robotron: 2084

Submission #2084

Steve doesn’t like living in Stark Tower. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t because the Tower is chock-full of newfangled devices he can’t understand. This persistent reliance on technology isn’t something he’s ever going to get used to, but he’s already learned how to use everything he feels he’s going to need. Steve doesn’t like living in Stark Tower because Stark Tower is right in the middle of Midtown, and if there’s a place in New York that’s LESS like the small neighborhoods he knew in Brooklyn, it’s Manhattan’s Midtown.

It’s full of pricey places for business lunches and campy bars that open at 4pm for happy hours with co-workers, tiny cramped drug stores with unfriendly owners and chain bagel places with uninvested workers counting the minutes until the end of their shift. It’s one of the most foreign places in the city that’s changed so much since he went under the ice. It makes him feel restless and gloomy, but he doesn’t try to explain it. He just takes the subway to distant parts of Brooklyn to remember what the neighborhoods were.

Submitted by voxmyriad 


Sadist - Blood Song (Demo)