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Okay, now I’m convinced that the reason Dooku wasn’t really around much during Obi-Wan’s apprenticeship (as per AotC saying that they hadn’t met before) is because he was having a crisis of faith and went on Jedi pilgrimage to visit every known Jedi temple and historical site in the galaxy, and search for some which had been lost over the millennia.  (Which might well be when Palpatine started making tentative overtures that probably didn’t start with “hey, I’m a dark lord of the Sith and you can too!”)

Which also puts him perfectly in line of the lineage tradition of noping out of life to Find Themselves; it’s just that when he came back Qui-Gon was dead and everything was metaphorically on fire and he noped even further out of the Order.


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Magic of Honey. A divine substance, a powerful Magic Tool.

Olympian Poseidon

Honey Magic

“Honey is the dew distilled from the Stars and Rainbow”
magical Properties and uses of a divine ingredient
how to use Honey in spells and rituals

Lore of Honey

Honey, that golden sweet and odorous liquid food, a treasure for healthy living. Honey is probably the oldest sweet substance humans ever tasted. As species, we begun our search for (more and more) honey at least 8000 years ago as we can see clearly on rock carvings at Araña Caves in Spain.

Honey is produced by bees using nectar and pollen from flowers. This is why every honey is different as the final “product” depends on what type of plant bees will “visit” to collect their pollen. And this is not an easy job. They may have to fly over 50.000 miles in order to “produce” about 1lb of Honey! No wonder why they are so protective over it! Bee, an insect so sacred that Zeus Himself, the All-mighty Olympian King of Gods, blessed them by granting their sting to be protected from Men. Well… Zeus turns out to be more fond of Men and then he “added” the fact that once a bee uses her sting, she loses it forever along with her life.

There are many important stories in the Greek Pantheon which underline the importance of this magnificent creature. Apollo, God of Magical & Medicinal Arts along with Divination, was believed to have Mastered the Art of Prophecy with the help of three Primordial Nymphs who were also identified as Bee Goddesses, known as Thriae (θριαί). Those Nymphs nurtured Apollo as an infant and later became his powerful Priestesses. This is also why the Priestesses of Apollo were also called “Bees”. Aristotle loved to say that honey is “dew distilled from the Stars and Rainbow”.

In ancient Egypt, honey was considered a sacred offering (probably its rarity played a decisive role) used to sweeten cakes and biscuits, and was used in many other dishes. Ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern peoples also used honey for embalming the dead.The fertility god of Egypt, Min, was offered honey.

Honey was a powerful offering to the Gods. (Read more about Honey as an offering by clicking here) The hexagonal shape of a typical honeycomb relates to the Number 6, a number sacred to Aphrodite (Venus) as Pythagoras proclaimed in his doctrine of Numerology. Bees were considered the souls of dead priestesses. The sacred Geometry of honeycomb correlates to the Wisdom that the Universe was built upon. Therefore, honey, is the divine essence of cosmos, Life. In honey, energy is so intense, it’s alive!!!

Honey is used in creating Sabbat & devotional deserts, as it is considered a sacred substance, proper for celebrating holy and powerful days.

Alchemical Correspondences

Planet: Sun & Venus
Element: Honey is a perfect example of balanced food by four Elements although Fire exceeds
Metal: Gold
Day: Sunday & Friday
Chinese Chi Properties: Yin (90%)
Gods and Spirits: Zeus, Apollo, Ra, Demeter, Aphrodite, Angels, Fairies,

Honey in Magic.

Honey is so potent that has been revered by Witches as it assisted them greatly to achieve anything they want. Honey is a diverse magical ingredient which can be used in many spells and will enhance the results.

An interesting lore suggests that certain types of honey possess magnified abilities when incorporated in related spells. So a Mage/Witch can use a certain type of Magic to empower his/her power, another type to call for love and another one to banish and protect. Let’s have a look at the list below:

Thyme Honey: Popular in the Mediterranean countries, it is considered to give courage and build self-confidence. Eating Honey from Thyme help us cleanse ourselves from jinxes and strengthens our aura against malevolent attacks. Thyme Honey is also believed to be adored by Fairies.

Lavender Honey: This type of Honey is believed to be extra potent when used in Magic and spells. It is considered a powerful instrument of the Witches and it is also believed to grant Magical Powers to the one who ingests it regularly.

Acacia Honey: It’s one of the most favourite types of Honey worldwide. Acacia’s powers are passing into this Honey and allegedly helps banish insomnia and nightmares as it stops all evil influences. Ingesting Acacia’s honey is believed to restore your Vital Energy which was drained by the Evil Eye or Malevolent attacks.

Manuka Honey: It is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush and is considered one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. Manuka Honey is used in healing spells of the Maori tribe. You can try dedicate some Manuka honey to the spirits and angels of Healing.

Pine Honey: Pine Honey is a very popular honey all over the World. Pine honey should be used by anyone who feels his or her energy at low levels. Pine’s magic is intense and used for rejuvenation. Moreover Pine will help you not only recharge your “batteries” but also protect you from anyone who wants to vampirize on your powers. Pine Honey should be used when we feel we are under demonic or other psychic attack.

Flower Honey: Flower honey is honey produced by bees that pollinate the wild fields. In facts it uses any flower available thus Flower Honey is drenched with the power of Spring. Flower honey is perfect when Spring is what need to “happen” in your life. Flower honey helps us get in touch with beauty, love and the child in us! Use Flower Honey in spells for Love, Friendship and Happiness.

Eucalyptus Honey: Eucalyptus honey is not that common. However, if found it would be an excelent tool for Healing and Uncrossing spells. It is more powerful than Thyme honey in uncrossing rituals & Pine honey in healing rituals. However, use Pine honey when you are under attack and Thyme honey for general protection. In healing spells start with Pine Honey (if your “energy” hits critical levels) and continue with Eucalyptus as it’s milder but more effective in long-term use.

