This Japanese dude built a robotic tongue to lick his favorite anime characters

YouTuber mansooon0 apparently really, really likes his favorite anime characters. So much so that he doesn’t mind licking his computer screen in a show of affection. 

Unfortunately, the act of licking his display was both messy and gross, so he put his DIY skills to the test and built a robot to do the licking for him. Using a fake “realistic” tongue, servo motor, and some Arduino circuitry, he designed the robot organ to be extremely simple to operate.


Creepy or adorable? Researchers at Harvard University have demonstrated the first autonomous, untethered, entirely soft robot: the octobot.

Instead of being controlled by electronics, the robot’s logic board is powered by chemical reactions and fluid passing along tiny channels. Scientist have struggled to create completely soft robots because rigid components like circuit boards, power sources and electronic controls are difficult to replace.  

Learn more about the octobot and soft robotics here and see the full study published in Nature here.

Videos Credit: Harvard SEAS/Image Credit Lori Sanders
After reading thousands of romance books, Google’s AI is writing eerie post-modern poetry

Google had a problem. Their AI engine spoke with grammatical precision and factual accuracy, but its diction remained terse and limp. They wanted it to be more conversational, so they made it read 2,865 romance novels. Now Google has a poet.

In an unpublished paper entitled “Generating Sentences from a Continuous Space,” researchers documented what the Google Brain Team’s pet AI had learned from its steamy binge-fest. The experimental parameters are simple and might actually make for a fun group writing game of some sort. The team gave the AI a starting sentence and an ending sentence. Then they asked artificial intelligence to bridge the two concepts using up to thirteen additional sentences. In a sense, they gave it a beginning and an end and asked it to tell a story. What came out was… a little strange. Take a look:

there is no one else in the world.
there is no one else in sight.
they were the only ones who mattered.
they were the only ones left.
he had to be with me.
she had to be with him.
i had to do this.
i wanted to kill him.
i started to cry.
i turned to him.


Want a Wall-E of your own? This intelligent robot toy is as close as you can get

Inspired by Disney robots and designed by Pixar animator Carlos Baena, Cozmo is a miniature artificially intelligent toy capable of expressing emotions and interacting with humans. The robot has a built-in camera and facial recognition technology to remember different people and adapt with them individually.

Here’s how to get one of your own. 


Deconstructed Burger - Behind The Scenes

Visual Engineer Steve Giralt explains process behind a complicated 15 second shot, employing some post production, robotics, slow motion cameras, Arduino and elastic bands:

I’m Incredibly proud to share this Deconstructed Burger video piece. For what would end up being a 15 second video, lots of hours and hard work went into making it happen. 



A team of scientists has developed “robot flies” about the size of a quarter that can perch on almost any surface.

The perching works using static electricity. Each drone carries a tiny copper electrode on its head. When the electrode is energized, it creates a static charge that sticks the robot to a surface. Turning off the electrode sends the little drone back into the air.

Perching is important because it makes the robots more energy efficient. Perching is up to a thousand times more energy-efficient than hovering in place, the researchers say.

Read more about roboflies here.
Artificially Intelligent Russian Robot Makes a Run for It … Again
A Russian robot designed to interact with humans made its way out of the lab and into the street, where it stopped traffic. It continues to make escape attempts, according to the designers.

A robot in Russia caused an unusual traffic jam last week after it “escaped” from a research lab, and now, the artificially intelligent bot is making headlines again after it reportedly tried to flee a second time, according to news reports.



Painting series by Dragan Ilić features abstracted mark-making using an industrial robot, sometimes carrying and guiding the artist himself:

The artist constantly transposes into the third dimension his decade’s long-running conceptual practice based on the usage of pencils as the basic draftsman’s tool, starting primarily with the media of performance art, installation and sculpture in extended field. Gradually, over the years, his expressive and mechanical compositions have become even more advanced with the development of modules, diverse in shape and sizes, devices designed for the task of mounting and holding his drawing tools, which has led ultimately to the construction of an appropriate drawing machine. Construed for non-artistic purposes, these robots have been reshaped into special draftsmanship implements with which the author is capable of processing his ideas at far greater speed and with considerably greater precision. The metamorphosis of the artistic work is positioned at a point where human and machine activity intersects, resulting in an interaction that is essentially based on the need to transcend the limitations of the human body. 

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