entirely. Doing so cuts your electric bill, removes commercial temptation to spend, and frees you up to pursue other activities. It may take a few days to find other ways to unwind, but the rewards are worth it.

  12. Only go grocery shopping with a list. Bonus tip: never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry. Numerous studies show that shopping sans plan, while hungry, is the fastest way to break the bank with unintended purchases. 

  13. Embrace your inner Iron Chef. We waste hundreds of dollars each year when we throw out spoiled, rotten food. Make a habit of regularly scouring your pantry and fridge, and actually using all that stuff that’s about to expire. If the same items keep making their way to your “use or lose” dinners, stop buying them. 

  14. Get excited about leftovers. Wasteful cooking is wasteful spending. Plus, cooking in bulk saves money. Get accustomed to preparing leftovers, and stock up on items like spices, cheeses, and other disguises that freshen them up that second time around…and the third. 

  15. Pay attention to expiration dates. Households waste hundreds of dollars each year on food that is thrown out. If you’re going out of town in a few days, skip the milk at the store so it doesn’t go to waste. When you do buy perishables, reach to the back to get your hands on items that expire later. 

  16. Stash snacks in your car. Doing so will free you from the temptation of a drive-thru window when rush hour keeps you on the road, or when that lunch you skipped makes your blood sugar crash at the end of a long day. You’re also more likely to eat a healthy, budget-friendly meal in the evening if you don’t walk in the door starving. 

  17. Forego alcohol, cigarettes, and other expensive habits. Your health will thank you, and so will your wallet. Even occasional indulgences add up over time. 

  18. Compare grocery stores. Consider not only the store’s standard selection, but also the frequency of sales and sale items, and gas and time to get to the store. Shopping at several stores may result in the lowest possible grocery bill. 

  19. Go generic. Many retailers offer store brands that are significantly discounted from the name brand items. Get in the habit of purchasing these product lines whenever possible. The quality is comparable but the savings can be huge. 

  20. Plan by sales. Grocery stores often post weekly specials. A quick scan of your store’s weekly flyer will tell you what is in season and, therefore, lower in price, as well as clue you in to sales, discounts, and promotional offers. Plan your meals around the sale items and what you have on hand, and watch your food bill decrease. 

  21. Stock up immediately following a holiday. Everything from cards to wrapping materials and decorative items is cheaper immediately following the holiday. Think beyond Christmas and Thanksgiving, and head for the stores in the days following any holiday for which you send a card (Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, and so on) for deep discounts.

  22. Set up an “offers only” email account. Use it to sign up for every rewards program you can, from that coffee shop you frequent weekly to the specialty grocer across town you only see occasionally. Over time, those perks and rewards will add up. 

  23. Sewing machines are cool. Why? Because they save you money! Every time a button pops off, a strap pulls loose, or a hem tears, you simply set it up and go to town. No more tailoring or alterations bills, or ditching of clothing due to damage. Now, you can make your wardrobe last. 

  24. Install a programmable thermostat. Some models even allow you to set different temperatures during the day and night, meaning you’ll be comfortable when you’re home but not paying to cool or heat a space that no one is in during the day. If you’re not sure what the ideal temperature is for your abode, call the manufacturer of your heating and cooling units and pose the question to them. 

  25. Take banking online. You’ll save a stamp and gas to get to the post office if you have to. You can also pay bills in the middle of the cycle and keep careful watch over every transaction, which means no more late or overdraft fees.

  26. Unplug. Turn lights off before you leave. Keep doors and windows closed while the air conditioning is running, and turn it up a few degrees if you won’t be home. Unplug chargers and other devices that suck energy when not in use. Better yet, do all of these things and watch your energy bill hit rock bottom. 

  27. Run ceiling fans. Running ceiling fans counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter can lower both your cooling and heating bills. The rotation disperses cooled or heated air, meaning less energy is required to establish and maintain the desired temperature in the space. Don’t know how to change the direction on your fan? Get up on a ladder and take a look–most have a switch on the side–or call the manufacturer directly. 

  28. Give your dryer a rest. Your dryer requires electricity, which can raise your utility bill sky high. Keep the bill in check by doing a bit o’ good for the environment by drying your clothes on a rack or line. Folding drying racks can be found at any home goods or superstore. Or, hang a rod and line with materials readily found at hardware stores. 

  29. Invest in “smart” power strips.  If you use a computer at home, or run multiple devices like a laptop, printer, stereo, and so on from your desk, this item is a must have. The power strip focuses power usage on the devices you’re actually using, reducing the energy sent to the others and negating “phantom charge.” While some consider unplugging energy from gadgets you’re not actually using to be a waste of time, consider that the charges aren’t so “phantom” when they show up on your bill. 

