18. This is our beginning


3 weeks later

I’ve always wanted to escape my reality…to just be free for awhile without any worries. Recently I feel like I’ve been accomplishing that.

Waking up in the morning was always what caused a downcast in my mood. I knew I’d have to put on a fake smile and deal with people I don’t like, yet, lately I haven’t felt like that way at all. I’ve woken up with the widest smile on my face, and I think I know the reason behind it.

The light kisses being placed up and down my neck in order to wake me up weren’t needed because of already been up, brushed my teeth, and climbed back into bed before he could move. The only reason I was still pretending is because the feeling of being in his arms and to have him whispering softly in my ear was a moment I wanted to bask in for as long as possible.

His fingers began pulling at the top of my panties so before he went overboard I  fluttered my eyes open and was greeted with the sight of a my smirking boyfriend. The light peeking in through the curtain hit his brown irises perfectly and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight. 

Chris pecked my lips softly, “I knew you weren’t asleep.” He chuckled. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, my nails running along the nape of his neck.  

“I didn’t want to move.” He simply shook his head and chuckled at my response. I sounded like a little kid but my answer was true. I didn’t want him to let me go. 

“You hungry?” He inquired, running his fingers along my exposed thighs. He ran them up until they were right at the waistband of my panties before returning them back to my thigh and giving it a light squeeze.

“Yes, can we just pick up something later?” I really wasn’t in the mood to cook and I know Chris wasn’t so it would make more sense to just pick something up. We did have to go to work in a few.

Chris nodded his head before laying it down on my chest and heaving a deep sigh. I allowed my fingers to play in his curls while he placed tender kisses on my exposed collar bone and his fingers danced across my skin and slowly made their way up to my bare chest which he then squeezed my breasts. I was only covered in one of Chris’s long tank tops and my panties, giving him easy access. I think he’s developed a slight obsession for my piercings because that seemed to be where his hands landed the most.

When I tell you three weeks into our relationship has been perfect, it’s been perfect. We’re obviously still in the early stages of our relationship, honeymoon phase you could say. I wanted to keep us this happy though. I didn’t want any of my insecurities or anything like that causing our relationship to end in shambles or to end at all. But I couldn’t say we’d get to that point anytime soon. Literally everything Chris had said or did just brought a smile to my face and I had yet to figure out why. All he had to do was glance my way and I was smiling or blushing like I won a million dollars. He treated me like a queen and I felt like the two of us have known each other for a while even though it’s only been a little under three months. 

Chris raising my shirt up and above my hips pulled me out of my thoughts to see him once again trailing kisses down my neck.

That has to be if not his favorite, his second favorite spot on my body.

“Did I ever tell you you’re sexy as fuck?” He exclaimed, smirking noticing how a smile spread across my face. I shook my head and he chuckled. “Well you’re sexy as fuck baby.” 

I ran my fingers through his curls, tugging at them slightly. “I think we need to start getting ready.” The usual groan I get from Chris once I mentioned work came out which are me laugh. 

“I’m not going,” he mumbled. 

Chris wasn’t to fond of the fact that we basically had to hide our relationship at work. In his words, ‘he wanted to feel on my ass and kiss me whenever he felt like it’. He hated the fact that he couldn’t kiss me, especially since Richard has been watching us closely recently. I mean, like a fucking hawk.

“And why not?” I asked, halting my actions in his hair to look down at him. 

“I don’t have to. I have my laptop so I can just work from here. I think I’mma just stay in.” He shrugged and I put my hands back into his hair, running my nails through them. 

“Well, I have work to do so I guess I’ll need to start getting ready.” I said which in return he sucked his teeth. 

After going back and forth for five more minutes Chris finally rolled off me and I was allowed to get up and decide on what to wear for the day. I’d say a decent amount of my clothes were here at Chris’s house and also at mine. My closet wasn’t enough space anyway but I had so many clothes over here it was ridiculous. But since I was either at Chris’s house or he was at mine, I’d made a habit out of leaving my things here.

