We need to talk about how this is literally just Trace and Kevin dicking around for 22 minutes.


So my thing in art ed so far….is coming up with assignments deemed too hard for elementary children.

I mean the harder it is- the more they learn from the project and their self in my opinion.

K- Paul cezanne Apple still life. Learned about warm colors and how to layer oil pastels. They used yellow, orange, then red to create vibrant apples.

1st grade- mini robots.

Fourth grade- cardboard robots. We learned about artist fabric Lenny and have started articulating them. We will paint them next week.

Fifth grade- they made their own art bots. We learned about a robot who paints named e-David. Then discussed if a painting by the robot or a human was worth more.

But here’s the thing. I need some fresh ideas for next week’s lessons k-5. What would you have wanted to make in elementary school? I make my own lesson plans so all I need are ideas to roll with.

Fifth grade are going to make automatons. But I don’t even know what to do with the other grades.

If you have a cool idea - please message me.

I’ve gotten these ideas so far:
Art restoration
Victorian eyes

Thank you

Ask Project 87 Feb Edition

The shortest month of the year is here, bringing with it the heady romantic commercialism of Valentine’s Day. Oh boy. Some people will see hearts. Other people will see homicidal robots and dead children.
And you’ll hear both, cause it’s time to ask our voice actors whatever you want in Ask P87!

If you’re new or seeing this in the search/tags, here’s the deal: Project 87 is a crowd-funded project dedicated to ‘bringing fantasy and fun to life’ by building 17 walking, talking robotic versions of the characters, starting, of course, with Freddy. As part of our attempts to grow attention for ourselves, we’ve also created a lore that continues on the bad end path of the third game. Obviously, this requires a lot of voice actors. And since Freddy’s the only one being built, well, we get bored sometimes.

Here’s where you come in: You send us your questions, addressed to the character of your choice (listed below), and we’ll record the character’s response to it! Easy enough, and pretty satisfying, wouldn’t 'cha say?
We don’t have many rules for this, beyond following common sense and decency, but if you want a breakdown:

-No explicitly or graphically sexual or gory asks [the latter is Springtrap’s turf anyway]

-Only send questions in through the ask box

I told you we didn’t have many rules. Due to the nature of the project, not all our voice actors are available at any given time. These asks will be answered according to when we have the time and energy to do them.

With all this stuff out of the way, let’s meet the available cast!

Freddy - voice of AlexVonKoopa
Everyone knows Freddy. Yes, even you. The franchise Figurehead and Star, hes a giant over-sized teddy-bear (pardon the cliché) . They should, at least. Yes, even you.

Chica - voice of Anni
A hearty, lovable, and tough Southern girl, Chica loves meeting new people and learning new things about the world. While she has her own burdens to bear, she is optimistic and is always there to make people smile. Just don’t ask her to dance…

Foxy - voice of Nolan
Foxy’s a bit of an asshole. Despite that, a lot of people love him. If you can get him out of his cove for long enough, he’ll probably warm up to you. Or he’ll tell you to go away, before he makes you walk the plank (after they build one).

Toy Bonnie - voice of Monty
Wide eyes and wider grin, Toy Bonnie is playful and smarter than he looks. He likes playing pranks on people, but it’s all in good fun. Unless you’re an adult. His trusting nature and naivety makes it very easy for the less friendly spirits at the pizzeria to manipulate him.

Toy Foxy - voice of Anni
Understandably, Toy Foxy comes a bit scarred from her former life as 'the Mangle’ (don’t call her that). She is blunt and pessimistic, and a snarker to boot. However, she appreciates it when people try their bests, and is accepting of alternate points of view. (But seriously, don’t call her Mangle. Foxy isn’t the only one that’ll come running after you.)

The Puppet - voice of Monty
One of the two Fully Possessed Robots at the pizzeria. Both might be cruel, but the puppet uses his intelligence and experience to get an edge on his enemies, notably all adults. If he didn’t love the children so much, he’d be no better than his murderer

Spring Bonnie - voice of Jacob
One of the oldest animatronics, and probably the most innocent despite what he’s seen. His intentions are pure - unlike some other rabbits in the pizzeria, he wants to help others and make them happy. 