  30. Get fit for free. Paying each month for a gym membership or classes at a local club? Say good-bye to the bill and start walking or running in your neighborhood. Or, spend one month’s membership on a few free weights, exercise ball, bands, or an ab roller from a superstore, and purchase benefits that last beyond 30 days. 

  31. Shop used items first. Clothing, sporting goods, furniture, household goods, and a host of other items can often be found in good condition on community boards, newspaper classifieds, or through online hubs such as Craigslist. Get in the habit of looking for gently used items before you shell out full price for a new one. 

  32. Brown bag it. Bringing your lunch to work each day will save you hundreds each month, not to mention you’ll be able to spend that precious break in a manner you actually enjoy, with food that nourishes and you can afford–sounds like a pretty good break! 

  33. Streamline your wardrobe. Pay a reasonable price for quality, sturdy classics, then mix and match them. You may not be sporting the shirt on the cover of this month’s fashion magazines, but you will be classy, tasteful, and dressed in a way you can afford, which is always in style. 

  34. Drive by the rules. Tickets can cost a small fortune in some states, so avoid them by driving within the speed limit and obeying other regulations. Your gas mileage will thank you, too. 

  35. Garden. Whether it’s a single planter with basic herbs on a windowsill, pots of tomatoes on your porch, or an extensive in-ground plot, gardening will cut your produce bill. Having plants around may also reduce stress and improve the overall quality of your living environment, cutting doctor’s bills and the need for that stress-busters class you pay for each week.

  36. Save grocery bags. They’re the perfect size for small trash cans in a guest room or bathroom, or to pick up pet poop or collect diapers in a nursery. You paid for them, might as well use them. 

  37. Buy rechargeable batteries. They will save you money, especially for families with kids’ toys, or people with power tools. Remember to unplug your charger when not in use. 

  38. Barter. Have a sweater you’re over but that babysitting neighbor always compliments? Do you cook, but the handy man down the street doesn’t? Talk to service providers about bartering; with taxes continuing to soar, many are open to the idea. Make a short list of items you would be willing to barter and negotiate them out of your home to clear clutter for a good cause.

  39. Avoid cards with annual or usage fees. If you have to pay to play, that card isn’t that good of a deal. These days, there are a number of cards that offer no annual fee. Attracted to a particular card but they do charge an annual fee? Call them, and ask for it to be waived. If you threaten to go with a competing lender who doesn’t charge, they just may be open to helping you out. 

  40. Get your coupon on. Coupons are, quite literally, free money. It’s worth it to sit with a circular for a few minutes each week and clip those you think you’ll use. For extra savings, combine coupons with regular store sales. 

  41. Remove your card from any stored shopping accounts. Entering your card number every time you shop online forces to think about your purchase. Taking the time to type it in means you will have to decide the purchase is worth it, reducing the chances of spending unnecessarily. Not storing cards also keeps them more secure. 

  42. Ride share. Always drive yourself? Consider teaming up with a friend during weekend outings, or better yet, find a coworker who can help your commute. You’ll save money in gas, mileage-based insurance and, over time, vehicle maintenance. 

  43. Keep a piggy bank. Every penny you lose is a penny that could be spent reducing debt, contributed to an emergency fund, or otherwise constructively employed. Keep track of them and give yourself a visually encouraging boost with a loose change jar in an easily accessible location. Decide how you’ll use the money before you toss in the coins, and delight at how quickly it adds up. 

  44. Save automatically. Divert part of your paycheck directly into your savings account. Some employers allow paychecks to be deposited into multiple accounts. If yours does, designate a sustainable percentage to go to savings. Not sure what you can reasonably put aside? Start with a set amount, such as $50 (the minimum to open an account at many banks) or even $100. At the end of your pay period, evaluate how much, if at all, you miss that amount. Dedicate raises and bonuses directly to savings.

  45. Accept that a car is only a piece of sheet metal. You don’t need one with bat wings and 10 speeds. You need one with a good safety rating and good fuel economy, one that your insurance company won’t charge a fortune to insure. You don’t need a truck unless you need to haul things; you don’t need a sports car unless you are a street racing driver. Take emotions out of the car buying equation, and make practical choices you can afford. 

  46. Take advantage of the stuff your taxes paid for. Public transportation, community events and educational classes, and public parks are in existence because your taxpayer dollars funded them. Enjoy the places, people, and opportunities you’ve already funded. 

  47. Live where you can afford to. This doesn’t just mean a part of town. To make your budget work, perhaps you should consider a new town, state, or even region. “Fun” places are only fun to live in if you can afford to do fun stuff there. You might be surprised by how relaxing you find any location, once you’re free of money woes. 

