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If you’ve never seen Bob Ross reruns before you’re missing out. He was a painter and had his own show on PBS that ended around the time I was born, but i used to see reruns of it occasionally. Basically he teaches you how to paint, but his voice and everything he says just makes it awesome. just watch a couple minutes of it if you have time!


Ólafur Arnalds - Near Light (Living Room Songs)

I stumbled upon this Icelandic composer a few weeks ago on pandora and he quickly became one of my favorite artists. Using just a piano and a few string instruments he creates very quiet songs that sound like they would be used in movies. I fall asleep just about every night now listening to his music. If you like this one be sure to check out more on his youtube page


Rylynn - Andy McKee

This guy became really popular when i was in middle school around the time i started playing guitar. If you’ve never seen his videos you may wanna check out this one (the first one to go viral with 46million views). He does some amazing things and i was just looking back at some of my old favorite youtube videos