5. Part 2

I paused thinking “Jay, this photoshoot includes an interview?” I swear I thought it didn’t “you knew this” he said pointing, I swear I didn’t. Sitting back in the director’s chair “can you all give us a minute” I can’t do this, I can’t have an interview when I know what they will ask. I just don’t want it, Yusef rolled his eyes walking off “is something wrong?” Jay my manager asked me, he sat down on the chair at the side of me “something is very wrong, Adam and I have split. I am not with him, I never wanted to get engaged and I felt pressured, it’s over. I don’t want it to be bought up in the interview” Jay looked away in annoyance “I saw the tears in your eyes and I knew it was doomed” he said as he sighed out “put a statement out, on your Instagram now. I will let the interviewer ask you questions on the split, just a few ok? I will sort it out, just do that” he got up from the chair “thank you for telling me, finally” grabbing my phone from the side of me, I was going to use Adam as a cover up but why should I, I find it creepy he is still trying to claim me. He is even liking my pictures still, he sent me flowers to say sorry and I don’t like it. Staring down at the Pandora bracelet, I do not take this off at all. It makes me feel close to Chris, he is not around but he is. It was so hard to drive by him in the SUV, I wanted to hold him so bad.

I really didn’t know what picture to use so I just took a picture of the wall, I didn’t want to put a picture of Adam and I, Chris wouldn’t appreciate it at all. I won’t be mean in this ‘I like to be private, I like to keep things private in my life but this wasn’t so much. The whole world knows I am ‘engaged’ and honestly it was something I didn’t want, they say you find your soul mate and you just know but with Adam, I didn’t feel it. I decided to end that, maybe I am running from myself but I wish nothing but the best for Adam and thank you for all the good times we had’ I want to write more but if people really know me, if they know me that well they will see that my heart screams Chris, pressing send on my Instagram. I feel like a weight has been lifted, I needed to do that because I felt like Adam had a hold of me.

I feel so damn tired, photoshoot over and now I am doing this god forsaken interview “where do you see yourself five years down the line?” the interviewer asked, I paused smiling to myself “erm, married?” I said, but we both laughed “but I need a man for that of course, I just hope I find the right man. I just want to be loved, just like any girl. If I am thirty-five and not married with kids then you will see a very depressed bitch, oh god” I laughed at my own pain “but you’re so beautiful, I don’t see you having trouble?” she said in shock, I shrugged “clearly I am just not the girl or….” I drifted off “or my heart is somewhere else, I loved once. I just pray to god that I do become a mother and a wife, I don’t want to be married to this life. I want my own mini Robyn Rihanna Fenty, I want to show my daughter or son the world, I want to be a mother and if any man is willing then you know where I am. I want a baby too” I laughed, I think I am doing well playing this all off.

I am so very tired but also very excited about this surprise but I need to lose my team, they are literally not leaving me “what are we doing today?” Jen said, staring at Mel. I hate lying to Jen because that is my best friend and I am just lying to her “nothing, just going home” I lied, Mel shrugged at me. My phone screen lit up “who is cheesecake?” Jen questioned pointing at my screen “oh it’s just a friend” I have no idea what to say, that is Chris but I can’t say that “you have other friends? You hear this Mel!?” unlocking my phone to read the message “y’all dramatic” opening the message.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

How long? I am waiting, it’s already late

I feel like we are going to a club, it is very late and where else can we go. I am confused though “so what did cheesecake say?” I need to get rid of Jen “nothing, I am tired tonight anyways. I am going to bed” I do feel bad for lying but I cannot help it, replying back to his text.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I am coming, I need to get dressed. How do I dress?

I never asked him at all “you both being so boring, honestly. I am going home” that is what I thought, now I can go and do my thing, seeing Chris has replied.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Come to my home, nobody is here. Just Mijo and I, I got you an outfit. Come

I cooed out “he got me an outfit” I said a loud and then realised what I had just said “what was that?” Jen spat, my face dropped “Rorrey, he said he got me an outfit. I am going Barbados tomorrow” this lie is becoming deep for no reason, Mel looked at me disgust “well I want to see Monica, I will join” Jen is clocking me “great, see you tomorrow” I shrugged, I am not even going Barbados. “Bye bitches” Jen walked off, she knows something is going off and I feel bad. I breathed out placing my head in my hands “we both know you will be in his bed, you’re getting dick” lifting my head up “does this really mean I have to go?” I said, Mel shook her head “just say plans change, you’re Rihanna but you need to become better at lying. I hope she don’t come to the crib, you will be in his bed and we both know that” waving Mel off “you’re very concerned about my sex life, what about yours?” getting up from the chair “it’s great, now” I knew it, I just knew it “he has kids” picking my bag up “and I don’t, who cares, let’s just go” I am finally seeing Chris’ home which is exciting.

“This place looks very nice you know” Mel said looking around the area, it looks like a nice quiet place “have you not been here before?” the driver asked, these SUV drivers never talk but this one is “erm no” I said looking at Mel “you both don’t live far, I have come here before to drop Chris off” this guy talks too much “that’s nice” I shrugged, I look a mess and I am going to see Chris. I hate it because I wanted to look all pretty for him but no, shamefully he said to get ready there “this is the home here” seeing this very well-lit home just at the top of the hill, this is a nice place he has “shall I drop you off outside the house?” he asked a stupid question “yes please” why can’t he just do his job “did you get my makeup bag?” I asked Mel, I don’t remember if I did or not “this is Chris’ home, look at his cars everywhere” damn right it is, he loves his cars.

I cleaned the home before Robyn came here, I didn’t want her to come to a dirty home at all because then Robyn would judge me “I hope Mel got her legs out today” jumping off the kitchen counter “nigga, you thinking about Mel. I am thinking about Robyn, I am hoping to get my dick wet. Well not wet just want to lay the pipe, want to have sex with my baby. Doing it all night” touching my hair “well I am wanting it too” I hope I look good for my wife anyway “you already had sex with Mel?” turning around to Mijo, hearing the doorbell “well I want it again!” I am so excited, she is here to see me. I hope this is a surprise she likes, I mean she knows I am a little childish but it’s fun and I have spent a lot of money on this.

Pulling back the door “woah! Jesus Mel, don’t stand in the dark” holding my heart “nigga fuck you” opening the door wider seeing Robyn, smiling wide at her “hey?” I breathed out saying “hey Chris” Robyn said in a whisper, hugging Mel “I like your home though Chris” she walked in, Robyn is still stood here, why is she not coming in “this is so weird to me, coming to your home” nodding my head “I understand, I hope you come to my home more often” holding my hand out “I missed you so much Robz” Robyn placed her hand in mine, lightly pulling her inside my home “welcome to the home of Chris Brown” pushing the door shut “I missed you too Chris” wrapping my arms around Robyn “oh Chris” she held my shoulders, squeezing her close “I hate being so far away from you” inhaling sharply, she smells so sweet. Pressing a kiss to Robyn’ cheek “surprised you ain’t kissed my lips” she added, intertwining our fingers. Pulling Robyn into me, pressing a kiss to her lips “Chris, seriously. We will be late” rolling my eyes at Mijo “I guess you need to get dressed” pulling Robyn along, I hope she likes my home.

