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Zuko’s breath of fire in Book 1 v Book 3. I think it’s fair to say that in Book 1, he still hadn’t quite mastered proper breath control but, by Book 3, he has completely mastered it.

Notice how in Book 3 Zuko takes very deep and controlled breaths designed to take in more oxygen while in Book 1 his breaths are very short and quick. Also notice the color of Zuko’s fire. In Book 1, Zuko’s breath of fire is red, meaning that he’s feeding less oxygen into his flame, making the fire somewhat cool. In Book 3, his flame is yellow, meaning that he’s able to feed more oxygen into his fire, which consequently makes his fire hotter.

Now, you can argue that this discrepancy has to do with the fact that in Book 1, Zuko was in the tundra. HOWEVER, in “The Boiling Rock,” Zuko was being kept in the Cooler, which was supposed to prevent firebending. Not to mention that when Chit Sang was in the Cooler before Zuko, we saw him shivering and evidently being very cold. Zuko, on the other hand…


Smith Rock in Oregon. Smith Rock is a world-class climbing destination, partly due to the rigid nature of its rock. It is made of volcanic tuff, or fallout from volcanic eruptions. It also, by chance, forms the northwestern corner of the Prineville Caldera, a “super volcano” (God I hate that term) some twenty miles across east to west, that formed here between twenty and thirty million years ago. The valley and plains that surround the city of Prineville are all part of the center of this volcanic caldera, and the hills around it are craggy from the tuff produced by this eruption.



Monday, March 27 | MRS. DOUBTFIRE (1993, dir. Chris Columbus)

When I was a kid, this movie was just pure magic, absolutely delightful, and a welcome companion about an all too common situation that was going on at that time. Now, it’s all that but much more important to me. 

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Tuesday, March 28 | SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003, dir. Richard Linklater)

Endlessly entertaining yet with the right dose of heart. 

WATCH IT Netflix (Asia, South America, Mexico, Oceania), Vudu, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, Google

Wednesday, March 29 | BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM (2003, dir. Gurinder Chadha)

I would have loved to have seen the story go in the more obvious direction, but it still retains an awesome sense of girl power, and a lovely flick for footie fans.

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there is a different between the muscle that for show and the one that can kill ya tho :v
It was more funny in my head actually
(eh i forgot to draw Tanah’s red arm band tho )

(if Tanah can bends rocks there is no way he cant crush those cocoa beans into powder tho)