  48. Do the required maintenance on your home, car, and anything else you own. While it’s a pain at the time, adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule will drastically increase the lifespan of cars, lawnmowers, tractors, anything with an engine. In some cases, such as your vehicle, regular maintenance can prevent costly problems and keep you safe. When it comes to assets such as your home, regular maintenance preserves their value. 

  49. Stay focused. Saving for something specific? Keep your eye on the prize, literally, by placing photos of the items or notes with a keyword on your wallet and near your computer. Tempted to peruse the world wide web for some spontaneous, pajama-clad retail therapy? Halt! Take a look at the picture–what you’re saving for is much more satisfying than any spontaneous purchase. 

anonymous asked:


mermaid AU instalment 4 aYo

  • oh my god i’m so sorry i’m taking this long 
  • me: i need to finish this and start drabbles (?)
  • also me: literally takes three years to figure out laws of physics in an AU
  • MJ being Sanwoo’s cousin
  • Hangs around Sanwoo all the time
  • Except when Eunwoo started going up to the surface all the time
  • MJ: “ok but where are you going :(”
  • Sanha: “don’t leave us :(”
  • Eunwoo: “you guys play w each other all the time anyway ????? I’m just going up to collect sea glass”
  • Sanha: “ur leaving me alone???? with (whispers) the old one?????”
  • Sanha: talk shit get hit
  • Sanha, rubbing his arm: “ok no but are u going up agAIn to see-”
  • Eunwoo, glaring at Sanha bc he’s about to expOSE EUNWOO
  • Sanha, faltering: “if there’s anymore sea glass left?”
  • MJ: “we can help you look!!!”
  • Eunwoo: “nO”
  • MJ:
  • MJ:
  • MJ, squinting at Eunwoo: “…okAyyyyy”
  • Cue Eunwoo going up to the surface
  • Cue a not-subtle Sanha grabbing onto Eunwoo’s tail and wiggling around and singing in excitement because today Rocko’s going to teach him about what he calls a “guitar”
    • Sanha: “is it the same as a (insert blubbery noise)”
    • Rocko:
    • Rocko:
    • Rocko: “uh I guess ??”
    • Rocko: “ok but how does stuff sound underwater how do sound waves travel do you sound the same underwater as above water how do you record music underwater do you even have recorded music”
    • Sanha:
    • Sanha: “bro
    • Me: “ok you know what this is an au fuck physics”
    • @binsmoon: “LMAO I WAS JUST GONNA SAY”
  • Eunwoo laughing because his brother is so ridiculously excited
  • Cue a slightly subtler MJ ducking behind rocks and peeking suspiciously at Eunwoo & Sanha talking about a rock and a bin (???????)
  • Wtf they have plenty of rocks down there
  • Eunwoo’s entire ceiling is a huge slab of rock
  • Also they don’t exactly have trashbins but like
  • Why go up to the beach
  • To see a bin
  • ?????????????
  • MJ, a poor confused bean,

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Spock Imagine: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Sacrifice: to give up for the sake of other’s considerations. Sacrifice is the ultimate definition of love, and boy did you love your space family. When the ship went under attack, you knew you would do anything and everything to keep those you love safe. 

You run around the dark hallways, sparks flying about freely. People are frantically running around trying to find their escape pods, but you had other plans in mind. Snaking down to the control room, you can hear the intruder messing with a computer. Light footsteps are heading your direction from behind your back. As Spock and Kirk come into view, you hold a finger up to your lips to tell them to be quiet. 

You tiptoe into the room, knowing that the only way everyone can escape is if you isolate the enemy. As you work on the panel, Spock is fending off the the enemy with his phaser. You give him one last look, knowing what you are about to do could well mean the last time you see him. Pushing that red button, an ear piercing alarm sounds and the doors separate yourself from the rest of the crew. Spock and Kirk stand in the window watching in horror as you drift away next to the intruder. 

“What have you done!” he cries. 

“Saving my crew.” you say. 

He shakes his head walks over to the manual drive. Once you land on his planet, you are shoved out of the craft with a gun pointed to your head. The barrel is cool against your skin as you walk. He guides you to a dark cave, where large rocks hang from the ceiling. The air is thick and humid, it swirls around you as you continue down the stairs. 

This is the kind of place where reality is altered. You can no longer tell day from night, hot from cold. He shoves you against the ground and you hit the dusty dirt floor. Letting out an ominous bellow, he picks up a pair of rusty cuffs and tightens them around your wrists. Only then is it that you feel the blood dripping down your face, matting in your long hair. Pain works in funny ways and how your body reacts to it is to pretend it’s not there. 

