rock a wish

Yesterday I got to the conclusion you are never over the emo/punck rock phase, it’s there, inside you, only on pause, waiting for the right moment to come back full force.



I will never not be sad that we didn’t get to see people in the Hidden sand reacting to Lee.
Like, can you picture this giant mass of green spandex with orange legwarmers and a shiny ass bowl cut hairdo running around this dry desert town where everyone is quiet and wears browns and colors thay blend in with their surroundings??
And then not only is he this giant ball of green but he’s LOUD and excited and is friends with their leader????? Like, run up and lift you off the ground hug you type friends????
I will never not be sad we didn’t get to see Gaara walking through a street surrounded by officials when all of a sudden there’s this super excited shriek of his name and a blur of green and all the people with him are just HORRIFIED because how did they let the crazy green guy past them and why is he spinning their kage around in circles?!!!
All these super stoic sand ninja just staring in wide eyed shock as the dude with the orange freaking legwarmers squeezes the life out of this man who they all used to be so afraid of.
It would have been A+ hilarious material.
And then the best part would be seeing their reaction to Gaara not being phased AT ALL. He’s just like “oh hi Lee, it’s good to see you too”
And they’re just like, “sir we can hear your sand armor cracking”
“Nah it’s cool, Lee’s just excited”

I would have died.