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Request: hellllloooo, i love your writing and i have a request. can you make something with reader X steve with this chat: “x1: wait, how do you know that steve is great in bed?” “x2: we share a wall, so either he’s amazing in bed or y/n just likes to agree with him a lot.” “x2: loudly, and a lot.” - Anon

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Word Count: 1,160

Warning: Fluff(?), SMUT! (First one, be nice), Cursing, Unprotected sex (If you really love her, wear a cover)

(A/N): Okay, this is my first ever posted Smut on Tumblr, so, BE NICE, PLEASE. 


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You had been out for two weeks on a mission and Steve missed your hands tugging his hair, he missed your scent, he missed cuddling you, he missed your soft moans and kisses.

He missed you.

“Why are you so grumpy, old man?” Sam teased, looking at you behind Steve. He didn’t noticed you following him to the kitchen; your boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, bowing on the kitchen’s counter and resting his chin on his hand.

“I miss my girl; it’s hard to sleep without her.” Smiling sweetly, you shooed Sam away with your hand, glaring at him when he rolled his eyes and backed away.

“Good evening, Captain.” You purred into his neck, hugging his back and sliding your hands to his abdomen. Steve jumped in surprise and turned to you, eyes shining in joy as he lifted you from the ground – making you wrap his hips with your legs.

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Genre: romance/fluff/COMEDY
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 3334 words
Summary: You somehow ended up in a cell with your best friend Jungkook

You sat next to him as you were sending death stares to each other. God only knows why you were trapped inside a cell with your best friend on a Friday night. If truth was to be said, you and Jungkook were caught in a heated fight, barely a few minutes ago, with him arguing as much as he could, and you, throwing his favorite vase off the balcony because you hated his handsome face. Did you really fight over his good looks? For sure it was one of the few reasons why you were even arguing in the first place. You were innocent that was for sure, but after being reported for obstructing the ‘’peace’’, you were called in at the office. The Irony of this, is that the so-called best friend is a cop as well.

“Officer Jeon, Seems like your badge is pretty useless at times like these” you commented arrogantly while crossing your arms over your chest

Jungkook follows you inside the cell, head hanging low with a very stiff posture. The last thing he expected from this Friday night was to end up inside a cell with you.

“Don’t get me started.” He turns around “I may be a cop but it still doesn’t mean that obstructing the ‘peace’ is allowed.” The boy ruffled his hair in a fury

“You can’t even do your own job properly, yet you’re here talking” you rolled your eyes

“I beg your pardon, but you’re the reason why we’re here in the first place” jungkook combs through his black bangs

Arguing with him was now your specialty. Both of you could go on and on for hours arguing over the smallest things. These days have been pretty sensitive due to your admission in med school. Jungkook screwed up again and you were on the verge of losing control when it happened.

“Oh, so now you’re going to put the blame on an innocent girl? I almost feel offended, officer.” You reply sarcastically

“ Innocent my ass, you were shouting at me barely 30 minutes ago and you even threw a goddamn vase off the window” he grabs the bars as he stares at his workmates laughing at him “ My favorite pink vase” he fakes a sob “ I liked that one so bad”

“Oh boohoo.” You cringed your face “Why do you even plant flowers in the backyards anyways! It always takes up the place. You’re a cop not a gardener”

“Flowers smell good and are beautiful, unlike a certain person” he sends you a side glare

“Excuse me?!” you scoff

“What?! Go wash your hair before telling me off, miss I-haven’t-washed-my-hair-for-three-days –because-of-school”

“What a neat freak. I didn’t have time because I has a shit ton of finals to take care of. LIVE WITH IT.”

“Exactly! Do you know that It’s a pain in the ass to live with you?” he stares at you

“Look who’s talking! You never wash the dishes and you’re practically a prince living at our place”

“Why do you bring my lifestyle onto this? I never asked you to be my wife. No one even has to cook because I only eat cereals and ramen. You should be thankful to have me as your roommate” he sighs “Why are you even mad about this? “

“You’re really annoying, you know that?” you groan “Tell goodbyes to the three meals a day I used to provide for the past year and a half.”

“Why?” he makes a meme face

“Because you’re a cheater” you glare at him

“I didn’t do it” jungkook buries his face in his hands “I swear on   Overwatch’s very existence that I didn’t do it ”

“Jungkook, you don’t realize how embarrassed you’re making me whenever you lie”

“I never lied about that!” jungkook sighed “It’s not like we got laid or anything like that! Why you are even fueled up about this issue! I have no girlfriend, so I’m not even cheating”

“You’re cheating on our friendship” you smack his arm

“I said, it wasn’t me for f*ck’s sake” jungkook grunts annoyingly “I don’t know if you have trouble understanding or if it’s your brain that has a serious issue, but I did not f*cking cheat” he turned around

“You didn’t cheat of course” you commented “You still f*cked or should I say, you’re still f*cked”

“I didn’t cheat” jungkook scowls “I’m always fair play when it comes to games and you know that!”

Jungkook’s workmates were having a blast trying to figure out the situation between both of them.Jimin was holding his cup of coffee in his fingers while Taehyung was munching on some chocolate flavored donuts. Meanwhile Hoseok was still typing in a few more details about their latest case, on the computer.

“Are they talking about a game?” Jimin whispers in taehyung’s ear

“I almost thought they were talking about a girl for a second” taehyung whispered back

“They’re obviously talking about video games.” Hoseok nodded with that irresistible smile

The cat fight was persistent on the other side of the cell, yet jungkook chose to put it to rest with his next action.

“Ugh…” jungkook sits down and takes off his vest to lay it on the ground “You can keep on talking to the walls. I’m going to sleep”

“You obviously feel no remorse since you feel comfortable about sleeping in a cell” you chuckled heartlessly

“I basically live in this police station, five days a week, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be comfortable here”

“Who’d ever hear you would think you’re a criminal” you rolled your eyes

“Yes, I steal hearts for a living” he makes a small heart with his index and thumb

“No jungkook. You make me barf for a living” you pretend vomiting

“Enjoy your youth, shorty. It’s not every day that you get to be inside a cell. With a handsome man on top of it” jungkook lays on his jacket cockily “Just take a moment to admire my sharp jaw. Instead of complaining. You can actually see it up close with no interruption this time”

“ You’re so f*cking cocky even in moments like these” you raise your brow “ Your jaw is so feminine along with your stupid lashes and that so called nose  , I don’t see what’s there to see. “

“Or maybe you can roast me while we’re at it” Jungkook sighed “My jaw has more structure than your life ever did” he laughed at his own joke

“Keep it down, Jeon” Hoseok shouted “No roasting is allowed in those cells, even though y’all are very entertaining to watch” he chuckled

“I wasn’t roasting, just stating facts here, Officer Jung “Jungkook bowed his head cutely

You decide to walk around inside the cell as jungkook was comfortably laying on the cold floor. The more you inspected this room the more disgusted you were. The scent, the coldness and the rusty vibe all over the place, gave you everything but comfort. It was your first time being inside a cell, yet your best friend was sitting there as if no harm was done and everything was alright. You both remained silent for a few more minutes before you suddenly started to bang your head on the nearest wall while murmuring the same few words

“Ugh, why am I in a cell with him”

“Because we sinned together” Jungkook replied with no warning as slowly sat up

“Did someone talk? I can’t seem to hear anyone” you pretend he’s inexistent

“So childish” he glares at you before bringing his knees closer to his chest, like a child would.

“Right back at you” you shoot daggers through your eyes

“Let’s make up already” jungkook shakes his shoulders cutely as he slowly walks your way

You slowly back up as he gets closer and closer to you. Your back hits the cold bars and Jungkook takes this opportunity to grab onto the bars on each side of your head, trapping you between his body and the cell itself. It was just like a fun game for him. You were being alert, anxious and angry, and he was taking advantage of your state to have a little bit of fun.

“We are not making up” you hold your head high as you stare directly back onto his dark orbs

“We are going to make up. Mark my words”

He lowers his head to close the space between your faces, now brushing the tip of his nose against yours. You shiver and ponder in your head, if the reason why you were feeling so nervous was due to the fact that this cell was extremely cold, or because Jungkook was having some effect on you.You chose to shrug off the thoughts from your head and push his rock hard chest with your index. Jungkook doesn’t even budge form him spot, as your small finger had nothing to win against his inhuman physical strength. He always had the advantage, whether it was about being imprisoned or cornering you inside a cell. You’d somehow end up being at his mercy.

“Get off, right now” you mutter under your breath

“I don’t think so” he presses his face on your cold shoulder

Jungkook’s workmates were just as confused as you

“What are they doing?” Jimin raised a suspicious brow

“Uhm…it looks like they’re being intimate, sir” Taehyung covers his eyes

“Officer Jeon does all sorts of things” Hoseok sighed “Let him be”

A million thoughts were running through your mind. You wanted to push him off but couldn’t bring yourself to do it. It wasn’t long before jungkook cut off your thoughts with his next action.

