roc chain

I miss the old Kanye.

Polo wearing. The first nigga with a Benz and a backpack. Bulls jacket with his hat broke way off. The “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” Kanye. Bernie Mac skits.

I miss the old Kanye.

Soul samples sped up. Teddy bear in a suit. Outselling 50 when Fiddy was THAT dude. Only Chicago cat with a ROC chain. Bro you did a track with Dilated People’s. Threw Twista, Lupe, Mos Def, Common and Talib on your projects. My G…you had Jay-Z and Nas on your album when they were beefin with each other.

Dilla died and you produced a whole album in his style. For the culture.

You see I’m a fan. You’re the last Rapper to change the game. Good or bad. Drake’s style? Yeezy taught him. Kendrick or Cole getting political on radio tracks? Yeezy made it ok again. I say “again” cause hip hop goes through cycles. 50 changed the game from the Puffy Shiny Suit era. Kanye made it ok to rap like a regular person with big dreams. Spaceships.

You see I’m a fan. I remember your first Street team. I still got the free “Get Well” t shirt and mixtape. The original “through the wire” recording. I remember you coming out in the middle of a Twista show at the House of Blues…and niggas lost their minds for you. I remember the track you did for EC Illa.

I miss that old Kanye.

I miss the Chicago Kanye. The one at the school full of stones…nicknamed K Rock so they leave you alone. The “heck y nah” Kanye. Mentioning Showbiz Pizza on two singles when nobody else in America would understand. I miss it. I miss that crack music nigga. You were our first homegrown transcendent hip hop star. Polarizing. D Rose before D Rose. We couldn’t tell you nothing.

But I heard em say…nothings ever promised tomorrow today.

And when it all…it all falls down.

I haven’t seen a genuine smile for you in a hot 16. You probably haven’t cried in the same amount of time. I mean, I can’t imagine. Your momma died. Cameras everywhere. 634,820 tabs open on your screen. Why wear a watch. You used to be on TV talking like it’s just me and you. I used to dig that. Now you’re on TV talking like you know you’re on TV.

I was never mad at the cocky Kanye. You’re from Chicago Joe. That’s us…even when we’re struggling. Hard to be humble when you’re stuntin on a jumbotron. That’s not what I’m getting at.

You’ve been Bruce Wayne too long my nigga. You haven’t been Batman in a while.
Batman don’t even like Bruce Wayne bro. Batman our hero. Wayne? Just that rich cat with emotional issues that we can’t relate to. Ya dig? But…you was who you was before you got here. Ask your big bro.

I ain’t mad at the Kim thing. Shit. She’s bad as fuck bro. But a circus is a circus. Never seen a wolf in a circus. We miss the wolf.

And when he get on he’ll leave Ya ass for a white girl…

We see you with Trump now…looking like a bad wax museum version of yourself. It’s hard to believe you’re the same cat. Detroit Red cleaned up? It’s like we got Merrill Lynched. You building your own wall away from us. The same people you used to rep.

Even if you in a Benz, you’re still a nigga…in a coupe.

I miss the old Kanye. I’m still rooting for you. Still got that shirt. “Get Well”


A fan.

hip hop!percy aesthetic 

  • amateur b-boy (only in his room tho) 
  • writes rhymes he’ll never spit for anyone 
  • attends every show he possibly can 
  • posts his favorite verses up on his wall 
  • almost cried after he dreamed of Jay-Z giving him a Roc-A-Fella chain 
  • if his mom asks, he only listens to the clean versions of songs 

From the desk of the legendary Ben Baller…

“A lot of people keep asking me about MY ROC chain, so here’s the story:
First off, I’ve been part of the Roc-A-Fella Records team since 1995 when the record label I represented as Vice President of A&R singed Jay-Z to a P&D deal and we released Reasonable Doubt. I was one of the only cats on the west besides my boy Mark Brown that repped them heavy. I remember radio tours for RD in Jacksonville, FL to walking through the Beverly Center with Jigga back then. FYI I was always closest with Damon. We had very similar loud mouth dickhead personalities. But I spoke to Biggs often. Biggs personally handed me my 2 RD gold plaques. I remember when I got my Streets Is Watching letterman jacket, it was as big as receiving my letterman jacket in HS and college. Skip to 1999 and when these chains were made. (The first ever Roc Chains were made by Tito then the others were made by Jacob.) I got my first ROC chain in 2000 at the Song Cry video shoot from Dame. Long story short. Around the same time Biggs owed me $100 for some weed(OG Cali Kush) and I constantly kept pressing him to give me my money. I’d see him every year and asked and he acted like he ain’t hear me even though he was making 9 figures smh. So cut to last week in Santa Monica when Biggs came to LA to set up the pop up shop. We sat down and had lunch and he asked me to join him in some press for RD and I told the story about him owing me 100 bucks. Right there Biggs stopped the interviewer and said Ben. The Rose chains is yours! Now stop asking me for the $100! And he gave me $1 and said every time I see you I will give you $1! So I gotta see you 99 more times to pay this off. THANK YOU KAREEM BIGGS BURKE! I got too much love for you! That shit you told me on Friday put tears in my eyes. I idolized you growing up, Also hearing it from Hov last night meant a lot too. Now history on the chain. Only 3 were made for the 3 Roc founders. Made by Chris Aire & it’s legendary. Dame still has his. Jay gave his to Emory Jones and this one is mine. These were also the only ones ever made in rose gold. To be real, Nobody had chains made in rose gold back then.”