I shuffled through his drawers for something to throw on and found a pair of pants and a white blouse. I guess this’ll have to do. I had an abundance of underwear over her also per Chris’s request. I pulled out a cute deep red matching set and I heard Chris chuckle behind me. 

I could hear him getting up from bed and making his way over to me. Pretty soon I was once again in his arms and his face in the crook of my neck. “You need some company?” His husky voice said. I closed my eyes and heaved a deep sigh to keep the sound I desperately wanted to release from flying out of my mouth. 

No, Chris and I haven’t had sex…yet. I wasn’t fully ready to commit to him and that way, but I was getting there. Sometimes of course we’d get carried away and I’d back out at the last minute, leaving him frustrated. Each and every time I’d apologize but he’d simply say it was fine and hold me like it honestly was, deep down though, I knew he was getting tired of the same routine. The back and forth game I was playing wasn’t fair to him and I knew that. 

His fingers sliding their way up my t-shirt and massaging my sides brought me back to the conversation at hand. I shut the drawer, grabbed his hand, and pulled him towards the bathroom. He seemed shocked by my actions and just stood off to the side while I turned on the water and turned the temperature so that it was just right. 

Pulling the t-shirt over my head, it exposed my bare chest which instantly made Chris shift and clear his throat. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail with the hair tie on my wrist. I pulled my panties down and off flinging them right on to my shirt. 

“You just going to stand there?” I glanced back over my shoulder at Chris who looked to stunned to say anything. Shrugging, I took a step in the shower and immediately felt the hot water falling down on me. I released a relived sigh and just allowed the water to cascade down my body. 

The cool air against my back was quick until I felt those familiar arms wrap around my waist. “You finally decided to join me huh?” I giggled. I could feel every inch of him and my knees weakened at the feeling but I held my ground. “Were you scared?” Chris chuckled and I smirked. 

I wanna have fun with this. 

Taking a step away from him, I reached behind the curtain and retrieved my towel off the rack. I grabbed my coconut scented body wash and ‘accidentally’ dropped it. Bending down, I smirked hearing Chris grunt as I slowly stood back up. 

“You really wanna play with me right now?” He grumbled angrily. I giggled, turning around to face him. His bottom lip embedded between his teeth made him look ten times sexier than usual. My gaze roamed from his lips, down to his chest, and finally landing on his member slightly standing at attention. Chris was eyeing my body lustfilly and I almost laughed at how hard he was biting down on his bottom lip. 

“What? You can’t handle it?” I teased. That was all it took for Chris to have me pinned against the wall, his lips attacking my and I couldn’t help but moan. He had his hands palming and rubbing my ass while he slowly inserted his tongue and they were moving in synch in no time. 

I ran my fingers through his hair while he hiked my legs up and I wrapped them around his waist. He pulled away so that the both of us could catch our breaths but busied his mouth by sucking my neck softly. 

“Baby,” I panted. “Step back,” Chris looked at me with his eyebrow raised but took a step back and allowed my legs to fall. I flipped us around so that his back was up against the wall and I was in control. 

Smiling, I pecked his lips and ran my fingers up his abs and broad chest. I kissed my way from his neck, down to his chest, and stopped to kiss each wing. My hands ran up and down his broad chest and I kissed his neck. 

Smirking, I trailed my kisses back down his chest and my finger lower until I was right at his hip. Dropping to my knees, Chris looked down at me with his eyebrow raised. 

“Robyn you don’t-,” I put my hand up to silence him. He’s done more than enough to please me so why not return the favor?

 Smirking, I slowly slid my hands down his chest until I gripped his member. He grunted once I squeezed and I laughed. Licking my lips, I moved my hands back and forth painstakingly slow just to get a reaction out of him. 

“I haven’t done this in a while,” I mumbled. 

“You don’t have to-” His sentence was cut short once I took him in my mouth, sucking on the head softly. “Shit.” He mumbled. His hands found their way to my hair which he gripped loosely, careful not to pull on it too tight.