“Come on!!” he grabs your arm

“What?” you frown

“Let’s enjoy the next 24 hours we have left together in a cell” he pulls your small frame in his arms with no warning

“Let me go!” you struggle to get off his embrace as his muscles are tightly wrapped around you

“Come on. You’re a small bean and I’m a very bored bunny. Let’s mingle and call it a fun night” he whispers on your neck

“No one is allowed to mingle in those cells Jungkook” Jimin authoritative voice shouts from his desk

“I was just playing, Officer Park!” jungkook replies “But I still have extra handcuffs with me” he wiggled his eyebrows at you

“What on earth—“your eyes rounded as you felt heat reaching your cheeks

“BDSM Isn’t allowed either” Taehyung burst out laughing “I swear to god, I wish we could arrest entertaining people like you every day, it’d be more hilarious at work”

“Officer!” you stare at jimin “Please tell him to let me go” you whine

“Hugs are allowed for mental support” Jimin winked at you

“He’s not even hugging me! He’s trapping me!” you groan “Tell him to stop crushing me with his annoying muscles!”

“I’m not risking my safety over this. Officer Jeon usually picks up the things that annoy him and throw them somewhere” Jimin comments “I don’t want this to happen to me”

“What are you? Godzilla?!” you turn around to stare at jungkook in puzzlement “These guys are your superiors and you do those kind of things to them?” your jaw drops

“They’re good at obeying” jungkook replies cockily “As long as you got strength, power doesn’t even matter here“he raises a sexy brow

“What a WEIRD POLICE STATION” you stare at everyone

“We get that often” Hoseok nods

“It’s fun being in a cell, to be honest” Jungkook slowly frees you from his grip “I get to spend time with my best friend” he hugs your arm like a cute child

“Get it together you dumb bun, we’re in a goddamn cell because the police showed up at my place”

“I’m a cop and I’m always at your place. I never saw you freak out whenever I showed up with my cop uniform there” Jungkook backed up

“You’re just Jungkook okay! You’re not a cop” you argued

“But I graduated from Law school! I have my own badge. I arrested over 25 people over the last two months. Why would you think that I’m not qualified to be a cop! You better acknowledge me!” he scowls

Jungkook’s workmates found themselves laughing at the hilarious conversation

“Officer Jeon, seems like you’re not as qualified as you pretend to be” officer Jimin chuckled from the side

“Shut up Park Jimin” jungkook glared at the man

“Where did the hyung go to? Should I remove your promotion, for disregarding your superiors, you little brat?” Jimin threatened

“Hyung” jungkook sighed “Sorry” he apologizes with no sincerity whatsoever

“What if they end up keeping us here for longer” you fake a sob on his shoulder

“We didn’t kill anyone, we just fought. You won’t get imprisoned for life. It’s just 24 hours”

Jungkook stared at his surroundings before gazing at you a few times. He knew what would ease the tension.

“Hey, there’s so many fun stuff to do in a cell” Jungkook stares at you “Come here” he pulls your arm so that you sit close to him

“Like what? “you ruffled your hair “ Jungkook, it might not be that unusual for you because you’re always at the police station, but I’m just a normal citizen! What will mother say about this” you smack his arm

“I’ll just cover up for you then” jungkook scowls “ Now come here and let’s play rock paper scissors to pass time”

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” your jaw dropped

“I mean, wasn’t it the same when we were in elementary school? During recess time, we were surrounded by a huge fence, yet we still had fun. We were imprisoned back then as well, where’s the difference?”


“We can play truth or dare” jungkook snaps his fingers “Or even better! We could take this whole cell thing as an excuse to cuddle or something”

“You better stay away from me or I’m suing you” you point at him

“I get that a lot these days” he winks at you “People like suing me for my illegal sexiness” he rolls up his sleeves

“What is he saying now?” you sigh

“Come on, Y/N! Let’s do something fun! It’s not every day that we get the chance to be stuck in a cell together for 24 hours” he pokes your waist

“The chance?! What is lucky about this? Have you lost your mind? “You nudge his arm “Why am I friends with you.”

“I brought a pen with me” Jungkook blinked cutely “Let’s draw a few bunnies on the walls while we’re at it. As a memory~”

“What is good about this memory? Do you expect me to tell my future children that I got arrested and remained in a cell for 24 hours with my friend, as we both drew bunnies on the prison’s wall” you scoff

“It honestly feels like we’re back in old school days’ right?” Jungkook giggled as he took out his pen to draw cute bunny ears on the wall

“Why are you giggling?! Jungkook, stop laughing. This isn’t the time to be laughing” you grabbed his arm “Please get me out of here”

“What can I do?” he shrugged “Even, I, as a cop, has to get sentenced just like you. Let’s just live with the consequences we brought upon ourselves” Jungkook draws the big bubbly eyes of his bunny “Damn, he looks like me” he points at the half-drawn bunny

“Stop drawing self-portraits of yourself and listen” you whine

“Stop over dramatizing everything and learn from your mistakes” he uses his other hand to mess your hair in the process “We fought, you broke something and we got in trouble for it. Next time we’ll behave like mature adults do, that’s all”

“I’m not overdramatizing” you slap his hand away “You may spend every day working next to this cell, but I’ve never been in a cell nor was I ever arrested in the past”

“Then enjoy your first time here” Jungkook blinks “Why make a fuss about it when it could be the most thrilling 24 hours of your life? I always wondered how it felt to be on the other side of these bars”

“You’re a crazy piece of shit” you shake your head

“More like a positive minded piece of shit” he smiles sarcastically

“Jungkook” you whine again as you lean your face on his back as the boy keeps on drawing bunnies

“What?” He asks you “Are you going to complain again?” you feel his voice vibrating through his back

“It’s just a little cold in here” you wrap your arms around his waist

“What an amazing excuse to back hug me” He smirks as he keeps on drawing “You’re smitten over my beauty” he makes a sassy facial expression

“I hate cells” you muffle your face on his toned back

“Cells as in cellular composition or prison cells?” Jungkook laughed at his own joke

“You think you’re so funny.” you pinch his waist

“Ouuuch!!!” he jumps because of your touch “I will sue you for physical abuse”

“Come on Fetus, you like getting physical anyways, so it shouldn’t even bother you in the first place” you poke his waist as you press your chin on his shoulder

“There’s clearly a difference between hugging someone and pinching them! This is not my type of physical encounter” he frowns as he slowly pushed you away from him “ I will go take a nap now” he grabbed his wrinkled vest and laid it on the floor once again  

“ Jungkook, I’m well aware of the fact that you work here in the police station, but didn’t it occur to you to think about what prisoners do in these cells for 24 hours?! They could be peeing all of over the ground and you’re sleeping there. It’s disgusting”  you furrow your brows  

“Well technically they pee in a cup” Jungkook comments “this is also why I insisted that we share the cell”

“EXCUSE ME?!” you shout

“Are you going to obstruct the peace here too? Calm down Juliet. We’re just here for a few more hours” he made a pillow with his shoes

“If you didn’t get it yet, usually men and women are in different cells, but I insisted we get imprisoned together”

“And why is that? Why can’t you have a single brilliant idea for once AND GET US OUT OF HERE“ you sighed

“Because I know you were going to freak out as soon as we get there, so I thought I might as well be there as your mental support”


“That’s what best friends are for right?” he smiles at you

“No, that’s what idiots do, you stupid son of a fetus” you smack the back of his head

“This so called son of a fetus has a job unlike you” he frowns “It hurts too” he pouts “Love me!” he pulls you into his arms once again

“Ew Ew We ! I’m not laying there!” you try prying his hands off you

“Stop being so stuck up and be cool for once. Med school turned you into a germaphobe, but may I remind you that we used to roll in mud back then in elementary school?”  He pulls your waist close to his body “Now let’s just sleep and get tofu tomorrow morning”

“Why tofu?” you blink

“Well, we did stay in a cell overnight. Might as well keep it traditional and buy tofu after being released” he stares at you

“Why am I his friend” you bury your face in his chest “I HATE YOU JEON JUNGKOOK”

Jungkook feels your muffled screams vibrations through his toned chest and he chuckles at your sight. He sure had lots of fun in that cell.

“We should get arrested more often.” He laughs at you as he secretly writes your initials next to his on the wall with a heart surrounding them


Who Is He?

Part one here

Bev stops just before the pathways ending, grabbing Eddie’s shoulders and positioning him to stand behind one of the large trees. She puts a finger to her lips, and he nods slowly.

She returns the nod with a small, reassuring smile, turning on her heel and entering the clearing to the quarry. She makes her presence known by making as much noise as she can while she walks, her footsteps loud on the rocks.

Richie’s not hard to spot, and, judging by the way Richie doesn’t shift or tense whenever she approaches him, he knows it’s her.

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Natural Beauty

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader (Modern)
Word Count: 2,384ish
T/W: Smut, Kinks 
A/N: (Requests open) So I’m currently taking a college summer semester which means I go to class every week day. It’s a “physical education” class, so we work out everyday and that’s how I got this idea. 
Side note: Am I the only one who sees Philip as Anthony Lee Medina?…

“Yes! That’s a new time!” you exclaimed.

“Yeah…by like…two minutes!!…” your best friend, Theodosia, panted, as she bent over, resting her hands on her knees. 

The two of you made a pact to run together the whole summer, until school started again. After all it was going to be your senior year of college, you simply had to look your best. Though running in the middle of summer did make you sweat like no tomorrow.

“That’s a lot Theo!!” you squinted up as you tried to calmed your breathing. 

