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Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Chapter 1: Dreams and Reality

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Chapter 1- Dreams and Reality.

Robyn needed to relieve some stress after pouring her heart out to Luna, the teen had retreated into her bedroom and began jabbing at the punching bag that hung from the ceiling. Luna was sitting on her sister’s bed playing a beat em’ up game on Robyn’s games console, the doctor wanted to stick around until Nick and Judy got home just so she could calm her parents down when they inevitably started telling Robyn off. “Man I miss videogames.” Luna sighed as she defeated her virtual opponent and waited for the next round to loud.

“Then when why don’t you buy a console? You’re rich enough.” Robyn replied, delivering a high kick to the punch bag.

“It’s having the time that’s the issue, between work, hanging out with my friends and making time for…” Luna began to answer absentmindedly before silencing herself, she was such a blabbermouth that she’d even snitch on herself sometimes.

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Robyn Hood

“I have hatched a plan to finally catch Robyn of Loxley.” The Sheriff grinned slyly at his guards. “We shall stage an archery competition. With a prize. She won’t be able to keep herself away.”

His guards looked at each other dubiously. “But, Sir,” one of them spoke up. “Surely she’ll see straight through our plan and not come.”

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch. 5 - The Heart of Sherwood

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Chapter 5- The Heart of Sherwood

As soon as Robyn and Hannah had contacted Jack, the buck rabbit had ran into his Skye’s home office who was busy trying to mobilize all the Major Crimes Bureau agents under her command to help with the impending relief effort, he had to shout that Hannah and Robyn were injured and trapped to get her attention. Skye immediately hung up the phone and started forming a plan of rescue, the nearest MCB office was less than three miles away and it had a helicopter on it’s grounds, the husband and wife drove to the field office and Jack quickly selected two agents with medic training to accompany him on the rescue mission while Skye despite being worried sick stayed at the field office to coordinate all the other agents. It’s at this point Skye realised one important detail that both her and Jack neglected; they hadn’t contacted Nick and Judy, Skye cursed herself for this, she had been so focused on the rescue she had forgotten to call them. The resulting phone call was panicked, scream filled and sound tracked with sobs but soon enough a message came through on the radio that Hannah and Robyn had been found and they were getting rushed to Savannah Central General Hospital via the chopper. Nick and Judy were told to get there as soon as they could…

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Judy repeated with rushed breaths, she was in the passenger seat of the family car as Nick drove through the wrecked streets of Savannah Central with the hospital less than a block away.

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That don't impress me much

The Party is camping in a cave, hiding from the lizardmen we are not that friendly with and the cleric is standing guard. She’s in a sour mode, having lost all but one in her merc company within the last few weeks and about 5 or 7 just a few days ago. She’s no natural with people to begin with either, having the staggering stat of 8 in charisma. 

DM: It grows dark and about 2 hours into your shift you see the wizards parrot who has kept you company grow stiff and levitate in the air. Eyes growing blank.

Wizad (ooc): Whaat? Do I wake up? If it dies I should wake up!

DM: You don’t wake up. It’s breathing still. (Turns back to me) You hear a voice in the darkness [creepy voice] Tell me your name.

Cleric: What? No. Who’s there?

DM [still creepy voice]: Doo noot moove.

Cleric starts flicking through spells trying to see which ones aren’t requiring a move action.

Cleric [Ooc]: Can I see anything out there?

DM: No.

Cleric [in game]: Urgh… Come out where I can see you. Anyone can mess with the god damn parrot and throw a voice.

DM: uhm… [creepy voice, a bit less sure of itself] …. tell me your naaame… 

Cleric: Listen. Get out here or I won’t talk to you.

DM [grinning and shaking his head]: Sure. A weird humanoid creature comes out of the darkness. It’s pale, like it’s made of stone and very androgynous. No genitals, no real features at all. Like a mannequin almost.

Cleric: There you are. Good. What do you want?

DM: [ooc] oh god… It does look a bit surprised about how you are treating it.

Cleric [ooc]: It’s in the middle of the night, I’ve been walking in though terrain for 8 hours, staring out into darkness for 2 and now someone turns up fiddling with the parrot and trying to scare me? Fuck that. Does it answer the question?

DM: Not straight away.

Cleric [in game]: Look. I’m not in the mood for talking. What’s your name and what do you want?

DM [creepy voice]: Give me yours first.

Cleric: Fine. Urgh. Robyn. So, there you go. Now. Who. Are.You. And. What. Do. You. Want?

DM [creepy voice]: Eater of many things, and I wonder; Are you the ones who have murdered the ancient people of 1000 warriors?

Cleric: Who?

DM [ooc]: It draws with his toe a crude sketch of an elongated humanoid with a long face and tail.

Cleric [ooc]: Can she see that it’s the lizardmen?

DM: With some imagination.

Cleric [in game]: Ah. Some. It was self-defense though. 

DM: It seems like a foreign term to it. 

Cleric [in game]: They hit us first? Why?

DM [creepy voice]: Meet me on the top of this mountain. I have an offer to give, and you are not safe here.

Cleric [pointing to the rest of the party]: Should I bring them?

DM [creepy voice]: Are they important to you? [ooc] It disappears in front of your eyes.

Cleric: God damn [ooc] I turn to wake the others. [in game] Hey! Get up! Get moving. We need to move, now! 

And that’s how the great fiend in the area met our Cleric for the first time.  And how she managed to make it feel a bit unsure of itself and impressed by her lack of reactions. She wasn’t as cocky when it showed itself in full size asking for a “favor” when they got to the top of the mountain…. 


My phone pressed against my ear as I listened to my publicist talk about only god knows what, they always have something new “y’all got the weed packed in” I asked Keeis, he nodded picking my backpack off the side “you can’t take weed with you Chris” she whined in my ear, I couldn’t help but laugh “don’t worry ma, everything good. I done this before” she worries “and got on trouble just be good out there, I will await for more stories” watching my peers carry out my bags and then my stylist walk out behind them “I need to go now, talk soon” disconnecting the call, I am going to a fashion show in Paris which was on my calendar to do but I forgot. I am worried I won’t be back in time for Christmas Day, but I am sure I will be “ma” I spat while replying back to the text my manager sent me “if I don’t make it back in time you go to Robyn’ ok? Take the gifts with you” looking up at my mom “I hope you make it back but take care baby” hugging my mom close “I will, love you” pressing a kiss to her cheek.

That reminds me, I need to actually give my number to Robyn. Since that day I still haven’t gave it to her because all we did was annoy each other in the comments so I didn’t give it, I actually do have her number unless she changed it “you sure you want to come with me?” I asked Mijo, he has kids “for sure I do, you my brother” he sat next to me on the bus “thanks, least I won’t feel lonely out there” rubbing my forehead yawning “we will make it back, you got little family to come back for” side eyeing him “Robyn’ family won’t want me there, deep down I am trying to dodge the whole thing” tapping Robyn’ name to send a message.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

It’s Chris

Pressing send, that was such a simple ass text but at least I gave it her now, maybe a week late but I done it now. She did enough annoying me on Instagram so I was like nope, I refused to give it “you tell me who likes you nigga, you upset everyone” Mijo is not wrong, not many people like me “oh fucking well, the barbarians she calls brothers can deal. I don’t give a fuck what people think” my phone pinged in my hand “but your daughter? You can about little Liana?” looking down at my phone “of course I do, I will be good for her. Trust me, all smiles for her” look at Robyn texting back ever so fast, opening the message.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

I’m so happy you text me! We need to do song together again Chris Martin xx

This is why I say she plays too much, she knows who the hell is texting her ass and now she is playing like she don’t know “you look annoyed?” Mijo said laughing a little “yeah, women play too much” rubbing my eye “women play you? Nigga please, who you fooling” he got a point but this is Rihanna we are speaking about here, let me text her ass back.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

The only Chris in your life is Chris motherfucking Brown who you fooling…

She tripping with all that shit, Chris Martin my ass “anyways, what is happening with you and your baby moms. Y’all back together now?” locking my phone and placing it at the side of me “uhmmm kind of” he doesn’t reveal much “is that it? Clearly you are both made for each other, you had another child together too” Mijo snorted “I’ll say the same to you when you and Rihanna have another child” he is funny, shaking my head “is Hood meeting us at Paris or not, where is the rest of them niggas?” Keeis joined us “yeah, they meeting us at the airport” I was a little shocked they wanted to come with me, especially Mijo and Keeis. Mijo has kids and Keeis is always busy with his girl. My screen lit up as it pinged, picking my phone up from the side of me.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

You clearly..

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Clearly not, there is only one Chris and that is me and you know it but anyways. I forgot to let you know that I’m going France, have a fashion show to attend and also club appearance. I should make it back I guess….. If not my mom has the gifts with her

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Funny how you forget such things, it’s fine Chris. Have a safe flight

Blinking at the text several times, why is she getting all annoyed for. I will do my best to come back in time, anything can happen, she just flipped so quick. Pressing the call button, let me call her ass and see what’s up with her “Liana, your dad wants to speak to you” Robyn spat, I didn’t even get chance to say a word “Hi dad!” I actually wanted to speak to Robyn “hey baby, I miss you so much. What you doing today crazy” not even spoken to Liana or seen her for a week, I saw a picture of her that Mel took but that was it “busy” she said simply “busy doing what exactly? You acting like you got a job?” she is something else, a little diva in which she gets from Robyn “I help mom clean and then I play with uncle” oh, her family are here “I see” I mumbled “when I see you again?” I can hear Monica in the background “soon baby, I will see you soon. I have to work, but I rather be with you trust me” I wish I never took on that club appearance now, that is why I am doubting I won’t come back in time “Liana! Did you touch my lipstick and break it!!” Robyn shouted “uh oh!” Liana said “you better run if you did it, run now. Quick” Liana stays breaking her things, this is hilarious. Hearing Liana run “get back here now!!” Robyn is after her ass “what did you do Liana” hearing a door shut “I put it in my pocket” she said down the phone “you put what? The lipstick?” my crazy daughter “yes, I hide. Sshhh” she shushed me.