Smiling at Robyn as she looked around my living area “you like it then?” she is amazed “it’s so you Chris, I didn’t expect anything less. Even the car in the home” I chuckled “I erm got you a spot upstairs where you can get ready, come” waving them both over “oh yeah, you got me a dress? I am scared now, you still remember my size?” she said while I walked up the stairs “yeah I do babe, why wouldn’t I” Mel and Robyn both made their way up the stairs “are we going to your room?” Mel asked, shaking my head “y’all wish but only Robyn can see that, one day” walking to the room I put her things in, I got Munchie to help me but I picked it out “can I see the room now?” Robyn said “only if you giving me head?” I busted out laughing “I am playing, erm you can but it’s a mess” I don’t really want her too just because I haven’t cleaned it, opening the bedroom door “let me know if you like it, I will go downstairs and wait” I don’t want to see her reaction just because she may not like it, and then what.

Fixing my ring on my finger “you ready now or not?” Mijo asked in annoyance “why are you annoyed for, yes take it” Mijo and I busted out laughing “trust this song to come on now” Vybz Kartel – Romping Shop came on “she going to think you did it on purpose” shaking my head “just take the picture” I said to Mijo, he took the picture and passed me my phone “y’all planned this song didn’t you both?” Mel said laughing, where is Robyn “before you ask, she has just gone to the bathroom” looking down at my phone, uploading the picture to Instagram ‘Tonight is the night #OHB’ pressing send on the picture, walking over to Mel “you telling me you don’t like this song” walking behind Mel “don’t you bother, save that shit for Robyn” she pushed me away “when you come inna mi romping shop” I sang putting my phone in my pocket.

Robyn is finally here “did you stank out one of my toilets nasty ass!?” I shouted over the music “you took your time” she looks so beautiful in the blue miniskirt and completely unbuttoned shirt, that was supposed to be buttoned but I accept this “I was looking in your bedroom” my eyes widened “that is rude” I retorted “Mel did look but I dragged her back out, we just saw nothing” I don’t really have anything wrong in there I don’t think “we saw your condom draw” I do have that, thanks Mel “I am joking Chris!” Mel laughed at something so true “do you like the dress? I chose it, you made it look better and I like the open buttons” tilting my head to the side, I see side boob “she is making it easy for tonight” Mel said laughing “shut up” Robyn said “well I ain’t complaining, anyways can we just go. The driver is here” I want to get out of here already.

I was about to walk off but Robyn grabbed onto my wrist pulling me back “we will see you in the car” Robyn spoke, have I done something wrong now “is there something in your bedroom that you are hiding?” chewing onto my top lip “honestly” I said rubbing the side of my face “there is nothing, you can look in there. I just, I have had other women in there and I feel bad. Like I wouldn’t have you in there” Robyn let out an oh “I understand but we have both had other partners, no need to hide it. This is your home so who am I to judge” this is awkward “I just thought you had something way worse, like a whole girl hiding in there” shaking my head “nah, nothing like that. I never changed and this home is a constant reminder of the life I wanted, party and girls. You ain’t realise when I came to your crib, shit was like a breath of fresh air. I be having niggas and hoes come to this home like a revolving door, the only reason nobody is here now is because I said nobody will be home. Actually, even then they can come, this place is a mess. I have shit everywhere, I just be looking around and I remember everything that went on. I just feel bad because that room is just, a mess” I shrugged, Robyn is ever so silent “you have demons in this home Chris? You know my family don’t fuck with that shit, that is something you need to do, you need to help yourself because I can’t do it” she said “I know but I can’t, where am I going? Do you know where you are going? You’re going to New York, for now this is my home and I am just going to have to deal with it. I don’t know where we are or who we are, I am not even bringing you back here tonight” Robyn raised an eyebrow and I couldn’t help but laugh “I mean no, I don’t mean anything like that. Just, I don’t know. Look we will see ok? Friends can stay in the room together” turning around, she is judging me “sure they can” she looks so damn beautiful too, she is making me nervous, damn.

Making my way out of the home, I forgot the gift I got for Robyn so I had to go back into the home. I am not sure if Robyn is annoyed with me or not, I just want to be truthful with her but I be getting myself in trouble. Pulling open the SUV door “y’all switched seats again?” I am not sitting next to Mijo “we switching again, what is this? Robyn is supposed to be next to me” I refuse to get into the car “I told you this, they ganged up on me!” Mijo spat, shaking my head waiting for them to go back to the normal seating I arranged “fine” Robyn said making her way to the front with me “y’all keep fucking around, just Mijo sit in the back of the SUV so we can go” this why I know Robyn is annoyed with me, she switched seats.

Robyn frowned looking at me “we are flying?” she said confused “yeah, it’s quicker to get there” the SUV stopped outside the jet “who knows where we are going? Mel?” Robyn turned to look at her “I have no idea bitch, I am just as clueless” Robyn looked at me “it’s the middle of the night, where are we going” getting out of the SUV “you will see, it’s less than an hour to get there. The only thing, you cannot look out of the windows. They are covered, when you get off the jet you will be blindfolded” Robyn stared at me “do you trust me?” I don’t think she does “I do but like, I am nervous” holding my hand out to her, she took my hand “I am just so confused by this, what could you be possibly be doing” I shrugged helping her down, she need to hide her breasts because I cannot deal “so are we staying wherever we are?” she asked “yes we will, don’t worry about clothes” if we drove then we would never get there and that is pointless.

Mel keep giving me a nervous smile and I don’t know why “why are you nervous? You think Mijo and I are kidnapping you?” Mijo laughed which made me laugh also “you know what, we actually could be doing that. Did you tell anybody about this?” Mijo said glaring at both Robyn and Mel “no nigga, I swear to god Robyn will kill you both” Mel pointed at us both “you two would be the last people I would kidnap, y’all would drive me crazy” that is the damn truth “we will be landing” the flight attendant added “ok great, so Robyn. Blindfold” I held it out, she really thought I was joking about this “my makeup will get a mess Chris, no” letting out an oh “well then nobody will be getting off this jet, we might as well go back, I have seen you look worse” she snatched the blindfold from me “just because it will shut you up” I knew I would get my own way.

The jet came to a halt finally “have you stared enough at my friends boobs?” dragging my eyes away from Robyn’ side boob, I can actually see her nipple from here “is he doing that?” Robyn asked, she can’t see shit “ignore her, shut up Mel!” I spat, Mel grinned at me “I caught your ass negro, you enjoyed the view” getting up from the seat “seeing as Robyn doesn’t trust me, please help her down” she clearly doesn’t, walking by her “I do! Why are you saying this?” Robyn perked up saying “uhm Robz he walked off, he is not sat there” rolling my eyes “oh but why? I do trust him, Chris. Stop being like that” getting off the jet, let her argue with the empty seat.

