robyn coffin

ChF 5x22

I can’t believe it’s the season finale already.

Casey, Alderman, I really don’t care.

Gabby’s hair looks nice.

Herrmann rescuing a little boy <3

I was just gonna say that I was sad that Robyn Coffin wasn’t in the guest cast list and THEN HER NAME POPPED UP. Yaaay <3

Come on, Cruz, that’s not fair.

Okay, Casey, I get that it’s not easy but you’re being an ass. 

The music and then you can see the writing on the ambo door, I’m sobbing.

Cindy <3 Okay, that was a short scene but we got another confirmation that they’ve been together at least 15 years. I know that another year/time was mentioned before, was it 20 years or something?


Okay, Ramon, you’re going too far.

“I feel.. old.” Don’t talk like that, Mouch, I don’t wanna see you get killed. Like, the way he talks really sounds like he’s gonna die in that episode. 

Awww Trudy.

“I think it’s time.” No, don’t you retire, Mouch. I need my weekly dose of Mouch. Mouchy. Randall McHolland. Mouch. Don’t you dare leave me

PEACHY (that’s an inside joke)

… Otis. Was he in the episode yet? Did he even say a line?

What Herrmann did for that boy is beautiful <3 He wants an autograph from herrmann, too. This is toob eautiful, I’m smiling so hard right now

Uh oh. That factory fire looks like the fire that puts them all in jeopardy.

“this is my last shift. I’m retiring.” noooo

this looks exactly like the season2  finale.


I’m worried about Mouch and Herrmann. Not too worried about Casey because they won’t kill 1/3 of the characters they focus on.

“You are not dying in here, you old loaf.” I’d be cackling if I wasn’t that scared about them

“I’m so sorry, Mouch. Please don’t die on us.” Shut up, you’re gonna make me cry


So, now we have to wait four months to know who’s gonna make it out alive. There’s Herrmann, Mouch, Casey, Severide and two other firefighters taht were with Severide and whose names I forgot. I’m guessing it’s likely that Mouch won’t make it. Casey and Severide should be fine, obviously. If Mouch dies, I’m sure Herrmann won’t die as well. One character death is enough. The two firefighters might die as well because the show doesn’t focus on them at all.

So. Four months, what the fuck. And now I’m just supposed to go outside, get that ice cream that I want and pretend it’s all fine?