I remained silent for her, not only has she broken Robyn’ lipstick but she has taken her phone so she will get her ass “get out from under the bed now Liana” knew she would have got caught “I didn’t do it” Liana said, I sighed heavily. I think she has left her phone under the bed still but I don’t want to put it down either “you said you didn’t do it but you have lipstick marks on your top” Robyn said, wait till she finds out she has put it in her pocket “I fell mom” look at my daughter being the liar she is “so you fell on my lipstick? I find that hard to believe, where is my phone? Give it me now!” I honestly wish I was there right now, I can’t stop smiling “dad, tell mommy I fall” Liana screamed down the phone “give me that phone” I am so getting passed around between these two “don’t bother, I know her ass is lying” Robyn said down the phone “my baby fell” I have to stand by her “must run in the genes this behaviour” she disconnected the call, I don’t know why she is angry at me.

I don’t know why Liana is lying to me “so every present you have under that tree is going until you can tell me the truth” she placed her hand over the lipstick marks over her top “I want dad” she looked down in sadness “if I find out you are in my room again I will beat yo ass Liana, stop breaking my things and until you can tell me the truth I am not talking to you” turning around, I know she will hate that “mommy please” she sobbed out, walking back to my bedroom. She broke my Mac lipstick in two and my favourite colour too, I can buy a new one which is fine but that don’t make it right “mommy please” she screamed behind me “why is my baby crying? Robbie don’t upset her” my mom will be sure to help Liana wipe the tears, walking into my bedroom. Turning around and seeing my daughter point at me while telling my mom. Closing the door behind me and locking the door, I am in such a bad mood but it is the time of the month for me.

I was actually going to use that lipstick for tonight, I am a little nervous because it’s going to come out public and I feel I should tell Chris but why should I, that dick doesn’t tell me shit and that is why I get mad with him. Chris was all worried about Drake but that was clearly not the issue, I have been obviously talking to another man but I wouldn’t bring him to my daughter like my mom wanted. This shit could just be a phase and I pass, actually going on a date with him might even put me off him, I am not the best with men so you never know. I rather go out to eat because I refuse to bring a man in this home, I don’t want it for Liana, until I know I am serious I will not do it. Mychal was my MCM and well I saw him at an event and he approached me and since then we been texting, I need to move on and he is so nice to me so why not, he is open to accepting Liana too. I need a man that is handsome, strong and not a push over too, he is not a push over and I did say to him you know how the baby father is and he’s not bothered, we shall see.

Looking down at my phone, I am just going to call Chris and say sorry because I was being a moody bitch with him, I do not want him thinking I care when I don’t. Pressing the phone to my ear as I awaited him to pick up, I hope he is not childish enough to not answer “shawty” his voice boomed through my ear, I was not expecting him to pick up. My breathing hitched “hi, sorry for being moody with you. It’s just the time of the month for me, my emotions are everywhere” squinting my eyes, why am I explaining to him, what the hell am I doing “well I did call to ask you what is up but you gave the phone to Liana, is she ok?” sitting on the edge of my bed “she is fine, I am sure my mom will spoil her. She will get over it, she had lipstick marks on her top and lied” Chris chuckled “she put the lipstick in her pocket, so the missing piece is in her pocket” what is she like, shaking my head “she is a mess, talking about she fell. You should have seen her face, she was dead ass about the falling story too” Chris and that ugly laugh “I wish I was there now, she is so advanced for her age. I can’t wait to see her, I will be back. I know you don’t believe it but I will try my best, I always been there for her for Christmas” he has been “I hope you do, I don’t want to be answering Liana questions on why. I had that when we left your home” the phone went awfully quiet on both sides.

Staring at myself in the mirror, the fuck do I wear on a date. I am just not feeling anything, I usually wear anything and it looks good, but a date. I haven’t done this in a while because I am usually back with my stupid ex, and with him I can pretty much wear anything but I want this to be different “you look bomb bae” Leandra said behind me “you think?” looking down at myself wearing a long-sleeve mini dress with ruffles across the front and an edgy raw hemline. I have matching lace-up heeled sandals, a sleek clutch, and a gold necklace that says Liana’ name on “you think the high pony tail matches this look though?” turning around “hell yeah, it’s not too much either. Looks like you mean business too, he better be a good date” this is what I hope, but on the phone he is so nice and does make me laugh sometimes “I will be online awaiting the stories, I will let you know and do not worry about Liana” Leandra pushing me out of my room, they just want me to get on with it.

Walking down the steps “Robyn girl, the outfit is on point. I mean you could dress in anything so you good” sighing as I got to the bottom, seeing my mom and Liana. Liana won’t even look at me now “I see you changed her, did you take the lipstick out of her pocket” Liana played with her bottom lip “stop being hard on her, she is sorry now” staring at my daughter, she looked up at me with those eyes of hers, her father’ sorry face “I am not angry anymore, just don’t go in my room please” she let go of my mom’ hand “I not do it again, mommy can I come?” she walked over to me “no baby, I will be home soon. Maybe sooner than I think” side eyeing myself “you look pretty mommy” Liana touched my dress, smiling at her “thank you baby, I am so glad I have a daughter. Who needs anybody” leaning down and pressing a kiss to her cheek “I will be back ok?” Liana nodded “mommy, can I see dad?” I opened my mouth and then closed it, I need to go “baby, I will get him to skype you” touching her face, now I have to text his ass.

Sitting in the back of the SUV, Mychal did say he would pick me up but I kindly refused because he won’t be coming near my home anytime soon. Let me just text Chris to call skype Liana on Leadra’ phone.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Skype Liana, use Lele ID. She is waiting xx

Pressing send “fuck!” slapping my forehead, why did I just type without looking and even put kiss kiss at the end “stupid bitch” I said to myself, I always type without looking. I hope he is so high that he overlooks this and just texts me back, going back to my messages and tapping Mychal’ name ‘waiting outside for you’ he is sweet, I won’t text him back because I will be there soon. Seeing the drop down notification come down and tapping it.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Why can’t I use yours?

Thank the lord he has not picked up on the kiss kiss at the end, I am lucky on that but now he is going to act like my father.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

What has it got to do with you nigga? Just skype your damn daughter

Rolling my eyes, he is so annoying. I tell him about his daughter and he wants to talk about me and look at him already texting me back.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

You my baby mother so a lot!

To: Chris

From: Robyn

That is all I am now do it

Let me put my phone away, I won’t keep on texting him back because I am just fuelling him.

Siting across Mychal has to be the most weird thing on earth, I don’t know why but I don’t do first dates like this, I stick to what I am used too but I want a change. Staring at the other diners and their dates, I have been only speaking to Mychal for what, a month I think “I am honoured you even came” Mychal said “what makes you think I wouldn’t come?” I think he is more nervous than I think “you kept coming up with excuses, like I say to you I am not here to play with you and I know your daughter means a lot to you. I can accept that” I giggled “are you proposing to me?” he shook his head laughing “I am just letting you know, I am not here to fool around either” sitting back on the chair “we will see how it goes” he really wants to date me, I won’t even date his ass so he will to wait to be claimed by me.

I couldn’t eat to be honest, I just played with my food “what is on your mind? You are just so silent about this” placing my fork down “I am just scared I guess, I have so much on my mind and doubts. I won’t lie to you” Mychal also placed his fork down “you are used to him, you go back to what you are used too but you need to try someone that will honour you, care for you and love you as a woman. I think you need to let that go” dragging my eyes up to his “you think you can be that guy to save me huh? I will warn you, if you can last then I will applaud you” he looked at me dumbfounded but he will soon realise what I mean “you know what I like about you?” Mychal said, I shrugged “what?” I said “you want to give me a chance but then you don’t, your eyes speak a thousand words. I am sure I will get in that heart, if Chris did then I can” my eyes widened “that is a big statement” he is something else, I let out a laugh.

Like I knew, paparazzi outside but I don’t care. It would have happened “you look beautiful if I didn’t say it before” he got up from his seat and so did I “thank you, I am glad I look presentable. Took me a while to choose actually” this is not me “next time we can do something more different, more fun. I just did it to meet up for the first time” I don’t do this ladies first thing, he is a great man, what am I doing Rihanna. I hate myself, walking ahead of him. My eyes lit up seeing my bodyguard, I just want to leave now and think long and hard “you good?” Rich asked, I smiled lightly at him. The look on my face he knows I want to run.

Shielding my eyes as I walked out, I felt Mychal press himself behind me as we walked out “is this your new man Rihanna!?” they shouted, walking ahead still shielding my eyes. Mychal placed his arm around my shoulder as if to protect me, Rich opened the car door for me. Climbing in the back of the SUV, holding on to Mychal’ hand as he helped me up, not that I needed it but he insisted. Sitting down and then realising Mychal is just staring at me “yes?” I said, I really want to go because they have enough pictures of me now “shuffle your ass along then, unless you want me to stand here?” looking at Rich he just eyed me up, I guess I better move over.

Crossing my leg over as I shifted in the back seat “where do you think you are going?” I questioned “just to talk to you, come on. Stop blocking me out like that” my eyes looking down at his muscled arm “you have very big arms” I couldn’t help it “you need to come to one of my games, bring Liana along” crossing my arms over my chest “I don’t think it will be Liana’ thing, she will rather go to a fashion show. I don’t mind coming but I will probably leave her with Chris” that is a lie, I would leave her with my mom “so you still see Chris? Like you both go to each other’s house and what not” nodding my head “we are cordial, I go to his home and he is coming to mine for Christmas” he didn’t pull a face “that is really good that you both can work like that, I always see Chris as some really aggressive asshole. I guess I have not really dealt with the dude but I am sure I will soon because I am not going to leave it, you going to have to give me more than just stares and giggles” I have no idea what he is speaking about “what you saying? You getting shy is a good thing” I shrugged “I guess, I wouldn’t mind seeing you again actually” he clapped his hands together cheering “finally, I am glad you agreed to another meet” what am I doing with myself.

