rock and roll martian

Music Genres for The Signs (requested)

(check sun, moon, and venus)

Aries: Rock n’ Roll ~ the martian energy is aggressive and energizing, the young angst of aries is released with every beat of a dream and strum of a guitar.

Taurus: Jazz ~ the mesmerizing tones of the jazz voice offer a classy tone that venus enjoys. parties with bating eyes and popping champagnes, the slow and steady bull is enjoying every beat.

Gemini: Rap ~ the creative writing of mercury is now really heightened when the upbeat air is thriving. mercury is the messenger here, rap tells a story and gives a message to the world.

Cancer: Soul ~ the moon captures the essence of the soul, it would only make sense for cancer to be the music to your deepest, purest self, taking you back home in your safe coven.

Leo: Pop ~ light hearted fun music that everyone would enjoy, great for parties, gatherings, and stage performances. can be loaded with as much emotion as one desires. created as an outlet to the leo heart or creativity.

Virgo: R&B ~ the timeless jams, much like virgo’s seemingly laid back nature, captures a lot in the their lyrics by subtle messages, telling a story with varying rhythms and beats.

Libra: Alternative ~ libra’s need to see different perspectives and ideas leads them to step outside of the norm to discovery hidden treasures in music not many listen to. they play fair and give chances to all types of music and artists.

Scorpio: Metal ~ much of the dark side of pluto can be expressed here. the heavy weight of their emotions bare a strength much like that of metal. letting out everything they take in from the world around them.

Sagittarius: International ~ jupiter’s musical side is worldly and that of cultural curiosity. the interest and profound want to know more about other’s traditions is fed here.

Capricorn: Classical ~ the intricate art of conducting and coordinating is that of higher art, much like capricorn’s fine taste, classical provides a variety that accommodates to their specific standards.

Aquarius: Electric Dance Music ~ uranian electricity runs through the veins of aquarius with the persistent rhythm of saturn. fun and upbeat, socially uniting as there is rarely any emotional expression.

Pisces: Blues ~ no other than the occupant of the blue planet itself. the blues take you to a place of deep emotional exploration. soft and ethereal, much like the heart and voice of pisces.