robyn mathers

The Tomorrow series by John Marsden deserves the Netflix treatment

The ABC show is fun, but feels too restrained. My hopes if a Netflix series happen are:

-Go all out on violence, the novels never held back and had it’s gruesome moments

-Focus only on the teenagers, no parents.

-Do not adapt The Ellie Chronicles, end it at Book 7

“They were the beats of my heart, the skin of my body, the breath that entered my mouth and nostrils. They were the beautiful friends who had taught me that love was the life-force.”

I learned something very important from Robyn: you have to believe in something. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. It’s not for me and it wasn’t for Robyn. But she did it, and I’m going to keep look­ing and keep trying till I do, too.
That’s the real trouble with our politicians: they don’t believe in anything except their own careers.
You have to believe in something. That’s all.