“Uh-huh, yeah…well it’s got me sweating like a pig!” Theo stood up and pulled at her t-shirt which had sweat spots scattered across it.

“I told you to wear a tank top!” you gestured to yourself smirking.

“Yeah, well I’m sure, Philip will love it!” She winked, eyes trailing down to your chest. 

“Oh come on! I know he’s “innocent”, but he’s seen my boobs before…”

“I’m just sayin’…with them all glistening and perky-”

“Dear Lord, Theo! He’s not even supposed to be home, he said he was going to visit his Dad.” you shrugged, “Though I kinda wish he was more assertive, ya know? I’m usually starting stuff. I know he always wants to make sure I’m in the mood, but honestly I’d love to see him be in the mood first…”

“Maybe you gotta find what really does it for him? Some guys are like that you know? There’s that one thing that just makes them go crazy!” Theo looked at her watch, “I better get home, I’m having family dinner tonight.”

“Okay, well have fun girl!” You hugging her before unlocking the apartment door and jogging up the stairs until you reached your floor. Turning the key and opening the door you find Philip sitting by the counter typing on his laptop. Probably writing something for the summer poetry class he was taking in grad school.  

“Hey, baby!” You closed the door, and kicked off your running shoes, taking your socks off and tossing them next to the shoes, “I thought you were supposed to be with your family today?”

“Yeah, well I was, but then Mom sent me a text this morning saying her and Dad were packing to go to France. They’re going to stay with the Marquis for a summer vacation.” Philip stated as he typed gently.

“Aww, I’m sorry babe. I know how much family means to you.” you said walking up behind Philip, who hadn’t even turned to see you come through the apartment door, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before walking around the counter to the kitchen opening the fridge.

“Yeah…I mean it’s whatever, they’ve been really good friends. I’ve always called Lafayette my Uncle since he-” Philip stopped dead in his tracks as you stood on the opposite side of the counter in front of him, opening the bottle of Gatorade you had grabbed from the fridge while he was talking.

“He?” you asked raising your eyebrows.

“He- uh, well he…um,” Philip looked down at his keyboard, then back up at you, his eyes travelled slowly across your body.

There was silence.

“Philip!” you raised your voice a little, just enough to snap him out of the trance he seemed to be in, “What’s up?”

“Nothing, I, it’s just, you look great, baby!” He blurted out weakly smiling at you.

You arched an unbelieving eyebrow, cocking your head to the side a little while resting your palms on the counter, “Really…I just ran four miles, I have no makeup on, I’m sweating like a pig and I look….great?”

“No, really you do…” Philip began to blush as he redirected his eyes to meet yours, before swallowing harshly and looking back to his computer. 

Just as you were about to walk off to take a shower, it clicked. Was he…turned on? This was it, you had turned him on without even touching him. 

Smiling devilishly you crossed your arms onto the counter and leaned forward on them. Accentuating a particular part of your body Philip seemed to be enjoying. Philip had always been sweet and gentle and wanted you to be in the mood before he would even make a move, but now you wanted to see how it worked when he was in the mood first. Did he have the same patience?

“So, whatcha workin’ on?” you inquired.

“Oh, just some poems for my summer cla-” Philip clenched his jaw when he looked up.

“You okay, baby?” you swayed your hips on your way over to Philip.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” he subtly bit his lower lip as he watched the motion of your hips.

You sat on the bar stool next to him,  Philip directed his attention to his screen.

“You sure?” you placed a hand on his upper thigh and began rubbing it up and down his inner thigh.

Philip tried to cover up a moan with a cough, but it didn’t exactly work. Desperately wanting to move things along, you took it to the next level leaning closer to him, chest pressing into his bicep while you placed hot kisses on his jaw. Your hand travelled higher on his thigh, lingering around his belt buckle. The typing noise stopped and he was motionless as you continued your antics for a few more seconds. 

“What’s wrong ba-”

Philip abruptly closed his laptop. You weren’t sure how he was feeling, was he mad or still turned on? You noticed him breathing heavier and pulled back.


Before you could continue your question he grabbed your wrist and began dragging you off to the bedroom. Your heart began to race, bitting your lip you wondered how this was going to work. Once you were in the bedroom he pulled you into a passionate kiss, pressing your body tight against his. Your hands reached up to wrap around his neck, but were stopped when Philip grabbed your wrists. 

“Take it off,” he commanded. 

You took a moment to gaze into his lust filled eyes, before turing around and undressing, first you let your hair down from the messy ponytail, you pulled your tank top over your head, then your sports bra, and once you got down to your panties Philip came behind you, pushing your hair to one side of your shoulder as he planted hot kisses along the top of your shoulder. You let out a hum when his bare chest touched your back. Philip spun you around picking you up, just to lay you onto the bed. He rested on his forearms while you lay beneath him. You rested a hand on his bicep and the other lazily pushed back his thick curls. 

His mouth began kissing at your jawline leaving a trail down your neck, then to your collarbone, down to the middle of your chest and in one swift movement his mouth latched onto your nipple. You let out a sharp gasp, pushing yourself up against him with a tug on his hair in response. Philip let out a low moan against your skin as he pressed his tongue flat against your sensitive skin he had been sucking at. His hand reached down to your heat, slipping under your panties. 

“Mmm, Philip,” you hummed when he began rubbing small circles around your clit. 

“Already so wet,”

He moved his mouth back up to capture yours. He simultaneously slipped his tongue into your mouth the moment he pushed two fingers into you. You shamelessly moaned into his mouth, tightening your grip on his bicep, digging your nails into his skin. You took your other hand and began to palm his already hardened length through his pants. With that Philip broke the kiss. He slipped your lace underwear off, pulling away from you to remove his khakis and boxers. You closed your eyes as you waited for him to slowly enter you, but not this time, he slid into you with one swift thrust. 

“Philip!!” you yelled, throwing your head back into the pillows, opening your neck to Philip.

He continued the rough pace while he bit and sucked at your neck causing you to let out breathy curses. His free hand pushed down on your hip. You pushed your chest up against him. You couldn’t help but want every part of him touching you. And it seemed like he enjoyed the closeness too.

“Fuck…”  Philip dropped his head to rest against your shoulder, his thrusts became harder.

You bit his shoulder, scratching your nails down his sides, evoking a growl from Philip.

“I’m sorr-” you began to apologize.

“Do it again, Babygirl.” Philip said in a dark tone you had never heard before. 

Hold on, does he like the pain? Does he have a-

“Yes…Daddy,” you tested the waters, nipping at his neck while you drug your nail tantalizingly slow down his shoulder blades.

“Fuck yes,” he brought his other hand up, tangling his fingers in your hair. 

Philip brought you into a kiss as he adjusted, hitting you at a new angle that felt heavenly. His tongue swirled around yours until you slowly pulled back closing your eyes in bliss, biting your lip and then releasing it as you moaned. He absolutely loved seeing you like this, completely helpless to his touch and desperate for his touch, underneath him. 

“Oh, holy sh- mmm” you were cut off by your own moan.

Soon Phillip hit a sweet spot. You reached a hand to his dark curls, pulling him closer to you. He decided to nip at your neck, reaching a hand down to your clit and rubbing it perfectly in synch with his thrusts. 

“A-ahh,” you bit down on his shoulder.

“I want you to cum for me, babygirl. You hear me?”

“Y-yes, yes, right there Daddy, don’t - mmm- don’t stop!”

You felt a familiar pressure begin to build in your stomach. Philip knew you were close, as he felt your chest rise and fall against his. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him as close to you as possible. He rocked his hips hard against you to assure that he was hitting your g-spot just right. He felt your knees tighten on either side of his body. You began to shake a little.

“Oh god-”

“Come on baby,” Philip slowly licked across the side of your neck.

That sent you over the edge, your toes curled, you gripped onto him for dear life as the room began to spin. You closed your eyes, and your mouth fell open a little. You felt the wave of pleasure rush throughout your body.

“Daddy…” your whispered shakily into his neck as he helped you ride out your orgasm.

“Babygirl,” He gave a gentle tug on your hair.

That was enough to do it for Philip, you felt him twitch inside you as his thrusts became sporadic, you helped him get the most pleasure out of his orgasm by dragging your nails across his skin and breathing his name in between sloppy kisses to his neck, until his motion stopped and he was breathless above you.

“Damn, baby.” Philip said as he pulled out and laid down beside you. 

The room was quiet as the two of you tried to catch your breath. 

“So,” you broke the silence, turning onto your side, facing Philip with an excited smile, “You have a pain AND a daddy kink?”

“…Yes…” Philip hesitated.

“WHY haven’t we been having this kind of sex?!” You asked, as he put his hands over his face with a groan, “Philip! That was AMAZING!” you rested a hand on his chest.

“Okay, listen, I just never wanted to force myself on you, but seeing you with that gorgeous shine covering your skin and your muscles all tensed it was just…very attractive okay?! I like your natural beauty….”

“I think the kinks are hot, but really?…That’s what did it for you?” you laughed.

“Hey! I bet it would work on you too!” he defended himself, dropping his hands to his chest, gently lying on top of your hand.

“Oh yeah, sure,” you rolled your eyes, “it’s just sweat baby, nothin’ special.” You kissed him once more before getting up and heading off to the shower.

