Day 12: Totally Spies

Totally Spies is a show about 3 really attractive young-adult women who’re constantly being put into perilous situations and are forced into revealing outfits. That’s… really all you need to know about it. ANYWAY I’m gonna talk about one of the more interesting parts of the show for me and that is:

This robot girl.

Now normally it would end at “Look at this cute robot girl who’s like Karen from Street Fighter!” but there’s a bit more of a mystery to it.

This is some random Veterinarian girl from The Movie which is a prequel to the series proper (sorta TS’s grasp on ‘canon’ is pretty loose). So I wonder: was Marathon just lazy and re-used the same design or is there an implication here? An implication that there’s some sinister robotification plotline going on behind the scenes of Totally Spies’s world!?

Eh probably not since the series is likely over now and the last few seasons were disappointingly void of mind control but a man can dream ;_;