Makes me wonder where Robyn is because I am still on skype with Liana, I know it’s late there. Pulling my hood up “this girl has drained my battery” Leandra said, I smiled at my phone “I would have gone but she don’t want me too, is she ready for bed yet?” looking at the boys all asleep on the jet, I swear I have been on skype for a whole two hours now. Watched her eat, play and now sleep but I don’t mind “are you coming to bed now young girl?” Leandra questioned “yes, I just get baby” look at Liana running with her baby doll, I couldn’t help but smile at her. Taking a screenshot of my screen “so you have to say goodnight to daddy now, no more skype. He has work” I am actually falling asleep here myself “no, please give me” she reached up for the phone, Leandra gave her the phone “dad, you sleep too?” Liana asked “I am tired baby, you put me to sleep too” I chuckled “I go sleep too, give baby kiss dad” she held up her ugly ass doll “do I have too? I told you she ugly” Liana pouted “ok, give me kiss first then I will” Liana kissed the phone, I miss her “the things you make me do for you” sighing shaking my head, blowing a kiss “yay, she happy now” I am glad the boys are asleep.

My phone about to die too so let me post this on Instagram so I can go to sleep, tapping the app and then tapping the add button, selecting the picture of me and Liana on skype and then captioning it ‘my little lady and I, I wasn’t personally at her tea party but I was there #MyLadyLove’ she is crazy and I love her, she be making me do crazy shit but I do it to make her happy. I think she gets the crazy trait from me and the diva trait from her mom which is a bad mix, she will be so extra about shit. Locking my phone and hooking my phone up to charge, I want to say a daughter has changed me which she has but I still love being me. Liana makes me want to be a better man though, the thought of her makes me work even harder.

Still trying to get over the fact that they had to wake me up, I was sleeping so good on that jet, I must have been real tired “it’s cold as shit here” sitting in the back of the SUV, rubbing my hands together “I need to buy a coat” Mijo sat next to me “freezing bruh, Jesus. How is this normal” I want to be back in LA, nice and warm there “least your body heat will warm my skin and bones up” I grinned at Mijo “we all need a fat nigga like Mijo” Hood had the nerve to say “the fuck you speaking about you fat yogi bear” Mijo spat, I let out a laugh “fat niggas getting bold as shit” shaking my head laughing “the fashion show starts in like an hour right?” I asked, I think it does “yeah it do” getting my phone out, this is good. I do time everything just right.

Mijo and Hood are still arguing, they both fat so they need to get over it “I am a pretty fat nigga, you are just ugly” smiling to myself as they proceeded to rip each other apart, flicking through my Instagram and my heart sank. It’s just the initial moment where you feel your heart just go, my smile soon faded “I guess you seen baller alert” rubbing my chin looking up at Mijo, let me keep my emotions to myself “yeah” I said “got some football nigga, he could knock your skinny ass to next year” Hood joked, clenching my jaw looking down at this motherfucker touching Robyn. I can’t help myself, I am so annoyed and she went on a fuckin date. Searching this football nigga’ Instagram, what the fuck is good about him “don’t be putting no stupid shit now, she is the mother of your daughter” this nigga don’t wait, he got them paparazzi pictures on his page already “fuck outta here” tapping the picture, I can’t help myself, I have to comment on this ‘side nigga’ pressing send “fuck him, I can still fight him”.

She has ruined my whole mood, she waited till I left to do that shit. Not once did she say it to me, she been dating other niggas and I fucking knew it “why are you even angry again?” Hood questioned “that’s mine” I said simply “so is every other woman” he retorted “they are just women, the fuck do you know shut up” I feel upset as fuck that she do me like that “fuck it, I am over it” I said as I tapped on Robyn’ name, not before I message her ass.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Some football nigga, is that how you doing me now? You better keep your niggas away from my daughter.

Pressing send, I want to say more but I don’t want to lose my daughter in the long run. Robyn is good with me seeing Liana. This nigga is taking what is mine. Robyn and I have just broke up, we will be back soon enough when I can act right.

Short: Fragile

Robyn POV:

*8 months ago*

“Robyn are you ok?” Mel asked me as I came from the bathroom.

“Yea I’m fine sis, why you ask?”

“You look fatigued and weak, and I’ve only been here for about 30 minutes but you’ve been to the bathroom three times already. Two of those times to throw up and don’t say you weren’t, because I heard you. Maybe we shouldn’t go shopping.”

“No we can still go. I’m just coming down with something; you know it’s that time of year but I’m fine now. You ready to go?”

“Yea let’s go.” She said in an apprehensive tone walking out the front door, and I followed behind.

Our ride to the mall was silent because I felt like if I opened my mouth to talk I would puke; I don’t know what’s wrong with me. We arrived to our destination and when I got out of the car I instantly became dizzy. I held onto the car door and took a breath. I gained my composure but I still felt light headed. Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten all day.

“Mel when we go in let’s go to the food court I’m hungry.”

“I’m a little hungry too so ok.”

We went inside and decided to get pizza. We ate our food and I felt somewhat better.

“Sis I need to go into MAC first. I have to get some more lipstick.” I said.

“Just meet me in Michael Kors when you’re done.” She said and went on her way.

I went in and purchased my usual along with some other things. On my way into MK to find Mel my phone rang and I answered.

“Hey baby.” I said.

“Hey babe what are you doing?”

“Out shopping with Melissa, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, sitting at my desk missing you.”

“Aww I miss you too; are you still coming over tonight?”

“Yea I’ll be there around 8:30 or 9.”

“Hold on one second.” I told him.

“What did you buy, let me see.” I said and she pulled a purse out of the bag.

“Oh I love that!!!”

“Tell Mel I said hi.” He said.

“Mel, Chris said hi.”

“Hey Chris, you need to come get your girl. She’s sick.” She yelled into the phone.

“What!?!? Robyn what’s wrong?” he said concerned and I gave Mel a death glare. She shrugged and mouthed “You are…”

“Baby trust me I’m ok.”

“No she’s not, she’s lying.” Mel said and I told her to shut up as I covered the phone so he wouldn’t hear.

“Listen Chris would I be out shopping if I was sick?”

“Yea you would be.” He said and I rolled my eyes. He’s right though.

“Believe me I’m fine, don’t worry honey.”

“Alright well I have to go but I’ll see you later. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I said and we hung up.

We entered Bath & Body Works but as soon as the aroma from the different scents hit my nose I almost instantly became nauseated.

“Mel let’s go in Chanel instead I don’t want anything in here.” I said and she nodded.

We walked into one of my favorite stores and began looking around. I suddenly felt something trying to come up so I ran full speed out of there.

“Robyn…Robs…!” Mel yelled running after me but I didn’t stop. I had to make it to a toilet. I reached the restroom just in time. I burst into a stall and began vomiting. After I was done I slid down the stall wall; I felt so weak.

“Oh my God Robyn.” Mel said bending down and putting a bottled water against my lips to drink. I rose up and put my head back into the toilet puking again while Mel held my hair. She helped me off the floor and I went to the sink to rinse my mouth out.

“We’re leaving.” She said and we walked to the car.

“Robyn when was the last time you had your period?” She asked keeping her eyes on the road.

“I’ve had one.” I said trying to think.

“I asked when though?”

“About 2 months ago.” I answered.

“I think you might be pregnant.”

“What? No I can’t be that’s impossible.”

“Do you and Chris use condoms?”


“Are you on birth control?”

“No.” I said lowly. I’m becoming scared now, I can’t be pregnant.

“Well then it’s possible and we’re getting you a test right now.” She stated pulling into Walgreens’ parking lot.

“Come on.” I walked into the store feeling uneasy.

“What test should I get, there’s so many.” I said. I’m overwhelmed by all the different tests. I need the most accurate one they got.

“Here get the Clearblue Digital; the one that says pregnant or not pregnant, because we don’t have time to be reading lines and the extra shit. It says America’s #1 digital pregnancy test so this is the one you need.” Mel said handing me the box.

“Umm I think I’ll take two boxes of that one and two boxes of the First Response one just in case.”

“Aight I’m going to the car sis.”

“Ok” I went to the counter and paid for the items.

“Congratulations young lady.” The cashier said to me, she was a much older woman.

“I’m sorry I don’t understand, congratulations on what mam?” I stated confusingly.

“I’m a mother of 6 and I know a pregnant woman’s glow so congrats. Children are a blessing.”

“Oh umm thanks…” I said grabbing my bag. I went to the car and we drove back to my place.

“Go in the bathroom and take the test; I’ll be in the living room waiting if you need me.”

I went into the bathroom and handled my business. Please say not pregnant. I nervously stared as the countdown started and when the results appeared I almost fainted.

“Are you ok in there?” Mel said peeking in and I was crying my eyes out.

“What did the test say?” I held one up and she read it out loud. Hearing her say it made me cry more. It seemed like hearing it from someone else made it more realistic than reading it myself.

“Oh Robyn it’s going to be ok just breathe and take another to make sure.”

“There’s no more to take because I took them all, and they said the same thing.” She hugged me tightly and I cried until it seemed like I ran out of tears, because nothing else was coming out.

“Get up I’ll make you some tea and we’ll talk about it.” I got up and went to my bedroom, and laid down.

I sipped on my hot tea and prayed it would relieve me from my agony.

“So what are you going to do?”

“There’s really only one option Mel.”

“To keep it right?” she stated and I said no.

“Wait what do you mean no? Robyn you can’t terminate this pregnancy.”

“What am I supposed to do then? It’s not the right time for me to have a baby with Chris. He’s married and has kids already. Our relationship is too chaotic already and to add a baby into mix will make things worse.”

