robyn day


Some of the Zero Day references to the Columbine High Massacre.

During target practice, one of the minor characters says that Calvin is a natural. To his comment, Andre adds the words natural selection, which Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters, believed in a Social Darwinist variant of. The day of the massacre, Harris wore a white t-shirt with the words printed on it.

The film itself was inspired by the famous Harris/Klebold basement tapes. It contains certain similar scenes, such as when the main characters go over their arsenal or when they go to target practice. 

In the film, Calvin Gabriel goes to the school’s prom with his friend Rachel, just before the morning of the massacre. In real life, Dylan Klebold attended to the Columbine High School prom with his friend Robyn, three days before the april 20th.

The scenes inside the school are all in the CCTV footage style, also inspired by the released footage of the Columbine High cafeteria in the morning of the 4/20. The end of the massacre comes when the main characters commit suicide after killing most of their victims in the library.