rocco delucca


November was fucking awesome. We have wanted to do a residency at The Satellite (formerly Spaceland) since we formed as a band 3 years ago. We were patient, and didn’t do it until we knew we could pack it out and surround it with the local bands we loved and respected. It couldn’t have worked out better.

From the first night we knew it would be a special month. Lucas Guerin (from Casxio fame)’s new project New Child got the place all sexified before Future Ghost melted faces with literally the loudest show I’ve seen in that venue. The truly special part of that select evening was the intimate half set right before we went on with Rocco Delucca and Daniel Lanois(yes, that Daniel Lanois!) Lanois played delicately over Rocco’s amazing soulful tracks with complete improvisation, and the packed venue was actually fucking quiet. After us, long time friends Beatnick Jr. made all the remaining drunks dance the happy hour away.

Chicago’s Empires opened our second night with a bang, packing the floor right at the nine o'clock hour. Twilight Sleep filled the room with trippy Bjorkwaves and set the audience in a trance before we took stage. New York’s fierce Outernational closed the night with fury, igniting a mosh pit on the usually tame Satellite floor.

Night 3 was a game changer. New local bar pop punkers Rainbow Jackson had the early crowd singing along with their catchy gems, leading way for one of our favorite local acts Hands to trip out the packed house. Geoffrey Halliday’s vocals spun and twisted around the unique guitar modulation and tightly knit rhythms they have become known for over the last year. After one of our favorite sets we ever played (which involved 2 of us crowd surfing!) Incan Abraham delivered their no frills indie rock to a still deserving crowd, what a fuckin night. Christ.

All of us in Vanaprasta were waiting for the last night since we booked it, a perfect blend of Vanaprasta’s favorite local rock acts. First up Chasing Kings, a band whose potential is limitless. With one of the most unique lead vocals in LA surrounded by pitch perfect background vox, vintage slide guitar licks, honest and careful lyrics, and more-than-memorable bass lines, I strongly suggest seeing these guys live. Matt Schwartz has more swagger sitting at a Wurlitzer than most lead singers have standing up.
Oh, oh, oh and then there was Voxhaul Broadcast. One of the first bands we ever fell in love with in Los Angeles. The idea of following them seemed insane to us, we have all seen them many times and have always been blown away. And they FUCKING BROUGHT IT. I doubt there are many singers out there that wouldn’t be jealous of David Dennis, his guitar tone and his howl bleed pure rock energy, and his band’s energy around him is almost unmatched. New track Broken Nerves got they packed crowd going, PBR’s in the air (at least mine), and for a moment during their set I forgot I was going to have to play next, started thinking I was just at a bad ass Voxhaul show.
We played next to our biggest LA crowd yet (thank you all), and encored with LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends”. During its climax we brought all our friends on the stage with us and danced in a drunken sloppy celebration of accomplishment. What a ride!
No better way to end a banger like this but by way of Summer Darling, LA’s best Post Punk band and longtime friends. No one does it like Summer Darling, their pure thrash straight to pure silence, their painful lyrics into celebratory screams, their shovel and scoop telecaster action. It happened to be lead singer Ben Heywood and bass player Heather Heywood’s 11th anniversary that night, and when Ben announced this everyone screamed “Kiss Each Other!”. After they obliged Ben said into the mic, “alright we’re gonna play a depressing one now”.

The Satellite residency for us will always be remembered as one of our best times in LA and I wish we could thank everyone who came in some sort of list, cause y'all fucking rule.

We hope to see you at our last show of 2011 at The Central SCAP in Santa Monica December 16th. It’ll be a banger.