“I don’t care Robyn, it’s not right. You’re an adult and you know better so if you didn’t want to get pregnant then you should have made sure you and Chris were more careful. Don’t do this Robyn.” She pleaded.

“Mel I don’t know what else to do.”

“Talk to Chris and y’all make a decision together.” I shook my head at the suggestion.

“You have to tell him. He’s the father and he has the right to know. Keeping this from him is not fair. If you do something like that without telling him and he finds out he’s going to be pissed, and truthfully he would have every right to be. You think he won’t be there for you or the baby is that it, because if so then that’s stupid. He may be married but that man loves you and he would do anything for you and you know that. I’m sure he would be thrilled that you’re having his child.” She said.

Everything she said was true but I can’t tell him, because he wouldn’t let me do what have to do. I know this is wrong and just thinking about it is killing me, but it feels like the only option I have at this point.

“Robyn please promise me you’ll talk to him and y’all will come up with a better decision than the one you just told me.”

“I can’t Mel…” I said watching my tears fall on my hands and she sighed hugging me until I eventually cried myself to sleep.

“Robyn baby wake up.” my eyes fluttered open seeing my love looking at me.

“Hey baby.” I said sitting up in bed and rubbing my eyes. He kissed my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled back and hugged him as if I hadn’t seen him in years. I’m so scared right now and he has no idea.

Chris POV:

“Are you feeling ok?” I asked as I ran my hands through her hair and on her face. She looked pale so I knew something was definitely wrong.

“Yea, I’ve just been working a lot lately, so I’m tired.” She said loosening my tie.

“You sure that’s it because you don’t look so well.”

“Wow thank you for the compliment.” She said in a sarcastic tone.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that; you’re always beautiful.”

“Hmm I know…” she said.

“Can you get me some aspirin babe? I have a headache.”

“Yea I’ll get you some.” I said getting up.

I went to get the aspirin out of the medicine cabinet and got her a glass of water.

“Here you go babe.” I said handing her the pills and she took them and gulped down the water.

“Thank you…” She said to me as she laid back down.

I proceeded to take off my shoes, shirt, and pants so I was only in my boxers. I went on the other side of the bed and got in. She cuddled up to me and turned on the TV.

“Are you spending the night?”

“If you want me to I will.”

“I do…”

“Well then I am.” I said kissing the top of her head and then her lips.

Our kiss shortly turned into a make out session. I got on top of her and removed her shirt.

“Not tonight Christopher.” She said softly.

“Huh…why not?”

“Because I don’t feel like it, now move.” She said pushing at my chest and I got off of her.

She turned her body to face the other direction and I heard her crying lowly. I grabbed her and pulled her closer to me.

“Robyn what’s wrong?”


“So you’re crying for nothing?” I said and she didn’t reply.

“Fine if you’re not going to tell me then cool. I’m damn sure not about to beg you to.”

“Just because I don’t want to have sex you’re catching an attitude.”

“What the hell are you talking about? All I’m trying to do is figure out why my girl is laying here crying.”

“Go home to your wife Christopher and leave me alone.”

“Less than five minutes ago you wanted me here now you want me to leave. Whatever man I don’t have time for these mood swings and shit so I’m leaving.”

I got up to put my stuff back on, because Robyn is really starting to piss me off. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

“Wait, please don’t go…” She said as I began to walk out of her room. This woman is going to drive me crazy. I’m about to be taking the aspirins next.

“Robs what is going on?” I said sitting in front of her.

Without uttering a word she buried her head in my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. My shirt was soaked with her tears and her breathing was unsteady.

“Shhh it’s going to be ok.” I said.

It fell silent and I looked down to see that Robyn had went back to sleep. It’s bothering me that she’s keeping something from me, obviously something that’s hurting her. I want to know what it is so I can try and fix it, because I don’t like seeing her like this.

Robyn POV:

Last night I wanted to tell Chris that I’m pregnant but I couldn’t bring myself to do it; instead I just cried. He ended up leaving this morning which was good because he wouldn’t hear me having morning sickness.

All of this still doesn't seem real so I made a doctor’s appointment today just to be sure. I invited Mel to go with me because I didn’t want to be by myself. My phone rang and I answered.

“Hey boo I’m outside, you ready?”

“Yea Mel I’ll be out in a minute.” I got my purse and made my way out the door.

“You nervous?” Mel said to me as we sat in the waiting room. My palms were sweaty and I kept rubbing them against my pants’ leg.

“It’s that obvious huh?”

“Umm yea…”

“Ms. Fenty the doctor will see you now.” the nurse said.

I took Mel’s hand and we walked to the back. I sat on the examination table and shortly the doctor came in.

“Hello Ms. Fenty, how are you doing today?”

“I’m doing good…”

“Wonderful, here it says you want a blood test to see if you’re pregnant, correct?”

“Yes, I took a few pregnancy test and they said I was but I want to be sure.”

“Ok well let’s get started.”

I stuck my arm out and looked away as she put needle in my arm.

“All done, I will be back in with your results in about 15 minutes.” She said with a smile. As each minute passed I was becoming more and more anxious even though I already know the answer.

“Secret lovers, yeah that’s what we are. Trying so hard to hide the way we feel…” my ringtone for Chris went off in the silent room snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Are you going to answer that?” Mel said.

“Nah leave it…”

“That’s really the ringtone you have for him though?” she said laughing.

“Yup it fits perfectly don’t you think?” I said giggling.

“Ok Ms. Fenty I have your test back and congratulations you’re pregnant.” She came in and said.

“Wow…” I murmured.

“Would you like to see your baby?” The doctor asked me. I looked at Mel and she nodded her head smiling.

“Yes…” I replied lowly.

“Ok lay back and lift up your shirt.” I did as I was told and she laid a cover across my bottom half. 

She applied some gel and I shivered a little from the coldness.

“There he or she is and it looks like you’re a little past 2 months.” I looked at the screen and I immediately covered my mouth in shock.

“That’s my baby?” I said with a small grin and Mel grabbed my hand.

“It sure is. Would you like a picture?” I nodded my head quickly telling her yes. She printed out two pictures and gave them to me.

Mel dropped me off at home and for the rest of the night I sat up and stared at the sonogram picture. I can’t believe this is real.

*3 weeks later*

For weeks now my mind has been going back and forth between what decision I should make. Although Chris and I have been going great lately and I love him I’ve still chosen the most undesirable option. Mel is very upset and disappointed with me because of my choice, but she’s still here to take me.

We arrived at the clinic and I instantly got an uneasy feeling. They called my name and I walked into the room. I saw the machine and became dizzy. I never thought this would be a part of my life. I laid down and put my feet into the stirrups. Tears formed in my eyes as the doctor slid the slender tube into me.

“Believe it or not mommy loves you already…I-I-I just can’t have you right now. I’m sorry God please forgive me.” I cried rubbing my stomach.

My breathing became heavy and my cries were loud. I suddenly had a change of heart. I shouldn’t go through with this, it’s wrong.

“Wait don’t take my baby, I want my baby!!!” I screamed but by that time it was too late. The procedure was over.

“Make sure she takes these pills for any pain she may experience like intense cramping worse than normal menstrual cramps. Contact us if she has heavy bleeding or if you think she has developed an infection, which is not likely but it’s possible. Also make sure she gets plenty of rest for a few days. This procedure is not to be taken lightly so it’s very important she takes care of herself.” The doctor told Mel and I just stood there zoned out. They took my blood pressure and sent me on my way.


“Sis would you like some soup, juice, tea, anything?” Mel asked me.

I haven’t said a word since during the abortion and that was six hours ago. Chris has been calling nonstop but I can’t talk to him right now, hell I can’t talk to anyone.

“Robyn you have to say something. How am I supposed to know you’re ok if you don’t talk to me?” She said hugging me.

She placed a blanket over my body and I stayed in my position on the couch, and continued staring into space.

“Well I’m not leaving you so I’ll be here if you need anything.” She sat on the other couch and turned on the TV.

*4 days later*

“Sis I’m going to the store then I’m going home to get a few things. I’ll be back though and try to get some sleep please.”

“Ok I’ll try…” I said and she walked out the door.

I haven’t gotten much sleep lately because I keep having strange dreams, and I’ve been hearing baby screams and cries. Mel says it’s my guilt that’s causing this and I think she’s right. I began to doze off when I heard my front door open.

“Mel you back already?” I said.

“It ain’t Melissa, it’s me.  Why haven’t you returned any of my calls?”

“I’m sorry Chris I’ve just been busy.”

“Busy with what? I’ve been to the boutique and they said you haven’t been there. What’s going on Robyn?” He asked sitting next to me.

“Baby tell me what’s been bothering you.” He pleaded.

“Christopher I had…” I started to say and his phone rang.

“Hold on baby.” He went upstairs to answer it. I stayed seated and waited for his return. I don’t know how to tell him this.

“Robyn!!! Robyn!!!…” Chris yelled and I looked back to see him running down the stairs.

“Why are you yelling, please stop yelling.”

“What is this?” he said handing me the sonogram.

“Are you pregnant? Are we going to have a baby?” he said smiling.

Seeing his smile broke my heart. He grabbed my hand to pull me up and he kissed my lips and hugged me.

“I was…” I whispered.

“Wait what do you mean you was? What happened, did you lose the baby?” He asked concerned and I shook my head.

“Then what happened?” I remained silent and looked away.

“Robyn look at me…”

“I had an abortion Chris I’m so sorry.” I said with tears coming down my face. I saw nothing but pain, disappointment, and rage in his eyes not the love I usually see.

 Chris POV:

I stand before the woman I love in disbelief, the Robyn I know and love wouldn’t pull something this horrendous.

“Baby I’m sorry…” Her sniffles echoed across the quiet room. She has been saying the same thing for over 30 minutes, yet it’s still not registering. My heart is shattering right before my eyes.

