There is something incredibly beautiful about dancing, particular when individuals are a juxtaposition of vintage inspired suits and dresses with modern tattooed accessories, moving to rhythms from orchestrated brass or thumping bass-driven rockabilly beats.  Once I saw moshing alongside swing dancing and it was fantastic.  It is an intimate and social experience all tied up in a whirl of choreographed motion that makes me smile.  Funny how this was all the rage, not being packed into a sweaty club with drunken meat puppets that are only there to show off or hook up.

Nostalgia runs deep for me and I find it hilarious when people point out societal flaws of eras one might have a fondness for.  Right, because things now are way better just because we have more technology or whatever.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying aesthetics, music, lifestyle and things that are so simplistic they are often forgotten as sources of joy because media zombies don’t like fun.

Some people embrace scenes for a sense of belonging or maybe just want to collect a bunch of friends to soak in the attention.  Then there are those of us who adopt an entire lifestyle and dedicate our time to upholding it no matter what the situation.  Being in the latter category is difficult, but eventually you come across people who really get it and I love that I am fortunate enough to have some of these fabulous individuals as friends.