One week later:

It was Sunday, your off day from running with Theo. You had decided to sleep in, but one thing was off. Philip wasn’t by your side. He was usually softly snoring next to you. Slipping on one of Philip’s t-shirts, you figured it was safe to wander around in that and your underwear. You checked the apartment and didn’t find him anywhere, where could he be? you thought to yourself. Maybe he went to go see his family off at the airport? you reasoned with yourself as you went to the fridge in search for breakfast, but turned around when you heard the apartment door open. 

To your shock, Philip walked in. He was wearing basketball shorts low on his waist, his hair slightly dampened and his bare chest was rising and falling at a faster than normal pace. Did he go…running? You didn’t realize it, but your lips had parted slightly when you saw him, as you stood with a hand still on the refrigerator door.

“Hey, baby!” Philip walked over and kissed you on the cheek, “Can I get in there?” He pointed to the fridge door.

“Oh, y-yeah.” You answered him without ever taking your eyes off him as you backed away from the fridge and rested against the counter behind him. 

Damn him. He was right, there was just something about that natural glisten that spread all over his body. Your eyes trailed all over his body, you bit your lip when you noticed the red marks that went all the way down his back. His muscles were tense and accentuated, perfectly showing his body off in full display. He turned to face you. Your gaze fell to a drop of sweat making its way down his abs.

“What’s up?” he smirked with a teasing tone, walking over to you, locking you between him and the counter. Your hands instinctively rested on his chest. Your heart was racing, you stared up into those brown eyes. “Like what you see, Babygirl?”

“Y-” you paused, looking at your hands as you spread your fingers out a little more across his toned chest. He tilted your chin up with his hand, “Yes…Daddy.” 

You had found your breakfast.

NCT YUTA: Not Too Rough

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Warnings: Smut, Dom! Yuta, fluff

Pairings: Nakamoto Yuta x Reader

“…Yuta…please…” you whined against his soft lips, fingers gripping at his shirt, wanting it off to feel his warm body against yours. 

“Please what, baby?” he trailed kissed down your neck, nipping and sucking at your skin as he rubbed himself against you, making you moan beneath him. 

“Please…I want to cum…” 

A soft chuckle left his lips as he tangled his fingers between yours, sliding your hands up above your hands. “Mmm babygirl,” a raspy moan left his lips. “…you should have thought of that before sending those naughty pictures earlier.” he thrusts again and you rock your hips, whimpering at the unsatisfactory feel of yours and his, tough jeans in the way. “You’re only cumming when I tell you to cum,” he whispered into your sensitive ears, voice low and dark. “Understand?”

You nodded, body weak and mind even weaker from the affect he had on you, but your response good enough, so he thrusts again, this time harder, increasing the heated friction between you two. “Answer me, baby.” he growled and you panted a response, feverishly shaking your hips. 

“Y-yes, under..stand, I understand,”  

“Good girl,” he smirked as he sat up, desire filled eyes looking down at you a complete mess from his hips, hands and lips. 

He let go of your hands and ran his up and down your torso gently and slowly, barely touching you yet making every part of you ache for more. When his hands finally found themselves under your shirt, grazing across your warm body, pulling down your bra and massaging your sensitive breasts, he cursed as you let out the sweetest whimper he’d ever heard. 

“Shit, y/n,” he licked his lips and lifted your shirt over your head, tossing it to the side, and you unclasped your bra, revealing your blushed body. “On your knees.” he ordered, helping you position yourself.

“Good…?” you asked, wiggling your hips, turning to look at him just as he was taking off his shirt, chest, abs, arms, muscles flexing, and you couldn’t help but bite your lips at the sight. 

“Yes baby, so pretty.” he trailed small touches across your skin, gripping at your hips, pulling you back towards him, hands then gliding across your stomach and down towards your core. When his fingers pressed against you, jeans rubbing at your clit, you let out a gasp at the roughness while his lips placed warm kisses on your skin, touching your every nerve. 

“M-more please,” you begged nicely for him, skin crawling with a pleasurable buzz as he unbuttoned your pants, sliding them down and pulling them off, showcasing to him just how wet you were. 

“God, babygirl,” he hissed, hands spreading your cheeks, fingers pressing over your core, rubbing you so right your hips shook along with his touch. “You’re ready to take me, aren’t you?” 

You moaned a yes at the sound of him taking off his pants, and without warning, he entered you, causing you to clench around him, moaning even louder at his sudden thrusts. 

“God I love the way you feel around me, baby,” he rubbed circles around your cheeks, hand stinging them a soft pink as he moved at just the right pace, making sure to fill you up so good that your mind went blank, body feeling nothing but pleasure nipping at your senses as you bit back moans- or tried to. When you got quiet he would go so agonizingly slow, you had to beg him to fuck you harder, and he loved it, praising your beautiful voice.

“So-so good,” you panted, hands gripping at the sheets as you felt yourself cumming. “Right there! There, Yuta,” you breathed between pants, hands fondling your burning body as he continued to pump into you. 

“Mmm, baby,” he groaned, watching you weak below him. He let out a string of curses, hand reaching over to tease your clit, stimulating your body, making you writhe in ecstasy as he continued to thrust. “Do you want to cum?” he asked, voice playful and airy, demeanor anything but. 

“Y-yes, I want to,” you whimpered, feeling nothing but pleasure, wanting nothing more than to cum against his touch.

“C’mon babygirl,” he cooed, rocking his hips against you, hard cock touching all of your sweet spots. “Beg. For. It.” he growled, pulling out of you, then slowly thrusting in again, teasing you relentlessly, twisting locks of your hair around his fingers, showing your flushed cheeks and fucked out expression. “Beg.”

“F-fuck, Yuta!” you cried, shuddering at his ministrations. “Make me cum, Yuta, I want to cum.”

“That’s right, baby,” he hissed, mercilessly thrusting again and you couldn’t hold back- body trembling endlessly, waves of overwhelming pleasure pulsating through you as you came, back arching with each jolt of your orgasm, him following soon after, pulling out and stroking himself, releasing over your perfect round ass. 

“That’ll teach you,” he chuckled, lightly slapping your butt as he got off the bed after he collected himself.

You flopped down onto your belly, butt still sticking up. “Definitely,” you giggled, wiggling your hips as he wiped off his cum with a small, damp and warm towel, cleaning between your legs after. 

“I hope I wasn’t too rough, y/n…” he mumbled, laying down beside you, wrapping an arm around your waist. 

A smile tugged at the corner of your lips and you gave him a small kiss on the lips. “Nope,” you shook your head, turning yourself, wrapping a leg around him. “Just enough.”

“Just enough?” a laugh escaped his lips as he nuzzled into your chest, hands stroking up and down your back. “Don’t you mean more than enough?”

“Calm down, big boy,” you teased, kissing his forehead, running your fingers through his hair, breaths slowed and paced with his. 

“Big boy? You’re asking for it, beautiful,” he nipped a kiss at your collarbone and drifted to sleep, holding you close, touching you warmly and mumbling his love for you along with a few other sweet nothings as the night ended. 

A/N: My first nct smut o.o GOD Yuta stole me for a good week one time. He is too much. 

I hope you liked it, anon who requested :) I hope everyone else likes it too.

labbender  asked:

hey, got any headcanons for anemone ?? or maybe anemarin too???

anemoneeee i love her….

and okay so let me just make a disclaimer that most of my headcanons are completely canon compatible BUT i rlly dont know abt anythign involving anemone later in the books, so some of my stuff MAY be ….inaccurate but. whatever i like my anemone the way she is-

so anemone is like. my second favorite character in the series (burn is number one holla hollaaa), because she is SO MORALLY GREY its enthralling imo. Shes a child, first of all, which i think is amazing in itself. The whole literary symbolism of children being innocent and pure and hopeful is completely turned on its ass with anemone, because she was abused by her shitty mother (and maybe father, idk), actually killed someone (not totally accidentally either), and is potentially one of the most powerful dragons in the world. we can discuss the awesome development the animus magic ACTUALLY contributes to her in a minute, but let me finish my train of thought - so essentially anemone is this chaotic whirlwind of a dragonet, instantly marked for greatness at the second you meet her, and completely defies standard literary symbolism, acting as a HUGE thematic element just by herself…

yo like . if you want the best character development, with the most conflicted and destroyed way of thinking, anemone is ur girl. hoooooo boy lets..lets keep going. 

