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Continuing on about robotic emotional labor

I have seen people keep reblogging that post, and some of them tagging it with something like “I’d watch this”. I wonder if they took the part at the end about them being magical girls as a throwaway joke line? It wasn’t. There’s four of them.

The robot girl has the identity of Star Titanium. She embodies the ideal of dependability, the comfort in the knowledge that there are people and things you can turn to that will always be there. Her defining fear is that she won’t understand what someone wants or needs and will hurt them by accident because she couldn’t be depended on to be a normal person. Her soul wasn’t originally human; it is a spirit or other sort of envoy from an abstract concept of an ordered, clockwork world. Whatever her origin, her love and sense of kinship with all humanity is as real as anything ever was.

Her schizoid friend is Star Zephyr. She embodies the ideal of freedom, the hope of new beginnings and the comfort of knowing that there is always a way out of anything. Her defining fear is that people will come to rely on her, trapping her for fear of leaving and hurting them.

Their first friend and teammate is Star Blazer. She embodies the ideal of ambition, the hope that you will forge ahead on your own path and seize the greatness you deserve – and her defining fear is that she’ll become too focused on her own burning desire and carelessly hurt others.

Their other friend and teammate is Star Ash. She embodies the ideal of harmony, the comfort of knowing you won’t have to change anything, that you can simply let things be and see what happens, and her defining fear is being too willing to accept things that cause pain because she’s too willing to see it as a good thing. Unlike Star Titanium, she did not come to humanity from some other concept; rather she is a magical girl who has taken on responsibility for some aspect/concept of the world in order to make it better: she has taken responsibility for Death, becoming a warm Reaper who works to turn death from unbearable tragedy to a bittersweet renewal.

no Motor City thing this week. so incredibly tired, no energy at all, figured I should post something creative-ey, in case people were into that sort of thing, so I give you… this thing I had already done all the thinking for.

(star zephyr is a princess of spades. star blazer is a princess of swords. star ash is a princess of leaves and member of the grave embassy. star titanium is a princess of hearts and ambassador from the machine embassy.)

Chapter 21

Un-beta’d.  Feedback is appreciated!

Fandom: SOMA (video game)

Pairings: Lefty!Simon & Catherine, Gremlin!Simon & Brandon, Brandon Wan/Alice Koster

Warnings: Mild gore, Strong Language, Discussions of Suicide

Summary: Lefty has an important question to ask.

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Getting everything set up is about as difficult as before, but for different reasons: instead of hunting down the appropriate chips, downloading the needed content, and ransacking Brandon’s room for interrogation clues, you all are scrounging around to find the correct transcription hardware and updating the Tool chip of Catherine’s Omnitool enough to let her access the artificial reality simulator.  Gremlin sticks with Brandon, the pair of them doing the bulk of the leg work, while you stay behind with Catherine in the AR room.

Being alone with her again is about as stressful as always, but now there’s a new flavor to it: regret.  It’s an incredibly unpleasant feeling— no wonder you worked so hard to avoid it— but you need to say this, before you get run over by her bulldozer words that circle through your head like NASCAR contestants.  You just need to fucking say it.  “Catherine, what you said back there, about Alice—”

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