Rochester’s Godzilla #impact:

  • Devastated by Godzilla for no particular reason in Godzilla 2000 (the Marc Cerasini book, that is).
  • Our Dryden Theater held the second public screening of Godzilla: Final Wars in the country, and it was so popular that it played again a few months later.
  • Godzilla: Oblivion #2 has a 1st Print Comics-exclusive variant cover of Godzilla attacking Rochester (which would’ve been a vast improvement over the issue’s actual content).
  • A Tokyo evacuee cut from Shin Godzilla wore a “ROCHESTER NY 1973″ hoodie.

Idk why I got so desperate for attention this week. I’m normally not like that. I guess I’m just getting really tired of dating and having things go nowhere. I’m ready to give my all to someone. Just waiting for the right girl who will treat me right and not use me. I’m starting to lose hope.

Like I’ve mentioned before, musical theater is very important to me and my first solo release of songs (the first gay angel EP) were scrapped from a gig I had writing a musical 3 years ago that didn’t pan out.

Which is why I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with friends who are such talented musicians in putting on my first show, “More Than Just a Night”. If you’re in the Rochester area, stop by this afternoon for some songs! <3