Trying DXM For the First Time


Alrighty so you’re gonna try some dex, huh? Trust me when I say I’ve had some troubling trips before and you don’t want that. So when taking Robitussin gelcaps, here’s some advice.

○ Shoppers Drug Mart can be expensive, so get your pills from a freshco (any superstore with a pharmacy will do) freshco price is like $6, while shoppers makes you pay $10

● potentiate the dxm with grapefruit juice, the juice makes the high so much better

○ research the plateaus and find the dosage you need

● its not a good idea to swallow the pills all at once because it can make you nausous, so take two capsules every minute and slowly get it all down

○ after you reach your the peak of your high, throwing up the capsules won’t waste product because the drug has already been absorbed by the body

● dxm is a great drug to experience in the dark, you can see intense visuals (if you’ve reached the second plateou that is)

○ the drug acts faster if taken on a NEAR empty stomach

● do not swallow all those caps if there is nothing in your stomach, it’s not good for the lining of it

○ the day after you will feel “hungover”, but it’s mostly just a really nice afterglow (personally I feel light and sleepy and happy after the trip)

● for some people it can make them disassociated for long periods of time but usually only lasts for a bit after taking dxm

○ never mix robitussin with any stimulants or antidepressants, it could be very dangerous

● smoking a cigarette will enhance the high for a short period of time

○ some users get the robo itch and have the high ruined by the intense need to scratch. Take some benadryl so it doesn’t happen

● try to space out your dxm trips, this isn’t really a drug you can take daily

○ moving vehicles will probably make you nausous

● personally dex is best when you don’t have to interact with alot of people or do any work. So doing it outside in the day is a little hard as you’ll have double vision, feel drunk, can’t walk, can’t think, etc


happy tripping

This video is so fucking trippy. Seriously a complete mind fuck. I used to watch it all the time when I would take DXM quite often. The third part kinda sucks though.

So I thought of something..

You know how you have shared hallucinations on DXM? You know how when you enter that out of body experience from a high 3rd plateu trip reality literally shatters away as if it were made out of glass and it just got broken?
I feel as though DXM is more than just a drug. It is a substance that willingly gives us the ability to release our soul from our bodys in order to travel the inner depths of time and reality where we were meant to be. As the star children that we are, this drug gives us a way to enhance our spirituality and knowledge of life altogether.
And this my friends, is why dxm is so beautiful.

Shit fucks you up

A little something I wrote on Robotussin:

“So…thanks for that I can’t dude so trickle yes why should I? Trinkets <3 Don’t stop the beat dude -flush- Stortiformationlotion trust that dude I know him yes so why can’t your brain tell your mind why this is nerves to stop don’t stop talking to me. I shouldn’t be afraid of what’s real so whata boss.”

…..hahaha don’t do drugs, kids.