She was raised on Corals hip from when she hatched because of her mom’s obsessive control issues, a disgustingly abusive hover mom who raised her daughter to LOATHE the idea of being tethered to ANYTHING (hint hint, morals), and to always be the absolute center of attention. A lot of people can flatten anemone to some petty rich girl trope, which is viable, sure, at surface level, but anemone (and honestly a lot of characters that fall in the rich girl trope) live on the praise and encouragement of others. Anemone is INCREDIBLY jealous of everything (note: not envious), and fears 1) losing the few things she has (her ‘friends’, possessions, stature, etc…), and 2) being alone and unappreciated. Bc she has absolutely 0 self esteem (shes a princess (she was born into that, didnt earn it), is an animus (is isolated from everyone and treated like a weapon), and has never had the freedom to /do/ anything other than be the two things i just mentioned. and she is AWARE of this and therefore is aware of how absolutely awful her life/self is). 

okay so, lets talk about…the animus magic. So animus magic, fundamentally, chips away at ones sense of judgement the more you use it (at least thats how it worked in arc 1, god knows what the fuck tui changed in arc 2, but idc im going off the first way), so the more you use it, the more reckless, and “insane” you become. so anemone, raised as a weapon, and raise with the EXTREME desire for freedom to do whatever the hell she wants, is obviously going to have some judgement issues in the first place. this animus magic acts as a trial of sorts, pushing anemone into this really interesting and unique moral threshold, where she can either recognize her flaws, accept them, and grow from them, or silence them more and become some chaotic disaster. so really she gets put between a rock and a hard place, and she has to choose, on the spot, which way she needs to go. ill let you think of ur own ways you would want it to end, but personally ive always enjoyed the idea that she teeters towards accepting herself (not completely ofc), and ..that whole thing. yada yada. happy-ish ending. woohoo

so anemone is this volatile, manipulative kid who really just wants validation and freedom, but has been stifled and shoved in a metaphorical box since she was hatched, and labeled as a potential danger, good for mass destruction. she has the potential to represent two different themes; 1 being that (in the happier ending scenario) the acceptance of pain, flaws, and that kinda stuff allows for growth and can help mend her behavior, 2 being (in the more grim ending) that the succumbing to ones trauma/etc and allowing it to define you and how you act ultimately destroys you, and those around you. (hopefully you can see why i enjoy the first ending better…)

and…if you’l allow me to take this a step further (and longer lol…), i’d like to talk abt my headcanons for future anemone…

so assuming she gets out with the happier ending (lets not talk about the sad one), i like to believe that anemone stews as princess for a while as tsunami continues managing the school with the other DoD, really bitter at her mom for being abusive and shitty (duh, me 2 anemone) and trying to forgive her mom, but really unable to, and ends up just getting more and more vengeful. so eventually, when shes probably 8 or so, she actually challenges coral for the throne, and after a really..rlly intense battle, with a lot of passion and pent up anger from anemone and bewildered betrayal and anger from coral, anemone ends up killing her mom and becoming queen, and then has to deal with a lot of second-guessing and guilt and just. tiredness, but ultimately (after a few years) recognizes that she /doesnt/ have to forgive her mom, or ANYONE for the shit theyve done to her, and that its her choice. 

and she decides that she is gonna fucking SLAY as a queen, do waaayy better than her mom (who literally just wrote shitty fanfiction all day and let everyone else do the governing…..), and tries to be honestly? the best dragon she can be. im so proud of her. my little girl…all grown up………………………….wipes my tears

aaannnd regarding anemone and tamarin….i think its definitely a little kid crush, (i mean…in canon they are literally children) so i dont see it getting too far (tamarin is pretty gentle but i dont think anemone is ready for any kind of serious relationship until AFTER she figures herself out first. otherwise she’s probably gonna end up hurting other people. 

BUT i do enjoy the idea of her being gay. i mean ofc i called it (all my favorite characters are not straight. burn? demi/aro/gay/idk but shes not straight. coconut? gay. blaze and glacier? hahahah gay. i just call them how i see them, i dont make the rules.), and im GLAD she is gay….bc…..well duh. it works w my headcanons p well too bc my gay queen? who fucks the system because she never actually has any kids, and it ends up that her successors are either auklet or tsunami’s daughters. 

so idk i dont rlly ship it hardcore. softcore is a hard maybe, but. its a kid crush its not rlly. serious or anything lol. 

so….wowzah i talked a lot. 

TLDR; anemone is super complex and morally grey and becomes a gay queen who destroys her mom and fucks society because she can. 

The Ring

“Hey Poll, do you know where the boys are?” you asked, stopping in the street as she put a trunk of things in the car. She greeted you warmly with a kiss on the cheek.

“They’re out in the country today, why? Which one you looking for?” She asked, wiggling her eyebrows at you. You laugh, throwing your hand out telling her to stop joking around when she noticed it; the absolute rock on your hand.

“Y/N, what’s this?” She asked in a voice mixed with excitement and terror.

“What’s it look like Poll?”

“Well,” she scoffed “if I didn’t know any better I’d say its a bloody engagement ring.” She says twirling your hand back and forth in hers to get a better look at it. You squeal, nodding your head enthusiastically.

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Few Personal Headcanons


2p Italy plays the violin and to me is basically that one guy who looks super cool and awesome from a distance but one you get to know them is literally the worst friend you’ve ever made. Luciano has a low patience and can not handle stupidity even as a joke. If you would act really stupid round him, I can only say he would squint at you judging you silently. Also is super Tsundere. No one can tell me other wise.

Ugh 2p Germany is a huge perv not even gonna lie. He’d make like sexual innuendos and then laugh about them later while you’re probably still wondering what the hell he’s talking about. He is lazy but not lazy enough to have the body of all gods.(acts smooth, but it actually really lame)

2p Japan. Third most sensible of the axis, but can be really irrational in the heat of the moment. Kuro is the one who has the ringtone to his favorite anime opening or ending and most likely has a shrine of Miku in his closet. He is the mother and does not give a shit about anything, like forever poker face. Best cook that has ever set foot on the planet earth and don’t you forget it.

2p Romano is the bigger fashionista there has ever lived. Don’t even get me started on how this boy will angrily type a whole packet about how bad crocs are and why they should be illegal. He is the topmost of all fashion and most of his brain consist on his appearance. Even though he cares much about appearance he won’t look at someone in disgust if they don’t look camera ready. Unless they wear something that isn’t their size(mostly too small) then he might have trouble on telling his friends and not keeping it to himself.

He is the cutest baby of all I can’t even tell how adorable 2p Prussia is. Gillen has really low self esteem, like if you give him a compliment he might either deny it or his self esteem would go up but like +3 and if he gets any negative comments it’ll drop to like -60000. He’s not weak, but is really indecisive about his decisions. For example if someone was picking on a friend of his, his time would mostly be standing there thinking out scenarios of what could happen in the two paths, making him on of the most sensible.He’s more of a picker upper than someone to stop it all together.


2p America is without a doubt an instigator. He’s like the child who never grew up, not really having much of filter or testing people with a goofy smile of his face. Overall just a big kid. Even though he can be really childish there are times where he’s really an adult, like cheering people up or taking serious situations serious while still lightening up the mood. With a s/o, he’d be really gentle and would put them first before himself. He’s a dick though. Is Vegan and haaaaaaaates when any of fast food commercials come on, because it makes his stomach hurt to see so much grease in one food item. It hurts his soul.

2p Canada is the big buff cheeto puff. He’s super blank face and looks really intimating, but is all about cuddling by the fireplace with a hot cup of Cocoa. He does the occasional smoking, but only if he’s really stressed out and needs some kinda quick way to get his mind clear. Matthieu has a “Bros Before Hoes” relationship with Allen even though it doesn’t really seem like they get along. He is the best at making some fluffy buttery pancakes that you would be begging for seconds.

2p France, as we all know if a heavy smoker and drinker. François doesn’t tend to talk much and doesn’t mind having silence. He also tends to have a medium to high sex drive. Not that he needs to be in any kind of sexual act constantly, but probably can’t do it himself after a week or two. He’s like Italy, mafia wise and has plenty of connections to get what he wants when needed. Right now he doesn’t seem so compatible, but does a soft side deep deep deep in his soul and can’t stand the sight of an injured pet. Has to change the channel if one of those animal shelter donation commercials come on.

2p England is the kindest most sweetest loving asshole there has ever been. Sure he is covered with colors and smiles and cupcakes, but can annoy you bad into swearing so he can pull out that swear jar. He cares for everything, but don’t get him to a point where he’s so mad that his kitchen knife won’t just be used to cutting foods. He won’t swear for anything and if he does it’s just words like fudge or butterscotch.

2p Russia is the love of everyone. Vlad is a pacifist and will not fight not matter how gruesome things are. He would sit down and have a civilized conversation about the issue over like some coffee instead of resulting to violence. He has a large library in his home containing over hundreds of books and loves to read and be informed of politics. He is very well cultured on the world and enjoys learning more information and facts. He likes people who are willing to talk about touchy subjects in the world and who wouldn’t turn a blind eye to such issues.(race, injustice, politics, brutality etc.)

2p China is the short angry one, also with zero amount of filters. He sucks a cooking, please do not ask this child to make ANYTHING for you, unless you’re prepared to go to hospital to get your stomach pumped. It may look good, but do not taste it at all cost. When he’s stressed out he’ll just get high and chill with some kid shows and a bag of Doritos. Huge flirt and just because he flirts doesn’t mean he’s all into you though. Just saying.


2p Spain is literally a stone. You will probably never see this guy smile, he barely talks, doesn’t like being touched and doesn’t know the word friendly or gentle. The only person he lets touch him and hang onto him is Flavio. I mean he let him dye a strand of his hair. Anyway, Andres has a “whatever if it’s not broken” attitude and doesn’t care what people think. He does like being inside and just take a nap, so have fun with that.

