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Patrick Rochon



This is a collaborative project between Red BullSnap! Orlando, the wakeboard athletes: Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington, and Dallas Friday and myself as a light painter. It is purely experimental, none of us ever did a project like this before. We mixed sports and technology to create art. The movement of the athletes in the water, with the LED boards, created the light paintings. We shot 3 nights in a row from sunset to sunrise at the OWC, Orlando Watersports Complex.

 Apr 11, 2013

Patrick Rochon


I now declare Light Painting as form of art.
It is the art of moving light and mixture painting and photography.
This art is a new way to express and explore the inner and the unseen. From now on, it is a form of art here, for all of us to enjoy.
Light Painting is now born.

 Jun 28, 2011


Patrick Rochon

Light Painting Sculpture – Four dimensional art

I used my skills as a light painter to work on the idea of the light painting sculpture. I almost want to say a kinetic light sculpture because of the look and the feeling it gives, but in reality these are all movements done by hand in a studio on a black background with the new light tools Sylvain Lavoie and I built. They are all pure light painted done in one stroke. We shot video and photography simultaneously. The target size was 1920×560. Since I didn’t have enough cameras for the shoot, I needed two more, I shot left side and right side separately. While I was shooting, used my imagination, intuition and memory to connect both sides of the lights at the ends frames. Later when editing, I “glued” the right and the left together in After Effects.

It took a month of R&D and a lot of testing to get to this final edit, to this level of simplicity. During these weeks of edit, I was working to get to the essence of the piece, staying truthful to the vision and shooting. I took out everything that didn’t belong in, like a sculptor who carves away every little piece to unravel the purest form.
Later while I finished rendering all the effects, I searched for music that could fit the images. I came across the song Decay by Monolake, an artist I’ve been admiring for a long time. I tried it with the images and the fit is perfect.

I’ve been considering that light painting is four dimensional art for a while but this is the first time I mentioned it. This is exemplary.
This piece is a good example where you can see and experience the four dimensions at work simply because the light cumulates through space and time to create a final image. It’s the cumulation of all the pieces that creates the final moment, the complete picture.
I see this video as a meditative experience that tickles the imagination and relaxes the mind.

Dec 31, 2011