I slowly started taking all of him into my mouth. I began to bob my head back and forth making sure to suck softly. I pulled his entire length out and took his head once again, tasting the pre-cum and I smirked. 

The slew of curse words fleeing from Chris’s mouth let me know I was doing something right. I ran my tongue up and down his length while moving my hands back and forth to increase the sensation. 

I removed my hands from his member and instead took his balls massaging them. Chris’s hips bucked and his hold on my tresses tightened while I bobbed my hand faster. 

I looked up to see he had his eyes closed and he was biting his bottom lip. His mouth opened slightly once I went back to gripping his length and moving my hands back and forth. 

“Shit baby,” he grunted. His dick noticeably swelled in my mouth only prompting me to speed up my actions as he began thrusting into my mouth a few times. 

It took another few thrusts and my mouth sucking his head to have him letting out a string of curse words and hissing as he released and spilled into my mouth which I quickly lapped up. I moaned as he shuddered and cursed still thrusting into my mouth slightly. 

Standing, I smiled as his lazy eyes met mine and he smirked. Before I had the chance to gloat he’d reversed our positions so that my back was now up against the wall. 

“My turn.” 


After our little escaped and another hour of dealing with Chris I was officially running late to work. He tried a countless number of times to get me to call in but I wasn’t like him. I couldn’t just say I wasn’t going to be at work and nobody cared. 

So, I simply sat back in the chair that was reserved for Keri but since she was shooting she wouldn’t need it now. I pulled my phone from the pocket of my pants to see quite a few text messages from my friends and one or two from Chris. 

Trey👀🙈: you still coming with me for lunch right? 

Truthfully, Trey and I haven’t spoken much. Of course at work he was his usual playful and annoying self but outside of that, I hadn’t heard from him. His mom visited and as usual she was amazing. But it seems like since she left he doesn’t seem to want to be around as much. Shrugging, I type up a quick response letting him know I will. 

Mel was just asking me if I’d be at home later and the others were from Chris bugging me because he was bored. I’ve been gone not even 6 hours and already he says he misses me. Each text had me smiling from ear to ear. 

“You look happy,” Keri laughed, taking a seat in the spot reserved for the photographer she was collaborating with for this shoot. He’d went and gotten something from his truck while the models attacked the table piled with an assortment of decorative fruits, candies, cakes, and sandwiches. 

I shrugged my shoulders and sent Chris a quick text saying stop being dramatic and I’d see him at Trey’s house later on. Sliding my phone back into my pocket, I turned and faced Keri. 

“Why does it feel like I haven’t seen you outside of work?” Keri pouted. She actually had a point though. We haven’t seen eachother outside of work in awhile which is sad considering how long she’s been my friend. 

I poured, “I know. We need to get together with all the girls for something.” I suggested which in return she nodded. 

The both of us saw the photographer return so I knew she had to get back to work. She kissed my cheek and went right back into photographer mode. Suddenly, the spot beside me was taken and I paid no mind until I was being tapped on my shoulder. 

I turned my head to see a smiling Richard. His bright eyes held amusement seeing how quickly my smile dropped and a scowl replaced it. In the beginning him popping up at a photoshoot was no big deal but for him to do it now was strange. He had no reason to be coming to see how things were going since he knew Keri did her job well. 

“How you doing Robyn?” He smirked. He had on a simple gray suit and black tie which led me to believe he’s just gotten out of a meeting. He dressed up normally but it wasn’t a suit unless that day was important. 

I sent him a fake smile and pulled my phone back out once it buzzed again. “I’m fine,” I mumbled. “Why’re you here?” My tone came out harsher than I intended but he didn’t seem to be phased by it at all. 

“Actually, me and my brother had some business to discuss with your boss.” He pointed his finger to where Keri was indeed talking to Jared, very animatedly might I add. “If that’s okay with you.” 

I rolled my eyes at his sly remark. “It’s fine.” 

