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The Hunt by HenryMercury

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 29759

Stiles wakes up with a hangover and the phone number of the most attractive (and the frowniest) guy he’s ever encountered.

…Who also happens to be the front-man for the band Scott’s just joined.

[NCT] Festival

From prompt-bank’s drabble challenge
Prompt 51: “I’m your husband. It’s my job.” 

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The heavy stench of alcohol plagues your senses, stings at your eyes. You aren’t much of a drinker, only having a beer or two on extra special occasions, so you stick out like a sore thumb amidst a sea of patrons all raising their drinks to their lips and drunkenly maneuvering amongst one another. You stumble about, desperately trying to avoid the push and shove of the crowd as you make your way towards the large stage that sits at the heart of the fairgrounds.

Music festivals weren’t exactly your style, at least not until your later years of high school. You had the (what you then considered unfortunate) fate of stumbling upon a puckish playboy, with messy hair and smudged eyeliner and a set of drumsticks on his persons at any given time. Smitten from the beginning, he had made it a daily routine to seek you out. Offering up a mountain of compliments each time he saw you, curtly inviting himself to sit with you at lunch, and inviting you to see his band play at every opportunity eventually wore you down, and it was when you saw his first live performance that you agreed to being his girlfriend. The rest, of course, is history.

Not much has changed since then, save for their rising popularity and the absolutely gorgeous diamond ring on your left hand. You had agreed, albeit somewhat reluctantly, to see your newlywed husband off, a sort of good luck token as he kicks off his first festival tour in your hometown.

As you draw nearer to the stage, ready to slink away to visit the band, to wish your husband and the rest of the members good luck before moving to watch from the side of the stage, a hand at your forearm stops you. You turn to see a gruff man ogling at you without a care in the world, and he goes to pull you closer. Your feet are glued to the ground. The music of another band plays in the distance, and the cacophony of the crowd in which you stand serves to drown out the man’s voice as he speaks to you. You try to push him away, to get his sweaty hands off of you but your efforts are easily brushed aside as he darts an arm around your waist and pulls you against his bare chest. Bile rises in your throat, and you rack your mind for possible ways to get yourself away from the man when a 3rd pair of hands comes between you two. The man is ripped away from you, and a wave of relief washes over you as you’re put behind the tall, broad frame of your husband. Johnny has no trouble flagging down a member of the security team, who easily has the man removed from the fairgrounds. It’s only a brief moment before you’re being led towards the back of the stage, where the band is preparing to perform. The rest of the members pay you no mind as Johnny guides you to an empty patch of dying grass, leaning against the railing that keeps fans at bay.

His hands, slightly calloused, slide up and down your bare arms soothingly, and he places a kiss to your forehead.
“Thank you,” you sigh, breathing in the warmth of his scent, calming. “For getting me out of that situation.
“I’m your husband. That’s my job.” He replies cooly, and the festival staff instruct the rest of your members that it’s time to head onto the stage. Quickly, Johnny dips down and gives you a quick kiss, mourning the loss of your lips against his when one of his band mates pulls him away from you.
“Break a leg!” You call out, and from his spot, perched in front of his drumset, you can see Johnny throw you a loving smile.

‘’Haven’t you noticed that I’m a star?’’

Day 1 - Rock Band/ Scar

They may like to do silly stuff like this (maybe Lars knows Sadie sings). Sometimes, he jokes they should start a band and leave this job (and few times he wants this to be true ha)

This day was hard for me; first i wanted to try with ‘scar’, and i hadn’t ideas and it took me so much time hehe

More Than a Feeling

(incredible eren cosplay promo by @twerkingjaeger!)

“My name is Eren Jaeger. I’m one-quarter of The 104th - the most popular rock band at Trost University, if I do say so myself…”

Eren Jaeger was born in the wrong era - or at least, that’s what he thinks. Nostalgic for a past he never lived in, he spends his nights playing the best rock and roll hits with his band. But there’s more to Eren than his enthusiasm and love for his guitar named Lucy - troubled, angry and heartbroken, Eren’s music is his escape from a traumatic adolescence which left him orphaned and homeless.

Levi Ackerman wishes he was young again. Almost thirty and still haunted by the ghosts of his past, he feels he might never catch up on lost time. A chance meeting in a bar leads him to an unusual acquaintance with the loud and mostly immature Eren - who ends up touching his heart more than he ever expected.

Classic music, teen spirit, romance and camaraderie collide with a soundtrack that’ll rock you like a hurricane - and Eren and Levi are about to learn that true love is far more than a feeling.

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AO3 is the best

A little while ago I sent the AO3 a suggestion, and wowwwww it paid off.

Really I mostly just use tumblr to follow tags, and that is how I found filter-me-ao3 which is awesome and led me to a few AO3 newsposts that explained how to filter things out. Link to the roundup here.

The ID numbers are amazing, but they don’t cover everything so I wrote in and asked if they could eventually maybe post some of the ID numbers for some of the additional tags, too, so filtering those out would be easier.

I got a note back saying that they’d pass on the suggestion to the people who actually do the posts…

And then they attached a HUGE LIST OF ID NUMBERS. Or really TWO lists. One of just popular tags and then one of a bunch of popular AUs. SO MANY TAGS.

So I decided to share.

Here, tumblr. Have like 200 tag ID numbers to filter out on the AO3 if you want! (Or maybe a little under because I took some of the AU tags off of the first list because they were in the second too.)


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My dash is dead!

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-And basically any cool Youtuber

[Fanfic] [5/?] Cotton Candy - Yoonmin



Relationship, Pairings, Orientations: M/M

Rate: Mature

Warnings: Underage

Relationships: Min Yoongi/Suga | Park Jimin

Characters: Min Yoongi/Suga, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung/V, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Seokjin/Jin, Rapmon, J-Hope

Additional Tags:

Alternate Universe - High school, Alternate Universe - Teenagers, Alternate Universe - Rock Band, Alternate Universe - 1990s, drummer!Yoongi,  top!Yoongi, vocal!Jimin, bottom!Jimin, bassist!Taehyung, guitarist!Jeongguk, guitarist!Hoseok, songwriter!Namjoon, roadie!Seokjin, yoonmin centric, side taekook, platonic vmin, platonic yoonkook, platonic yoonseok, OT7 feels, mutual pining, smut, consensual underage sex, mention of past dub-con, loss of virginity, semi-public sex, masturbation, handjobs, blowjobs, bubblegum flavoured condoms, hyung kink, praise kink, explicit language, underage smoking, underage drinking, delinquencies, coming of age, coming out, friendship, summer, fluff, they play lots of retro games, tamagotchis, they’re addicted to Pokemon, ALL THE 90S THINGS, nostalgia, inspired by YNWA concept photos and HYYH era, Jimin has a thing for older guys, Yoongi is older than Jimin, loss of virginity is a pretty big topic in this fic, so is friendship, it’s also supposed to be cute


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