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Black Teen’s Response To Violence In His Community: ‘What’s The Limit?’

A video of a New York teen asking his community to get off the streets and get an education has gone viral since it was posted Thursday morning.

Violence rocked the town of Rochester on Wednesday, when a drive-by shooting left four people injured and three others dead. It was the final straw for 18-year-old Semaj Rock, who took to Facebook to share the pain and frustration he feels.

Watch this teen’s full message here. 

Everyone please take a moment and read this

This is Alex Ortiz, from Rochester, NY. He passed away on 7/6/15 at the early age of 15. Death at any age is terrible, but children passing away is just heart breaking. He’s the little brother of my sisters boyfriend, he passed away due to his breathing stopping during a seizure. His family is struggling to come up with the money for funeral costs and anything anyone can do to help is very much appreciated. The gofundme link is at the bottom. Please please just pass this on.


Jane Eyre Month - Favorite Male Character: Edward Fairfax Rochester

“Nature meant me to be, on the whole, a good man, Miss Eyre: one of the better kind, and you see I am not so. […] Then take my word for it, — I am not a villain: you are not to suppose that — not to attribute to me any such bad eminence; but owing, I verily believe, rather to circumstances than to my natural bent, I am a trite common-place sinner, hackneyed in all the poor petty dissipations with which the rich and worthless try to put on life.”

Me as a fangirl:

*throws rainbows and flowers to couples* *Sees romance everywhere* *has a million ships*  “Kiss! Kiss! Just Kiss! Make out!”

Me in real life:

*Spinster, only loves her dog* *Bitter and cynical about love* *Is disgusted by happy couples*  “Ugh, get a room, you two*