DXM- an addict's last resort= withdrawal gold mine.

If you guys haven’t tried DXM yet, let me clear a few things up for you. To me, DXM has effects in every class.
1.Mild opiate-Like feel especially if you have opiates from previous days in your system.
2. Dissosciative effects- dose dependent
3. Stimulating effects- in lower doses (150-300mg)
4. Hallucinogenic" trippy’ effects (also dose dependent)
5. Sedative effects (at moderate doses or for new users

Dxm also is a godsend for any kind of opiate withdrawal. I’m coming off subs right now and I find it keeps me sane with that and helps me be more creative, write better, and music sounds AMAZING. But dxm is not a child`s drug. In high doses the trips are intense as hell. Stay educated about proper dxm use and have fun! ;)


This video is so fucking trippy. Seriously a complete mind fuck. I used to watch it all the time when I would take DXM quite often. The third part kinda sucks though.

So I thought of something..

You know how you have shared hallucinations on DXM? You know how when you enter that out of body experience from a high 3rd plateu trip reality literally shatters away as if it were made out of glass and it just got broken?
I feel as though DXM is more than just a drug. It is a substance that willingly gives us the ability to release our soul from our bodys in order to travel the inner depths of time and reality where we were meant to be. As the star children that we are, this drug gives us a way to enhance our spirituality and knowledge of life altogether.
And this my friends, is why dxm is so beautiful.



(Parents please share this with your kids!!!!!!)