“You killed our baby, don’t be sorry sweetheart.”

I can’t bare the sight of her right now it’s disgusting. I’m aware this would have been a sticky outcome since I’m married and a pastor but I would have taken care of Robyn and our child. I stomped across her living room carpet in a rage, pacing back and forth.

“I thought it was best for us.” She said.

“I don’t want to hear that shit. How could you do something like that without telling me? How could you not tell me you were pregnant in the first place? How could you do this to us?” I inquired and she remained silent which was pissing me off even more.

“Fucking answer me Robyn, why did your selfish ass do this?” My voice was loud and full of anger which caused her to jump.

"Chris I’m sorry I really am. I should have told you and I realize that now. Please don’t be mad. It just wasn’t the right time for us to have a baby.”

“Don’t be mad? You killed my seed that I knew nothing about and you’re telling me don’t be mad, fuck out of here with that. This is the most selfish shit you have ever done. That was foul Robyn.”

“I know that and I feel really guilty. I haven’t slept and I’ve barely eaten. I love you and there’s no other man I would rather have kids with but you. It just wasn’t the right time babe.”

“Who made that decision that it wasn’t the right time? You did and what gives you the right to decide that. I know I’m married but that was my child too, and I would have been there for you no matter what.”

“So what was I supposed to do? Walk around with a baby and keep it a secret that you’re the father.”

“No, I would have claimed what was mine. I don’t play that bullshit when it comes to my kids.”

“How was I supposed to know that Christopher?”

“I guess you will never know now will you?” I said and she just stood there with her eyes blood red from crying. I threw my hands in the air attempting to walk off. She pulled my arm back but I harshly yanked it away.

“Listen I usually care when you’re upset but I don’t give a fuck right now, don’t touch me.” I said and continued towards the door.

“Baby please don’t go home I need you right now.” She pleaded with me, but I had to leave. I’m way too pissed off to be standing here talking to her.

"Chriiiiisss…I’m sorry!!!” She yelled. I slammed her door so hard and I think I made one of her pictures on the wall fall. I hopped in my car and sped off; I don’t know where I’m going but I need to go somewhere to calm down before I go home.

*2 weeks later*

It’s been weeks since I talked to Robyn and I’ve had time to think. I realized I was more hurt and sad by her actions rather than angry. I talked to Mijo and he helped me understand her possible reason for doing what she did. I love Robyn so much and I’m sure we can get through this together.

I stepped out of my car and walked towards her door. I used my key to let myself in and I saw her and Mel on the couch talking, but her back was facing me.

“Hey Chris…” Mel said.

“Melissa please don’t play with me like that. He’s not here.”

“Hey…” I said and Robyn turned around immediately.

“I’m going to leave you two alone to talk. Sis I’ll call you later and bye Chris.” Mel said. She took her things and hugged Robyn then she hugged me on her way out.

Robyn stood up and I walked over to her. She put her head down but I lifted it back up with my index finger.

“Chris if you’re here to yell at me some more…”

“I’m not here to argue babe. I just want to talk.” I said cutting her off.

“Ok well first I want to say I’m sorry again. You had every right to be as mad as you was; I expected that. I just wanted you to understand where I was coming from and not hate me. I’m really going through a lot because of the decision I made and all I wanted was you to be here to comfort me; well we could’ve comforted each other, but I guess once again Mel was right. I should have told you because you had the right to know. So I don’t blame you for walking out.”

“You’re right I did deserve to know and this really won’t be an easy situation for me to cope with. I understand it’s your body but I also contributed in making that baby. Robyn who knows our child could have been the one to cure cancer or an amazing author; we could have created something beautiful. Children are a blessing from God baby girl.”

I embraced her as the tears cascaded down my face. I’ve been holding my pain in and now my eyes are exposing the outcome of my broken heart. She buried her head in my chest and stated.

“I’ll understand if you want to leave me for good Chris.”

I couldn’t leave her even if I tried. At this point we’re in too deep; she has a hold on my soul.

“Robyn Fenty you are my life. I may get mad but I will never leave you forever baby. I know we aren’t a perfect couple and this situation isn’t the best but I truly love you.”

“Chris I love you too but I just thought you wouldn’t want a child from your whore.” That’s absurd that she would even think of something like that. I muster up the most serious face I could give her.

“Why would you call yourself my whore? Never talk down on yourself in my presence. You are my queen far from a whore. I’m in love with you Fenty. Whores don’t get love and I don’t see you as another notch in my belt, you are the lady of my life. I hope you haven’t taken advice from Melissa or anyone else. No disrespect but they don’t know about us or shit about me. We are madly in love with one another that isn’t changing as I stated a minute ago. I’m hurting but I will be fine eventually. Know what you’re worth to me baby girl, don’t listen to petty gossip. You are my lover and my rib.”

I hate when she doubts my views of her. Too many lifetime and petty ass gossiping females without a man will fry your brain. I pulled her close to me lightly placing her in my arms as I maneuvered towards the sofa. Sitting her on my lap I tickle the sides of her flat stomach to lighten up the mood.

“Do you want to rent something from the Redbox or watch Netflix babe?” I asked her. She looked at me and out of nowhere she began to cry again.

“Baby please don’t cry.” I hugged her tightly until she calmed down.

I’m definitely not going home tonight. I’m staying with my baby, she needs me. I’m sure I’ll have a great lie in the morning. This isn’t right but if loving Robyn is a crime I’ll do the time and I’d be doing way more than life. I softly caress her back to console her.

“Chris I don’t understand how you can sit there and still love me after what I did to you. I don’t deserve your love baby and no man I know would continue a relationship after something as devastating as the news you received.”

“Baby I’m not just any man I’m your man and I’m not leaving you anytime soon. Fenty you better get prepared for me to annoy you for the rest of your life.” I said causing her to smile.

“Oh gosh Chris you are truly a piece of work. I may have to trade you in for something less complicated.“

"Girl please you know you love me, I’m your addiction.” I playfully stated intertwining our fingers together.

“I do so much but get your big feet off of my coffee table mister.”

“Last I recalled I’m the one who bought this coffee table for you so I’m allowed to put my feet anywhere.”

"You are an asshole and I’m not your friend anymore.” She said in a childlike tone.

“Aww Robby why don’t you want to be my friend? I’ll make it worth your while.”

“What do you have in mind?” She asked staring at me untying her robe. I licked my lips pulling her close to me.

“No silly I want pizza keep your mind out of the gutter. You are a little heathen I tell you.”

We both couldn’t stop laughing and she was on the floor wheezing. That’s what I love about us, one minute we can be full of gloom and the next minute we're laughing our hearts out. She is the only person that has this effect on me. I’m never leaving her.

She isn’t perfect and neither am I. Love is about compromise and this may be an awkward situation but what relationship don’t have trials and tribulations?

Chrianna Short: Freedom

“Christopher Brown,” a voice exclaimed as keys banged together ringing throughout the solitary section of the jail. Having been on a strict schedule for the past few months, he was already awake and dressed when an officer stopped at his cell. The door was unlocked and slid open to reveal a face he had become accustomed to seeing for his short stay at this particular facility.

“Mr. Brown, it’s time for your release. Turn and cuff up.”

Chris inwardly sighed as he stood up, stretching his six foot, two inch body to loosen his muscles and bones, he turned to face the back wall of his cell. Hearing the familiar sound of metal locking around his wrists, Chris was turned around and led down the hallway of metal doors leading to 8x10 cells. The last time he’d have to take this walk of shame. The last time he’d have to smell this scent of despair, anger and regret. An officer walked beside him, holding his collection of things. All he wanted was his paperwork and artwork. He had passed the time singing, writing, drawing and thinking. Thinking about what needed to be changed and how he was going to move forward and be different. He knew he needed to mature and get his life in order. He was 25 years old; the time for childish games had passed.


Rihanna wrung her hands together and paced in her living room. Mel shook her head and chuckled at her friend, you’d think she was the one getting out of jail today.

“Robs, can you sit down please? Shit, you making me nervous,” Mel said.

“Mel, I can’t. God, I’m so nervous. What if they change their minds again? What if they keep him longer?”

“Robyn Fenty, have a little faith and calm down. Everything will be fine.”

“Melissa, I don’t know.”

“I’m gonna call both of your mamas on you if you don’t sit down somewhere.”

Robyn paused in her pacing and glared at Melissa, “that’s not funny.”

“I’m not laughing. I’m dead serious.”

“Mel, I’m serious. What if they don’t release on time?”

“Robyn, he will be fine. Are you going to pick him up?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“And why not?”

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Nobody outside of family knows his release date but I don’t know if the information may have leaked and the paps might show up. I don’t wanna cause more chaos than what might already happen just because of his release.”

“Did he say anything about you coming?”

“He left it up to me. I told him I’ll for sure see him after his release but I don’t know about being at the jail though.”

“His family is gonna be there, right?”

“Yea Mama J and all them flew here and they’re gonna meet him. I’m thinking I’ll just see him once he gets settled in. You know change clothes and eat and everything.”

“Robs, I think you’re definitely one of the faces he wants to see the most.”

“Now you sound like Chris.”

“That’s how you know I’m telling the truth. How about we stay and cook up some stuff then drop by the house once he’s out?”

Robyn perked up immediately at that suggestion before running into her kitchen. Flinging open the freezer and refrigerator at the same time, she began pulling out ingredients for common Bajan fare. Deciding on pepper pot, flying fish, macaroni pie, black eyed peas and rice and rum cake, Robyn organized the ingredients into the appropriate groupings on her massive kitchen counter before heading upstairs to change clothes. She needed to start cooking immediately.