You know that one kid in high school who had shaved hair, Metallica shirts, ripped jeans and wore the pentagon necklaces and you kinda hated them but still found them alluring in a way? That is literally 2p Austria. Ryszard is all about rock and seems like a “Hail Satan!” kind of guy. He plans on being ruler of the world and treats himself like the king. He tends to smoke for any occasion, sad, mad, happy, bored, just to have something in his mouth. Like binge eating, but with cigarettes. Even though he listens to the hard rock and metal, he secretly has a huge soft spot for classical music. Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, so on and so forth.

weekly fic rec VIII

↳ 1. feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream by togetherwecouldbealright (123k, complete)

“Alright, alright. No need to bite,” Harry says, holding his hands above his head in a general gesture of surrender.

Louis quirks an eyebrow and his foot nudges Harry’s as he moves to sit straight. “If that’s what you think biting is, you’ve got another thing coming, Styles.”

Harry blinks at him before he feels his face flush and inside the marrows of his bones there’s pulses of heat, pulses of fire spreading through him. “Is that a threat, your Highness?”

“That’s a promise,” Louis answers just as the car halts to a stop. “One I intend to keep.”

Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days.

↳ 2.  a grocery list pinned to blue by dangerbears (19k, complete)

AU. after eight years, louis finally has everything he’s wanted. except for harry. 

↳ 3.  It’s My Pleasure To Introduce You by LoadedGunn (8.2k, complete)

Louis cannot help himself. He stretches a bit so he can whisper in Harry’s ear, “That’s what I’d do to you, when you’re close to coming. Just think. You’ll be so overwhelmed but you won’t want it to end, not really, so I’ll switch it to the seventh setting, give you just a few seconds to catch your breath but then it’ll rock inside you, right against your spot, so hard you won’t be able to breathe, but before you can finally come it’ll stop again. How long do you think you could keep it there, just staying right on the edge?”

“I couldn’t,” Harry whispers, definitely shivering now. “I just couldn’t tease myself like that, I’d have to touch my cock. If I wanted to… I’d need someone to do it for me.”

Louis slips his hands from Harry’s fingers to his wrist, where he clutches hard. “You would.”

Or, the AU where Louis is the most helpful sex shop salesperson in the history of sex shops, and Harry really was just looking for a vibrator with simple instructions (yet ended up getting a hands-on demonstration).

↳ 4.  Swim In The Smoke by whoknows (101k, complete)

“What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.

Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it.

↳ 5. Some Things Take Root by navigator, quitter (50k, complete)

AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that to his advantage. 

rec list / request / weekly fic rec

Taste in Music, Chapter 6

It took me awhile to get this one right. I’ve had a lot of self doubt as of late. So here’s to writing for yourself and no one else. 

The song Gajeel sings is inspired by Elvis’s Can’t Help Falling in Love, and the song he sings in the anime. 

There is a small mention of drugs in this chapter. 

I hope you guys enjoy <3 

The next morning, Gajeel awoken by being bombarded with texts from Juvia.

“Rise and shine Gajeel-kun, today is the big day!”

“Have you finished packing your clothing?

“What set do you want to play tonight? Juvia thinks Levy will enjoy your cover of Elvis!”

“The Strauss’s are doing the catering tonight.”

“Gajeel-kun, wake up!”

Rolling towards his nightstand with a groan, he read the messages on his phone in annoyance. He loved his sister, but sometimes she could be so…. overbearing and motherly. Emotional. Annoying…. but she could kick his ass, so he knew better than to anger her. Sitting up from his bed and stretching he decided to go start a pot of coffee, figuring Levy would have quite the hangover with the night of drinking she did. He pulled a white t-shirt off the chair and walked out of the room with just his black boxer briefs on. As he rounded the corner to the kitchen he pulled the shirt on over his head, not realizing that Levy was already awake and drinking coffee in the kitchen, and that he had just exposed his bare chest to her.

“Ahem.” A small voice said, his eyes focusing on the source. Levy stood, leaning over the kitchen counter, her hands around a coffee cup and her round bottom that had graced him with all it’s glory the night before, was sticking out behind her. She wearing a black silky tank top and short set. She was blowing the steam over a cup of coffee, wearing a mischievous look on her face. Gajeel stood awkwardly, mouth agape and shirt half on, she had surprised him.

Pulling his shirt down the rest of the way, he cleared his throat. “Uh, s-sorry, I figured you’d still be asleep.” He mumbled

“Hmm, I’m an early riser.” Levy grinned into her cup, her eyes glued to his tight shirt, “No need to apologize…”

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Always You // Bo Oneshot

Idea // You and Bo are both comedians, and during one of your shows, you make jokes about him. The audience loves it, but Bo doesn’t. Once you get back to the hotel, Bo blows up on you. You and him have a huge fight, which leads to you and him breaking up. But soon you and him get back together because you can’t live without each other.

Rating  // R (profanity and smut)

Disclaimer // I had to change one thing: instead of going back to their hotel, they go back to their house. It’s nothing personal; it was just the way I envisioned it, it was their house and it made it more sensual that way. Also, another anon requested to add smut, so I added that.

He didn’t speak to me the entire drive home. I felt the tension dripping off of him from the moment I walked off the stage tonight, and he hasn’t said a word to me since. I stared blankly ahead at the road, afraid to meddle with his sudden resentful mood, though I did have an idea where he got it from.

It did occur to me I had gone too far tonight, but when I’m on stage the words just seem to flow out without consulting with me first. And once I get the reaction I want from the audience, I try to take it as far as I can, which is something Bo is very familiar with. The crowd loved my stories and jokes, but he, on the other hand, did not.

On any other night, Bo would greet me back in my dressing room with a kiss, telling me what a great job I did. Tonight, he stood outside the doors, car keys in hand and eyes plastered to the ground. It was clear to me then that I had gone too far this time.

Maybe I shouldn’t have joked about his height, yes. Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of the fact Zach Stone got cancelled, probably. But it wasn’t like he didn’t poke jokes at me when he performed. Just a month before, he told the audience a story of me wobbling around everywhere when I had to wear a boot after I broke my ankle. He even demonstrated it to the audience, but did I say anything? Yeah, I told him he’ll end up breaking his ankle and have to wobble around in a boot and be made fun of, but I at least didn’t ignore him like he was with me now.

I figured once he went to bed, slept it off, he’d be back to his old self in the morning. I also knew he was tired and stressed due to his upcoming tour, so I could understand why he’d take tonight a little personal. We all have those days where nothing is funny.

We pulled into the driveway and he immediately turned off the ignition and exited the car before I could say a word. I followed him inside and once I shut the door behind me, he harshly spun around and I was greeted by a pair of piercing blue eyes.

“What the fuck was that?” He snapped, throwing a hand in the air for dramatic effect.

I took a step back, surprised by his sudden outburst. I went to open my mouth but nothing came out. At this point I had no idea what to say other than I was sorry.

“I, uh—” I stammered, fiddling with my hands. I couldn’t form the words I wanted, and the only thing I could think of was how stupid I was for hurting him to get the audience to laugh for five seconds. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you—”

“You don’t see me belittling you when I’m on stage.”

“Last week you made fun of me for looking like Sasha Grey.” I crossed my arms, narrowing my eyes at him. He couldn’t get mad at me for what I said when he does the same thing to me, but I try to not take it personal because I know he doesn’t truly mean it.

“It wasn’t making fun—” He demanded, lowering his voice.

“When you start to make sex jokes and get the audience in on it, yeah, it’s not going to make me feel great.”

“I wasn’t the one making the sex jokes—”

“You always tell them to shut up, but the one time I’m actually embarrassed and you talk about our sex life with them, in front of hundreds of people, you provoke them more! That’s not something that should be discussed—”

“I’m done,” he muttered as I watched him grab his keys from the coffee table. I reached my arm out to him but he shrugged me off, and began to walk to the door.

“Bo, don’t—” I cried out, chasing after him. My heart pounded and I felt like my legs were going to give out.

He was halfway out the door before he turned to me, and without even looking at me, he said, “I knew this wouldn’t work out,” and he closed the door behind him.

I expected him to come back, to waltz back in like he had been fucking with me the entire time but the longer I stood there in the entryway I knew he wasn’t coming back. I grabbed the vase that sat on our end table and chucked it at the door, watching as the pieces scattered across the linoleum tiling.

An hour passed, and the sudden realization that this could possibly be the end finally entered my mind. This didn’t feel like a stupid fight that we would pretend never happened. He actually left.

I pulled out my phone and dialed his number—voicemail each time. I left him several messages, most of which were incoherent through my heavy sobbing. I finally gave up after the ninth call, and decided I should just go to bed.

I walked into our closet, pulling out one of his hoodies and quickly threw it on, taking in his scent. I felt my eyes well up again, but I ignored it as I laid on his side of the bed, checking my phone once more before going to sleep. I knew I was going to do everything in my power to win him back.


The next morning I woke up to an aroma of bacon wafting in the air. My hand grazed Bo’s side of the bed that went untouched overnight. I shot my eyes open, remembering the night before and him walking out. All the memories flooded back and I was left with a crushing amount of guilt.

The smell became more pungent and quickly sat up, realizing that he might have come back while I was sleeping. Still in his hoodie, I rushed down the stairs to find Bo, still in the clothes from the night before, huddled over the stove, flipping bacon. I admired him from afar—his hair a mess but somehow it always seemed to work for him. That’s something I was always envious about him; he didn’t have to try to look good. He always told me the same thing but I never believed him. Maybe he never believed me when I told him the same thing.