Richard’s eyes assed my outfit from head to toe, nodding at each piece of clothing his eyes came across. His gaze continued to go up until they landed on my neck. He raised his eyebrow and chuckled shaking his head. 

“Nice hickey.” 

I gasped, my hand flying straight to my neck. I didn’t have enough time to cover them up with makeup so I just left my hair down and made sure it covered my neck. But apparently that didn’t work. 

Richard laughed seeing me surprised and held his stomach like it was the funniest thing in the world. “It’s not a hickey,” I said defensively. 

“Oh, then what is it?” He challenged, chuckles still leaving his mouth. I said nothing but instead sent Chris a quick reply and sliding my phone back into the pocket of my pants. 

The two of us sat in silence and I watched Keri and Jared continue to mumble to themselves. The conversation seemed intense so I didn’t want to just walk over there and interrupt them. 

“You heard our cousin is coming to stay with Chris? He might start working here too.” He announced. I meshed my eyebrows together and left his question unanswered. His sudden interest in making conversation was not mutual. “I’m not sure Chris is the best option. Shit, look at how he was last year.” He chuckled.

Last year? 

“Oh, Chris seems cool so maybe you’re cousin will be alright.” I shrugged. 

I didn’t want to give him the impression that I was interested so I just said what I needed to say and kept my mouth closed staring straight ahead. Why was Chris a bad choice? What has he done that was so terrible? 

“I know you like him or he likes you. Policy remember?” Here he go. 

“Richard, Chris and I are co-workers. Nothing more nothing less. You’re trying to create a relationship that doesn’t exist.” I shrugged. “Just drop it. Are you ready to get rid of one of us or something?” Richard chuckled and mumbled something under his breath that I didn’t quite catch. 

“Nah nothing like that.” He shrugged. 

“Well then stop trying to catch us in something that doesn’t exist.” 

Yes, I was lying my ass off but I just couldn’t come out and say what I wanted to. I needed to learn to keep my cool because all Richard wanted to do was push your buttons until you said what he wanted to hear. 

“If you do like him though,” he started causing me to suck my teeth. “I just hope you don’t regret it.” He sighed. “You’re too beautiful to be with my little cousin.” With those last words he ascended from his seat and stomped off towards Keri and Jared leaving me to sit there confused. 

What the fuck was that? 



Closing my laptop, I fell back on my bed and pulled my phone off the charger. It was going on 7 o'clock so I know Robyn’s probably already off so she’s either at home and will be on her way here later on, or on her way here already. 

What happened this morning suddenly came to mind and I grunted. She’s never done anything like that before and I never really wanted her to. But, shit, that’s something I’ll never forget. 

I swung my legs over the side of my bed and stood up so that I would stretch. All day I just stayed in my room and worked on the shit that needed to be done this month. I never really had to go in to the office but I preferred to unless it was on days like this where I just wanted to stay at home. 

Punching in my four-digit code, I scrolled through my call log and tapped Mijo’s name. While it was ringing I retrieved a blunt from the nighstand by my bed and lit it with my lighter. 

“Fuck you want nigga?” Mijo answered. The both of us laughed while I blew the smoke out. 

“Shit, just wanted to know what the fuck y’all was on.” I hadn’t seen my boys in damn near a week except for that time we played ball so I figured it was time for us to meet up at somebody crib.

I could hear the commotion before Mijo answered. “We actually at my crib now. You coming?” 

I dumped some of the ashes in the ashtray and pulled my phone away to check the time. “Yeah, I’ll be over there in a minute.” I grumbled. 


The both of us hung up and I smashed my half smoked blunt in the ashtray and stood up. I’d just tell Robyn to come over there instead of all the way out to my house.

After taking a piss and looking for something to throw on, I headed to the shower. 


“This nigga finally came out of hiding,” Ty loud ass yelled, a loud laugh erupted soon after. They all nodded their heads agreeing with his dumb ass statement so I sucked my teeth and tossed my keys on the table in front of me. We just played ball not even a week ago and they making it seem like I haven’t seen them in years. 

