London sugar babies !


…So over the past year I have compiled a list of upper mid-range to mostly high end restaurants that I really like in London; all of which I’ve visited with POTS and SD’s. I’ve found that POTS are impressed when they ask you where you want to go for dinner and you can say “Let’s go to robouchon/Pied a terre/Ormer I’m dying to check out their winter menu after the fabulous meal I had there this summer” or some other bs aha. It set the tone for your expectations from him. Only the best. Nothing less will do.

Some restaurants that I’ve left out from the note: *The shard. (Great views, poor service) *Pied a terre. (Stunning fine dining, a little too quiet) *Novikov (Italian section is awful, Asian is okay. This is hoe central so great for freestying) **I’m not terribly crazy about them but they are worth a mention

Please repost/ comment with your fave restaurant/bar for sugar dates. The list can only get longer 😉