“They will come back for me.” you spit at him

 "For their sake you better home the don’t.“ 

 He saunters away from you, leaving you bound to the wall and helpless. With Every attempt you give to release your hands from the shackles, you can feel the jagged metal dig further into your skin. Dehydration is setting in at this point, your vision decreasing. Sharp lines are no longer distinct but blurred together into an array of dull colors. 

 As the placid moon starts to rise, exhaustion takes over your body. You feel sluggish like you can no longer hold up your own head. The fight within you has waned, but you know you can’t give up. Your eyelids grow heavy, you can no longer hold them up. Just as you are about to give in, blurry figures are rushing toward your side.

 "Oh (y/n). We need to get her out of these things." 

 Unable to distinguish who is kneeling next to you, you reach out blindly for a hand. Panic presses against your chest as you flail around. Then it happens. A familiar hand grabs yours. It feels warm, but not the clammy warm when someone is nervous. The kind of warm you want to cuddle up next to forever and never let go. 

 "Spock.” You rasp out. 

 The other person at your side, presumably Captain Kirk, is able to break off the cuffs from around your wrists. They help you stand, only to have your knees give out from under you. 

 "We need to get her to bones.“ Kirk states.

Off in the distance, guards are rushing toward the scene. Kirk and Spock exchange glances, knowing one of them is going to have to stay behind. 

“Spock, take her and go. I can handle them.” 

“Captain, you know the whereabouts of the ship making you more fit for the task at hand.”

“Are you sure?”

“Get her to safety.” 

Captain kirk takes you into his arms, and you safe again. Curling up into his shoulder, you rely on him to get you back to the ship. Usually you are strong willed and slow to accept help, so when you comply without a fuss he knows that you are hurt. As you are running away from the scene, you realize that your boyfriend is no longer with you. 

“Spock.” you cry. 

“He’s okay.” kirk reminds. 

A light feeling takes over your body as you are beamed back into the ship. A stretcher is waiting for you when you arrive. Kirk sets you down just as Spock beams back into the ship. You can hear him call your name, a hint of worry laced in his words. Unable to distinguish right from left, you let yourself drift as you are pushed down the hall towards Sickbay. 

“Don’t give out on my now kid.” 

The sound of Dr. McCoy’s voice is the last thing you can remember. When you come to again, you hear beeping, endless beeping and the muffled whispers of two people talking. Once you open your eyes, you expect to see Spock, but rather Kirk is sitting in the chair next to you. He looks tired, with sunken eyes and a patchy five o’clock shadow. 

“Hey.” he smiles at you. 

You attempt to sit up, but Kirk gently guides you back to the bed. 

“Take it easy there tiger.” he half laughs. 

Anxious to see our boyfriend, you look around the room until you spot him. He is standing in a corner, propped up against the wall. He looks as if he was dragged through hell and back, but without any scratches. His lips no longer turn up at the corners, as if he is on the verge of a smile. Instead they turn down, just shy of a frown. 

“Spock, come here.” you gesture out with your hand. 

He reluctantly takes a few steps toward you. Unable to understand why he is acting so odd, you pat the bed next to you. Kirk smooths out your hair and steps out for a minute. Now standing at the side of your bed, Spock can only concentrate on the discoloration on your face. 

“Earth to Spock?” you say patting the bed once more. 

Sitting down next to you, you can heel his warmth again. The familiar in a time of distress is the only thing you need. Your hand slowly reaches out for his, fingertips entwining. He makes sure to hold on lightly, avoiding the thick bandages that dress your wounds. You want nothing more than to hold on tight and never let go. 

“I’m okay.” you breathe. 

“Why did you sacrifice yourself like that?” 

“Wouldn’t have you done the same Spock?” 

“I am a commander, it is my duty to provide for the crew.”

“Commander or not, it’s my job too. It’s everyone’s job. “

“You risked your life.”

“Aren’t you the one who told me the fear of death is illogical?” 

“You seem to misdirect my intentions (y/n).”

“Look I’m okay. C’mere.” 

He scoots closer, still hesitant. You knew that he was hurting just as much as you are, but in a different way. Pushing yourself back up off the bed before Spock could interject, you bring your lips up to his for a moment. This action, although brief, grounds him. He knows it will be a long journey, and that sometime we have to make sacrifices for the ones we love. He just never thought it would be the one he cares for the most whose life was on the line. 

Apparently, you guys think every chapter with a cliffhanger is the ending for this story. Do you really think me that cruel? Actually, don’t answer that. I know for a fact that I love writing tragic endings. However don’t worry this one will make you all happy again. I owe apologies to @arabella-loves-coffee, @gilgamesh-in-a-dress, and @vastudent3 for the heartache I apparently caused (especially you Cat, sorry about the make-up). But otherwise, enjoy!

