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Then, come to our SPACE BRAWL event THIS SATURDAY! It benefits Bivona Child Advocacy Center!

8pm at Skylark
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Risen from the dead, AMadder Curie has returned to tackle the physics of wrestling. The very deadly radiation that lead to her demise has proven beneficial when it comes to her strength. Taking daily doses of the radioactive elements, she has the biceps of Radium, the triceps of Polonium and the forearms of Curium! With Radium Gurlz by her side, she’s ready to cause a nuclear reaction of her own, let the radioactive decay begin…

She made her debut at BOOBRAWL but was defeated. Now it is her shot to take the SNOWBRAWL title!


Proud of her heritage, her name gives tribute to the phrase “Ireland forever” and she can be seen sporting pretty little shamrocks. But don’t let those Irish frills fool you. This ruthless lass grew up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in South Boston and held her own on the streets against Southie’s toughest. Those who challenge her are sure to experience all the fight and fury of this hardcore Irish lass!

Will she be successful in defending her title? Come to SNOWBRAWL tomorrow to find out!!


Straight from Buckeye Nation AKA: Theeeee Ohio State!! Good Ole Buckeye rose up from the sod of the Grid Iron like a Pheonix from the ashes and has transformed from a once lumpy couch potato to a Brawny force of Nature.Her Motto: Go Hard and Fight Like a Buckeye!

Come bet on Buckeye TOMORROW at SNOWBRAWL!


PsycheDaley comes all the way from San Francisco to challenge your best! Believe she has seen it all and done it all! She counts Janis, Patti and Huey among her personal circle of friends as well as several members of the Weather Underground who mustn’t be named ‘cause they’re still on the run. So, if you value your life, you best not cross her! Although PsycheDaley brings you flowers and bakes a mean “brownie”, don’t be deceived by this lovely Flower Child’s gentle appearance because she WILL “psyche you out”!

Come see Psychedaley battle it out for BRAWL champion THIS SATURDAY at SNOWBRAWL!!


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Blindfold the ref: $40
If the ref can’t see, she can’t call a foul! Help your wrestler win by pulling crazy stunts!

Re-do: $60
want to see you favorite wrestler get another shot? $60 brings them back on stage or re-does a match they may have lost!

Buy a win: $200
We take ourselves seriously at BRAWL but we also love big bets for charity! A bribe like this will buy your favorite wrestler a win in any match but the final round.

Make sure you bring big bills to the event to help your favorite wrestlers! There’s an ATM at Skylark just in case you forget…


Proud of her heritage, her name gives tribute to the phrase “Ireland forever” and she can be seen rockin’ shamrocks and Irish frills. But don’t let her pretty tutu fool you. Growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in South Boston, this Irish lass is hardcore. Years of holding her own on the streets against Southie’s toughest unleashed her inner fight and fury. Those who challenge her are sure to experience her IRE and wrath. Spectators can’t help but watch as she makes her opponents experience IRE-land forever!

Come to our 10/20 event to bet on this brassy babe!

photo by Libby Hsiao