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I’m from Puerto Rico and in January my family and I went to New York for a couple of days. As I was walking down the street (don’t know which one) I looked to my left and I saw a torn piece of paper glued to a light post, when I opened it I saw that it was a Stay Great sticker and I was so excited ‘cause I’m a big fan of Rocco The Great, he is an awesome artist and I love all his work! Anyway, I thought I’d lost it but turns out it was well hidden in my wallet :D such a great souvenir Btw, sorry I took it… next time I’ll buy it hahhaa xD


I wanna make another post about this even though i did a few months ago lol

i met rocco the great at a nevershoutnever concert and he said he makes art and handed me a flyer c:

also i was trying to take a picture of times square and he just stuck his head in it lol 

this is how i found out about him c:  i also met his friend, cecilia i think? she’s in some of his videos :3