I can’t stop laughing at Robyn being blindfolded “this is so kinky” I couldn’t help but say it “I swear, I hate you. Why do I need to do this” watching Robyn move her hand to the side trying to touch my leg, she finally found my knee “because I want it to be a surprise, I think you will be very surprised when you see, trust me I have spent a lot of money. You will see why and this is only for you” smiling wide, we are here “seriously?” Mel said, Mijo shushed her “how?” I shrugged, we are finally here at Disneyland, I paid a lot of money for this because of the staff and them having to keep part of the place open for me. We have like four hours we can be here, just us and the staff. It’s going to be lit, I can’t believe I made it happen. Opening the car door “shuffle over to me baby” she touched the seat at the side of her “this is so weird Chris” she said smiling “I know it is, come babe” she keeps on smiling so wide, she is excited deep down.

“How much walking are we doing” Robyn complained, we are actually here inside the building. Looking at Mel she looks so impressed, I am more excited seeing Mickey myself, that is my nigga “ok, are we inside then?” stepping back from Robyn, if she don’t get excited about this then she is boring because I am “uh yeah, you can look” I got like every character here for her birthday, I don’t care how old you are these are the ones “don’t scare me” Mel and Mijo stood at the side of me, they decorated the Cinderella castle nice. I did pay well. Robyn slowly pulled off the blindfold off, squinting her eyes. Mickey and Minnie both held either side of the banner saying Happy Birthday as Robyn jumped at the sound of confetti falling “oh my god! What!?” she spat looking around “oh my god, what is this?” she placed her hand over her mouth “you hired this for me? Only us” Goofy walked over to Robyn and placed a crown on her head “this is actually so amazing Chris, how the hell you pull this off?” I shrugged not saying a word.

Robyn rushed over to me and hugged me tight “thank you so much, this is so beautiful. How? You got them to open this for me?” getting the charm out from my pocket “this is to add to your bracelet, remember I said I will fill all of this. Well I am starting, I got this made. It’s Minnie” Robyn placed her hand over her heart “oh my baby, oh my god Chris” she took off her Pandora bracelet “you thought it through, I feel so emotional” she passed me her bracelet “of course I did baby, we get to be us in this place, nobody knows. And look” turning around “this is all for you” Robyn wrapped her arms around my arm “this is so cute! Who the hell hires Disneyland? I am shocked, this must have cost you” holding out the bracelet “it’s whatever” I shrugged “we can go on rides without people knowing” feeling Robyn press a kiss to my cheek.

Robyn looked around the scenery “I am just in shock Chris, you really went all out for my birthday. This is something I will never forget” it looks so dope, the whole place being lit up with nobody here but us on this Ferris wheel. Robyn shuffled over to me, placing my arm over her shoulder “the world knows I am not with Adam anymore, I am just single. In my heart, I am taken though” she looked at me “really by who?” I said acting dumb “the love of my life, a guy that has a heart of gold. Some goofy nigga from VA” she rested her head on my chest “that goofy nigga from VA wants to date you” pressing a kiss to the back of her head “I want to date him too” I have another surprise for her “that’s official then, I am so stupid Robyn. We belong together but yet we ran away from each other, we are so stupid” we really are stupid “well I am stupid” let me rephrase that.

Robyn sat across me eating, she is loving the food and I know it’s late at night but we were hungry. Mel and Mijo did their own thing and sat away from us “you’re drinking enough” I mentioned, she has got issues with that. Smiling at Minnie behind Robyn “what’s funny?” she asked so I pointed behind her, she turned around seeing the sign Minnie is holding “let the fairy tale begin” she read aloud “what does that mean” she turned back around to me and Mickey stood right next to her “woah!” she spat in shock, he placed his hand over his mouth. Licking my lips taking in a deep breath. He bought his hand out from behind him and placed it in front of Robyn, Minnie rushed to the side of Mickey “say yes?” Robyn said staring at me all wide eyed, getting up from the chair “I let another man propose to you, I let another man try and claim you and I will never allow that to happen again. He didn’t know you the way I do, I don’t want nobody else but you. I know we are just starting again and we can still do that” taking the ring from Mickey’s hand, getting down on one knee “you the only man I wanted to marry” Robyn choked out “I fucked up, I am sorry. Please don’t cry” licking my lips feeling so bad “I don’t even want you to ask me, I say yes. I want to marry you Chris” she spat, she didn’t even let me put the ring on her finger she grabbed my face kissing my lips “yes my nigga!” Mijo half shouted clapping.

Smiling at Robyn ahead of me, she showed off her ring to Mel again “I can’t believe how big this ring is Chris, wow!” Mel complimented “this is what I wanted to see, this is the smile, when I saw your face that night. I knew you didn’t want it, look at my girl. She is engaged” Mel gushed “thirsty and engaged now, no depression from you. You about to get dick too, life came at you fast” laughing aloud at Mel “we need a picture though, this is going to be some lowkey shit” Mel held her phone up “come, let’s get a selfie” coming up from behind Robyn, wrapping my arm around her shoulder. She held her hand up to show off the ring off “this makes me sad, I can’t post it but when I can I will” pressing my body up behind Robyn “stawp!” humping the back of her “you ass” moving back from Robyn laughing.

Looking down at my watch “you’re engaged to me now, I know we have to keep shit quiet but I am always there for you in your heart. Shit is going to be the biggest test for us, time is so precious” holding Robyn’ hand between my hands “I can’t stop looking at my friend, she is glowing. True happiness” Mel beamed “because I got engaged to the man I want, the man I craved. I just feel like I am on cloud nine, I am going to get some dick too” Robyn openly said “I swear to god Chris if you fall asleep on me” she pointed at me “Mijo, you hear what happened. This nigga fell asleep on me during Netflix and chill, I had my legs out and everything. The movie barely came on, I look and he fell asleep” rubbing the side of my face smiling “look, I was tired and I didn’t want to be disrespectful, how did I know she wanted the D?” I defended myself, feeling a slap on the back of my head “how did you not know? That is a damn lie, you knew” I shrugged smiling at Robyn “are you happy?” she asked me “yeah I am, I am just thinking on when we will get to see each other again and all that” I keep on thinking she will get too busy for me, smiling at Robyn “this is a big fuck you to that guy, Adam thinking he could marry the love of my life. Fuck him” shaking my head, he tried though.