Rosemary Honey: Rosemary Honey is extra potent when dealing with Beauty and Love spells. Rosemary honey can also be used in healing spells but mostly to heal our inner selves. What causes all this trouble in my life? Rituals employing prophetic dreams and self-healing could be more effective with use of Rosemary Honey.

There are many ways to use honey in Magic. There are going to follow several spells using honey. For starters you can use honey to attract what you wish. Angels may be summoned by offering them Honey. Do you want to ask from an Angel to bless you with magical powers? Offer them Lavender Honey. Do you need them to aid you for protection and banishing? Offer them Thyme Honey. Do you need to feel happy and blessed again? Offer them Flower Honey.

Blessed be!

Discover, Play, Love!

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the boy with the bloody teeth and bruised fingers doesn’t come back from the battle.

instead, he becomes something too heavy to carry. he becomes unsent letters. he becomes the air, thick with burning corn husks. he becomes the crunch of sand under bare feet, the waves carving the rocks into smoother shapes. he becomes the red mud painting the boots of his fellow soldiers. he becomes the first fistful of dirt across his own casket.

six years of comfortable silence and casual touches become an absence of comfort and an overabundance of silence.

it’s a tragedy. war is a tragedy. the lack of control, the lack of soft love, the lack of choice over when to say good things, when to hold each other close is a tragedy. it’s a perpetual state of mourning over soft parts left unexposed, over hardened knuckles and hardened faces and tenderness left unexpressed and unfelt. it’s a cheery song in minor. without the lyrics it’s just noise.

there’s parts in the story, parts that take place in the weeds, that take place in the hidden clearings, in the waterfall slosh and white-hot toned silence, in the sway of the shadows, parts where bones collide and teeth collide and then there’s hands, and they’re always rough, and it’s always guilty, parts of it almost aggressive, almost angry, desperate for anything soft to break and get those hands on, hungry for the release of pent-up love, hungry for something more.

freedom. words have meanings. sometimes the freedoms we get aren’t freedoms at all.

the boy with sharp eyes and a tender heart collects anger while his heart collects dust. it’s hard to love like this. it’s hard to properly verbalize affection that shouldn’t be there when the war drags on and it’s easier to just pretend that rough hands on already bruised skin mean anything more than want.

anything passes as love these days. against the backdrop of death and gore anything with softened angles looks like love. doesn’t even have to be genuine, and even when it is it doesn’t have to be properly voiced. it can be invisible. it’s allowed to exist without a form.

the boy with the ink splatter wrists isn’t invisible. he walks into a gunfire and he doesn’t come back from the battle.

in his head, before he walks into it, he sings -

oh freedom oh liberty i’m tired of loving like a martyr i want to love like i’m still alive i think i’m burning alive, oh let me love like i’m still alive -

—  the tragedy of invisible love

Carved labradorite bear. The iridescence comes from tiny inclusions of other minerals that exsolve from the plagioclase when it is forming its twinning.

Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava, Unakoti
Unakoti Tripura District, Kailashahar Subdivision, Tripura, India

Unakoti hill, literally meaning, one less a koti in Bengali, hosts an ancient Shaivite place of worship with huge rock reliefs celebrating Shiva. It is the prime tourist spot of Unakoti Tripura District in the Kailashahar Subdivision in the North-eastern Indian state of Tripura.

It is Shaiva pilgrimage and dates back to 7th – 9th centuries if not earlier. The marvelous rock carvings, murals with their primitive beauty, waterfalls are not to be missed. (via wikipedia)


A timelapse trip through the city and countryside of Kazakhstan

From the futuristic sceneries of the glass skyscrapers of Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan and the new Dubai of Central Asia, to the dreamy landscapes of Lake Issyk. From the Big Almaty lake, to Shymbulak, from Pik Talgar, the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, up to Charyn, a desert canyon of red rocks carved over the centuries from the rush of water during the ice age.
The majestic mountains of Kazakhstan, the turquoise alpine lakes which like crystal clear mirrors reflect a sky of dreams, the red arena of the deserts and the coral stones of the Charyn canyon, create a unique spectacle that not many people know about yet and that will leave you breathless. For the very first time two bloggers Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev document the magical sceneries of Kazakhstan and the luxuries of a vibrant city like Almaty, one of the pearls of Central Asia yet to be discovered.
Video By: Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev


Day 16 The Badlands, South Dakota: Once I left Chicago I began to really travel west and started to see the real west. Small towns, large open farms and fields, flat yet beautiful in its expanse. After driving for a while in South Dakota I finally came upon a sign for the Badlands. I hadn’t planned on stopping there, not really knowing what to expect, but who can pass up a park called the Badlands. So glad I made this detour, one of the most amazing places I’ve been to on this trip. The flat plans of SD turn into natural carved out rocks and stone dune like mountains. Walking around these stone giants I felt as though I was on another planet, of Mars of sorts. Even drove by some Bighorn sheep grazing off the side of the snake-like road. As it started to get dark I found a great spot to watch the sunset then made some dinner. After the sun faded the stars dominated the sky, don’t get to see the outline of the milky way that often and it was awe-inspiring to see.


They’re floating lanterns in the sky. Can you believe that? Japanese lantern is a symbol of letting go of the past. Well, here’s a newsflash… we’re not Japanese. You know what they are? Children. Like lighting a candle’s going to make everything okay. Or even saying a prayer, or pretending Elena is not going to end up just like the rest of us murderous vampires. Stupid, delusional, exasperating little children. I know what you’re going to say. It makes them feel better, Damon. So what? For how long? A minute? A day? What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock, with a birthday carved into it that I’m pretty sure is wrong.