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i believe that robots and AI won’t become evil overlords, but genuinely helpful in taking jobs that are dangerous to humans, as well as assisting the disabled and elderly. and a lot of other stuff. fuck dude i just love robots, please be nice to robots they are our beautiful artificial children

My total lack of plot knowledge makes trying to understand Transformers... well, *hilarious.*

After all, clear explanations weren’t exaaaactly the show’s primary focus.

For one thing, everyone randomly begins playing robo-baseball, which is delightful…

…but we also get a random baseball player chased by a robotic dog…

Like K-9, but if K-9 reeeaaally wanted to eat you.

…and… erm… 

a whole lotta finger wiggles.

Can’t.. stop… staring….

Oh! Wait, something else is going on!

…hold up, what’s the magical glowy ring? 

This wasn’t mentioned before, where did it come fro–

…aaaaaaand it just blew up. 

Was it… was it a good thing that it blew up for unexplained reasons, or should we be upse–

…wait, the guy with the evil-sounding voice seems mad about it, so… I’m guessing it’s a good thing?

Either way, I’m not quite sure what’s happeni–

…aaaaand now they’re flying through an interdimensional space tunnel filled with blue energy and cubes of spam.

I’m just gonna assume the main focus of the modern-day Transformers movies is harnessing the power of the Space Spam.