DXM- an addict's last resort= withdrawal gold mine.

If you guys haven’t tried DXM yet, let me clear a few things up for you. To me, DXM has effects in every class.
1.Mild opiate-Like feel especially if you have opiates from previous days in your system.
2. Dissosciative effects- dose dependent
3. Stimulating effects- in lower doses (150-300mg)
4. Hallucinogenic" trippy’ effects (also dose dependent)
5. Sedative effects (at moderate doses or for new users

Dxm also is a godsend for any kind of opiate withdrawal. I’m coming off subs right now and I find it keeps me sane with that and helps me be more creative, write better, and music sounds AMAZING. But dxm is not a child`s drug. In high doses the trips are intense as hell. Stay educated about proper dxm use and have fun! ;)


This video is so fucking trippy. Seriously a complete mind fuck. I used to watch it all the time when I would take DXM quite often. The third part kinda sucks though.

Trying DXM For the First Time


Alrighty so you’re gonna try some dex, huh? Trust me when I say I’ve had some troubling trips before and you don’t want that. So when taking Robitussin gelcaps, here’s some advice.

○ Shoppers Drug Mart can be expensive, so get your pills from a freshco (any superstore with a pharmacy will do) freshco price is like $6, while shoppers makes you pay $10

● potentiate the dxm with grapefruit juice, the juice makes the high so much better

○ research the plateaus and find the dosage you need

● its not a good idea to swallow the pills all at once because it can make you nausous, so take two capsules every minute and slowly get it all down

○ after you reach your the peak of your high, throwing up the capsules won’t waste product because the drug has already been absorbed by the body

● dxm is a great drug to experience in the dark, you can see intense visuals (if you’ve reached the second plateou that is)

○ the drug acts faster if taken on a NEAR empty stomach

● do not swallow all those caps if there is nothing in your stomach, it’s not good for the lining of it

○ the day after you will feel “hungover”, but it’s mostly just a really nice afterglow (personally I feel light and sleepy and happy after the trip)

● for some people it can make them disassociated for long periods of time but usually only lasts for a bit after taking dxm

○ never mix robitussin with any stimulants or antidepressants, it could be very dangerous

● smoking a cigarette will enhance the high for a short period of time

○ some users get the robo itch and have the high ruined by the intense need to scratch. Take some benadryl so it doesn’t happen

● try to space out your dxm trips, this isn’t really a drug you can take daily

○ moving vehicles will probably make you nausous

● personally dex is best when you don’t have to interact with alot of people or do any work. So doing it outside in the day is a little hard as you’ll have double vision, feel drunk, can’t walk, can’t think, etc


happy tripping
Shit fucks you up

A little something I wrote on Robotussin:

“So…thanks for that I can’t dude so trickle yes why should I? Trinkets <3 Don’t stop the beat dude -flush- Stortiformationlotion trust that dude I know him yes so why can’t your brain tell your mind why this is nerves to stop don’t stop talking to me. I shouldn’t be afraid of what’s real so whata boss.”

…..hahaha don’t do drugs, kids.