ways to make peridot have a “dorky” side without damaging all previous characterization:
-camp pining hearts (which was, admittedly one thing the series actually managed to pull off imo)
-occasionally deliberately peppering in earth slang she’s learning in between her articulate speech patterns
-have her geek out over tech!! isn’t she supposed to be a technician with lots of prior experience with machinery? or is she only suddenly that when the plot requires it
-conducting meticulous earth experiments on various topics, such as which organisms can fly, which conditions are ideal for the phenomenon of rain, etc., and recording all this data in a giant book/log/something else which documents everything she has learned on earth for reference for her to peruse through at later times
-having an affinity for wearing “shirts,” and usually doing so when (she thinks) no one is looking
-spending hours on end making advanced, convoluted contraptions for simple actions solely for the purpose of showing off her metal powers
-just. building robots and contraptions in general and treating them like her children instead of making w/e the hell those morps are
-drawing out complex diagrams for “where she’s going to put the star”/making rough sketches of a “crystal gem” outfit
basically redemption arc peridot; any peridot after that is a cursed shrieking gremlin child

My own thoughts from robot series I've read/watched
  • TF MTMTE/Lostlight: Bunch of confused emotional gays travelling lost in space
  • Transformers movie: Human lovebirds needed to save Optimus' ass
  • Transformers G1: Possibly drunk robots
  • Iron Leaguer: Bullying the special boy then doesn't know what's happening in the end.
  • Brave Police J-Decker: Sad robots in duty
  • Gaogaigar: Who is this long haired human
  • Astroboy: Confused of how to live life with humans
  • Megaman: Too many boyfriends inviting him

In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible: creative, critical and socially skilled. So why are children being taught to behave like machines?

Children learn best when teaching aligns with their natural exuberance, energy and curiosity. So why are they dragooned into rows and made to sit still while they are stuffed with facts?

We succeed in adulthood through collaboration. So why is collaboration in tests and exams called cheating?

Governments claim to want to reduce the number of children being excluded from school. So why are their curriculums and tests so narrow that they alienate any child whose mind does not work in a particular way?

The best teachers use their character, creativity and inspiration to trigger children’s instinct to learn. So why are character, creativity and inspiration suppressed by a stifling regime of micromanagement?


Coming from a Famitsu interview with Level-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino…

The Snack World

- battle system might be close to Fantasy Life
- this includes strong action features, but also command inputs
- Jaras are real-world items that can be scanned by the 3DS through NFC to unlock the same items in the game
- players can prepare a set of Jaras they’d like to use and switch between them in battle
- Chap is the protagonist and you will be controlling him at all times
- features another mode where players can create an avatar and play as that
- there’s an online component, which is where the avatars come into play

Lady Layton

- Kat has a strange way of solving mysteries, but manages to get the job done
- she may come across as a bit inept, but she has a calculating personality and an orderly way of reasoning
- the mystery of Kat’s mother is part of the story
- the plot is a chapter-by-chapter experience, similar to what you see in TV shows
- the devs are looking to have players solve small mysteries in everyday life settings
- this should keep the player at ease, and also help to create empathy
- half of Layton’s user base is female, so it was thought that a female protagonist was the way to go