Prompt: OMG, please tell me" I “didn’t died! And Loki stood there for "me” and actually confront his feelings and trying to accept them… Ok that’s it, I love you despite the fact you broke my heart…

Holy crap, that Plague fic was literally the best MCU thing I have read in a long long time! I just wanted you to know!


Plague (Part 8)

Part 7

You didn’t know what death was supposed to feel like. All the songs and movies say that it’s peaceful and calm, like falling asleep, but you were certain that you shouldn’t be conscious enough to contemplate it.

The bright white had become a sudden dark. White was now black and the sky was no longer singing. Instead you heard a faint dripping – blip… blip… blip… – accompanied by a crackling that seemed to echo and resonate around you. In a surge of courage and hope, you peeled your eyes apart and stared upwards. The ceiling was grey and brown all at once, contoured in the strangest of ways and decorated with moving shadows, black creatures that scurried across the russet landscape. They were rocks. The ceiling was made of rocks. A cave?

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Strongest Wolf

Steve Rogers x Mute! Reader

Originally posted by tirynsed

Request:  Your writing is amazing! Can you pretty please write a one shot of the reader as a mute but she’s really talented assassin… One of the best. On a mission with the team the building collapses and she’s stuck under the rubble but can’t call out to the avengers. Steve is frantic but he eventually finds her. Angst you in the middle buy super super fluffy at the end please!! (Y/N) for the reader.

A/n: I’ve done a mute reader before and these are so much fun! Thanks for the request and sorry it got filled out so much later!!

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Action

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Angst, Fluff, Swearing, Mute reader

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Being an Avenger is tough. Being an assassin on the Avengers team is a bit tougher. But what’s really, really tough? Being mute. You had been mute ever since you were born, never making a noise though your mouth moved to at least try. It had been hard growing up. Seeing everyone you knew speak, being able to hear the words yet you could never say anything. You could make noises like growling, whimpering, and when you did try to talk; you could only make this wispy like sound. It was hard. But you got through it, becoming an assassin for the Germans just like Natasha Romanoff became an assassin for the Russians. You liked your job. Being silent was your expertise and you used it to advantage. When Nick Fury heard of you and that your level of skill was equivalent to that of Black Widows, he wanted you on the team. You were glad that he had forewarned everyone that you were mute and you had honestly been surprised when Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, started to speak to you using sign language.

‘Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Clint…if you want me to help you with anything, please…ask me.’

You had teared up and smiled, signing back.

‘Thank you…You’re the first person to ever really sign to me…this means a lot. Thank you.’

Clint smiled at you. At first, you thought he would have been stoic and very detached but you were so wrong. The second person to greet you was Natasha and she said hello to you using sign language and you smiled widely, getting excited.

‘Hello (y/n), I’m honored to meet (SUPERHERO NAME). Your work is very impressive.’

‘Well, being silent really does help.’

She laughed and you smiled. Then, came the famous Tony Stark. You knew he would be a bit harder to take serious and you were right. He started to speak, not sign to you and you could only bite your lip a bit.

“So, the Voiceless has finally come. Nice to meet you. As you probably already know, I’m Tony Stark. Excuse me; I’ve got work to do.”

You signed, giving a dead panned look as he walked away.

Oh Really? I thought your name was ‘pompous ass’.’

Clint and Natasha snickered and up came Thor, who knelt and kissed your hand, much to your surprise.

“Lady (y/n), it is an honor to meet you. Words will never be the way to express how beautiful you are. I hope your stay here is pleasant.”

You had blushed a bit and smiled widely. What a cheeky little bastard he was, but a handsome one too. After that, you met Bruce. He was able to sign to, which made you happy but then you met the infamous Captain America. Saying Steve Rogers was tall was an understatement. To you? He was a fucking giant. It was a little intimidating to you but you shook his hand, nonetheless.

“Ms. (L/n), pleasure to meet you. Steve Rogers, at your service…I must apologize but I don’t understand sign language so I’ve asked Clint to help me…that’s why he’s sticking around.”

You nodded, smiling and let his hand go, signing as Clint translated.

‘Don’t worry, most people don’t really know sign language but I’m sure Clint and I could possibly teach you once I and you become better acquainted. It’s an honor to be able to work with you, sir.’

Steve smiled and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Then, red lights went off and Nick called.

“Alright, Avengers. We’ve got an active HYDRA base that needs taken out. Suit up and move it!”

