rochester was not creepy this time

My favourite thing is when people read classic romances for the first time and realise how different they are to the way popular culture represents them. Mr. Darcy isn’t some handsome, perfect hunk. He’s a socially awkward loser who writes embarrassingly long, eloquent letters to the girl he likes because he can’t speak two words to her face without colossally fucking up. Mr. Rochester is a creepy bigamous liar who keeps women in his attic. Heathcliff’s a terrifying fucking psychopath who abuses kids. JULIET WAS THIRTEEN.


A solitary casket remained in a corner of the pitch black vault. It was no ordinary casket however; it was made of steel, and had eighteen or so clamps on the lid. It appeared to be a special container for bodies that were to be stored for a long period of time, or perhaps infected with a contagious disease 

This is located in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York. It was created in mid-1830 following the city population increased rapidly and simultaneously hit by diseases and epidemics, so they needed a larger and more remote city cemetery. The cemetery is still running although much of its facilities have been abandoned. The chapel and crematorium no longer used completely.