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Ed’s Parents

In canon Ed has the worst homelife.

Ed’s mom clearly physoclogically, verbally, and possibly physically abuses Ed.

Come on, where did Ed learn this off from?

Ed has references his mother many times and she is clearly a horrible person. She gives more attention to Sarah clearly favoring her more.

Look at their rooms. Ed lives in the dirty basement. His room is always a mess. It’s implied that nobody ever visits him down there. Sarah has a lavish room that is all decorated.

Ed fears his mom.

This was a scene from the nightmare episode. Yes, it turned out to be Jonny in the dream, but before that reveal Ed was falling to his knees begging for his mom to believe that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

If a child has to do this there is abuse written all over it.

Ed’s mom never takes Ed’s side. In fact she doesn’t want to deal with him. She sends Sarah to yell at him. In an episode where Ed had to clean his room Sarah tells Ed she’ll be back in five minutes because mom said she could.

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Slipping off the rock Ed observes Eddy having a difficult time getting out of the water.

And emerges with his lip hooked into Edd’s gap.

Well… this is awkward.

How on earth did they get like that? They landed separately in the water didn’t they? Hmm, were you two doing other things under there?

Edd hardly even pulls himself out from the water. He looks quite dazed.

I have a head canon that Edd cannot swim. He’s always wearing floating whenever he’s swimming. It may mean that he’s taking safety precaution but remember his sheltered life. There are moments where we see Edd in water without floaties mainly when it’s shallow.

Maybe he should be considered lucky that this embarrassing incident happened. He may have drowned. Ooh… that would make a neat ‘what if…’ story.


Why would they put this random scene into the film? The writers, artists, and Danny himself shipped EddEddy. Depending how everyone views EddEddy I believe that they develop crushes for one another around the time of season 4. Being twelve-thirteen years old Edd and Eddy still don’t understand love or these feelings they have towards one another.

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Episode 27B: Momma's Little Ed

Today’s title refers to the phrase “Momma’s Little Boy/Girl/Baby/etc.” It’s about Ed and Eddy forging sticky notes from Edd’s parents as a prank.  This episode doesn’t have the emotional depth of the other season 3 premiere, ‘Wish You Were Ed’, and its cruel premise may impair the comedy for some, but it’s still a perfect example of this season’s interest in building stories off of the show’s world rather than scams.  More than any other season, we will see tons of plots centered around previously minor elements– so far we’ve seen an episode about Rolf’s country, now one about Edd’s sticky notes, and later on this season will give us the only stories that take advantage of Eddy’s brother as an off-screen character before the movie.

This title card reminds me of ‘Rock-a-Bye Ed’, another season 3 episode that deepens the show’s lore.

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Best Edd Moment #10

I like the relationship Edd has with Ed. He treats him like a little brother. They grow close and create their own friendship whenever they’re not around Eddy.

On occasions Edd tends to avoid physical contact with Ed due to his poor hygiene.

Edd sits on Ed’s bed, something he would never do, wraps an arm around Him and even lets Ed cry on his shoulder.

I have always felt that Edd has bad dreams, but there is nobody around to comfort him.

He wants to be a good person and help others in anyway he can. There are times when he goes too far, but that’s how loyal Edd is.

The off-screen villains of EEnE, with the power to rip your stairs out because you’re grounded.

A mix of headcanon, ‘Rock-a-Bye Ed’ and 'Mission Ed-Possible’ for Ed’s mom and an ever-evolving headcanon for Ed’s dad, mixed with the hat from 'Too Smart For His Own Ed’ and Old Man Ed’s skin/eyelid colors from 'Take This Ed and Shove It’.  Is there some episode I’m forgetting where we see some of Ed’s dad’s clothes, because I’m drawing a blank?  Pretty much every other parent gets some sort of concept for clothing.

Favorite Eds Friendship Moment #11

The Eds are always there for one another whether they want to or not.

From the start when Ed woke up from a nightmare Edd was by his side. It’s mainly because he knows that nightmares can have lasting after effects, but I think he knows this fact from experience this time.

Nobody was there for Edd when he had a nightmare so he makes sure that Ed has someone.

Eddy doesn’t show it, but he never leaves Ed’s side during the episode and clearly wants to make him feel better. Why else would he stay with Ed to feed him peanut butter. That is a true friend.

In this image Edd and Eddy help Ed sit into his seat. I love how the Eds are so supportive of one another. There are times when they don’t show it, but they care about one another’s feelings.

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