Leaning over the reception counter “yeah, Chris Brown” I flinched, reaching down grabbing Robyn’ wrist, looking over at her “stop it” I said smiling “great, your room is ready” he placed the key card on the desk, moving my hand away from Robyn’ wrist and grabbing the key card. Robyn went straight back to rubbing my crotch “you’re so fucking bad” I said in a whisper “I will have a suitcase coming in the morning” I paused, Robyn really is making me hard “send them to my room, thanks” moving back “I will do sir” shaking my head at her “you’re a mess, come” she looked down at my bulge “I can’t wait to have you, it’s been so long” placing my arm around Robyn, pulling her closer to me, the lobby is dead “it’s like me doing this” slipping my hand under her unbuttoned shirt, touching her breast “that feels so good” she bit her bottom lip, moving my hand away “wait till we get in that room ma’am” she going to get some tonight.

20. Welcome to town


I never thought I’d spend so much time with someone in a week.

I don’t know how or why I ended up be pulled out of the best sleep I’ve had in a while, on my day off, by a very energetic Chris rushing me to get up and put clothes on. He wanted me to come along to the airport to pick up his cousin who was arriving from Virginia today and I agreed. Even though the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. 

So after thirty minutes of being rushed and annoyed here I was, 6 o'clock in the morning, standing in the middle of the airport scanning the crowd for any sign of Chris’ cousin. I had no idea what he looked like but I was hoping him and Chris resembled each other so it might be easier to spot him.

“You see him?” I mumbled, inching closer to Chris as a new crowd of people exited the doors. He shook his head no, eyes flickering from one person to the next. Suddenly, a deep voice calls Chris’ name and I see a younger guy walking our way. He was a little lighter than Chris and resembled him except for the  freckles and tattoos.

“Wassup bro,” he cheerfully greeted Chris as he gave his cousin a brotherly hug. I stood there awkwardly watching them so happy to see each other until Chris’ cousin directs his attention my way. I wasn’t dressed my best in sweats  and a hoodie but I was rushed plus I wasn’t going anywhere and it was too damn early to be getting all dressed up. 

“Who’s this?” The boy smiled showing his bright, pretty teeth. You could definitely tell these two had some sort of relation. He was cute. His eyes scanned me from head to toe as he shot Chris a quick glance.

“Don’t think about it,” Chris announced immediately pulling me into him by my waist. “Robyn this my big headed ass cousin, Austin, A this Robyn.” I held my hand out but Austin surprised me by pulling me into a hug whil Chris still held on to one of my hands. 

Austin’s hands were a little lower than they should’ve been but I’ll let him slide for now.

“My bad I just don’t do handshakes.” He chuckled, pulling away and glancing at Chris who gave him a hard glare but Austin just smiled.

Austin and Chris gathers the large amount of bags he had and we head back to the car. I allowed Austin to sit in the front while I chose the back so that the two of them could catch up with one another. I was beyond exhausted and sleep was the only thing on my mind so sitting in the back wasn’t a big deal at all. 

Austin and Chris began to catch up so I sit back admiring the scene before me. The two of them laughed while he told Chris about Virginia and how excited he was to be here. You could tell he missed his big cousin and vice versa because the smile on Chris’s face was a sight to see.  

While I scrolled through Twitter, their talking ceased and Austin turned in his seat to look back at me, “So, why is a beautiful woman like you hanging out with my ugly ass cousin?” Austin asks, earning an immediate smack to the back of his head from Chris. Sliding my phone into my hoodie pocket, I laugh at Chris’ stale expression while Austin rubs his head. 

“Um, we’ve been working together for a minute and I guess we just started talking.” I shrug. He nods his head with a slight smirk.

Before he can say anything else, the car stops and I look up to see we’re already back at Chris’ house. He gets out and Austin and I follow suit. They both gather all of his bags out of the trunk and carry them into the house.

As Chris shows Austin his room I take a seat on the couch and stretch out laying my head back. I was tired as hell and definitely didn’t want to do anymore moving for the rest of the day. 

I hear footsteps nearing closer so I peek one eye open just as Chris lifts me up bridal style. I don’t even fight him and just let him carry me all the way to his bedroom. He kicked the door open with his foot, laid me down on his bed, and slipped off my shoes. 

“You’re tired, take a nap and I’ll wake you up in a little bit.” he whispers. “You wanna take your shirt off?” I nod my head and he tugs at the hoodie letting me know to raise my arms. Once I had my arms up he pulled the hoodie off leaving me in just my bra. 

He pulls down my sweats, tosses them next to my hoodie on the floor, and pulls the covers up. “Stay with me,” I mumble. Chris abides by my request kicking off his shoes and crawling into bed next to me. Sinking deeper into the bed, Chris pulled me closer and soon I felt my eyelids begin to close.


My eyes fluttered open at the sound of SpongeBob’s annoying ass laugh and Chris chuckling beside me lowly with his head on my chest. This man right here loves his damn cartoons. 

I run my fingers over his fresh cut making him look up, “Hey,” I groggily say with a smile. I sit up and back against his headboard.

“Sleep good?” He chuckles. “Snoring all in my ear.” I gasped, pulling away only for him to pull me back. 

“Boy I don’t not snore.” He gave me a look and I rolled my eyes. The sudden urge to pee was my reason for removing myself from his arms and getting out of bed. 

I saw my hoodie currently residing on the floor. I grab my hoodie, and make my way to his bathroom. Of course I could feel Chris burning a hole in my back why would I still be shy about being around him in just my underwear. Shit, he’s seen it all. 

His stares didn’t make it easier either. 

I reach in his cabinet for a spare toothbrush and quickly brush my teeth. Using the bathroom, wash my hands just as Chris rudely entered the bathroom. 

“You were really tired as hell baby,” He chuckled wrapping his arms around my waist. He kissed behind my ear softly. “It’s going on three.” 


“Well, you woke me up and begged me to come with you to the airport.” I say smartly. I rinse the toothpaste out of my mouth and turn around in his arms. He had his usual smirk on his face making me mirror it.

“I did not beg you Ms. Fenty. I simply suggested and you quickly agreed.” I scoff, which he found amusing from the loud laugh he let out. He knew his ass was lying. “Well, we were about to order a pizza and I know you hungry.” He chuckles, massaging my hips.

“I’m tired of pizza. I’ll cook tonight.” I say, wrapping my arms around Chris’ neck.

“Even better.” He pats my butt before dropping his hands and exiting the bathroom. I follow behind him but while he lays back down I head towards the door.

“Where you goin’?” He mumbles, “I need you to help me with something.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and I laughed. 

“I’m sure you can handle it yourself,” I reply, smiling once the smile on his face dropped. 

“Nah, I’m hurting somewhere and I need my girlfriend to come kiss it and make it feel better.” He bit down on his bottom lip and sat up a little more. I laughed and continued my stride towards the bedroom door. “Robyn don’t walk out that door,” 

Shaking my head, I dash out of the bedroom laughing hearing him calling my name behind me. Once I reach the kitchen I see Austin already waiting with a big bowl of Captain Crunch in front of him, a blunt next to him, while he texted away on his phone. 

