Did I ever tell you guys about Robbie the Dividing Line?

My brother Jim and I fought a lot when we were little because that’s what brothers and sisters do, I guess. Rob is the oldest, and he got sick of our shit pretty quickly, so one day he became Robbie, the Dividing Line. 

Robbie introduced himself (in a british accent, for some reason) and proceeded to lay down in the middle of the room. I had my side, Jim had his. It worked until Jim started using his rubber band gun and I threw my yo-yo at him. 

Favorites. <3

smartasshat replied to your photo

They’re not your real dad & mom!

yhf replied to your photo

You ought to send it back with the quotemarks circled in red Sharpie and in your own writing beneath, “Let’s make these a literal thing instead of a weird typo and just don’t talk to me ever again ever.”

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That is the awesomestest birthday gift ever! -Your “brother”

girl-detective replied to your photo

“ok then”