I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a minute… sorry luvas!!!

So here’s a little Friday Fashion for ya!!! <3

Very simple fit here…..just a T-shirt and shorts !! 

The Ribs Tee is from H&M yeeeeears ago (I’m a hoarder….I keep everything lol) and the Leopard shorts are by UNIF I got them online at When I first got them they fit kinda funny….fit my butt like a glove but the waist was humungous … I took them to my favorite tailor and got them taken in. Now, I better watch what I eat cause they fit me JUST RIGHT….for the time being (rolls eyes).

The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell….they’re called the Back-Off Boots and they’re OH SO COMFY!! I could run a marathon in these bad boys real talk!

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