5RNP (5 Robots Named Paul)
is a group of robots that will draw people!

Really, you sit down in front of them, pose, and they’ll try to copy your face on their paper!

The best part is; each robot acts differently! And i swear, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
Some of them pay more attention to details, some of them are more likely to slack off, some of them use smaller lines, etc… it’s almost like they have their own personality! It was really fun to watch them.

Liberty Lost

We are flattening the globe
Fattening our sacrificial lambs
Battening down the borders’ hatches

Turning science into fiction
Water into slime
And slime into fodder

The true version of truth does not compute
Our house of ill repute
Is too Old World for AI eyes

The whirlygig machines agree with these new efficiencies
Disregard the real conspiracies
Make renegades of refugees
And police the free

Death to liberty
Death to libery
We have become the puppets
Of an automated regime.

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