I open the refrigerator to see it practically empty. I mean, Chris cooked so I never understood why he never had food in this refrigerator. That’s why we’re always eating take out.

The only way he would have food is if he begged me to go grocery shopping with him. Even then I picked out everything. I guess I’ll be making a trip to the grocery store; which is exactly what I didn’t want to do. Sighing, I take a seat on one of the bar stools. Austin finally notices my presence and smiles.

“Where’s Chris?” He mumbles, a mouth full of cereal. I point my finger towards upstairs with a shrug. I know he’ll be down here in a minute to bother me. “He ain’t got shit in here to eat.” 

I laughed at his expression, “Pouting in the bedroom like a baby because I told him no.” Austin starts laughing but I just shrug. “That’s my big baby.” 

Austin picks up his buzzing phone and replies to someone before returning all of his attention back on me, “How old are you?” He asks, still chuckling.


“Hm, so I might have a chance.” He laughs. I shake my head while heading back to the refrigerator and pouring myself a cup of orange juice.

“A chance at what?” I ask. 

“Stealing you from Chris.” He shrugs nonchalantly. I just laughed and shook my head slowly. 

“I don’t think so, baby boy.” I retort.

“Are you and Chris together?” He questions, raising an eyebrow. I nod my head yes taking my original seat. “Like you’re his girl?” I nod one again. Austin seems surprised by this newfound information. 

I ascended from my seat and headed for the refrigerator to pour myself something to drink. “Why you look so surprised?” 

“Cause Chris don’t date. That nigga is a one-night-fuck type.” He was coming off blunt but I knew that was probably the truth. Everyone seemed surprised to not only see me in a relationship, but Chris also.

 We’ve dabbled in the subject of our pasts but we’ve never had a full blown discussion about them. I never really felt the need to honestly. I feel like we’ll actually sit down and talk about it once we feel we really need to. But, now I’m beginning to wonder what all the shock is about. I’ll probably bring it up soon. Especially considering how shocked everyone looked to see Chris in a relationship. I mean, was that really that big of a deal?

“How long y’all been together?” Austin had that same country accent I hear from Chris at times, only his was stronger. He’s adorable though. 

“About a little over a month now.” 

“So I still don’t see why I wouldn’t have a chance.” He winks. Now I know Austin and Chris were blood. Were all the Browns some big flirts? This boy couldn’t be a day over 17 and he’s flirting with me.  

I shake my head, “How old are you?” He eats another spoonful of his cereal before answering. 

“I’m sixteen, seventeen in eleven months.” He smirked. This boy was so confident I couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Austin chuckled right along with me. 

No this boy did not just flirt with me and he turned sixteen less than a month ago. This boy is something else. 

“You in here harassing my girl?” Chris’ voice suddenly booms throughout the kitchen making Austin and I both jump.

“Damn nigga you can’t make yourself known before you enter a room. Damn near killed the both of us.” He grumbled. I laughed but I couldn’t agree more. Chris rudely pulled me up from my seat and sat down before pulling me onto his lap. He burried kissed the crook of my neck softly.

“Where everybody at? Mijo, Trey, where they at?” Austin asked. Chris and I both shrugged because that was a good question. I’m pretty sure they would’ve been over by now, especially knowing Austin was coming today. It’s actually surprising they’re not over annoying me right about now. 

“That’s the wrong thing to be worried about,” Chris said. “You know we gotta discuss what you’re gonna do while you here right?” Austin groans and grabs the pre-rolled blunt, and sparked it up. 

He took a hit and spread out his arms as if to say, ‘lay it on me’. “I know you about to give me this speech so go ahead.” 

“You gon’ have to get a job first off. Second, I don’t want you in no trouble, nigga. I ain’t got time to be bailing your ass outta jail again.” Chris grumbles naming off his list. Austin groans with a roll of his eyes.

“That was one time.”

“And if you not gon’ listen to me, you can take yo ass straight back to VA. The last this is focus on you and only you, not some girl. I'on want you to loose focus on why you really here because some bitch got your head all fucked up.” He says sternly. Austin nods and tells Chris he got it. Chris said that last ultimatum like it’s happened before and he was making sure it wouldn’t happen again.

“Is that it?” He asks. Chris nods and takes the blunt out of his hand, taking a pull himself. Chris gestures the blunt my way but I shake my head.

“Follow all that and you’ll be aight.”

I watched him take another long pull, blowing the smoke out in rings. Something about that just seemed so sexy to me when Chris did it.

“Bro got himself a good girl. You don’t smoke?” He chuckled. Chris laughed, louder than necessary might I add.

“She smoke like a damn chimney. Don’t act all good ‘cause my he here.” He playfully said. I rolled my eyes and took another bite out of my pizza. I actually did want to take a hit but I’m trying to cut back. “What you cooking baby?” 

“You can cook?” Austin asked, his eyes widening. Chris nodded his head and passed Austin back the blunt. “You need to keep her before I take her Chris. His last girl couldn’t cook for shit.” He directed his last statement my way. 

Austin and I both laughed but Chris chuckled quickly and took the blunt Austin was passing his way once again. “What y’all want to eat?” I asked, lacing Chris’s fingers through mine. 

“Shit burgers and fries is cool with me. That’s good A?” Chris announced, motioning towards Austin. He nodded his head also which I then followed suit. They wanted something simple and I was more than okay with that. 

Pulling away from Chris, I pecked his lips twice, “I’ll be right back. Since you have no food I’mma head to the store.” I mumbled. Chris ran his hands up my thighs until they landed on my ass which he then squeezed softly. 

“You gon’ hurry back?” He but down on his bottom lip only causing a smile to cross my lips. 

“I know y’all see me sitting here!” Austin yelled. I turned my head to see his face scrunched up as he looked between the two of us. Chris and I both laughed before I was standing back up. “And get off my soon-to-be girl.” 

Chris and I both shook our heads while he continued rubbing my ass. “I’m about to head to head to the store. I’ll be right back.” With one last kiss, slap to my ass, and a hurry back from Chris, I was heading upstairs to throw on something to wear so that I could go to the store. 


3rd person. 

December 25, 2008

Chris dropped his bags down on the floor and breathed a heavy sigh. Christmas time rolled around quicker than he’d expected and he was ready to just spend time with his family and friends. His first semester was done, he’d passed all his finals, and now he was back in Virginia. He was looking forward to seeing his family and friends for the first time in months. 

But as soon as he stepped through the door he was bumrushed and met with hugs and greetings from his loved ones. Kiss after kiss placed on his cheeks, and hug after hug he accepted them all. Shit, family was all that he had and he was glad they were happy to see him. 

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Chris plopped down on his bed and took his phone off airplane mode, groaning at the amount of notifications that poured in. 