We all parted ways and you sighed a bit. Getting on the helicarrier was a bit of a rush and when you dived off to parachute in your black wing suit, flying into the window up top. Breaking in, you kicked the man in the chair that sat at the controls in the face and then kicked it in again when he hit the floor. Turning on the lights in the place, you concentrated on the cameras and traps, turning off the booby traps and then clicked a message through the walki talki to Clint.

‘All traps are disarmed. Going out to arm the dynamite on the place to blow it to the ground. Ten minutes!’

You heard Clint say into the thing.

“Guys, Voiceless got everything done. Ten minutes to head out before the place blows.”

“Got it, Hey Star Spangled, think after this we can really see who the best is?”

You rolled your eyes at Tony.

“Not now, Mr. Stark. Focus on your job!”

You jumped out of the suit and into your gear, taking the dynamite and climbing down the side of the base, starting to lace the dynamite all along the bottom and you huffed a bit, hearing Natasha chuckle.

“You alright, V?”

You clicked back you were ok and then clicked your message to Clint.

‘All lines are secure and ready for detonation. Captain?’

Almost immediately, Steve said.

“Blow it! Now!”

Clicking the button, you had underestimated a thing and then panicked when it didn’t blow. Going back inside where the first line was, you saw it was cut and there was a HYDRA agent there. He kicked you in the side, making you gasp and you grabbed a chair, swinging it into his knees and he dropped. Grabbing his face, you slammed it into the ground repeatedly, not stopping until blood was all over the floor.

“Voiceless, what’s the hold up?! Blow it!”

You went to the line and bit your lip. Sparking the line, everything blew and you went flying into the middle of the room. Cracks and windows shattered and everything was falling. You gasped when a piece of the ceiling came down on you and when the lower floors blew; you went down along with the ceiling, which cracked. Your eyes widened and you let out a soundless scream as you went down and the ceiling came with you.

* * *


I frowned when I saw everyone but the new recruit.

“Where’s the newbie?”

Clint’s eyes widened and he said.

“She must have gone back inside to redo the bomb when it blew!”

My eyes widened and I went back, running as fast as my superhuman abilities would let me and I called her name, even though I knew she wouldn’t be able to reply. That scared me even more. Running around, I started to take pieces of rock and ceiling off different places and fifteen minutes later, I saw a hand and I gasped. Quickly working to get the rock off of her, I picked her up and my eyes widened when I felt the whole thing vibrate and heard it groan. Looking around, I started to jump and run, the place starting to fall off the side of the mountain and I widened my eyes when we got onto land, panting a bit and I looked down at the girl in my arms. She ran rubble and dirt on her face, red marks where the ceiling’s edges had been on her skin and I sighed a bit. She looked bad and Bruce immediately started to wrap her wounds, accessing that her wrist was sprained and her ankle had been twisted when the thing came down on her.

“First job and she gets beaten up. Maybe we should have held her back for this one?”

Clint suggested and we could all only silently agree.

* * *


I groaned as I opened my eyes, though the groan was silent. My body was sore and there was a tight pressure on my wrist and ankle. I looked to see both had been wrapped and realized that I was in a room. I heard someone shift beside me and saw Steve there, in a chair, chin propped in his hand. I poked him and he awoke a bit, immediately looking to me and he asked me.

“Hey, are you ok?”

I made a ‘so-so’ gesture and he sighed.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/n)! If I had known you were in there still, I would have come and got you…I’m sorry.”

You only smiled and nodded, patting his hand and you mouthed to him.

‘Only the strongest wolf will survive the cuts from the hunters spear.’

Steve smiled and he kissed your forehead.

“I’ll let you sleep, alright? Clint will be in here in a bit to help you out and all of that. He’s going to bring you some food and drinks so you can rejuvenate. Are you in pain?”

You shook your head ‘no’ and Steve nodded, smiling a bit. Turning around as he got up, he walked to the door and he looked back, his blue eyes a bit soft but mostly wishing for wellness.

“Get well soon. I apologize once again, (y/n). “

You smiled and waved him off, shaking your head and Steven smiled at you. He walked out and a couple minutes later, Clint walked in with food and you smiled widely. Maybe being an Avenger wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.

After all, only the strongest wolf will survive the cuts from the hunter’s spears, right?


Ficlet: Beanies and Nail Polish

I don’t know what this is. I watched a live show, and then this happened.

Phil teasingly tousled Dan’s unruly curls, which were damp with sweat. “Why do you always decide to go for a jog right before your live shows?”

“I don’t know,” Dan groaned. “But there’s no way I can make this mop presentable in time.” He tugged at his hair in frustration, then pressed down on it as if to flatten it through sheer force of will. The stubborn curls sprang up again as soon as he removed his hand.

