robs cosplay

a few people asked, so this is literally the only other shot i took of this cosplay…whoops lol. also cosplay accuracy is hard when you are so very small good god

if anyone knows who this marcus is please let me know so i can tag him! he was awesome and also very tall


DarkLight Convention (Paris, 2017)

Soo, story time! I went to my first convention ever this weekend, and it was an absolute blast. I’ve been a Supernatural fan for some time now (all thanks to @cyaa-niide), and she tempted me into going to the first SPN Convention to happen in Paris, the DarkLight Con. We were lucky enough to have my five favorites as guests : Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino and Matt Cohen. Since this post got much longer than expected, I’m gonna put the story behind the pictures under a ‘read more’ :-)

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anonymous asked:

Did you tell Arthur happy birthday?????

We where quite drunk on his birthday but i’ll say it again i guess

// Whats this?? Beard update?? Hell yes! Lets see if i’ll continue using this! ^^

As You Wish

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 996
Warnings: Light smut, nothing graphic
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @castiels-ass-butt-1967. Prompt: Cosplay / Quote: “As you wish”
Challenge: Written for @avasmommy224‘s Jenn’s Birthday Challenge. My movie quote was from The Princess Bride: “I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.”

I combined this Celebration Request with a Challenge because I’ve been wondering what to do with this Challenge Quote for awhile and it fits perfect with the Celebration prompts requested.

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My cosplay adventures as Kuzco and Eren Yeager at Midwest Media Expo in Detroit ^_^ I got to meet my internet hero Doug Walker aka the Nostalgia Critic and many amazing members of Channel Awesome!!!! Great people, awesome cosplays, stupendous time! I <3 cons


Who this hipster scotsman 

// Appreciation post! 

a big shoutout to @broken-umbrella-cosplay for making this amazing beard for my Scotland, its so pretty and neatly done he deserve so much appreciation for it, not only that but all of the cool wigs and cosplays he makes too!

This Halloween I paid tribute to some of my favorite musicians. From closet cosplays to full out costumes, here are nine rockers and my tributes to them.

Many of them had to be confined to a square here, but find the full images and more on Instagram: @SassySledgehammer1428 ( or #RockstarHallowScream.


So I was one of the people who went to the early screening. I appear briefly in the video at 0:09-0:11 (I’m near the bottom of the screen dressed as Grunkle Stan (the fez is on the table in front of me (took it off for the showing)))