Chris was nervous but elated as he finally changed out of his jailhouse orange into his regular clothes. The material felt more luxurious than he would’ve ever imagined. Raking his fingers through his growing black curls, he reasoned he could keep the hair on his head but the facial hair had to go as soon as possible. Glancing through the bars of the release/intake cell, he was very ready to go especially being this close to the outside. Another officer came by and stopped by the cell and Chris’s breath caught as he was pronounced free to go. Free? He hadn’t felt like that in a long time, way before he ever came to jail. Time to face the music. Taking a deep breath, he spoke to the releasing officer, stating his name and county ID number for the last time. Upon verification, Chris sighed deeply and walked into the front lobby. Before he even made to the front doors, he saw his mother and other family members waiting for him. He pushed open the doors and was immediately bum-rushed with hugs and loud sounds of celebration. He was going home.


His mom being the last to embrace him, he squeezed her as tight as he could before setting her on her feet. Joyce wiped tears from her eyes as she smiled at her son. As much as she hated where he was, something had to stop the downward spiral he called a life. He needed tough love in ways she couldn’t give him and he was different. His walk was different. His stature. His vibe. He was Chris but Chris in a way he hadn’t been before. His brow furrowed as he looked behind her searching for someone. He frowned in realization that she wasn’t there. He had given her the choice to come and she obviously decided not to.

“Angel, she thought it was best to let you settle in first,” Joyce said softly.

“Oh,” Chris replied in a disappointed tone.

“She was hoping you’d understand. She didn’t want to cause any unnecessary chaos with your release, you know?”

“I understand.”

“You ready to go?”

“Uh huh.”

Chris wrapped his arm around his mother as they left to their car. She knew he was happy but the disappointment of Rihanna’s absence could be felt in the loose form of his body.


“Robs, who are you feeding? The whole state of California,” Melissa joked as she gathered a few aluminum pans in her arms.

“Melissa, don’t start with me. I just wanna make sure he had enough food,” Rihanna replied.

“For what? Until the next lifetime? He ain’t but one person.”

“Shut up and come on.”

Rihanna’s driver grabbed the covered pans out of the ladies’ hands and placed them in the car. Climbing into the backseat, Rihanna and Melissa got ready to leave to Chris’s house. Being that his old property had sold, they were heading to his other place that he would be using to keep a low profile. Mama J had called and informed her that just family was there and Chris was in a good mood but a little disappointed she wasn’t there to meet him at the jail. Mama J had of course explained her reasoning to him but Rihanna still felt a little bad that he had been disappointed. A while later, they pulled into a driveway filled with cars. Grabbing the food, Rihanna and Melissa went and knocked on the door. Mama J answered and hugged them tightly, “Angel, you didn’t have to cook or bring anything.”

“I know Mama but I figured he could never have too much food. I made a couple of his favorite Bajan dishes.”

“That’s very sweet. I’m sure he’ll really appreciate it. Everyone is in the backyard, follow me to the kitchen to put this up.”

Joyce hugged Melissa as well before they headed into the kitchen.

“Robyn, I’m gonna get the man of the hour while y’all set up whatever you need, ok?”

“Yes, Mama,” Rihanna replied.

Mel set her pans on the counters and sat down at the dining table and peeked into the backyard, “Girl, all of Virginia is here.”

Rihanna chuckled and started uncovering some of the food to place into the oven to keep warm, “Now you know all of Virginia is his damn family. He got more cousins than we got family members.”

“Well Damn, just call me out,” a deep voice said from the back door. Rihanna froze in her movements, closing the oven door before turning around, “hey.”

“Hey,” Chris said softly.

Mel smiled as she hugged her unofficial brother, “Welcome home, Yellow Nigga.”

“Thanks Mel.”

“I’ma give y’all some space,” Mel said as she left into the backyard, closing the sliding door behind her. Rihanna began to nibble on her bottom lip in nervousness as Chris stood by the dining table, smiling at her.

“So…you just gonna stand there or come greet me?” Chris asked. Rihanna smiled and moved around the counter to jump in his arms, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Baby Girl. I’ve missed you too.”

Chris tucked his face into the crook of her neck and breathed in her scent, “you smell just like I remember.”

“Been a long time, huh?”

“Too long.”

Chris set Rihanna on her feet but kept a hold on her hand, “you look beautiful.”

“Thank you. You look good yourself.”

“Robyn…” Chris said with a look. Rihanna chuckled, “what Chris, you do look good. A little pale but good.”

“Uh huh.”

“Especially these curls. They’re just so grippable,” Rihanna stressed as she rubbed her free hand over his head, “I love your hair like this.”

“Thank you. How you been?”

“I’ve been alright. How about you?”

“Good. Just glad to be out.”

“I’m glad you’re out too. I know we aren’t together or anything but I really missed seeing you.”

“Same here. How is everything going?”

“Pretty good. Just working and hanging with family.”


“what you got planned next?”

“Just work, court and therapy.”

“You still gotta go back to DC, right?”

“Yea, they postponed my trial until the summer.”

“Ugh…that sucks.”

“Tell me about it. I had to meet with my parole officer today too.”

“How’d that go?”

“Not too bad. Same rules as last time.”

“Will anything change after DC?”

“Nah, that was the final ruling. That’s whole other issue in itself.”

“Oh ok.”

Chris caressed the back of her hand and smiled as they both fell silent. Rihanna blushed under his gaze before folding into his arms again. Chris kissed the top of her head as he hugged her to him. No matter where their romantic relationship stood, she’d always  be family and his best friend. Rihanna squeezed him as tight as she could as they stood in the middle of the kitchen.

Brushing his hand over her shoulder, Chris chuckled, “so…I saw you putting food away.”

“Yes, it’s for you, greedy butt.”

“You cooked?”

“Yes I did. All your favorites.”

“See, this is why you’re my best friend.”

“Besides the fact I’m just amazing.”

“Besides the fact you’re just amazing, yes.”

Rihanna chuckled and kissed his cheek, “you wanna see what I made?”


Rihanna laughed again at his enthusiasm, “you are so greedy.”

“Baby Girl, that food in there was fucking disgusting. I need all the home-cooked food I can get to erase the taste out of my mouth.”

“Chris, you are something else. You want me to make you a plate now or you wanna wait for everybody else?”

“Make me a plate, please” Chris replied with a pout. Rihanna poked at his dimple before moving out of his arms and into the kitchen. Quickly making a plate with all the food she cooked, she heated it up and set it in front of Chris. She turned to find something for him to drink in the fridge and set a glass of ice water next to his plate, “you need anything else?”

Chris glanced down at his plate then smiled up at her, “Nah Baby Girl, I’m good. Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.”

Following his instincts, he leaned over and pecked her lips causing her to smile. Softly caressing his cheek, Rihanna pecked his lips several more times before letting him sit back down in his seat. With a quick prayer, Chris began eating. Rihanna chuckled at his glowing face as he ate. He looked like a little kid at their first Thanksgiving, just excited to be in the presence of an abundance of food.

“You want some, Baby Girl?”

“Nah Babe, I’m good. You just keep eating. You want some more?”

“No, I’ll save some for later. You know Mama cooked too?”

“I saw. Need any more water or something?”

“No, I’m good.”

Rihanna wet a piece of paper towel and wiped his face, “you still eat like a five year old, huh?”

Chris gave her a goofy smile and she laughed, “Chris, you are so silly.”

She couldn’t keep back the amount of happiness she felt watching him enjoy himself. She sensed the difference in him as soon as he came into the kitchen but she was delighted he was still himself in the best ways possible.

Who cares what the future held for them as a couple? In this moment, his happiness, his freedom was all that mattered. The glow he had just illuminated the entire kitchen as they sat together, joking and talking as usual. She loved him and as long as he was ok, she knew she would be too.

'Anything That Connects': A Conversation With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has had one amazing week. Her new album, released this Monday, is on track to eclipse one million sales by Tuesday. The last artist to go platinum in a week was Swift herself with her 2012 album, Red. So by the time she arrived at NPR’s New York bureau today, she’d earned the right to a little goofiness — in this case, showing up in her Halloween costume, a fuzzy white bodysuit with wings that she described as a Pegasus-unicorn hybrid.

The new album is titled 1989. That’s the year Swift was born, which means that at just shy of 25 years old, she’s spent close to half her life in the music industry. In a far-reaching conversation with NPR’s Melissa Block, she addressed how things have changed since she began her career a decade ago — not just for her, but for the teenaged girls who have always been her primary demographic — as well as how she’s reacted to the digital age’s effect on media, music and feminism. Hear the radio version at the audio link, and read more of their conversation below.

Melissa Block: I enlisted some expert outside counsel for this interview: My 12-year-old daughter. And I want to start with a question from her. “In your hit song ‘Shake It Off,’ why’d you address the song to your haters and not your motivators?”

Taylor Swift: That’s amazing. With the song 'Shake It Off,’ I really wanted to kind of take back the narrative, and have more of a sense of humor about people who kind of get under my skin — and not let them get under my skin. There’s a song that I wrote a couple years ago called “Mean,” where I addressed the same issue but I addressed it very differently. I said, “Why you gotta be so mean?”, from kind of a victimized perspective, which is how we all approach bullying or gossip when it happens to us for the first time. But in the last few years I’ve gotten better at just kind of laughing off things that absolutely have no bearing on my real life. I think it’s important to be self-aware about what people are saying about you, but even more so, be very aware of who you actually are, and to have that be the main priority.

Here’s a related question about the same song, from a 7th grader. She’s thinking about the lyrics, and she says, “That sounds a lot like middle school. Do you have anything that you can tell a middle school girl to help 'shake it off’”?

She’s exactly right. When I was in middle school, I had this fantasy — and I really thought this was how life worked — that when we were in school, we had to deal with bullying and kids picking on you for no reason, or making you feel like somehow don’t deserve what you want, or you’re not what you should be. And I thought that when you grow up and you’re not in school anymore, when you’re out there in the world with adults, that it’s not like that anymore, that people don’t attack each other for no reason or try to tear each other down. And I realized when I grew up that it’s the same. It’s the same dynamics, except we’re not walking from classroom to classroom.

