Film I made for QCA about Pastel coloured Robots. I was lucky to have so many talented people help me make this~

While a Robot named Lolly waits for their friend to a return with snacks, the city is attacked by a giant monster. Lolly must transform into their superhero alter ego, Pop, save the day and get back before their buddy notices.


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They brought Rex on as a consultant for the movie, but he quickly realized that it was just so they could claim they had an expert on set. The director barely talked to him and mostly ignored his recommendations. The cast and crew avoided Rex almost like they were scared of him. And he hadn’t even met any of the other dinosaurs appearing in the film.
Everyone had told Rex that Hollywood was no place for a Tyrannosaurus, but he wouldn’t listen.
Then one day, as he was moping in an unused soundstage, Rex saw her: the most beautiful female Tyrannosaurus he’d ever beheld. Rising from behind some foliage, she coolly examined her surroundings.
But her head swiveled away like she hadn’t noticed him.
“Hey!” Rex called across the studio. Her head turned toward him, then away. Was she playing hard to get? Rex charged forward roaring, but her head kept turning back and forth mechanically, almost like a …
Clearing the cluster of trees, Rex suddenly discovered that the beautiful dinosaur was nothing but a disembodied robotic head. His roars of horror and sadness disrupted shooting on the neighboring soundstage. The director rolled his eyes. “I hate hiring dinosaurs.”