I choked back tears, wanting to walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his stomach and just hold him for the rest of the day. But I didn’t know if I was in the clear just yet.

I looked over at the foyer to see the broken vase had been cleaned up as well.

He turned around setting two plates down on the breakfast bar and finally caught sight of me standing on the bottom step.

“Good morning,” he said, giving me a weary smile before turning back around to grab two cups from the cabinet. “I made breakfast—hope you don’t mind.”

Why would I mind? I thought to myself. I took a seat down at the bar and watched as he poured orange juice into the glasses and set them in front of me. Bo was a good cook; not the best but if he followed instructions and didn’t experiment, his food was edible.

“I’m really sorry about last night,” he muttered, his back still turned to me. I could hear the anguish in his voice as he shot around and pulled me up from my seat, pressing me hard against his chest. “I didn’t mean it, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered back, pulling my arms around his waist to hold him tighter.

“And I’m sorry I compared you to a porn star, because we both know who would be better in bed.” I could feel the smile that was forming on his face. I rolled my eyes. Yeah, Bo is back to his old self.

“Bo, she’s a porn star; it would be her.”

“You don’t know that,” he whispered back, kissing the top of my head before squeezing my butt, and walking back over to the stove.

“Yeah, I do. Porn stars are like the trained athletes of sex.”

Bo shot around and gave me a provocative look, spatula in hand. I wonder what it would be like if he spanked me with that. Fuck, Y/N, stop.

“Y/N, do not make me come over there and spank you with this…” God dammit.

I tried my hardest to keep a straight face as I folded my arms across my stomach, cocking my head slightly, and narrowing my eyes to him I said, “Well fucking do it.”

In a swift motion, he stopped everything he was doing and chased after me, spatula still in his hand. I booked it to the living room, screaming, as I felt him close in on me. Once I knew I couldn’t run any farther, he grabbed my hand, pulling me around to face him, and kissed me hard. I had missed this so much.

He deepened the kiss, dropping the spatula on the ground and began tugging at the bottom of my shirt. I did the same to him, biting his lip. I could feel his growing erection against me, so I knew he wanted this as much as I did.

I removed his shirt, kissing up and down his chest as he began to unbutton my jeans. I sucked on his flesh, which I knew was a weak spot for him. He quickly removed his hoodie from me, leaving me exposed in only my bra and jeans.

“You look beautiful,” he said, gracing his hand on my cheek. He removed a piece of stray hair from my eye and casually started to back me up until I felt the couch on the back of my thighs. I fell back over the armrest and he joined himself on top of me, removing the rest of my jeans and underwear.  

He didn’t skip a beat by removing his jeans, leaving us both exposed.

Bo crawled back on top, grinding against me, rubbing his already rock hard member against my spot. He smiled, knowing what he was putting me through. I bit my lip, raising me hips up at him.

“I want you so much,” I said at almost a whisper, rubbing my hands up and down his arms. Bo leaned down to kiss me, slowly entering him inside me. I let out a moan, digging my nails into his forearm. I had missed this so much.

“You feel so good,” he muttered, picking up his pace. Our moans grew louder in unison with every thrust. He slid one hand down in between my legs and began to rub my clit, which sent me over the edge. I started to feel my face grow numb and lips get tingly. That’s when I knew I had hit my limit.

He continued to push me farther and farther, until I screamed out his name, reaching my orgasm. Bo smiled down at me, seeming pleased with himself. He finished not long after me, releasing his orgasm on my stomach.

I laid there breathless, as he began to retrieve our clothes. I sat up on my elbows, watching him put his boxers back on. He turned to me with a half-smile and said, “I think breakfast got cold.”

Calm before the storm Part 3

Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC
Mature content and strong language
I do not own any part of divergent
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Four years prior
A sixteen year old Eric laid in bed nervous for his choosing ceremony. He heard the window quietly slide open.
“Still awake, ” she whispered.
“Yes Beth. Shut the window and come lay down,” he sighed.
They had been neighbors for the last 5 years now. Both only children and both home alone more often than not. Beth was only fifteen and would not be choosing this year. He wasn’t sure what his little sidekick was going to do without him.
She crawled into his bed and curled up beside just like she had done so many times before in the last four years when she was scared, sad or lonely.
“You’re leaving me tomorrow Eric aren’t you,” she asked in a sad tone.
Eric didn’t say anything just held her tighter. He was indeed leaving her tomorrow. Jeanine hadn’t given him a choice. He would be leaving for Dauntless tomorrow.
“I want to give you something before you go,” she whispered.
“Be quiet Beth. Go to sleep,” he snapped snuggling closer to her.

“No. I’m serious Eric. Look at me,” she demanded in a serious tone.
This got his attention. Eric looked down at her.
Beth started to remove her sleep shorts slowly, then grabbed for the hem of her sleep shirt. Eric’s hand shot out grabbing her’s.
“What are you doing? ” he asked as if all the wind had just been knocked out of him.
She batted her pretty eyes and smiled serenely.
“Giving you my virginity,” she answered sweetly
“WHAT!! Why? Why me, why would you do that,” he asked trying to not sound shocked.
“Why not? You’re my best friend. One of the only people I trust. Chances are I will never see you again after tonight. I want it to be you Eric.”
She looked like an angel bathed in moonlight.
Eric swallowed thickly. “Ok,” was his simple answer. Eric took Beth’s virginity that night, what she didn’t know was she took his that night too.

One year later
Eric had been in Dauntless for a year now and a leader for six months. Nothing was the same about the smart, soft Erudite boy anymore. He was the exact opposite really.
It was choosing day and a fresh batch of initiates where about to spill from the train onto the roof. He was not looking forward to training these little bastards. In fact, he was dreading the worthless lot about to land at his feet, literally.
That is until after the started spilling out unto the roof. An auburn haired, emerald eyed familiar Erudite stood before him with a devilish grin.
“So who’s it going to be!” he shouted at the end of his rehearsed speach.
Without a word she stumbled up unto the ledge.
“Hi Eric, ” she whispered with a smile.
“Hello Beth,” he smirked quietly.
“I’ve missed you.”
“Shut up and jump Beth,” he lowly growled with a tinge of playfulness in his voice.
“Ok,” she jumped backwards flipping him the bird as she went.

They had only remained good friends even after what had happened back in Erudite. Although Eric kept a protective eye on her, he was to busy to pursue her. Besides Beth flourished in Dauntless and became a social butterfly. Eric was not.

One year ago
He seen across the way at the bar doing shots with her girlfriends. She had just broken up with Todd, or was it Tim. Whatever, it didn’t matter to Eric what his name was. What did matter to him is HE could tell Beth was still broken about it; even if her friends couldn’t.
She looked beautiful though. She always had and always did. The fierceness of a strong Dauntless woman, yet the happy carefree of an Amity with the wicked intelligence of an Erudite.
Divergent. Her and the Stiff both. But he made sure they where both under Jeanine’s radar. He actually had successfully made sure most of them did for the last three years.
“To get over one get under another,” he heard her friends shout from the bar while taking another shot.
Eric had caught her eye and she smiled at him while taking her shot and winked. He smirked into his beer. Before he knew it she had joined him at his booth.
“Hola Eric, ” she grinned like an idiot. She was wasted
“Hello Beth,” he grumbled for appearance.
“Walk me home please, ” she sighed. The grin vanished quickly.
“Why?” he raised a pierced eyebrow.
“I’m drunk. You are one of the few people I trust. Please walk me home,” she asked sad and deflated.
“My place is closer. I’ll sleep on the couch, ” he answered flatly.
“People are going to talk,” Beth giggled.
Eric just shrugged his shoulders.
“Let them.”
A month of almost every night having dinner together after that they finally stopped fighting and started sleeping together. A few weeks later they decided it would be exclusive. A few weeks after that Eric asked her to move in.

Present day
Beth narrowed her eyes at Eric. He seen her cogs turning before she spoke seethingly
“Why? We aren’t Erudite anymore Eric. Haven’t been for years. What does that bitch have up her sleeve.”
She looked beautiful angry. It hurt his heart to know he was what was hurting her. He’d never tell her that though. He loved. Had since he was twelve. Fell hard at sixteen. Now at twenty she was having his baby; and this fact killed him because for her safety and his unborn childs, he had to let her go.
“ I can’t tell you. The less you know the better. Especially if they ever put you under truth serum,” Eric deadpanned.

“Oh bullshit Eric. Let me go,” Beth scrambled to get off his lap.
Eric only held her closer. He wasn’t ready to let her leave just yet. God how he had missed her.
“Beth fucking stop!” he commanded.
Her struggle stopped almost instantly.

“Dammit Beth! If you have to hear me say it, fuck it. I’ll say it. I love you, and I refused to let you get hurt because of me.” he could barely keep his voice from cracking.
Beth stared quietly wide eyed. She blinked fast a few times before closing her eyes and holding her breath.
After a moment she realised her breath and spoke.
“How will I or our baby get hurt, ” she asked quietly.
“I don’t want to do what the hell she wants me too. She wants to over throw the government, she wants to commit murder.” Eric’s voice took on a soft deadly tone.
“So tell her no. Tell her to fuck off. You’re not Erudite anymore Eric!”
“I already tried it Beth. Twice. It’s not working ou in my favor. ” he snarled threw gritted teeth
“Did she threaten you?” Beth huffed angrily.
“No. She threaten to kill YOU. She threatened you Beth. That’s why I started to shut you out.’ he answered sounding defeated.
Realization hit her hard as he lowered his forehead to hers. Eric didn’t give a damn about much, but he did Beth. Now his child also. How did he ever get stuck between this rock and hard spot? When did this become his miserable life?
"We’ll get threw this,” she whispered cupping his face in her hands.
“No. We won’t. ” he said harshly looking past her.

