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Batman Fitness headcanons

- Bruce likes to listen to heavier, angry rock songs when working out: Three Days Grace, Rob Zombie, Papa Roach etc.

- Dick is more prone to having happier songs on his playlist: Smashmouth, Beyonce, One Direction, Ace of Base, a little bit of Bollywood

- Damian has a mix of both and tends to forget to unhook his iPod when he’s done working out. And Bruce often doesn’t realize this until he’s well into the zone when suddenly Beautiful Life is blasting and causing him to misstep and nearly twist his ankle in surprise.

- Tim is the least flexible out of everyone. He can’t even hold a candle to Jason, who gained his flexibility when scrambling over obstacles when on the run in the streets in his youth.

- Bruce doesn’t like doing his morning yoga with Dick. He doesn’t feel like Dick takes it seriously and just uses it as a chance to show off all that he can do, even though Dick swears he can feel the stretch better when he does everything from a handstand position.

- Tim and Damian aren’t allowed to use the machines at the same time. Not ever since the Great Cracked Weights Incident from 3 months ago.

Tumblr - Girl (Part 7)

Tumblr – Girl (series)
Part 1 
Part 8


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: back to the roots.
Word Count: 2.056
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt, swearing, maybe implied rape, some fluff

Notes: soooo, here it is, part 7. it took me a while, but here it is, ih hope you like it!

Thanks again to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki for the awesome beta-reading, you are a precious piece of human being.

Enjoy Part 7!

Your POV:

The moment you opened your tumblr-inbox you knew you were the worst kind of friend somebody could have. There were loads of messages, every day a new one, after all this time Dmitri still didn’t give you up, the last message was just a day old. Sure they got shorter with the time, but he still checked up on you every day. You decided to read every message, every single one, you didn’t want him to invest time for nothing, you wanted that every single line he wrote was at least read. You started with the first one, it came in 3 and a half weeks ago. You smiled, it sounded just like always, you missed Dmitri, just by reading the first few lines you felt this trust you always shared with Dmitri.

“Hey Y/N,

I’m sure you have loads of things to do, so I won’t bother you. I just wanted to check up on you quickly. So how is university going and how are you? Here there isn’t a lot going on, just usual stuff. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you


Two days later there was another text, it sounded more worried.

“Hey lovely,

You haven’t answered since a few days, are you okay? Is there some issue with your phone or something like that? But you surely know that you can read messages from the computer, do you? Yeah, at least when you read this you will know, please write me, Y/N. What’s up in your life? Has something important happened? You see, so many questions, you will have days of work to answer all of them. ;)



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Friday, September 8: Halford, “The One You Love to Hate”

“The One You Love to Hate”, especially this particular version from a London show in late 2000, was supposed to not only reassert Rob Halford’s commitment to heavy metal, but was also intended as a linchpin on the similarly metal-minded Resurrection, and with this live version, was meant to herald the formation of Trinity, a three-headed supergroup featuring Halford, Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate and shepherded by Roy Z.  Instead, the song only delivered on that first objective: it was of a piece with the rest of Resurrection, but that record’s first two tracks basically provided Rob’s thesis statement and established Halford as a viable traditional heavy metal outfit, whereas “The One You Love to Hate” was ultimately forgotten as a novelty despite featuring a fired-up and venomous co-lead vocal from Dickinson on the studio version, and committed singing from Tate here.  And Trinity was basically just an internet fantasy stoked by Rob’s wishful thinking- despite plans to record both a new version of this song as well as the Dickinson chestnut “Tears of the Dragon”, nothing ever happened due to everyone’s busy schedules.  But despite all of this, “The One You Love to Hate” was a catchy and fun stomper that found everyone performing at their peak, with even Tate acting like he wasn’t ashamed to be associated with metal.  And even if Rob and certainly Bruce were capable of something a little smarter than this, it was still good fun to hear metal’s two greatest singers go toe to toe.

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When It’s Time (Rob Benedict x Reader)

All rights to the song go to Green Day!

You weren’t good with talking. You just never have been. Putting your feelings into sentences just wasn’t your strong suit. However, you were always able to put your feelings into a song. That, that was easy.

You knew that this problem you had was gonna bite you in the ass one day, and that day came.

“Hey, babe.” said Rob, actor extraordinaire, guitar god, and your boyfriend of now 7 months.

“Hey.” you said, smiling. He sat down on the couch next to you and slung his arm around your shoulder. It was Friday night, and movies just seemed like a good idea.

After movie after movie, and hiding yourself into his shirt after a few horror movies, you got up to get yourself something to drink. You didn’t hear Rob follow you.

You stood at the counter, pouring water into a glass, when two arms wrapped around your waist, making you jump slightly. You relaxed instantly, realizing it was Rob.

Still in his arms, you turned around and faced him.

“Well hello.” you said with a laugh.

Rob laughed, his face getting red as he looked down shyly.

“You ok, Rob?” you asked. You could sense him being nervous.

Looking up at you, he placed a hand on your cheek, bringing you towards him. He kissed you softly.

“I love you, Y/N.”

Your throat closed up. No guy had ever said it to you before, and your brain just didn’t know how to respond.

Seeing your agitated state, and knowing your past, Rob pulled you into a hug.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to say it back. I just needed you to know that I do.”

You squeezed him tighter, thanking him silently.


It had been about 2 weeks since that night. Rob kept saying I love you, just in random passing, but you had yet to say it to him.

Rob, being the amazing guy that he is, wasn’t saying anything about it. But, you could see his eyes lose a bit of spark every time you didn’t say it back.