It’s just interesting how you have to learn how to deal with this at one point or another in your life because people don’t necessarily ever grow out of those impulses to pick on each other. Some of us do; some of us realize that’s something you do when you’re insecure, you try to lash out at someone else. But a lot of people will always do that to other people. So I guess what I try to encourage girls who are in middle school to do is to figure out a way to distract yourself from that negativity. Figure out what kind of art you love to create, or your favorite hobby. Something to throw all of your energy into. And realize that you’re gonna have to learn how to cope with this at some point — because it’s never going to end, necessarily.

There’s definitely a different sound on this new album. You’ve left country completely behind; this is a really highly produced electronic pop album. But you also say to your fans in the liner notes that “this is a different story line than I’ve ever told you before.” I’m not sure I’m hearing that — so what do you think is new about the storyline in these songs?

In the past, I’ve written mostly about heartbreak or pain that was caused by someone else and felt by me. On this album, I’m writing about more complex relationships, where the blame is kind of split 50-50. I’m writing about looking back on a relationship and feeling a sense of pride even though it didn’t work out, reminiscing on something that ended but you still feel good about it, falling in love with a city, falling in love with a feeling rather than a person. And I think there’s actually sort of a realism to my new approach to relationships, which is a little more fatalistic than anything I used to think about them. I used to think that, you know, you find “the one.” And it’s happily ever after, and it’s never a struggle after that. You have a few experiences with love and relationships, and you learn that that’s not the case at all. Lots of things are gray areas and complicated situations, and even if you find the right situation relationship-wise, it’s always going to be a daily struggle to make it work. So those are different themes that I don’t think people have really seen in my lyrics before.

Is the song “Wildest Dreams” maybe an example of that?

That’s actually a really good example of the way I go into relationships now. If I meet someone who I feel I have a connection with, the first thought I have is: “When this ends, I hope it ends well. I hope you remember me well.” Which is not anything close to the way I used to think about relationships. It’s that realization that it’s the anomaly if something works out; it’s not a given.

Are there new musical influences here? Some music reviewers have been mentioning the influence of Lorde or Lana Del Rey or maybe Robyn in some of your songs. What do you hear?

I hear Peter Gabriel and I hear Annie Lennox. Those were the two artists that I was listening to a lot when I was making this record. What Annie does is so interesting to me, and it’s not something you could ever try to duplicate. But the way she conveys a thought, there’s something really intense about it. And I think that’s I’ll always aspire to.

And what about Peter Gabriel?

With Peter, that’s an artist who has such incredible taste and such an incredible finger on the pulse of what would excite people, musically. What he was doing in the '80s was so ahead of its time, because he was playing with a lot of synth-pop sounds, but kind of creating sort of an atmosphere behind what he was singing, rather than a produced track. It was just kind of astonishing how he was able to do that. And then you see him in his later work, when he did that album full of modern-day covers. I mean, I just think that he’s remarkable at giving people what they want, but they didn’t think they wanted.

I want to ask you about the song “Out Of The Woods.” There’s this intriguing lyric in there about somebody “hitting the breaks too soon, 20 stitches in a hospital room.” What’s that about?

That line is in there because it’s not only the actual, literal narration of what happened in a particular relationship I was in, it’s also a metaphor. “Hit the brakes too soon could mean the literal sense of, we got in an accident and we had to deal with the aftermath. But also, the relationship ended sooner than it should’ve because there was a lot of fear involved. And that song touches on a huge sense of anxiety that was, kind of, coursing through that particular relationship, because we really felt the heat of every single person in the media thinking they could draw up the narrative of what we were going through and debate and speculate. I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy for me to find love and block out all those screaming voices.

Not to ignore the broader metaphor here, but I am curious about the actual event. What happened?

I’ll bet you are. That’s kind of between us, between the two people who it happened to. I think I put it in the song knowing it was an evocative lyric. And it was almost like this very strange, subtle clue to the media that they don’t know everything that happened in that relationship, and they don’t know everything that happens in my life, and I can have something really major and traumatic happen to me and they don’t know about it.

How rare are those moments? When you feel like you can do something on your own that nobody will know about if you don’t want them to.

It’s strang,e because my life now is really abnormal. I get used to the fact that when I go out, there’s gonna be a line of people wanting pictures on their phone, and there’s gonna be crowds everywhere, even if there weren’t crowds when I walked into a store. I realize the only privacy I’m really entitled to is when I’m in my own apartment or my own home, 'cause everything else is kind of — I’m looked at as sort of public property. And there’s nothing I can do about that perception except control my mental perspective on it, which is, I need to treat people well. I need to be grateful. I need to take pictures with people when they ask for one. So if I’m not in the mood to do that, I don’t leave my house.

You also do, in a certain way, make yourself pretty accessible through social media, right? You’ve been posting Polaroids of your fans holding your new album on your Twitter feed. And you chose fans to invite over to your various homes to have listening parties for the new album — made them cookies, I thin? You do have this funny dynamic of bringing people in a very managed way, in a very calculated way, and then having to figure out where the boundary is.

Well, yeah. I like for them to be in situations where they feel they can be themselves. Places they can’t be themselves are when they’re being pushed up against a barricade and there are thousands of them outside of a talk show, and they’re trying to get a picture but they’re screaming and everybody’s freaking out. They can’t necessarily be themselves when they’re in these chaotic situations where fans usually find themselves.

I did this thing called the 1989 Secret Sessions a few months ago, way before the album came out. I had spent months picking fans on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter — people who had been so supportive and had tried and tried to meet me, had been to five shows or however many events but had never met me before. And so I picked these people. And in every single one of my houses in the U.S. and my hotel room in London, I would invite 89 people over to my living room, play them the entire album, tell them the stories behind it. And I’d say, you know, you can share your experience, but please keep the secrets about this album a secret. Let’s not talk about lyrics before the album comes out. Let’s not talk about song titles. And if you see anybody leaking music, please let us know.

We spent four hours together each night, taking Polaroids and having a great time and giving them a chance to tell me their stories that they wanted to tell in their own time. Not being rushed. Not having to feel panic. And then they went back out into the world, and they kept those promises. They didn’t talk about lyrics. They didn’t spoil the secret for other fans. Two days before the album came out, it leaked online, and it was the first time I’ve ever had an album leak without it trending on Twitter — because my fans protected it. Anytime they’d see an illegal post of it, they’d comment, "Why are you doing this? Why don’t you respect the value of art? Don’t do this. We don’t believe in this. This is illegal. This isn’t fair. This isn’t right.” And it was wild seeing that happen.

What do you think other artists could take from that? You are having huge success with this album at a time when a lot of artists can’t sell albums to the same extent as they used to.

Well I truly believe in the album. From the start of making one to the time it’s finished, I focus on there being a visual theme and emotional DNA to it — including the physical package. I mean there has to be an incentive to go to a store, buy a CD. What people who are forecasting the downfall of the music industry don’t think about is that there is a still a huge percentage of the country who drive their kids to school every day and play a CD and listen to it with their kids – there’s a CD in the CD player in their car. So I understand that the industry’s changing and a lot of people are streaming. However, there are a lot of people who aren’t, which is what this release reflects. And so, in the physical CD, we’ve done an exclusive at Target that has three extra songs. It has three songwriting voice memos from my cell phone that were, you know, the initial rough rough ideas that I had; we put those on the album so people can have insight into the songwriting process. I have five sets of 13 Polaroids from the album photo shoot that are in an envelope in the CD, and depending on what album they get, they’ll get a different set of polaroids with lyrics written on the bottom of them. So it’s very much an experience that’s different than downloading the music itself. It’s almost like this kind of collector’s edition, the physical copy.

I can imagine other singers listening to this saying, “You know, that’s great for Taylor Swift. She has the resources to do all that. It’s great marketing, but it’s not art — and the rest of us are on a different playing field. We just can’t compete with that.”

I think that the way that the music industry is changing so quickly, we can learn something from every big release, anything that connects with people. At the end of the day, this is a case by case scenario. If some other artist tries to has the same exact marketing campaign, tries to do secret living room sessions, that’s great — if it makes a connection with their fans. If it doesn’t make a connection with their fans, then it’s not gonna work for them. And I think that what we need to start doing is catering our release plans to our own career, to our own fans, and really get in tune with them. I’ve been on the internet for hours every single night figuring out what these people want from me. And when it came time to put out an album, I knew exactly what to do.

Let’s think back to when your first album came out, when you were 16. You’d moved to Nashville with your parents to try to make this dream of yours come true. You were writing really personal songs about young love and your broken heart. Can you go back to those songs now? I mean, is there any way you can tap into that 16-year-old girl — or even younger, when you wrote them?

I wrote my first album when I was 14 and 15, so now we’re going on 10 years of making albums right now. The formula has never changed, in that I try to make an album that best represents the last two years of my life. People have essentially gotten to read my diary for the last 10 years. I still write personal songs, and sometimes people like to put a very irritating, negative, spin on that — as if I’m oversharing, as if it’s too much information — when this has been the way I’ve lived my life and run my career the entire time. So I do think it’s really important that I continue to give people an insight into what my life is actually like, even though it comes at a higher cost now.

If you were to go back and perform one of your earliest songs, a song like “Tim McGraw,” say, from your first album, could you connect? Could you go back to the girl who wrote that song as a young teenager?

Yes and no. When I do a live show, there are certain songs fans really want to hear, and I’m gonna always play those songs. There’s a song called “Love Story” that I wrote when I was 17. I’m going to be playing that as long as I’m playing concerts. And I can go back and I can connect to that song — because of the stories I’ve heard from fans saying, “We walked down the aisle to that song,” or how special I feel it was when that was our first No. 1 worldwide hit. But “Tim McGraw,” that song I don’t really connect to as much. I connect to it in the form of nostalgia, but that was a song about a first love. I’m in a very different place in my life right now, and I think you can only hope to grow so much, emotionally, that you can’t necessarily connect to wide-eyed 15-year-old ideas of love anymore.