Of course Chris was a big shot on campus. He didn’t play ball but he damn sure kept his head in the books which the girls seemed to appreciate. He was athletic but sports wasn’t exactly what he wanted to go to school for. He wanted his degree and women found that attractive. 

Staring at the picture a girl send him, he shook his head. “I need to stop fucking with these crazy ass broads.” He mumbled, ignoring thee rest of them, and stuffing his phone back into his back pocket.

He shrugged out of his coat before tossing it onto the bed. Chris knew  his aunties and his mom would be up here soon to make him come down and talk to the family so his next destination would have to be the kitchen downstairs. 

After making sure all his bags made it upstairs he walked out of the room and down the stairs. Already the men were crowded in the living room watching ‘A Christmas story’. Mama J made sure this movie was on EVERY Christmas since it played all day and if you turned from it you’d definitely hear an earful. 

“How the beautiful women in my family doing today?” Chris yelled once he entered the kitchen, causing all the chatter to stop and the woman to turn their heads towards him. He chuckled and went to kiss their cheeks. 

“How my favorite nephew doing?” Christine asked. Chris chuckled and told her he was doing fine heading over to see what they had cooking on the stove. 

“If I couldn’t touch the food he can’t either.” His cousin Jamal yelled. Chris sucked his teeth peering over at the stove. 

“Something smell good as hell though mama.” Just as he reached for the pot on the stove his mom yelled. 

“Chris don’t touch that food Christopher,” Mama J warned. 

He smacked his teeth. “Ma what we waiting on?” He groaned. “I had a long flight and I missed yo cooking..” 

“Just a few more people then we’ll eat. So get away from my food.” She said. “So, you ain’t brought no girls up here lately.” 

Chris groaned. He had a feeling his mom would bring women into the discussion. It was no secret Chris has a new ‘girl’ every other week, but he was just trying to be single for a while. Shit, he just got out of a relationship that ended badly and he wasn’t ready to jump right into another one. 

He’d keep the women that’d jump whenever he called for right now. 

“Ma, I’m cool for right now. I ain’t trying to get into all that.” I mean, he’s eighteen and just now going to college. What would he look like getting into a relationship right now? He was young and wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible. 

“Mhm, don’t be bringing no fast ass girls in here Unless  she  someone you know you’ll be with for a while, I don’t want you bringing her to meet me.  You hear me Maurice?” Mama J said sternly. Chris nodded his head and made sure to keep that in mind. 

The front door opening followed by yelling tore Chris’s attention away from his mom and towards the doorway as footsteps became closer and closer. Just as he was about to go see what all the commotion was about, his cousin Jared entered the room. 

“Chris?” He smiled. Chris stood up as Jared slapped his hand and pulled him into a hug. “How you been college boy?” 

Chris chuckled, “Shit not as good as you I see.” Chris motioned towards the watch on Jared wrist but he just chuckled. 

“You know my pops left me the magazine. Talk to me in a few years and you might have a job.” Chris and Jared both laughed as Jared walked away to hug the women. 

“Hey everyone,” The smile on Chris’s face dropped as he scoffed. Richard smiled dressed in his finest suit and tie, million dollar watch, and sunglasses as he entered the kitchen. 

“Ten below zero and this nigga dressed like he about to go to a meeting.” Chris mumbled catching an elbow from his Aunt Christine but she also laughed. 

Richard made sure to hug all the women before making his way on over to shake Chris’s hand. Richard wasn’t too fond of Chris and vice versa. They’re the two cousins in the family that have hated each other for as long as they can remember. 

“Wassup Chris,” He stuck his fist out which Chris hit before dropping his hand back at his side. 

“Why you dressed all sharp?” Mama J asked causing the room to laugh. It was exactly what they were thinking. Jared was dressed in jeans and a hoodie then his brother comes in dressed in full blown business attire. 

Richard laughed, “I couldn’t look nice for the holidays?” As soon as he finished someone was stepping behind him. Chris’s eyes immediately snapped over as his mouth dropped slightly. 

“You just left me in there,” she pouted. She looked up at the group staring at her with questioning eyes. Her pretty blue irises glanced back at Richard and he cleared his throat. 

“Oh, everybody this is my,” he paused for a second, “Friend.” He eventually spoke as if she was the most boring thing in the world. Her face fell slightly as she glanced at him, she recovered quickly but not before Chris caught it. 

Meeting his family wasn’t something Richard wanted her to do just yet but he allowed her to tag along anyway. They weren’t even official, just talking but she wanted to tag along. 

She waved shyly at the small crowd while Richard began whispering to his brother about something. 

“I’m mama J,” Joyce spoke up. Everyone was just staring at the girl as if she was a foreign object. 

While she introduced herself Chris kept his eyes fixated on the beauty before him. The way her eyes held a sense of nervousness but also confidence behind them. Her manicured fingers ran through her curly mane while her eyes gazed at each person. 

“And you are?” He was too caught up in her looks he didn’t notice she was standing before him. 

He cleared his throat, “Chris,” he extended a hand to her which she shook softly. “I never got your name.” 

She held onto his hand a little longer than necessary but smiled at him anyway. “Jazmine.” 


Fin. #unicornquiltblock by @robynie #butterflycharmblocks by @lillyellasworld #pepperedcotton #pghmqg #paperpieceallthethings #littlegirlsdream #timetomoveon by Amanda Hancock


Locking my car door making my way inside Auntie Monica’ home, I thought I would visit her before I make my way back to New York. I am not going to LA, my girl has a home of her own now, and now it’s time for me to get my own apartment which will be in New York. I know Rihanna said for me to get one in LA but it’s time for me to let my girl live her life and it’s best for me to stay away from LA, Mijo is around and my lonely ass will end up back in his bed, we don’t want that either. I will of course see my bitch every time but it’s her time, she is happy and I am happy for her. I always thought we would have been lonely bitches together, I guess I am the lonely bitch but she is still here for me. I will be with her when she decides to tour, I guess that is my issue, I was always stuck behind Robyn that every guy wanted her and not me, the ugly friend I guess. I don’t hate her for it, I just miss her even though we speak every day and she is trying to make me live in LA but it won’t happen “Melissa” weird seeing Ronald here “hey Ronald, Rorrey, Rajad. How is the family?” hugging Rorrey “good, dad come over to see us” I didn’t know he came to the home “that is nice” hugging Rajad “I hope Auntie is making some good food” I can smell it in the air “well she was expecting Robyn to come but I told her that she in LA still, someone took a picture of her shopping with some guy. She got another man?” I paused “she does?” I said all dumbfounded, Rorrey shrugged “she must do, she stayed there rather than coming here” she must have been with Chris, I wonder why nobody clocked it’s him unless it’s the back of him.