Fools (final)

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Jungkook x reader.

Warning: Abuse (from father, even if you have the nicest father in the world just pretend you have a terrible one. And for those who are going through actual abuse. I am dearly sorry fro using it in this story. I hope you find a way out of your hell.) Strong language, Sad, love, possibly some smut smut smut smut smut smutty smut smut. 

How to read the story:

(Y/n) = your name.

(btw I would recommend listening to Namjoon and Jungkook’s version of Fools before reading. On my watt pad page ill post the media and I’ll try and do the same for my Tumblr blog? Yeah, anyway this will be a multi part. Love you 


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Draco Malfoy Dirty Imagine: Room of Requirements Sex (Requested by Anon)


Draco had let you come with him to the Room of Requirements so he could finish working on the Vanishing Cabinet. In all honesty, the only reason why you wanted to come was because you were bored out of your mind. Besides that, this was the only alone time you had gotten with Draco all day. To put it simply, you missed him and wanted to spend time with him, even though he was going to be caught up in the cabinet the entire time.

It started off fairly simple. You watched him work on the cabinet and attempted to do your homework, but the only thing you could really do was watch Draco’s tall, masculine frame stare in concentration at the cabinet.

His eyebrows were drawn together in confusion and his chin was propped in between his fingers. Draco’s mind was fixed on this Vanishing Cabinet but right now, you wanted it to be fixed on you. 

You stared at him for a few minutes before he turned around and caught you staring at him. You quickly looked back down to your homework and let a blush rise to your cheeks.

Draco smirked at you and shook his head. 

“Like what you see?”

You looked up at him again, this time putting your quill down and fluttering your eyelashes seductively at him.

“Maybe.” you said in a soft voice.

You could’ve sworn you saw Draco’s eyes turn black slightly before he whipped back around to stare at the cabinet again, this time putting his hands on his hips. 

Slowly, you got up and walked soundlessly behind Draco, wrapping your arms tightly around his waist and pressing your breasts up against his back. He immediately stiffened and sucked in a breath. Draco looked down to your hands, which were already unbuckling his pants. 

“I’ve wanted you all day.” you whispered, leaning up only slightly to kiss his neck. 

“Have you now?” he said in a voice that was rather shaky and wasn’t supposed to be. 


You continued kissing his neck until you got to his ear, softly nibbling on the lobe and sucking on it. By now, your hands had reached inside of his pants and was palming him through his boxers.

He groaned. “Augh, babe, I can’t do this right now.”

You stopped kissing him and balanced your chin on his shoulder.

“Sure you can.” you murmured, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “It’ll be really quick. I promise.”

With that he turned around and immediately slammed his lips into yours, the kiss becoming rough immediately. His tongue slipped into your mouth and started fighting it with yours. He won, because he grabbed your ass and gave it a hard squeeze which made you lose your focus. 

Draco smirked into your mouth and unbuttoned your shirt, sliding it off of your shoulders and throwing it across the room. He stepped away to yank his shirt off of his head and tossed it over his shoulder before kissing you again.

Your hands pushed his pants down as did his push your skirt off of your body. You both stepped out of them without breaking the kiss. Draco’s arms wrapped around your waist, he pressed his hands flat against your back and pulled you closer to him as you wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your fingers in his blonde hair. 

Draco’s mouth moved to your neck. He started roughly sucking on the soft skin there, making you thrown your head back and let out a soft moan. He smirked into your neck and nibbled onto the flesh, leaving a mark. 

You pushed him away slightly and kneeled down in front of him. You kept eye contact with him as you pulled down his boxers and let his rock hard erection spring out of it. 

Smirking, you immediately took him in your mouth and went as deep as you could go. 

Draco hissed and let out a loud moan.

“AH FUCK. Oh- oh god (Y/N), augh!”

He took your hair in his hands and pushed your head into him more. Your head went along with his hand, allowing it to push you back and forth over his dick.

Your cheeks became sore from sucking it so hard, but you didn’t care. Not when Draco was at the mercy of that pretty little mouth of yours and falling to pieces above you. 

You could feel his dick twitching in your mouth, a sure sign he was about to come. You pulled your mouth off of him and finished him with a pop. 

Draco’s head shot down to yours, his eyes angry and black. 

You sat down in front of him and took off your bra and panties, spreading your legs wide open for him.

“Eat me.” you commanded.

Immediately, he got down on his knees and draped your legs over his shoulders. Giving you one final smirk, he dove down into your soaking wet heat and started attacking it with his mouth.

Your mouth formed into an O-shape and you moaned loudly as his tongue ran all over your folds, and dove inside your core. His tongue moved back and forth, and twisted and turned inside of you. 

You let out a small whimper as his lips attached to your clit and harshly sucked on it. To be eaten out by Draco Malfoy is one honestly one of the greatest things life could give you. He was always so skillful, so good at it. He knew what you liked and what you didn’t. He knew where your weak spots were and how to control them without hurting you. 

“Augh, Draco! Oh, Draco.” you moaned out. He growled and attached his mouth to your core again. It was like he was making out with your pussy, and it felt damn good.

With one final thrust of his tongue inside you, he set your legs down and instead took your hands. He stood up and pulled you to your feet with him, though it was a little hard for you to stand because of what Draco had just done to you. 

Draco found a nearby chair and sat down in it, jerking himself off hard. All you could do was stand there and reach your hands down to touch yourself. 

“Come here.” he growled. 

You walked towards him and straddled him. He held his dick so that it was barely touching your entrance. You moved your hips over it, teasing him.

“Ride me (Y/N).” he commanded.

You instantly lowered yourself on top of him and began roughly bouncing yourself up and down on top of him with his hands on your hips.

“Urgh.” he groaned out

“You’ve been a bad girl (Y/N).” he growled, keeping his eyes on you. You moaned and kept bouncing on him.

Draco gave your ass a hard slap.

“Distracting me from my job. You bad girl. Augh!” he moaned out, slapping your ass again. You moaned loudly and changed direction, your hips swiveling instead of bouncing now. 

Draco squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back, moaning in ecstasy. 

You picked up his head and kissed him roughly on the mouth, your teeth biting down on his lower lip.

“Fuck me like the bad girl I am then.” you hissed against his mouth. 

He growled again and picked you up with him still inside of you. Your legs wrapped around his waist and your lips were still attacking each other when he pinned you against the side of the Vanishing Cabinet. 

Draco immediately began pounding into you. His thick, long, rock hard length pounded into your g-spot every time and you were helpless. Draco’s dick was absolutely destroying you and all you could do was dig your fingers into his shoulders and hold on for dear life.

“Oh, AUGH. DRACO. Oh fuck!” you screamed out. 

His lips attached to your chest, kissing, licking, sucking, and biting on the skin. One of your hands moved to his head and tugged lightly on his hair. 

After a while, your orgasms were starting to come to their climax.

“I’m gonna come.” he rasped out, his eyes trained on yours.

You nodded. “Same here.”


You nodded again and waited for him to tell you when.

"NOW.” he groaned out.

You both released at the same time, a long string of profanities and moans slipping out of your mouths. When it was over, he gently set you down. But instead of standing up, you fell to the floor immediately.

Draco managed to catch his breath in time to see you and burst out in laughter. 

You were still panting but nevertheless, you managed to speak.

“Jesus Christ, Draco!”

Draco kept laughing and helped you into the chair you had fucked him in only a few minutes ago. 

“I’m sorry, babe.” he said once you sat down, “I’m just really proud of myself right now.”

You rolled your eyes and grinned as you pulled him in for a firm kiss on his lips. 

“I am too.” you said once you pulled away, winking at him. 

Draco chuckled again and shook his head, turning to toss you your clothes and put on his. Once your clothes were back on each other’s bodies, you both continued on with your own work as if nothing happened. 

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Do you have any Dom louis/ sub harry? :)

It’s My Pleasure to Introduce You

Louis cannot help himself. He stretches a bit so he can whisper in Harry’s ear, “That’s what I’d do to you, when you’re close to coming. Just think. You’ll be so overwhelmed but you won’t want it to end, not really, so I’ll switch it to the seventh setting, give you just a few seconds to catch your breath but then it’ll rock inside you, right against your spot, so hard you won’t be able to breathe, but before you can finally come it’ll stop again. How long do you think you could keep it there, just staying right on the edge?”

Switch Out the Batteries

Harry raises an eyebrow. “Sex dice?”

“Yup,” Louis nods. “You know the ones we sell, one die for a body part and the other for an action to perform on that… part.”

Head’s Under (Knee Deep Water)

They have barely gotten through the hotel room door when Harry can feel his mind start to shift, to calm with the knowledge of what is to come. He knows he needs this; Louis to take him down and carefully work him back up again. He knows how lucky he is to have a partner who loves him and who he trusts with his life to do so.

-Val :) x