I’ve been thinking about that song — I was listening to it today — because it feels to me like “Wildest Dreams” is in many ways the 10-years-older version of “Tim McGraw,” of telling somebody, “Look back and remember me this way.” In that song it’s a black dress and in the new song, I think it’s a fancy dress.

Absolutely. I didn’t think about that at all. The only difference is that “Tim McGraw,” I wrote that song about a relationship that had already ended, hoping that he would remember me well. “Wildest Dreams” is about a relationship that is just beginning and already foreshadowing the ending of it.

Like I said, I am the mother of a 12-year-old girl, and she loves your music. Her friends love your music. You have a huge platform among a very vulnerable, impressionable set of the population. And I wonder if you think about turning your lens outward, turning it away from the diary page, and sending a broader message to girls who would be really receptive to hearing about big ideas and the big world that’s outside.

Like what kind of messages?

Well, other characters. I don’t mean to minimize the effect of a love song or a pop song. But do you ever think about writing about other experiences, things that might turn girls away from themselves in a different way?

There’s nothing that’s gonna turn girls away from themselves at age 12. I think that it’s really important that I speak about things in interviews that I’m passionate about. I have brought feminism up in every single interview I’ve done because I think it’s important that a girl who’s 12 years old understands what that means and knows what it is to label yourself a feminist, knows what it is to be a woman in today’s society, in the workplace or in the media or perception. What you should accept from men, what you shouldn’t, and how to form your own opinion on that. I think the best thing I can do for them is continue to write songs that domake them think about themselves and analyze how they feel about something and then simplify how they feel. Because, at that age — really at any age, but mostly that age — what can be so overwhelming is that you’re feeling so many things at the same time that it’s hard to actually understand what those emotions are, so it can turn to anxiety very quickly.

We are dealing with a huge self-esteem crisis. These girls are able to scroll pictures of the highlight reels of other people’s lives, and they’re stuck with the behind-the-scenes of their own lives. They wake up and they look at their reflection in the mirror, and they compare it to some filtered, beautiful photo of some girl who’s really popular and seems like she has it all together. This is not what you and I had to deal with when we were 12. It’s so easy and readily available to compare yourself to others and to feel like you lose.

I’m 24. I still don’t feel like it’s a priority for me to be cool, edgy, or sexy. When girls feel like they don’t fit into those three themes, which are so obnoxiously thrust upon them through the media, I think the best thing I can do for those girls is let them know that this is what my life looks like. I love my life. I’ve never ever felt edgy, cool, or sexy. Not one time. And that it’s not important for them to be those things. It’s important for them to be imaginative, intelligent, hardworking, strong, smart, quick-witted, charming. All these things that I think have gone to the bottom of the list of priorities. I think that there are bigger themes I can be explaining to them, and I think I’m trying as hard as I possibly can to do that.

I’m really surprised to hear you say that you never feel cool or edgy or sexy. I mean, you spend a lot of time on red carpets. You go to fashion shows. Those three words don’t fit into your view of yourself?

Not at all. I mean, going back to your daughter’s age, I think a lot of our self-esteem and self-image is frozen in those formative years. And that was not a time in my life where I felt accepted or invited or like I belonged. And so I’ve kind of come into my own in that I no longer prioritize feeling those things.

You mentioned earlier you try to talk about feminism. What does feminism mean to you?

I mean, by my basic definition, it means that you hope for equal rights and opportunities for men and women.

And how does that play out in the music world that you’re a part of? I mean, do you feel like that’s not an issue for you anymore?

It’s an issue every day that I read a headline that says, “Careful, guys. She’ll write a song about you.” Meanwhile, I have best friends who are male musicians and songwriters, who write songs about their girlfriends and their ex-girlfriends, and that joke is never made about them. As women in public eye, our relationships are tallied up in ways that they aren’t for men. And if men have a lot of relationships that are tallied up, it’s thought of as mischievous, cheeky. “Oh he’s just out again with another girl.” It’s somehow done with a wink and a smile and for us, and it’s supposed to be shameful, if we’ve had a few relationships that haven’t worked out. When I open up a magazine and it says, “Who’s the hotter mama: J-Lo or Beyoncé ?” You don’t see, “Who’s the hotter dad: Matt Damon or Ben Affleck?” It just doesn’t happen. And if we continue this perception that women should be compared to other women and there’s a winner and a loser, we’re doing ourselves a huge disservice as a society.

Taylor Swift, thanks so much for coming in to talk to us. I appreciate it.

Thank you; it’s been good to talk to you, too. Tell your daughter “Hey,” from me.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Robyn ! What do you think Harry and Louis fight about ? (because yes, every couple has disagreements!) I love to hear about their domestic lives lol

Married bickering is so Harry and Louis.

“How many times am I going to nearly break my neck falling on your shoes before you will utilize the shoe rack?”

“You know I’d never want to break that beautiful neck of yours, love,”

“That’s nice and all but shoes go on the rack,”

“Okay bossy pants, I heard you the first time.”

“Really? Because I’ve been saying this since the day we moved in together,”

“If we’re getting technical you said you always wanted to move in with me,”

“That was before I knew my spouse was trying to murder me with shoes,”

“I’m going to murder you with my mouth in a minute to shut you up,”


The shoes don’t get moved but they do go to sleep blissed out and happy.

anonymous asked:

Hey Robyn! What do you think the story is behind the do not disturb sign?

Louis slid the sleeves of the lavender jumper down over his hands, shivering inwardly as he pulled on the patio door. “Babe, why have you got the door open, do you want to freeze to death as well?” He turned on his heel, cocking an eyebrow at the messy bun and sleepy pout that he was met with.

“But I like the crisp air,”

He padded over to the couch and crouched down, folding his arms to rest his chin on them. “The only crisp thing we need right now is bacon.” Harry started to move around, settling back with a grunt when Louis stopped him with a hand against his chest. “Which I will be making, the only thing you need to do is stay here and remain looking adorable.”

Harry sighed in defeat. “You’re loving this, aren’t you.”

Louis nodded, pressing his lips against his forehead. “I’m going for top prize in the doting spouse of the year category,”

“If there is a competition, I say it’s rigged.”

Louis cackled, rounding the couch to gently place himself in Harry’s lap, running a thumb along the soft, warm skin of his neck. “Baby, it’s only going to be for a few weeks,”

Harry leaned into his touch, eyes fluttering closed. “Yeah, I know. I’m just not used to be immobile. This is supposed to be Niall’s thing.”

Louis laughed softly, moving his hands under the blanket Harry had wrapped around his shoulders. “He literally went out that night, nothing can stop an Irishman.”

“That’s true.” He gave Louis a lopsided smile. “I don’t want to be a burden.”

Louis frowned, “Hey, this is in sickness and in health remember? Do you need me to propose again? I’ll do it,”

He shook his head, his smile finally reaching his eyes. “No.”

Louis wiggled his eyebrows, slowly crawling down to fit himself in between his legs. “Do you…want me to…you know…”

“Hmm, no I don’t think I do know? Maybe you should demonstrate…”

*ten minutes later*

“Hey, are you guys respectable, we have that interview in an hour,”

“Nope, Harry’s getting head, Niall!”

Niall rolled his eyes towards the ceiling, backing out the door.

“I can’t believe you need a bloody do not disturb sign for your house as well.”


For a second, my mom twisted features relax. She obviously wants to believe it because the alternative is just too horrifying. But we’re stark naked. There’s no way she missed that. She got an eyeful before I was awake enough to yank the sheets up.

She stands frozen in the door. Her gaze turns wary, and her skin goes three shades lighter as she works out that Chris must be lying. “What’s …” She shakes head, still trying to get her mind around what she’s seeing. “What’s going on?”

Chris ‘ pecs and biceps ripple as he pulls himself up to a sitting position, keeping the sheet draped over the parts he probably hasn’t shown his own mother since he was five. How is it that even now, when we’re so totally and royally screwed, I’m still noticing how hot he is?

He blows out a breath. “I know this is a shock, Monica,” he says in his most soothing voice, “and I’m really sorry. This wasn’t how we’d planned for you to find out. We were going to tell you and Dad tonight at dinner.”

Her wary gaze begins to storm, and her face pulls tight as she regards what Chris’ said. “Tell us what?” Her voice has gone up a full octave.

Chris’  eyes flick to me, and I realize that he might be a little embarrassed, but he’s not scared or unsure. Just seeing the confidence in that gaze—knowing he believes in us as much as I do—reassures me. “We didn’t plan for this to happen, when we had that one modeling shoot.. something happened between us. Since then, we’ve realized that we love each other.”

Her gaze, somewhere between betrayed and angry, shifts to me. “Robyn?”

I force the cringe off my face. If Chris can be brave, so can I. “It’s true, Mom. We’re in love.” I hold the sheet to cover myself as I wiggle toward the nightstand and pull out the black velvet box, but just then, the garage door opener starts grinding away below us.


Monica’s expression has gone through so many emotions in the last two minutes, but now it’s just blank. I think she’s in shock. Her gaze shits to me.“That’s your father. Dinner’s ready.” She spins and leaves the room, without closing the door.

“Shit,” Robyn hissed when we hear her Mom’s feet on the tile of the entryway at the bottom of the stairs.

I fold Robyn into my arms. “It’s going to be okay, Rob. We were just about to tell them anyway. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

She brings her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms tightly around them, and buries her face, trying to make herself as small as possible. “They are going to freak out.”

I pulled the ring box out of her hand and lift her face. “Is this what you want, Robyn? Do you want me?”

“Hell, yeah. I want you ALL the time. That’s what got us caught.”

I shake my head at her. “I mean for real. Do you really want to marry me?”

She looks at me with wide eyes, as if surprised I’d even question that. “Of course. I love you.”

I let out a sigh of relief, then open the box and pull the ring out, sliding it

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