rock and roller derby

thecurlymankey  asked:

Can you tell us about your roller derby experiences?

I joined my local roller derby league when I was 15! You have to be 19 to be able to bout since it’s a contact sport, so my mom and I took part in every other way we could. We trained with them every week, learned all the tricks in the bag and we NSO’d for bouts. I was Jam Timer and it was awesome. My derby name was Rocket Baby Doll and my mom’s was Pixel Vixen. I pretty much stopped doing derby once I got a job because I had 0 time, but since I’ll be turning 19 in a few weeks it’s been on my mind lately!! I miss my badass ladies. Our league is called Red Rock n’ Roller Derby and the teams are Moonshine Maidens, Twisted Sisters, and Bootleg Betties.