I am an aspiring cosmetologist who loves learning new techniques, using new products, and trying new styles. I have decided that I will share a few of my opinions on my tumblr on different things. Dont worry- this wont be what my entire blog is about. But be expecting a few in the next few days. I kind of went crazy with the deals at the Premier Encounter Beauty Show  in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this weekend.


I didnt get this at the show this weekend, but I have been using this quite often. Ever wake up and you dont smell but your hair is greasy? This is a GREAT product if you’re in a hurry and dont want to have to shower before styling your hair. I used to use baby powder for this but frankly, its a little hard to completely get the white out of your hair after you apply it.

Shake the bottle well before applying, otherwise too much or too little product will come out. Section out your hair (Really, how ever you like. I keep it mostly in my crown and upper portion of my hair.) and spray it on the roots. Once you’ve applied it where you like brush your hair and it will absorb the oils. I like the smell of it too.

No product will compare to a shower but I think that this one is a great substitute. 

To be honest, I’m not sure where you can buy this. I bought mine at a store for beauticians but I’m sure you can buy it on amazon or eBay. If you’re interested, research it. Its a great buy. Or let me know and I’ll see what I can do ;). I bought mine for, hm… i think 5-8 dollars on sale. It will probably be a bit more expensive now though.