Patrick Rochon’s Motion to Light

Extreme sports and art don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but photographer Patrick Rochon has found a way to counter that. The area of photography in which Rochon specializes is light-painting, which in itself is its own artistic genre. Setting the camera to a longer exposure time allows light-painters to create photographs that, you guessed it, look like they have been painted with light. The result is mesmerizing.

In Rochons’ Motion to Light series, he attached LED lights to wakeboards, and allowed the professional athletes the freedom to create their own compositions, as he snapped away on the shoreline. This was the first time the photographer had ever done such a project, but the experiment was a success.

Not only did the LED’s mimic large, vibrantly-coloured brushstrokes, but the reflection in the water added to the texture of the overall piece. Like seeing two different, traditional, art styles come together in one photograph, through an un-traditional method.

It seems that even sports and technology, are able to inspire creative works.

-Anna Paluch


What happens when you combine professional wake boarding with one of the world’s premier light painters? Some rather incredible imagery, to say the least.

Patrick Rochon teamed up with Red Bull and a few professional wake boarders to produce the series. Along with the photos, there’s an exceptional video detailing the process behind the complex shoot.

Wake Boarding Collides With Light Painting

via John Nack