“I’ve got an idea!” Phil grinned and ran out of the lounge toward his bedroom. He came back clutching something behind his back, a mischievous smile on his face.

Dan backed away slowly. “I don’t know what you’re planning, but I don’t think I’m going to like it.”

Phil’s face was angelic with innocence as he replied, “It’s just something to hide your hair while you do your live show. Isn’t that what you want?”

Dan watched Phil as if he were a snake about to strike. And then suddenly he felt a soft hat pulled onto his head and Phil sprang away in triumph. “It looks so cute on you!” he exclaimed joyfully.

Dan pulled the hat off his head and looked at it. A mint green hipster beanie. Could he think of an article of clothing less expressive of his personality? He was pretty sure as an infant he’d had a blanket in his crib this exact same color. He scowled.

“There is no way in hell I’m wearing this. Especially not in front of thousands of people in a live show! I mean … maybe if it were black…”

Phil looked up toward the ceiling, rocking back and forth on his feet like a child with a secret. “It’s left over from the pastel edit video. You know what else is left over? Nail polish.”

Dan looked suspicious. “So?”

“Remember how much I liked it when you painted your nails, and you said you wanted to paint mine pink, but I wouldn’t let you?”

Dan nodded reluctantly, but couldn’t help a slight smile at the memory.

“Well, I’ve got some pink nail polish in my bedroom. If you wear the beanie during your live show, I’ll let you paint my nails afterward.” Phil grinned as if sure he’d already won.

Dan paused as if thinking, then raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Only if you promise to keep it on until your live show on Thursday.”

Phil hesitated, then held out his hand to shake. Dan took it and shook firmly, sealing their deal, then glanced down at the pastel beanie in his other hand with a grimace.

“Come here, love,” Phil cooed, and stepped close to rumple Dan’s hair even more, fluffing it and shaping it. “You know how much I love your curls. It’s a shame to cover them up. But you know beanies like that only cover the back of your head.”

Dan rolled his eyes and plopped the hat on his head ungraciously. Phil adjusted it a bit, then smiled in approval. “There you go. All ready for the live show.”

“And we have a date with some pink nail polish when I’m done,” Dan said, trying to maintain a grumpy face but finding it a tough job.

Phil leaned in for a kiss full of promises and pulled back to say, “Can’t wait,” with a twinkle in his eye.

so uh I haven’t touched this blog for a while but I wanted to describe the most terrifying experience of my fucking life that happened while playing Subnautica

few clarifications: I last played this game like, September 2016. IT HAS UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE THEN. I also decided to play it on “creative mode” aka “invincible fun time mode” because I just wanted to ~have fun and explore the new stuff~, you know?

So, I haven’t kept up with the updates. The story bit of the game has bulked up significantly since I last played, and there’s much more direction now if you want it, which is nice; the icons are all cleaned up and such, a lot more stuff is textured, the cyclops can apparently be lit on fire, yada yada. I went ‘sploring and found a couple new faces, an electric eel type boy and a warp warp man. (Ultimate goal is to go up and scan a reaper but I am still???? too scared??? i literally cannot take any damage in this mode but the deep and ancient part of me that remembers being prey on the serengeti says DONT)

(subnautica is very good at VAGUE ANXIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL FEAR while also being very lovely to look at, and really grinds deep into the gray matter of Terror of the Deep, it’s very very good and I hatelove it)

anyway I started taking screenshots of the koosh zone while exploring/picking up samples for my soon-to-be-ultimate-creature-zoo, because this game can be very pretty

anyway after digging around a bit i discovered a TRENCH. i did not screenshot the trench because i did not realize i was about to have to fight for my very existence on this good earth.

did i enter the trench? of course I entered the fucking trench. there’s no crush damage in this mode and the game told me there was some sort of Big Energy Signature nearby. Down I went.

….and went. For 6000 meters. NOTHING. Except a kind of shelf at one point that I went and got under. (this minor detail is going to be crucial)

anyway at 6km i decided fuck it, i’ve held down on the s key for like 5 minutes, if i’m gonna plumb these depths i need to come back with my big boy sub. so i went back up. got to 3000 meters.

hey remember that little shelf i went under well turns out it was a ROCK CEILING 3000 METERS DEEP and i had gotten so turned around in the plumbing process that I couldnt fucking find the way out, it was all barren rock ceiling, no way back up even when i searched around and around and probably criscrossed my own path trying to map out featureless rock, i was boned as heck

OR…. WAS I….

said my own thoughts, because i happened to have in my possession a TERRAFORMER and as all good subnautica boys and girls know that thing can dig big ol holes in rock.

so… trapped 3000 meters below solid rock… i did what any sensible extrastellar refugee would do and decided to TUNNEL MY WAY BACK UP

leaving my trusty seamoth behind, i began to tunnel…. about 2000 meters through solid rock, in complete blackness, clicking frantically in the darkness, probably crying

(listen, i had some good eggs and scans in my inventory and i didn’t want to LOSE them by resetting, you gotta understand)

about 1km from the surface, i finally encounter open water!! i’ve done it!! i thought, foolishly, to myself. i brought out my seaglide and began to zoom up only to find

1. this was not open water

2. this was a cave

3. this was a giant cave filled with lava

4. subnautica has LAVA CAVES NOW???