Springtrap - voice of Jacob
He’s still here. Within the lore, the spirit of the Purple Man, under his new moniker, keeps to himself, only emerging to pick fights and keep tabs on his environment. His sarcasm and spectacular lack of empathy or compassion is enough to keep all but the most stubborn away. 

Freddie [I.E.] - voice of Ridkey
The female counterpart to Freddy and a scrapped prototype within the lore. She’s eager to prove that her generation is worthy of being part of the franchise. Her protective streak allows her to get dragged into things by her friends she’d never do alone.

Vixen - voice of Sym
The female counterpart to Foxy and a scrapped prototype within the lore. Her energy and enthusiasm is as boundless as her ignorance to the true nature of the pizzeria and the animatronics themselves. She’s always up for new adventures and new experiences, and that gets her and her friends into trouble.

Phone Boss/Mike Schmidt - voice of AlexVonKoopa
[Lore character] The Head Engineer and manager of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza rebuild. He sounds, and looks, much younger than he really is. While he seems to know everything about the old and new runs of FFP, no one under his command knows who he really is.

Team Leader B/TLB - voice of Ridkey
[Lore character] The leader of the Bonnie rebuild team and the most active lore character. She’s a long-time fan of FFP; this job is a dream come true for her. Following the events of January, she knows a lot more about the dark history of her beloved franchise than she ever wanted to. Her ghostly friend may cameo in some of her asks.

Team Leader F/TLF - Voice of theniftytable
[Lore character] The Leader of the Freddy rebuild team. He’s a mysterious guy, cocky, carefree, but fun to hang around with nonetheless. He may or may not have been on Broadway in his younger days.

Fright Guard - Voice of Rasmus
[Lore character] He was never a fan of FFP in the first place, but this unfortunate soul got roped into working at the horror attraction based on the franchise anyway. Following his failure to free the children’s souls, he has become dedicated to fixing his mistake and protecting the employees of the new pizzeria.

There’s nothing left to say sooooooo let’s go! Send in your questions… Now! We’re waiting! ;)

-Mod Ridkey
[NOTE: Project 87’s lore keeps strict to the games in tone. No sex, no romance, just people risking their lives versus possessed animatronics during the night shift. Any questions about the two will be answered according to the VA’s discretion and their head-canons.]

PIXAL: Kai, Zane and I will be headed off for awhile.

Kai: Okay

Kai: …

PIXAL: And make sure all 1,111 of our robot children are properly fed, coddled, and cleaned up after before we return.

Kai: Gosh darn it

Kai: …

Kai: But seriously do you and your husband get any sleep at all

Remember when I wrote about Crow buying light up shoes at a thrift store?

Later, Crow sat on the ground in the shoe aisle, pouting, while Joel shoved a pair of Velcro shoes on his feet like appendages. “Joel! These are girl shoes!”

“They’re not girl shoes,” Joel replied. “They’re just shoes that happen to be white and pink.” He finished putting them on and helped the robot stand.

“They have flowers on them!” he whined.

Tom snorted. “Nice sneakers, fem-bot!”

Crow glared at him. “Says the robot who begged Mike for a dress.”

“I have limited wardrobe options for my body type!”

Mike raised an eyebrow and tried to help. “Joel, I don’t think he likes those.”

Joel patted Crow on the back. “Why don’t you take a walk in them, honey.”

Crow groaned and took a step. The shoe lit up with tiny, twinkling, lights and his beak dropped open in surprise.

Tom’s beak dropped open too. “What? You didn’t say they lit up! How come I don’t get light up shoes?” he demanded.

“Well, one, you don’t have any feet,” Mike started, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“It’s not fair!”

Crow, meanwhile, was busy stomping up and down the aisle making his shoes light up. “You mean they light up, AND I get to make Servo jealous? I’m so getting these!” he exclaimed.

“Good because they’re the only shoes here in your size.”