Went from great hair day yesterday to bad hair day today.

Only way to deal with it, is putting it up in a bun. Out of sight out of mind right? Except my regrowth is horrible. And the worst thing about my regrowth, it’s not purple, then black. It goes purple, then faded yellow then black, for some reason, 3 millimetres from my natural hair to the bleached/dyed purple parts likes to fade completely of all purple.

Another problem, i dont wear my hair up often, cos i look like a lady boy with my hair up. Yeaaaap, where my ping pong balls at?

No sleep. Check out those dark circles!

My left wisdom tooth is now deciding it wants to come out, And i can feel it pushing through my gums. Now i’m off to Starbucks to meet Bridgit. Would’ve tried to sleep a few hours before work, but Bridgit didn’t want to be alone today.

Scream 4 dates after work with Frances. Stoked.


New hair cut. My hair was down past my waist and she cut like 4 inches off… it feels sooooo short even though, its not really.

And then tonight i redyed my faded purple. It’s alot better now. I need to work SUPER fast with the fudge and manic panic colours cos the longer you leave it in the deeper the result, so last time i was applying the colour with a tint brush and so by the time i got to the other part of my head the rest had a good 5 min start. This time i got 3 tubs and worked it through all at once and as fast as i could. The result it 10000x better.

I’ve basically packed. Decided to rock MJ today. Hopefully i will feel better. Cos my head is still hurting. And my nose is a little tender… lol.

Melbourne. I’m ready!! 2250 hangs!!