Megaton Musashi

- the “giant robot” genre is one Hinto has been wanting to do for quite some time
- he’s excited by genres that “currently don’t have something popular”
- there’s a feeling that “robot things aimed for children are not the trend”, which makes Hino want to change that
- the goal is to make an original, totally full-fledged robot title that’s not bound by the frame
- the plan is to also develop anime and toys
- Level-5 is working with the editing team of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump on Megaton Musashi content
- players raise robots and pilots as they progress through the game
- the world setting will hopefully bring in a varied audience, since the game isn’t all action or fighting-only
- the goal is to create a story that is depicted from different points of view in various forms (game, anime, etc.)
- in the anime, Yamato is the protagonist
- the game may offer points-of-view for other characters
- the appearance should end up being close to Little Battlers Experience on 3DS
- if you watch the anime together with the game, you’ll be able to understand things like knowing the truth from the beginning
- there may be some online features added
- various consoles are being considered, alongside 3DS
- the anime is being produced with an over-the-top feeling
- this may lead to the game being on high-spec home consoles
- Hino wants the game on consoles since it features large robots and he wants those viewed on a big TV
- the team is working hard on the ‘cool factor’ of the giant robots and the pilots in the cockpit
- it will feature things like screaming the name of a technique and then pushing a lever to activate
- Level-5 has announced a toy modeled after Musashi’s cockpit and it will most likely connect with the game
- it will allow you to pull real-life levels and hit switches in the cockpit to activate in-game events
- you’ll also be able to perform those events and maneuvers with traditional button presses

Hino talks about Inazuma Eleven Ares as well. That title isn’t confirmed for any Nintendo platforms yet, but it seems like 3DS is likely. Until that’s confirmed, I won’t be sharing much info on the game. You can hit up the source link to read those details if you’d like.

Amy was bored.  She was alone in the apartment while she waited for Sheldon to come home. She didn’t want to do any of her normal activities because if she got sucked in, she wouldn’t want to take him to the train store when he got back.  Instead of getting pulled into one of her novels, she decided to leaf through one of the comic books on his beside table.

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Where does Doc Magnus rank on the super genius scale?

I’d put him at around the same place I’d put Hank Pym: he’s one of the top ten smartest people on earth, but he’s in the lower part of that top ten.

I do love him and his robot children who he totally hates.

Missing Black kids in DC.

This is just for general peace of mind and keeping abreast of current events, but I’ve seen a lot of posts about Black kids going missing in DC so I want to try to curb some of the hysteria and refocus a bit of that energy if possible.


The robotics team from Burundi who were reported missing are likely seeking asylum in Canada so they won’t have to return.  Two of the kids have already been spotted across the border and the other four are probably safe as well.  No signs point to an abduction.


The 14 girls who went missing earlier this year is more concerning, but not in the way that it was presented.  I too was caught by the headlines that all these girls went missing in a day and I was a palled at the lack of national coverage, but the reporting was misleading.  At the time, there had been around 500 reported cases of missing juveniles all year and all but 22 of those cases had been solved.  Fourteen girls did not go missing in one day.  Someone likely noticed that Black children go missing at a disproportionately higher rate than white kids, put fourteen missing Black girls together in one social media post, and it went viral based on how shocked we were.

3) The real issue that’s being drowned out by misplaced hysteria is the actual tendency for police not to look for missing Black children.  Around 35% of missing children under 18 are Black, which is much higher than the population, and they aren’t found because there’s no sense of urgency when they’re first reported.  A white child that goes missing is more likely to trigger an Amber alert and a flurry of police activity.  A Black child is more likely to be considered a runaway (or a repeat runaway) and law enforcement does not employ the same level of resources.  That should be the focus, nationally, not the incorrect perception of Black kids going missing in DC all the time.


Ok, so, the carnival caretaker guy built the robot, which has being going crazy and wrecking things. He and derp Shaggy try to catch said robot, when–

–his wife reveals that she made the robot go haywyre, because because she “doesn’t think robots should work where children come to have fun.”

The caretaker is as amenable as can be, just saying “I guess I never thought of that!” He instantly accepts this newly-brought-up notion – episode wraps up, credits roll.

…so, lemme get this straight.

He spent who knows how many years building this robot to run the theme park, and his wife didn’t like the idea… so she never said a word about it that entire time, and then sabotaged it upon completion?

Rather than just tell him she thinks it might be a bad idea, she ruins his work and creates these risks?

Said nothing, and decided instead to make a robot with superhuman strength and no understanding of mortality go bezerk?

Caused tens of thousands of dollars of property damage, risked everyone’s lives, and jeopardized the theme park that puts food on their table… just so she didn’t have to tell her husband how she felt?