5. the game was perhaps not totally sure about my method of getting INTO said lava cave, and didn’t seem prepared with some of the textures

by the way, IN ADDITION TO IT BEING A GIANT LAVA CAVE, there were like… structures down there?? which again I was not prepared for because I have not played this game in like 6 months?? but the textures wouldn’t load?? so I just got these really scary ominous unknown pieces of architecture that i was in no way prepared for and had no idea how they were supposed to look?? and everything was red?????

also because the textures weren’t loaded it was extremely difficult to tell what you could pass through and what you couldn’t, so i was basically ping ponging through invisible walls and wanting to cry because i tunneled 2000 meters thru solid rock and i was gonna die in badly rendered hell anyway

did i mention also, the noises

did i mention that there were a lot of VERY DISTRESSING SOUND EFFECTS IN THIS CAVE

and then, through the invisible walls, i saw the friend who was making them!!!

it’s hard to tell from this screenshot but that is a VERY. LARGE. BOY. TOO LARGE.

at this point ya boy koryos was basically like ready 2 ascend from this mortal plane. what is going on. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT. VERY DISTRESSED. ALSO WHATS THT THING IN THE CORNER

ok so i stopped trying to penetrate the invisible walls eventually and tried to burrow my way out again except APPARENTLY you cant burrow through LAVA which was STUPID anyway i was still very trapped

but i explored a bit and found……. this??

insert fuel crystal???

this mystery device bore all the hallmark of a Lazy Concept Sci Fi Warp Gate which was exciting to me because by god i was ready to be anywhere but there, in hell. but i didnt have a “fuel crystal” and it definitely wasn’t part of the game back in the center. But no problem!! This is creative mode!! I can just build a base down in hell!! A hell base!! Where I can craft anything I want!!!

so i made a base and a fabricator but uhhhhhhhhhhh there was no “fuel crystal” on the item list. so at this point it had been like an hour of desperate sweaty anxiety and i was like fuck it, i’ll console command it in, i just need…… freedom…… (without losing any of those good good scans)

anyway i looked it up and got the ~oddly pixelated crystal~, which powered up the warp

please… just take me somewhere that’s not red… that’s all i ask……





anyway i believe i accidentally stumbled on some plot because i found a “control room” set to deactivate the “weapon” but a tentacle boy didn’t want to “deactivate” it because i was “““infected”““

mind you im still fucking… 69 m under the water…. 69 huh? i just noticed that in the screenshot nice


anyway to make a long story short after getting lost about ten more times i FINALLY found an exit to the neon labyrinth and nearly cried when i saw my bud warp warp man outside

now that i was outside i could finally appreciate the fact that this shit was dope as hell, look at how cool that is, I LOVE MYSTICAL RUINS AND SHIT LIKE THIS

also it was connected to an island???? i thought subnautica was all about not having land???? anyway let’s just drop a beacon for later i need to get back to my fucking base and lie down to contemplate the ether for 6 hours



and so i survived the incident in which i was never in any actual peril, both in a real and virtual sense, but was still very distraught and very sweaty about, 10/10 would recommend subnautica to a friend

anyway i went on tumblr to soothe myself afterwards which was a MISTAKE because the monteray bay aquarium reminded me that there is no escape from the eldritch horrors of the ocean


Chris Evans Fic: House Hunting

‘C'mon babe, this one has got everything we said we wanted! Five bedrooms, big kitchen, lots of family rooms downstairs, masses of outside space, it’s ready to move in to… you seriously can’t see us living here?’

Chris pulled a face that clearly said no, he couldn’t. The realtor had left you both to ‘get a feel for the place’ and you had to hand it to her, she had the patience of a saint; this was the tenth property you’d viewed in half as many weeks and she still had a dazzlingly white smile on her face every time she gestured dramatically at a ‘focal feature fireplace’ or a 'cosy yet spacious veranda’. You let the deflated feeling take over you for the tenth time that month and your shoulders slumped as you admitted to yourself that Chris was right, this wasn’t the place for you no matter how many of your boxes it ticked.

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