roc bunker


In early May I visited Shepshed Royal Observer Corps Nuclear bunker, but forgot to post the pictures. Like many of these hidden bunkers it’s now overgrown, it’s located in bushes on the side of the road. In early May the brambles that grow all round hadn’t sprouted, now it will be unapproachable without a strimmer! 

Surprisingly in good condition outside with good paint I was delighted to find the hatch unlocked, but on opening a smooth layer of concrete was revealed, it’s been plugged. This is common, but I doubt the concrete fills the whole bunker. They possibly made a wooden block then put the concrete in. 

These Nuclear Bunkers were manned by the Royal Observer Corps in the cold war and they were only decommissioned in the early 90’s. I have visited many locally and some further afield, here are some links to the others I have seen.

This one I went to was open - sadly a month later it was blocked up:-

This one was open but burnt out;-