Auntie Monica can cook, I love the food in Barbados “don’t ever tell my mom that your cooking is better” taking another sip of my wine before placing it back on the glass table “I won’t, I am glad someone is fed” smiling at her, I can’t wait for all this secret shit to be out so Robyn can stop hiding her ass “mommy, this come for you” Rajad passed Monica a brown envelope “just now baby” she questioned “yes” he sat down, Robyn has got a new number and so has Chris. They both text me, I do miss them both though. I feel like moving back to Barbados but no, there is nothing here for me and I can get work in New York “this is fancy, I know my baby Robbie sent me this” dragging my eyes away from my phone, that is very fancy “I think I will keep it, that is my daughter. Giving expensive things, even the box” I think Robyn is feeling bad that she didn’t come here, so she should be with her married ass “oh look mom, there is a DVD” he held up a disc, I hope that ain’t some sex tape that got delivered to the wrong address. I am just going to keep quiet, locking my phone and placing my phone in my lap.

Monica opened the box and some type of business cards fell out, I am so confused. Why didn’t this bitch tell me what this is, Monica held up what looks like a wedding invitation. Rajad picked one of the cards up “what is this?” he said all confused, I feel all nervous. Monica held up the card that came out of the what looked like a wedding invitation, my eyes widened seeing the writing behind the card, Mr and Mrs Brown. If I had a drink in my mouth I would have spat it out, oh this is so awkward and I am sat here, oh my god. She turned the card around “is this some joke? What is this” Ronald took the card from Monica, I am staying quiet “Monica, this picture looks real” he held it up on the card, my eyes bulged out looking down at the ground, that picture is very real “put on the DVD, she wouldn’t marry him. It’s lies, no!” swallowing hard, I am going to kill them two both.

I feel so bad, oh god. I can tell Robyn recorded this herself, she can’t do shit for herself. I bet this took her ages to figure out, seeing the background, she is at Chris’ house. She did this when they was moving their things “hi, Mom” you can see Chris just walking around in the background “oh no, oh my god” I think Monica is accepting that it is true “it’s not the best way to tell you this but the thought of you rejecting me in person would hurt me more, you know me. I don’t do anything the easy way, I know you will probably be crying or in shock but I am married. You may hate me but I did it because I do love Chris and you know that mom, if you know me mom then you know my heart. We didn’t want to get married where people didn’t want us to be married, we did it and we was so happy on the day. Best moment of my life, I hope you do come to LA and you do come to the party. I am sorry” the video stopped and Monica busted into tears.

The family look so devastated, I wish she did it without me around the bitch “you knew!?” Monica said, this is so awkward “you knew that my daughter is married, she is married! I wanted my only daughter to be married like a queen, I wanted to see it and you all took that from me!” Ronald half shouted “I was supposed to walk her” Ronald does have other daughters but let me not “she was a queen, look I am sorry. Your daughter was the happiest ever on that day, she didn’t feel like any of you would be happy and that is not my fault that you all made her feel that way” I shrugged saying “I hate that stupid nigga” Rorrey said “well you can hate him but he is part of your family, look I am not doing this. They are both happy, if you aren’t happy for them then don’t go. How can you all be like this when they have both loved each other since they was sixteen!? Come on! You knew how much they loved each other so can we not do this” I am going to kill them, stupid niggas didn’t tell me “did he brainwash her? How did this happen? My baby is married?” Monica said looking down at the card “and it was the happiest she has ever been, you should have see her now. Your daughter is probably the most scared to be rejected by you Monica, we all know that Adam was not the one” I don’t want my friend being rejected because of this.

Let me call my stupid ass friend, locking the bathroom door as the phone rang out. Monica is now upset again because she tried to call Robyn but of course she changed her number “bitch” Robyn said down the phone “wow!” I said in a whisper “why did you not even tell me about this invite shit, I am in the home with your family that are crying. Why didn’t you tell me?” I am so annoyed at them “oh, surprise?” my eyes bulged out “surprise!? Bitch, excuse me?” does she think she is funny “well I forgot, but are they really crying. What is my mom’ reaction? Does she hate me?” I feel like not telling her anything “she is crying now because you changed your number, she is very emotional. She thought it was a joke, Rorrey wasn’t happy but I shut it down and said that it’s on them, if they didn’t hate then Robyn would have been told y’all about this” I love this girl too much “thank you Mel, I am sorry” she is damn right, she better be sorry getting me all stressed out here.

Laying in bed writing out a text to Chris, I wish he didn’t go to the studio because I miss him. Seems like he wants to work since getting this home that he paid for, he lied to me. We was going to sign it together but he came home with the paperwork, he is such a hard headed man when he wants things his way. I love the home, we do have boxes around still, just need to put the things in the walk in closet.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I miss you so much Christopher, I feel so damn clingy to you. I can barely sleep, I miss you just being in bed with me holding me. I am sorry, I know I am being a clingy annoying brat but I just want you, come home soon and don’t work too hard.

Pressing send on the message and placing the phone at the side of me, this home is amazing. Chris and I played golf earlier and it was funny because I told him don’t hit the ball too hard, what does he do, he hits it so hard and so far that he smashed one of the glass frames, that’s his problem now, he needs to get it fixed. Holding the covers close to me, looking back over at the TV. Time for some Scandal, I will then fall asleep. I need some Fitz and Olivia in my life, resting my head back sighing out. I guess people will be getting their invites now, I only made one video and that was for my mom but Chris was right in changing our numbers, we was bound to get bombarded by people. We only got close family and very close friends, which does include Jay Z and Beyonce, I have no choice with that one. I just feel so nervous about this, not about announcing it but who is going to come. My phone pinged at the side of me, I know this will be Chris because only him, Mel and Jen have this number. Unlocking my phone to look at the text.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

You’re never annoying, my heart feels full from feeling so wanted by a woman that loves me for me. I will be home before you know it, I can’t promise I won’t wake you up but! I will try not too. Miss you too and someone will be coming out to fix the window lol, my dumbass. Love you.

God I love him so much, I want his babies so bad that I am scared it won’t happen because I want it so bad. Just imagine a little girl version of me but with Chris’ ears but then again imagine a little baby boy that is like Chris, oh my heart. I pray my child is just like him, his heart is so pure, my big baby. Either way that child will be a momma’s baby, I think I am going to love it too much. I just feel like this is my time, my turn to be a wife, a mother, a damn housewife. I want to be claimed, I want people to know I am married. The woman they thought was too much of a so called hoe to marry, someone loves me and I can’t wait for this to be all aired out.

My head shot up off the pillow, turning around and seeing Chris asleep. I thought he didn’t come home, but he did. Smiling at Chris, he is a snorer but it is since he started gaining his weight, I don’t know why he doesn’t see it. I am quite amused with the soft grunts coming from Chris. The sheets tangled around his waist and his face buried in the pillow, pushing the sheets back and climbing out of the bed. Turning to Chris again, watching his back rise and fall steadily while he slept, my baby. Pulling my hair up in a bun, no point in getting all the way ready, I have so much to do with the home. We don’t have much time until the party, I didn’t want to leave it for so long so we have three days to get ready for this. I want to wake Chris up but he is so peaceful, one foot dangled over the edge of the bed with his hands tucked beneath his pillow, let me leave him because only god knows what time he came home.

