Well it almost got cold in Houston, so I decided to take advantage and wear some longer sleeves. I wish this weather would just make up it’s mind.

I love prints, so when I saw this vintage dress at the thrift store I just had to get it! I already owned this awesome fabric for the head scarf and together I thought it was a great look. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and my family had made plans for dinner at my Grandad’s, but yesterday he fell and broke his hip, so now our plans have all been postponed. 

It was pretty scary to see him in so much pain. Thankfully I work as a caregiver to him, so I, as well as my mom and sister, were there only minutes after the fall.

This was the whole reason I moved back to Houston…to be with and help my Grandad. My Grandmother passed away this time last year, so it’s been a strange time being in this city without her and I can only imagine how that’s affected Granddaddy, after all they were married for over 60 years (unbelievable!). 

In my family, on both my mom and dad’s sides, every event pretty much revolves around the Grands, so this season is already proving to be pretty tough for me. My Grandad is the last of my Grands and I’m really struggling with this. However, I am so so grateful to be able to be spending so much time with him now. There are so many distractions in life, the only thing that really matters are the relationships you have with people and the memories you make with them. Time is precious, don’t let it slip away from you.


GOTHICA - but not really. Went out this weekend on my very first double date! it was gay but oh so much fun lol. And in true Robynthebank style, this is what I wore.

Mesh shirt is a DIY project, made out of a pair of fishnet stockings. just cut the crotch and feet out basically. Pretty easy stuff.

The bikini is from Super Shop 24 Hours

The skirt, an oldie by Nasty Gal.

The shoes are YRU

My hair is starting to get frizzy, but I’m still rockin it.


Watch on

Starting the year off right with my top pick flick this month, from 1966, its Daisies.

Yes this is a foreign film, but don’t let that deter you, it feels very universal and especially modern and relevant for 2015. An absurdist farce, it was probably the most anarchist film made during the Czech Nu Wave film revolution, and by the only female director in the country at the time, Vera Chytilova (bad bish). A “radically mischievious” picture about “two dangerously bored young women [who] have anarchic fun in a series of loosely connected episodes.”(NYTimes) —-> haaa I love that description, it’s so spot on. Complacent teens with nothing better to do than wreak havoc on others. Story of our generation.

My favorite scenes are the ones I relate to the most; public drunkenness, constant eating, the sugar daddies, impromptu fashion show, frolicking in the meadow. Well, I don’t frolic as much as I’d like to these days, but you catch my drift. It’s all here: the fashion, the food, the attitude, the nonchalance of it all just speaks to my soul. But what really draws me in is the freedom. To be wild, brash, and carefree while we’re young…and give zero fucks about it. Life goals.

It’s really ahead of it’s time, as you can see just from the gifs, hard to believe this was made in the ’60s.  The director uses many experimental filters/effects/colors and purposeful set designs to create a vibrant surreal look at the effects of boredom. It’s an innovative perspective and one that’s stood the test of time. I’d just love to recreate some of these scenes in my own life, just for giggles. That’s bad, right?

So now let’s talk about the weird storyline, or, ahem, lack thereof. It’s all good! This is one of those artsy fartsy films so it’s just more about the imagery and the wildness of the girls’ antics than the actual plot. It’s really only a peek into their ‘adventurous’ lifestyle. Not surprisingly however (because people love to get their panties in a bunch), the film was banned in Czechoslovakia in ‘66 and our director here was unable to work in her home country until 1975. If history has taught us anything, depicting too much fun is always bad for our health (rolls eyes). So we try to just leave those naughty parts out.

Anywho, yeah it’s kind of all over the place, really leaving it open to some interestingly thoughtful interpretations, like, “Do their games represent the dangers of idleness and ideological shapelessness, or do the women personify a punklike liberation? And what to make of the archival war footage that opens and closes the film?” (NYTimes). But honestly, who cares what the meaning behind it all is, cause it’s fucking funny.

Look, I’m not really sure what to make of the war footage in the intro/outro, I don’t know what this film contributes to the feminist movement, hell, a couple times I didn’t even know what they were talking about, I just know what inspires me and this one makes me want to go out and eat the world…Then break it! ~~~Njoy~~~

I’ve included the full movie here just press play

Going RETRO!!!!

I got this cute vintage bell 🔔 dress at Buffalo Exchange on Sunday after I split my first dress right down the seam 😭 smh. I’m only 3 weeks out from having baby Amadeus and I can’t work out yet so it’s going to take me some time to get back to my pre baby shape. I gotta get my shit together because I’ve got too many cute clothes to not be able to fit into them lol. I will have to keep you updated on my fitness progress whenever it begins.


Lost Files Part One.

These pics are from summer 2014 when we all went to San Diego for Diane’s birthday! I’ve been going through my hard drives lately digging up old dirt. And here’s a drunken mess for ya.

We dressed up in #jackedfashion designed and styled by Alaska and partied all night at an old hospital-turned-gigantic-thift-store. It was an amazing memory, and these are some pics I took. Minus the ones of me of course. There’s a lot of these so I’ll upload in waves. Njoy


He gets me….he really gets me


So if you’ve noticed, i haven’t been dressing in my typical multicolored fashion. It’s just a reflection of my soul right now. I’m just feeling a bit darker and a bit more gypsy right now. But you never know what I’ll have on tomorrow. I wear what I want!

UNIF paisley skirt that I never could figure out how to style before. And I actually love it. May still sell this baby though because it’s honestly a little too small for me. I had to pull it over my head instead of sliding it up cause my butt got too big. LOVE having that problem though lol

Sublime Band Tee - Kimono I bought from a boutique in Houston - and Vintage Luichiny Platforms.

Still experimenting with my hair as you can see :P


Gym to Dinner Looks from last night’s shenanigans. I went to a good friend’s birthday dinner last night t a 5 start steakhouse in West Hollywood. Now why sweatpants you ask? Because I can….plain and simple. I like to do the unexpected. I knew everyone in our group would be wearing fancy dresses and whatnot, so I made a conscious decision to go against the grain. I am a true contrarian lol. 

So yes, I bust out my old school college sweats (I briefly attended USC) and a deconstructed grey top, and paired the whole look with a leather jacket and my Zara Mules.

It’s funny my friend posted the group picture of us last night, and I kind of got a lot of hate on the look (albeit, I also got a lot of love). But the good thing about it all is that this look provoked a response, whether it was good or bad.  I live to inspire you to just be yourself, unapologetically. So don’t follow me - follow your own instincts. Don’t follow the trends - set your own.