Mijo nodded in agreement, “Robyn finally let you go? I’m surprised.” He chuckled. I clenched my jaw, waved him off, and snatched the controller from Ty. 

“Damn nigga.” He yelled. I shrugged and paused the game to take the blunt Ty was already passing my way. This nigga was salty like he wasn’t loosing anyway. 

“Is it wrong I like hanging out with my girl?” I chuckled, blowing the smoke out slowly. I see no problem in me and Robyn wanting to be around each other. Shit, this shit is new to the both of us so I want to make sure my girl is straight. The guys shook their heads but all had shit to say under their breath. I passed the blunt to J but he just passed it on to Mijo. 

“Nah, you just whipped then a muthafucka!” Mijo howled making them do the same. I paused the game making him look over at me.  

“I’m not though.” I grumbled. 

“Ay, if he got Robyn you gotta give him props though,” J chuckled. “I know that girl and she’s not one to trust or date anyone. She don’t fuck with nobody.” Jermaine said, shaking his head. 

Now he had my interest, “What you mean she don’t fuck with nobody?” I asked and J only shook his head. 

“After Mike died she just stopped fucking with men basically. That girl shut down.” He sighed. I could tell old memories were running through his head just because his whole face dropped. “She just said fuck life.” 

“Why though?” I asked, voicing my thoughts. This conversation was suddenly  catching my attention because some things I wanted to know but I didn’t want to ask Robyn. She wasn’t one to just openly discuss her past which I understood because I was the same way. I respect her for not putting her business all out in the open; but all I knew about her ex was that he died and she was there when it happened. 

Jermaine got quiet for a minute as if he was afraid he’d say the wrong thing. He just shrugged his shoulder in the end. “Mike man, she loved him to death. They were together for a minute and then he was just gone. Can you even imagine being in love with someone and they’re just snatched away? Shit, I know I took it hard but Robyn completely broke down.” 

“Was it that bad?” 

Jermaine nodded, “Especially after she found out who-” the sound of my phone ringing cut him off and I sighed. Telling him to hold up, I pulled my phone out of my packet as Robyn’s contact name flashed across the screen. 

A smirk made its way on to my face, “You missed me already?” I chuckled. 

The sound of a door slamming was all I heard before she spoke. “You’re not at your house, I thought I was supposed to come back.” She said. I could tell she was either pouting or her face was scrunched up how it always was when she was annoyed. 

“I’m with the guys right now. You want me to come home?” Mijo gagged making the rest of them laugh but I just put up my middle finger. 

“Chris, if you don’t want to you don’t have to. You can be with your boys.” Even though she was encouraging me to stay, her tone said otherwise. Sighing, I snatched my keys off the table and passed J the controller. 

“I’mma be at your house in a minute.” 

“Chris you-” 

I cut her off, “I’m bringing food. See you in like ten minutes baby.” Without giving her a chance to respond so hung up. “I’m out y’all.” Simultaneously all of them sucked their teeth. 

“See, what I just say,” Mijo tried mumbling. I smacked him upside the head and they all laughed. I dapped them all up and snatched my keys off the table. “Tell Mel call me.” Mijo spoke up. 

Mel and Mijo tried to pretend they were just  real close friends but all of us see how they look at each other. How they act around each other. Shit, they probably fucking for all we know. 

Them muthafuckas feeling each other…a lot. 

“Aight.” I exited the basement and made my way out of the house. Sliding my keys out of my pocket, I popped the locks and slid in on the driver’s side. Starting my car up, bobbing my head as soon as Pac blared through the speakers. 

I was ready to see my baby.

Tbh I just imagine there being a huge GC of heroes that is just filled with memes and shit talk while no mercy just casually in the back plotting their demise while also sending them funny memes of villains they face

And then air piercer is so stressed because 1) lmao more villains now I gotta compete for where I steal stuff and 2) more heroes no MERCY WAS ENOUGH and 3) I’m not even evil I just wanna know where #robynis