robs cosplay

This photo XD We had no idea Matt was making that face until we got the photo back lol! It’s fantastic.
And THAT… THAT RIGHT THERE IS MY IDEA OF HEAVEN!! I could happily live there forever, Sandwiched between God and Gabriel. XD

@angelbootyandpie (cosplaying Dean Winchester), Matt Cohen (Archangel Michael/John Winchester), Rob Benedict (God/Chuck), @fallnangelstandingby/@carryonmywaywardsamndean (cosplaying Castiel), and Richard Speight Jr (Archangel Gabriel/The Trickster).

Supernatural Las Vegas Con 2017
Photography by Chris Schmelke.



My cosplay adventures as Kuzco and Eren Yeager at Midwest Media Expo in Detroit ^_^ I got to meet my internet hero Doug Walker aka the Nostalgia Critic and many amazing members of Channel Awesome!!!! Great people, awesome cosplays, stupendous time! I <3 cons

This Halloween I paid tribute to some of my favorite musicians. From closet cosplays to full out costumes, here are nine rockers and my tributes to them.

Many of them had to be confined to a square here, but find the full images and more on Instagram: @SassySledgehammer1428 ( or #RockstarHallowScream.


I found these photos of my trickster! Roxy cosplay from the November MCM Birmingham expo!! The wonderful photographer took some more photos this con too so hopefully they should be uploaded soon :^)
I’m so overly proud of this because it was my first ever cosplay!!
Photographer: Rob Parker on Flickr

TG: sup
TG: so i head its your birthday and i wanted to do something but
TG: i dont have cake or anything so

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TG: hopefully a stick of butter will do

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TG: yeah so

External image

TG: happy birthday

a short kagehina fic

“Yo, sluts!”

The Karasuno team turns towards the gym doors, were Kageyama and Hinata are standing decked in large baggy hoodies, jeans lowered on their hips, wide-brimmed caps, sunglasses, and thick gold chains around their necks.

Tsukishima narrows his eyes, “Are those plastic? Did you guys rob a cosplay store-”

“Yo, sluts.” Kageyama repeats, slinging an arm around Hinata who nods and echoes him.

“Yo, sluts.”

“Can you please stop calling us sluts?” Suga frowns, “And go get changed for practice-”

“Nah, man.” Kageyama sniffs, “Practice is old shit news. Me and Hina-dog here are going to go ride some wood. Maybe pull off some sick aciddrops. Or some bluntslides.”

“Are you talking about drugs or.. a sport?”

Hinata holds up a deuces sign, “Skate 2 Live, sluts.”

“Where are your skateboards then?” Daichi asks.

“At home.”

“At home, slut. God.”

“Don’t call your captain ‘slut’.”

“What?” Kageyama tears off his sunglasses, “You callin’ us posers?”

Hinata shakes his head, “Nuh uh, man. these Ams better not be callin’ us posers.”


Kageyama scoffs and puts on his sunglasses again, steering Hinata towards the door with his arm around him, “Am stands for amateur? You wouldn’t know.”

Hinata holds up the deuces sign again behind his shoulder, “Deuce out the roof, sluts.”

“Slater alligator sluts.”

The team watches them walk away. Tsukishima wrinkles up his nose, “Was that some kind of goodbye?”

“I think so.”

“They’ll go back to being normal tomorrow.”