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Favourite Genre/s: Electric swing, Rock and Roll,  electric remixes.

Least Favourite Genre/s: Diva doesn`t really have a set of dislikes, he`s still experimenting with his tastes in music. As long as it`s fast paced and has a good beat, he`ll listen to it to keep himself energized. He often uses music to preform yoga or just simply to dance to.

Guilty Pleasure: Make You Feel Loved

Music Device of Choice: Spotify, radio, whatever his co-workers pull up on their phones.

Have they seen any artists in concert?: No, Diva doesn`t really have the means of travel to go to these concerts.

Ten tracks from their player:

Save Rock and Roll

Mr Brightside

All Your Love

I`m An Albatroz





Too Much Is Never Enough

Say It

Do you share your muse’s sense in music?: I would say so! Diva is constantly experimenting with his music and looking for something new. (Much like what I do. Though, I`m sure Diva isn`t as big of a fan of Jazz as I am, lmao.)

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So, I decided to create a side blog where I will share my personal account of being a woman of color with a disability, as well as reblog empowering stories & images of other women with disabilities.  

I’m proud to be disabled, & I want other women with disabilities, esp. those of color, to be confident about who they are, as well.  So ladies, this blog is for all of us… not just me.

Follow the new blog here:

Do keep in mind that I just created this, so it’ll be under construction over the next week. ~ Vilissa :)