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//Fall Out Boy Album Aesthetics//

| Take This To Your Grave| Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend| From Under The Cork Tree| Infinity On High| Folie À Deux| Save Rock And Roll | American Beauty / American Psycho| 

  • me: why don't I have any friends???
  • also me: In order to be my friends, first you must sucefully fill the following form:
  • "It’s summer of ____, Joe meets _______ and he’s like “Yo, _ ____ ____ _____” and ______’s like “yo, i know ____ _____ _____”. “That’s __________. do you wanna _____ a ____?”. And _______’s like “…yeah… that’s cool.” And then he’s like “__, this is a ____ _____ it's not a _____ store!”. And then they met at Patrick’s _____. And Patrick’s wearing ______ ___ _____ ___ _ ___. Patrick is playin’ drums for some _______ _____! and ____’s there, for some reason! They start _______ _____ together. And they’re like ”oh let’s play some _______ _____ from some other bands!” It was like, _____ ___ and _______ _______ and fuckin’ _______! Pete said to ___ “Yo, we gotta ______ ____ ____ up! Yo we’ve played all these bands let’s ____ ____ from ____ ___ ___.” And so Pete and _______ are like “yo, that’s ____. But we need a fuckin’ _______!” Because Patrick’s playin’ drums ___ ____ _ ______! and he’s like “Yo! I got a ____ _____!” and they’re like “Wait, how do you have a ____ _____!?!” and he’s like “__ watch this! yEeeeeEeeeeEeeaaaAAAH!” and they’re like “oh my god! that sounds ____ ____!” so they put it in the ____ and it was like “WHERE __ ____ ___ TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!?!!!?!” and then they’re like “Yo, this is _______ _______. This is ____ Out ___.” And they made records like, _______ ___ with your __-__________. It's called _______ ___ with your ex __________, everybody _____ it. It’s called ______ out your girlfriend, and its real and it _______ ______. And Pete talked to ______ and ___ and he was like “Yo what the _______! yo this is gonna be fuckin’ ________!” So they made a record, and it was called ____ ____ __ ____ ______. They made it _______ a drummer! And they had like three, four _______ come in. The four drummers they had come in were like… ____ ______, Neil Peart, the dude from ____… the fourth one was like the guy from ____ _____ or something. And they were like, “yo, we need ___ ______. ___ ______. Take This to Your ____. fuckin record it.” and he did it, and he ______ __. He was like, bigadigadigalalululapssshhhh! _______ the skins! Tapping the _____! Tapping the ____! _______ ___ ____! Killing these _______! Wrapping it out! “We should get signed, to ______ __ _____. Cuz these guys know ____ ___ ____ __ going on.” And they were like “Yo, if you can make our _____ any ______ than it is, which is not fuckin ____, we will sign you guys.” Pete was like ”Yo! We got this record that’s fuckin’ ____ ____!! It’s called, Take This to Your Grave.” Hey, its gonna be called ____ _____ ___ ____ ____, it's gonna be fuckin ____. And then Patrick’s like “I gotta ____ __ ____, i gotta ____ __ ________. These are three songs that are gonna make the album and its called… this is called _____ __ __ ____, __ ______ _________, and _____ ____ _____ ____...” And they made this record that was _______ ____ and it fucking hit on the _____. Like one, two, three! _____ ___ ___! Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!!!! ___ __ ___! From Under the Cork Tree sold like ____ _______ records! Ten million records! fifteen million records!!! And _______ ____ had nothing to do with the entire record. And _______ was like “that’s gooooooooood!” Pete was like “yo, ____ ___! I can do whatever i want!” Joe was like “yeah its cool man, _______… I don’t ____ a shit.” And then ____ was like “eh… cool!” and Pete was like “______ is fuckin’ great for a guy. Because it makes a guy ____ ________. Which a lot of times, a ___ is not ________. And I _____ ______ that. I wanna make sure _________ ______ that guys are beautiful.” Pete was like “Oh my god I’m so embarrassed about this ____ ____!” And then i saw the ____ ___ and I was like “Eh, its not ___. It’s not a bad dick. let’s be ____.” Panic! at the Disco made _______ _____ one issue ______ ____ Out Boy. And Fall Out Boy made the issue _____ ____ Panic! and they were so pissed! They were like “yo fuck you guys!” they were like “YO! Panic! has the _____ of _______ _____!?! Yo, fuck these dudes, were gonna go fucking _____ _____! We’re gonna hit every fucking _________ there is known to man!” But they didn’t! Because they ______ _ _____ of time, _________. They were like “Oh shit we got every continent.” And they didn’t actually ___ __. Dude, Pete was like “WHAT THE FUCK!” Oh you didn’t _______ ____ the continent. It’s like fuck you! so ____ _____ ___ ____ ____ happens, we fuckin have three, ____ _____ __ ___________! Like people are cumming on themselves ____ __ ___! So Fall Out Boy was like, so _______’s like “Yo were gonna name this record from under the cork tree and from ________ __ ____.” ___ was like “Yo, _____ _ ____ means, the ________ of two.” Fall Out Boy was like “yo, we gotta ____ _ _____” Meaning, Pete was like “Yo, we gotta take a break ___” and Patrick’s like, “_ ____ ____ ___ __ ______! YAAAAAAHHHH!” and ___’s like “yo, i need time to ____ ___ ______ ___ dude i gotta find some fuckin’ meau-metal.” and Andy’s like “I’m just gonna play with ____ _______ _____ _____.” And they were like, “Alright, this breaks been like _____ _____ ____. Two years long. Three years long. _____ ___ _ ____. We gotta fuckin’ come back dude. We gotta ____ ____ STRONG! We gotta make this ____ _____. It’s gonna be fuckin ____. It’s gonna go fuckin ___ ____. We’re gonna make a fuckin record that _____ ___ _____. We’re gonna call this record… ____ ____ ___ ____.” So they made _____ _______, _____ __ up, alone together, _______. And everyone’s like “What the fuck? you’re working with ____ ___ who fuckin recorded ____ _______ and pink!” Pete was like “__, were gonna end up in tour with _____ __ ___ _____ and ______ ___ ______.” And that’s all. And that’s all ____ ______. And that’s how the ______ ____ goes."
  • fob: *doesnt add the kids aren't alright to the setlist*
  • kids: *aren't alright*