It was time to say it back the only way you knew how.

Rob and you were sitting on his bed. You sat lying against the head board, comfortable as one could get, just watching him. He was sitting across from you fiddling with his guitar, trying to figure out a new song. It was a process only you were lucky enough to witness.

Frustrated from chords not working out, he sat his guitar down next to him, rubbing his temple with his hand.

“You alright, Robbie?” you asked with concern.

“Yeah. I’m just tired. Been trying to figure out this song for a week. I’ll be right back, gonna use the bathroom.”

You nodded at him, watching him as he got up and walked in the connecting bathroom. He disappeared behind the door.

It was time, you thought. No better time to do this then now.

Rob walked back into the room and sat down in his previous seat. You sat up as he grabbed his guitar.

“Actually, could I see your guitar for a moment?” you asked.

Rob gave you a skeptical look. You had never played the guitar in front of him before, never even talked about knowing how to play in general. He didn’t even know you could sing.

“I mean, I guess.”

He handed the guitar and pick over to you, watching you carefully. His unknowing of you playing the guitar was making him nervous as he hand it to you.

You started messing with him a bit, just strumming random notes, and not really paying attention to much. Rob laughed with amusement.

All of a sudden, you started plucking the notes to the song you had written just a week before. Rob’s eyes went wide as he noticed an actual song was forming.

(A/N: The version of the song used for this is the one from the Broadway Musical “American Idiot.”

You started to sing.

“Words get trapped in mind.
Sorry if I don’t take the time to feel the way I do
‘Cause the first day you came into my life, my
time ticks around you.”

You looked up at Rob as you played, making sure not to break any eye contact. You needed him to see you, see how you really felt.

“But then I need your voice
as the key to unlock all the love trapped in me.
So tell me when it’s time to say I love you.”

A smile crept onto Rob’s face as you sang those three words.

“All I want is you to understand,
that when I take your hand, its cause I want to.
We are all born in a world of doubt,
but there’s no doubt
I figured out
I. Love. You.

You spaced out the three words on purpose, emphasizing them. Rob laughed, realizing what you were doing. He remembered all the times you were in public and you had just taken his hand randomly, out of the blue.

“And I feel lonely for
all the losers that will never
take the time to say,
what is really on their mind instead
They just hideaway.”

Rob’s eyes glistened with tears. You were shocked yourself, not expecting that to happen at all.

“Yet they’ll never have
someone like you to guide them
and help along the way.
So tell me when it’s time
to say I love you.”

As you sang each word, Rob fell in love with you more and more and he didn’t even realize that was possible. You were in love with each other.

“So tell me when it’s time
to say, I Love You.”

You finished the song, setting the guitar and pick off to the side. Rob got up and walked around the bed. He said down next to you, as close as he could get.

“It’s time.” you said, laughing slightly. Rob reached his hand up and wiped a tear that had escaped your eye. You hadn’t even realized you were crying too.

“It’s time.” said Rob, repeating your words. He leaned in, kissing you softly. You responded immediately.

It had always been time.

A/N: I got flustered just by writing this dear chuck lol. Hope you enjoyed!


Friday, August 18: Judas Priest, “Persecution”

With almost 10 years of hindsight, one could concede that the overwhelmingly negative reception afforded Nostradamus wasn’t entirely justified.  Sure, Judas Priest bit off far more than they could chew, as a double-disc concept album was far outside their skillset.  And yes, a hefty chunk of the material was overproduced and laborious.  And this was definitely a down note for the great K.K. Downing to depart Priest on.  But Downing, Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton were still consummate craftsmen, and when they got down to writing proper songs, Nostradamus cooked.  “Persecution” was a fine latter-day Priest steamroller, a sturdy Tipton/Downing charger that allowed Scott Travis a rare opportunity to break out his trademark double-kick attack.  Halford was ever the Metal God, trying a variety of voices but never sounding strained, and the whole song, even with its melodic intro, felt like a proper Judas Priest mini-epic, something akin to an update of “The Sentinel”.  If the guys had thought to trim the album down and write more scorchers like “Persecution”, Nostradamus would’ve had a much longer shelf life.

anonymous asked:

Seeing that shirt just reminded me that Rob Thomas has Harry's album and made Carolina his Song of the Day. Ok, I assume he has the album because Carolina isn't a single. Anyway, I love Rob and I love that he loves Harry's music. Bam!

God I remember that. I love when all these random artists mention an album track cus then YOU KNOW they listened to the whole thing and actually had to seek it out.


Sorry guys! I cant hear you over how fucking awesome this song is! Lets face it this song is CLEARLY about Dwarfs.

Korpiklaani - wooden pints

There’s men, underground 
Who have never seen the sun 
But they really know how to party 
Little men from underground 
Who have never seen the sun 
But the really know how to party 

The rise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing 
And they fight and dance ‘till the morning 

Tables full, reindeer meat 
And the camp fire shines and the brick walls are full candles 
Tables full, wooden pints 
They don’t care about their sins 
They just wanna get drunk and party 

Long war is now past 
Only good men have lasted 
They need women, meat, beer and rum 
Fight battle full of blood no thoughts about god they just slaughtered killed and tormented 


#Halloween ! #ShiaLebeouf !


The song I attempted today for relearning guitar. I was pleased with myself and could do a fair amount of the beginning. I just cant wait until i’m decked and tattoos and have an epic beard. People think i’ll pull out some sort of metal or rock song. Nope brah, folk rock.

Steeleye Span- Sheep crook black dog