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I tag @fullonlarrie @justapayneaway @gaycousinlarry @catp and anyone else who wants to tag me because I always want to know what music people like. :D

L: Little Toy Gun by honeyhoney
O: Oh, Goddamnit by Hot Hot Heat
U: Ugly Heart by G.R.L.
A: American Girls by Counting Crows
N: Not Even Jail by Interpol
D: Drive my Car by The Beatles
H: Hang with Me by Robyn
A: Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl by Broken Social Scene
Z: Zak and Sara by Ben Folds
A: All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled
F: FourFiveSEconds by Rihanna/Kanye/Paul McCartney


Robyn’s “Hang With Me” is an accidental fuccboi anthem and that’s ok. 

a poe dameron playlist

i. dreams come true - brandon flowers (i don’t stand in line and it’s treated me alright so far) ii. shot at the night - the killers (give me a shot at the night give me a moment, some kind of mysterious) iii. hang with me - robyn (just don’t fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me) iv. champion - kanye west (tell me what it takes to be number one) v. baby i’m a star - prince and the revolution (hey, I ain’t got no money but honey i’m rich on personality) vi. never give up on the good times - spice girls (never give up on the good times, living it up is a state of mind) vii. countdown - beyonce (do whatever that it takes, he got a winner’s mind give it all to him, meet him at the finish line) viii. escapade - janet jackson (come go with me we’ve got it made let me take you on an escapade)


just between friends — a romanogers fanmix

a list of songs that remind me of romanogers. The good, the bad, the friendship, the romance, the heartbreak. mainly from steve’s POV. it tries to tell a story, so… i hope it’s easy to understand.

1. just between friends kitty kallen / “sometimes, something happens between friends that you cannot deny.” || 2. these days foo fighters / ”your heart has never been broken, your pride has never been stolen.“ || 3. last of the american girls/she’s a rebel american idiot cast / ”she’s a rebel. she’s a saint.” || 4. we might be dead by tomorrow soho / ”we might be dead by tomorrow.” || 5. september earth wind & fire / ”our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing.” || 6. crimson & clover tommy james & the shondells / ”Now I don’t hardly know her but I think I could love her.“ || 7. unattainable little joy / ”and this deep secret that hasn’t come out yet is buried, down deep.” || 8. Es Ist Ein Ros Mychael Danna || 9. hang with me robyn / ”just don’t fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me ‘cause it’s gonna be all heartbreak, wistfully painful and insanity.” || 10. should i stay or should i go the clash / ”one day is fine and the next is black, so if you want me off your back, well, come on and let me know: should I stay or should I go?“ || 11. it’s all too much the beatles / ”it’s all too much for me to take, the love that’s shining all around you.” || 12. keep breathing ingrid michaelson / ”I want to believe in more than you and me but all that I know is i’m breathing.“ || 13. how can you mend a broken heart al green / ”how can you mend this broken man?” || 14. gold (a cappella) once cast / ”and i love her so, i wouldn’t trade her for gold.” || 15. back at your door maroon 5 / ”if i took you for granted, i apologize for acting tough. you’re my reason for living and there’s no way i’m giving up.” || 16. i will follow you into the dark death cab for cutie / ”i’ll follow you into the dark.“ || 17. your hand in mine explosions in the sky



♥only wanna dance with you♥

a slightly tongue in cheek mix for friends-with-benefits, rivals, partners-in-crime, playmates, and everything in-between. 

for trying on each other’s clothes, drinking too much, dancing all night, and texting each other sherlock holmes’s nudes.

for the aromantic queer consulting criminal and the homoromantic bisexual professional adventuress. 

listen ] 

01. pure morning - placebo | 02. only wanna dance with you - ke$ha | 03. last friday night (missy elliott remix) - katy perry | 04. fancy (gta remix) - iggy azalea 05. long hot summer - girls aloud | 06. girlfriend - icona pop | 07. s&m - rihanna | 08. we can’t stop - miley cyrus | 09. lace and leather - britney spears | 10. discotech - young love11. feel so close - calvin harris | 12. hang with me - robyn | 13. grace kelly (acoustic) - mika

dont talk to boys theyll break your heart | tucknut fanmix | [listen] | coverart unknown

1. kill the director // the wombats | 2. say it, just say it // the mowglis | 3. hang with me // robyn | 4. awkward kisser // telekenisis! | 5. love away // capital cities | 6. lonely hearts club // marina and the diamonds | 7. i do adore // mindy gledhill | 8. its cool, we can still be friends // bright eyes



Chris stared at her in horror as she had a blank look on her face. “Robyn said she gives you water for your meds in the morning….are you getting something els-”

“MA, please!!” Chris begged. He was so embarrassed and knew how Robyn felt about meeting parents. He looked over at her, picking apart her bread and keeping her eyes on the white tablecloth.

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three playlists for Danny Phantom


Appels + Oranjes the Smashing Pumpkins | You Gotta Be Des’ree | You’re a Wolf Sea Wolf | Radioactive in the Dark Fall Out Boy/Imagine Dragons | Scab and Plaster Marina and the Diamonds | No Idea How Bike for Three! | Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit | Revolving Doors Gorillaz | A World Alone Lorde | Ghosts Dirty Vegas | I’m Not Your Hero Tegan and Sara | Counting Stars OneRepublic | Happy Phantom Tori Amos | You Got the Power Ten Bears | You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid the Offspring | Dope Crunk Beats Antique



Shut the F Up, Boy (the declaration of Rosey Gunz) Nikki Lynette | Little Secrets Passion Pit | Hang With Me Robyn | Team Lorde | One-Trick Pony Nelly Furtado/the Kronos Quartet | Smoke and Mirrors Gotye | When I Grow Up [Funkagenda + Paul Thomas Remix] Fever Ray | O.K. Ani Difranco | So Jealous Tegan and Sara | Feeling This Blink-182 | Burnlight Muse; Linkin Park | Best Wrecking Ball Ever One Direction vs Miley Cyrus | Indestructible Robyn | Buzzcut Season Lorde | Both Hands Ani Difranco | Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix) Beats Antique



Mambo No. 5 Lou Bega | Lucky Suit & Tie Justin Timberlake x Daft Punk | All Men Are Pigs Studio Killers | Computer Guy Savlonic | Shining Highway Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt | GameBro (Original 1990 Mix) Eric “Jit” Scheele | Rolled Lemon Jelly | Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles | Easy Way Out Gotye | Digital Love Daft Punk | Sonic the Hedgehog Drowning My Lives Away OC ReMix halc | Superfast Jellyfish (Feat. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul) Gorillaz | Fembot Robyn | Silent Line: Armored Core Morning, Thinker OC ReMix Another Soundscape, DragonAvenger | San Francisco the Mowgli’s | Egyptic Beats Antique



Cherry Hill East Battle of the Bands (2003):

Thanksgiving Parade (2012):

Live at Characters with the cast of Once (2013):

Once Live on Brodway- Cristin’s Final Show (March 24th, 2013)

Live at Joe’s Pub (May 26th, 2013):

Live at 54 Below with Elizabeth A. Davis and Will Connolly (August 29th, 2013)

Live at Joe’s Pub (December 8th, 2013):

Oscar Concert (February 28th, 2014):

Live at Joe’s Pub (June 19th, 2014):

At Marie’s Crisis Bar (February 2015):

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Lazarus (January 2016):