dont tell me you know every word to every fob song ever bc even pete wentz himself doesnt know every word to every fob song ever

here’s a picture of my fall out boy tattoo! it combines all of the album artwork together in one piece! :) it’s still healing so it’s flaky in this picture, but i hope everyone likes it!

Maggie Sawyer; Yoga Master.

This is only my second Sanvers fan fiction and I don’t know how I feel about it. Basically this is a fic about Maggie and her (unexpected) love for yoga. It’s fluff and also some smut m (which I’m new to so go easy on me). Sorry if there’s mistakes, I wrote it pretty fast and wanted to post it.


To Alex’s surprises, her tough as nails, badass girlfriend, loved it. Maggie never struck Alex as the “yoga type” or “yogi” as she’d later learn. And she wouldn’t have even known Maggie liked yoga if she hadn’t spotted the mat in her apartment one morning.

Alex had just woken up in Maggie’s bed. She turned her head to the left to find her girlfriend still asleep, her hair draped across her pillow and her face. It was a mess from Alex’s hands ruffling through it the night before. She still couldn’t believe that this was her life; that SHE got to wake up to HER every morning. The night before they had stumbled into Maggie’s place, and hadn’t even bothered to turn on the light. They were much to preoccupied by the passion surging through their bodies. But in the morning light Maggie’s face looked…angelic, to say the least. Alex sat up to brush the hair out of her lovers face, and that’s when she saw it.

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My Girl

Request: Hi so um maybe do you think you could write one with a Natasha x reader (lesbian) where the reader is SUPER insecure and shy but nat wants her to be introduced to the team and the reader is scared they wont like her but she actually turns out to be great friends with every one in different way (such as her and Tony’s love for classic rock) sorry if this is long and confusing I am half asleep, love ya Hun 💛

A/N: This is set before Age of Ultron, where the Avengers Tower is still in commission.

Warnings: Sexual innuendos, brief uses of strong language.

Word Count Total: 512

Short Imagine #105

Title: My Girl

Originally posted by seeminglyordinary7

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