Abandoned subway tunnel

Rochester, NY.

Last night I got to see The Front Bottoms play a 20 song set, Smoke a blunt with Brian Sella (Pictured Right) and also throw a football around with TFB. Best night ever.

On July 27th, 2015, Nicole Clark, a 19-year-old Rochester trans woman of color, and her mother were brutally assaulted at the intersection of Monroe Avenue and Goodman Street. For several years, the transgender community has protested violence at this corner, and we are outraged that a blatantly transphobic attack happened here.

As of now, the police have arrested Abigail Hallowell and charged her with second-degree harassment. The other two suspects remain at large.

Yesterday (August 6) there was a huge rally to support Nicole and show support for the trans community in Rochester. #itwasahatecrime was one of the tags used for the event.

Nicole is doing well, and in good spirits after all the love and support she was shown. Please spread the word though. pilgrimkitty magickqueer zoe-cat transgirltumbling ramonajp ramonajp anulamou istandonsnowpiles kamerondarkwood