Walking over to the stairs “so Cass, remember you and and your team do not let anyone come pass these stairs. Two bodyguards have to stand here, remember this! Nobody can come in this home unless they have the invitations ok? This needs to go to plan, watch the people coming in and out” Cass nodded his head “my security team got this Chris, Only Jen and Mel can go up yeah?” nodding my head jogging up the stairs “they will be coming any minute now, do not let anyone come upstairs!” I half shouted, Robyn is an emotional wreck. She thinks her mom won’t come and I hope she does, I think she will. I am just wanting things to go right, it’s going to be a little party. A formal party, hopefully I don’t get punched but we will see. Walking into the bedroom “Chris, my dress is not pretty enough” here she goes again “you don’t need anything babe, you are beautiful either way” she is worrying for nothing.

Robyn got up from the seat at her vanity table, I have been watching her get ready but all she been doing is wanting to cry. This is why we didn’t invite them to the wedding, I hope her family have come though “no, baby no. Don’t cry again” getting up from the bed “what if they hate me Chris, what if they don’t come and it’s my fault. I love my mom so much Chris, I am not good enough either. Look at me, I can’t even do my make up” walking over to Robyn “I just don’t think I can do it, I am so happy to have married you but I may have lost my family” touching the corner of Robyn’ face and brought it close to mine. Robyn closed her eyes, exhaling a deep breath “Chris” she whispered “just calm down, everything is fine. You are so beautiful without make up forget the make up, just calm down” she shook her head “what am I going to do if I lost them?” her hand trembling when she lifted it to graze her fingers against my hand “stop it baby, sshhh” I gently touched her lips with my finger and dropped my head until our foreheads touched “I love you, stop thinking that ok? We don’t know it yet, stop crying. I got you, you got me” kissing her forehead “I love you Chris” Robyn trailed off, mumbling under her breath.

Pecking her lips “thank you for being so supportive of me Chris, and putting up with my crying” she said against my lips, placing my arm around her shoulder. Robyn leaned in closer and deepened the kiss, she pushed her tongue against my closed lips. Our tongues tangled “ooohhh shiiit” moving back from the kiss seeing Mel and Jen “this crib is bomb as fuck, oh shit! Y’all gone all out! Bitch!” stepping back from Robyn smiling “sorry to break y’all kissing but this crib is dope, the room. Anyways, give me a damn hug” Jen said running to Robyn, Mel also followed on hugging Robyn “good to see y’all, Robyn was having a meltdown” she needs some female attention, I don’t think I am good enough at times “oh no, why!? Why are you ruining your eye make up by crying. Come, let’s get you ready!” Mel spat “your family is here Robz! Get your ass done” Robyn gasped “oh my god! All of them!?” Robyn said in shock, smiling wide at Robyn “I told you” I said to her, I knew they would.

Placing the black suit jacket on, I thought I would get my suit out for this. Placing my gold chain over my head “come and see your woman then” Jen said waving me over, fixing my chain walking out of the bathroom “we fixed the crying mess” smiling wide seeing Robyn hair all up, a dress with puff sleeves, a high/low skirt with a train “wow babe, you look beautiful baby. Damn, I want to fuck you right now” Robyn waved me off “stop it. And wait, you are not wearing those pants, why is your dick like that? Is those pants tight on you?” looking down at my at myself “she is right, Chris. I mean I am not looking” I didn’t even notice “put some black jeans on, that dick is mine and those thick thighs, your dick looks claustrophobic in that, oh no. Take it off” gawking at Robyn, here I am being so damn proud of my wife, I love her too damn much and she calling me thick “I guess we can announce we are married?” I said to Robyn “you can baby” getting my phone out from my pocket, unlocking my phone and holding my phone up, tapping on Instagram and tapping my camera “Robyn turn around” I said, Robyn looked behind her and I quickly took the picture “oh Chris!” she said, looking down at the picture “you look so good, I just want to give your back hickeys” Mel gagged “shut up!” she spat, captioning the picture. I want to keep it simple, just to shake the table a little ‘Robyn Rihanna Brown, you look beautiful my wife’ grinning as I pressed send, before we post the wedding picture let me shake the table a little bit.

“Ok so we will get everyone gathered, it was a little packed when we came. And oh my god, the pictures of you two on the side in the living room, it’s so cute” Jen beamed “Robyn wanted the pictures, just text me once the video is done. Least people will get to see clips of the day” Jen placed her hand on my shoulder “ok, you be strong now the both of you. You both deserve happiness, ok I am going now” turning to Robyn “I am so nervous Chris, like I can hear my family from here. I am just scared, I am happy but scared but shall we post it now, together?” licking my lips as I sat down on the bed next to Robyn “well I think we should put this picture up, we doing the same. I don’t care what you say” Robyn turned the phone to me “well, I actually like this picture. Our first kiss after saying I do and being husband and wife, that ain’t a bad picture. You post it first. Better be a good caption too” I am a little nervous, I am having to face the people that don’t want me to be with Robyn, I need to remain cool about this though “I have noticed though, you have really put pictures of us everywhere, even on the bed side table” Robyn giggled “well I am proud of us, also once we have a baby then that will change. We need a baby here Chris, I really want one” placing my arm around Robyn “and it will happen, we have sex daily. Least once a day” I don’t think there will be a problem “what if I don’t have eggs or your sperm count is low” mean mugging Robyn, she looked up from her phone “I am joking Chris but for me, what if I haven’t?” rolling my eyes at Robyn “listen to me, you have periods and I know you do because you be driving me crazy when you are on them, so you good” Robyn is whining about nothing, she is being silly.

“You sound like a doctor that knows what he is speaking about” Robyn finally responded to me, she was busy typing “I am, I know your pussy very well by now. My tongue and fingers sense it, it’s like spidey senses” Robyn side eyed me laughing “you’re so weird” she shook her head “so, you want hear what I want put?” turning to Robyn getting comfortable “it better be cute as fuck” Robyn sighed out “Mr and Mrs Brown” Robyn read out and then looked at me “is that it?” I questioned “yeah, I thought fuck the world. They don’t need a big caption, just post it and put that. Let them go crazy over that” I snorted laughing “ok baby, we will but we need face the family next, you ready for this?” watching Robyn press send, she sighed out “as long as you’re by my side I can do this” getting up from the bed “come on then, I think it’s time we face them” this is about to be fun “also you keep bullying me about my weight, it hurts my feelings you know” I wanted to say this before “it’s not a bad thing Chris, it’s just I don’t want you to put too much weight on. I think being at home as made you lazy and the good food, I can’t promise you I won’t annoy you about it” I guess I better accept it.