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Was told I don’t work hard by someone the other day

I’m sorry, but clocking loads of hours at a dayjob working your butt off not spending a penny on yourself instead investing all your money into recording equipment, buying a macbook, hd camera, audio interface, microphone etc. Practising guitar every day, practising singing so I don’t sound terrible anymore, writing songs every single day, day in day out, promoting as much as I can, talking to as many people as I can, not going seeing mates cause I’ve gotta work on shit, that’s working hard. Their logic was “He messaged me about his music therefore he’s not working hard”

Yeah, good one, don’t judge someone when you have no idea what they’re about

When Sirius started smoking cigarettes

Sirius Black started smoking cigarettes when he was 16. The Marauders had already gone throught the alcohol phase and Sirius was always tempted by muggle things. In the very beginning, it was just something he would do to piss off his parents, but after rock n’ roll he just started admiring and liking mundane stuff. He even planned to buy one of that really fancy pens when he had an established job.
Then, it was christmas break and of course he stayed at James’ house that holiday but still his parents sent him a letter with a lot of bullshit about “hanging out with the wrong guys” and “being a better pureblood”, and he hated it all - the whole talking to his parents was already huge crap, but the Black family acting like a moron was nothing new. They only had three days until the classes began again and he and James were on the street.
They did told James’ parents they would go to a night club or something but as they walked there, a small and old playground called their attention.
One hour later, Sirus had already unburded his feelings and talked about it to James, who paciently waited for all his curses and then said
“Pads, you know you’ll always be welcome in my place, don’t you? Even if you’ve got nothing and no one, you can always just stay there. You shouldn’t have to handle your stupid parents”
And then, leaving it to Sirius think about, he just suggested
“We should get some beers. I’m pretty sure there’s a convenience store just a few blocks away.”
Sirius agreed, and they just walked in silence, James mumbling a song.
They grabbed some beers and were just about to pay when Sirius suggested, in a slow voice:
“We should try cigarettes”.
James never questioned. He looked at the lady in the cash register and asked for a package and a lighter.
Fifteen minutes later, Sirius was opening it while James handed him a bottle of beer. He looked intrigued by the little stick, and then put in on his mouth and lit it.
Obviously, he just coughed.
“It is kinda complicated. I’m not sure what to do, but I guess I’ll get it soon”, and then handed James one cigarette.
James was pretty quick to lit it and soon enough, they were both trying to get it. It took them a whole cigarette each, but the whole inhaling thing was not that complicated. They lit a second, and then a third, drinking beer and discussing whatever about a new girl Sirius was sleeping with.  Smoking was a whole new feeling: the smoke inside him, the cigarette between his fingers, the deep inhale. It was new and Sirius was being slowly seduced by it - way more than the new girl would do.
Sirius kept the package and, a day before going back to Hogwarts, he asked James to buy another one.
When Remus and Peter asked, he told them he liked the taste and how it was slightly distractive. Peter tried, and James would steal one or two ocasionally, but Sirius was the one to keep it as a habit.

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30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 8. Best Soundtrack - Sonic Unleashed

Uh, great. I suddenly wanna continue this, and a sketch i can come up with before going to bed (facepalm

Well, choosing a game with the best ost is always hard, so I know I’ll change this answer from time to time.

Anyway, Sonic Unleashed. No matter if it’s got the best soundtrack, it’s dope, it’s awesome. Not every tracks are rock n roll stuff but with a sweet taste of orchestra and other instruments that promote the sense of running (I’m so bad at describing this). And the most important thing is, I never get sick of it. The game’s been out around eight years now, but I’m still listening to the stages’ tracks. I still believe this is the best works of Tomoya Ohtani.