The reason the Philippines remains, as always, poor 

From left to right

Joseph Ejercito  “Erap” Estrada - CORRUPT former president of the Philippines, found guilty of plunder, stealing from the Filipino people. Former actor. Massive protests resulted in his resignation, but he was still able to run for and win a position as Mayor of Manila. 

President Rodrigo Duterte - current president, known best for the drug war that resulted in the deaths of over 7000 filipinos in the span of 9 months, as well as for insulting multiple world leaders and making rape jokes about dead missionaries and short skirt jokes about his Vice President Leni Robredo. 

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo - former president of the Philippines with a 10 year term that spanned from when she as vice president replaced erap, to when she was re-elected for a 6 year term. Known for scandals of corruption and extra judicial killings in her time as president. 

Imelda Marcos - WORST OF ALL, wife of infamous dictator whose regime resulted in the kidnapping, torture, rape, murders of thousands of Filipinos and the stealing of billions from the Filipino people that still have not been fully paid back to this day, an act which permanently crippled the Philippines’ economy, or at least has for the last thirty plus years. She’s still wealthy, living freely, with her son having run for VP in the previous 2016 election.

All together, one big happy family of murderers and thieves, all free and rich and influential. 

It is a common misconception that today is the anniversary of first Rafa vs. Roger match

Let me tell you the truth.

They first met on March 17th 2004 in Indian Wells doubles 2nd round, where they were paired Yves Allegro/Roger Federer vs. Rafa Nadal/Tommy Robredo. Rafa and Tommy beat Yves and Roger 7:5, 4:6, 3:6, however in the next round they lost in two sets to Bhupati/Mirnyi.

Roger continued to play in singles where in semi final he beat Agassi and in the final he beat Tim Henman (the one from Henman hill for younger generation lol)

Here’s Rafa chilling out in Roger’s box with Mirka Vavrinec during Roger’s quaterfinal against Juan Ignacio Chela

As for today, their first singles match can be seen HERE. Also check out my FEDAL MASTERPOST for (almost) all Fedal matches.

On how Leni Robredo got my vote as Vice President of the Philippines based on the Vice Presidential debates earlier.

1. She went there with no mention of her late husband Jesse Robredo, Daang Matuwid, and only once for Mar Roxas. She is literally there in her own two feet as an independent woman with her own credentials and as people’s lawyer and a House Representative of Camarines Sur.

2. She could debate well, could rebut with statements with respect and formality. Her exchange with Sen. Marcos was a more calm one than with the tension filled exchange between Sen. Cayetano and Sen. Marcos.

3. She answered some contentious questions in the debate with a track record of actualities such as co-authoring the FOI, extending the PNR charter, co-authoring an Anti-dynasty bill, championing an Anti-Dynasty provision on the SK Law.

4. She said no on the question “Are you engaged in corrupt activities?”, and she seemed believable.

5. That closing line: “May the best woman win.” made all the impact in all the debates held.

Montañés avanza en Barcelona, en último torneo de su carrera

BARCELONA, España (AP) — El español Albert Montañés derrotó el lunes 6-4, 6-4 a su compatriota Guillermo García López en el Abierto de Barcelona al iniciar el último torneo de la ATP de su carrera.

Montañés, de 36 años, anunció la semana pasada que se retiraría luego de cerca de 20 años en la gira una vez que termine su participación en Barcelona, donde vive. En su debut venció a Goran Ivanisevic, y su mejor resultado ha sido la semifinal en 2004. Ganó seis títulos de la ATP y en 2010 llegó a ubicarse en el 22do puesto del ranking mundial —el mejor de su carrera.

Montañés, que llegó al torneo con invitación de wild card, se medirá en la siguiente ronda con otro compatriota, Feliciano López.

En otros resultados, el japonés Yuichi Sugita superó 6-4, 6-3 al español Tommy Robredo y dejó todo listo para un choque con el francés Richard Gasquet.

Otro español, Nicolás Almagro, eliminó al canadiense Steven Diez con un triunfo de 6-3, 6-4, y se enfrentará a continuación al alemán Alexander Zverev, el octavo preclasificado.

El serbio y primera cabeza de serie Andy Murray y el español Rafael Nadal, tercer preclasificado y campeón defensor, descansarán en la primera fase.

Kei Nishikori, que ganó en Barcelona en 2014 y 2015, fue el segundo preclasificado, pero descartó su participación por una lesión de muñeca derecha.

On the death of Sec. Jesse Robredo: Everybody else was gobsmacked with what happened, like I’m bushwacked because we never expected it. In my mind, it raises again the question of the problem of evil. We know when a person dies, but we don’t know why a person dies. This is basically the question of the suffering of the innocent, which is also known in theology as the problem of evil. Why does a person have to die? You, and including myself, have our own nominees who should have been there in that piper plane. But of all these dozens of people we could nominate, why did it have to be him? There is no answer to that theologically. To be able to answer that you have to know the mind of God, and since God is inaccessible to the human mind (He is perhaps accessible in a spiritual level that we could never reach while we are here on Earth), it would be very presumptuous for people to say that it was God’s will. But that is the end of his life. He was a good and honest man.

When I ran for president in 1992, he took the initiative to invite me for dinner in his humble home. And he was saying that he was hoping he could follow my footsteps in government; his wife was saying that she was hoping to become a lawyer like me. All this has taken place. And I was very proud when he became a Cabinet member, although he was not bombastic — that was his way. This is ineffable. It is beyond words. It’s just a loss.

—  International Criminal Court Judge-elect/Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on the sudden death of Philippine Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.
1% to Vice President

Gusto kong magpa salamat sa lahat ng bumoto para sa aking Vice President Leni Robredo! Pakiramdam ko nanalo tayong lahat dahil sa kanyang pagkapanalo.

Matapos ang first vice presidential debate kung saan nakapili na ako ng gusto kong suportahang kandidato, nagpost na ako ng paulit ulit sa mga social media accounts ko para ikampanya ka.

From Laylayan to Vice President real quick.

Isa ako noon sa mga hindi nagtiwala na kaya mong manalo pero eto na ngayon,
Worth it ang pagsagot ko sa mga trolls mo at ang pagsagot ko sa mga hindi nakakaalam ng mga pinaglalaban mo.

Isa ako sa mga umiyak at nagdasal ng paulit ulit noong nananalo sa bilangan si BBM, sinugal ko ang love life ko kay Lord para lang pag gising ko ng May 10 ay ikaw ang manguna sa bilangan.

Hindi tayo nabigo, nandito ka na para iangat ang mga taong nasa laylayan. Huwag mo kaming bibiguin. Mahal kita Leni Robredo.

For this country to succeed, we need to make heroes of the ordinary people. We need to make heroes of ourselves.

- DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay awardee

He’s a hero in his own right, a fine example of what Filipinos should aspire to and what all government officials should be like - honest, dedicated, efficient and innovative.