robotic pet

Hunk and La-ance in the moooorning.

*clap clap*

Hunk: And we’re back with Voltron’s resident leader, Shiro Shirogane!

Shiro: My name is Takashi.

Lance: Shiro joins us with his pet robot, Rover.

Shiro: This isn’t mine. It’s Pidge’s robot.

Hunk: Very nice, very nice.

Lance: Now, I understand Rover can eat over 100 inches of fibreoptic wire per day.

Hunk: Whew, that’s impressive!

Shiro: I don’t think robots eat wire

Lance: What do they eat?

Shiro: I don’t know. Electricity? Maybe? I have no idea.

Hunk: Mm. That’s disappointing.

Lance: Yeah, that’s not good.

Shiro: Look, what is going on here? I was studying for our next mission and you guys walk in, you hand me pidge’s pet robot and then you tell me to smile for the folks at home. I mean, what folks at home?

Hunk and Lance: *laughter* Ooh.

Hunk: Let’s to Keith to check in with the weather!

Keith: It’s still space outside.

Artificial Love

AU: Biopology; an experimental AI manufacturer known for its many types of robots ranging from pets to lovers to trained assassins. Anything you were looking for, they could make it. But when you jokingly said you wanted a boyfriend, you weren’t expecting your friend to actually get you one… Well, kind of.

Genre: Fluff, Robot!au

Member: Xiumin

Words: 1,099

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Nobody asked but you’ll -shore- as fuck receive anyway! TROLL-FURBIES!!!

Here are three generations of troll furby, lovingly crafted by imperial crocker-tech and beloved of wigglers and hated by rebels everywhere (with the exception of the sometimes-rebellious circuit bending community!)

1. Original, sometimes referred to as ‘listeners’ by the educated. Comes in imperial red, black and white in various combos. They have glistening compound eyes and an antenna disguised as a horn. They detect heat signatures (good for telling castes apart! and if people are in the room!) and, as the name suggests, they -listen-. If they pick up certain keywords in speech, they will record and transmit to empire intelligence channels! Furby circuit benders sometimes reverse engineer them to listen in on empire systems, or just spy on people they don’t like. Some remove the horn on their furby, which is somewhat barbaric considering they’re biotech and probably feel some level of pain, but it effectively ‘disarms’ them from empire comm lines, making them a normal robotic pet.

2. ‘Boom’ edition. More up to date and cuter than ever! These have more aesthetic fur prints in grey and red- ‘diamonds’ is an extremely popular pelt variety and makes them seem like more of an ally and companion to owners. The screen ‘eyes’ will change caste colour depending on the treatment given to the furby. Treat it like trash? It will become a demure maroon! Pamper them? A demanding purple! The different caste modes have different attitudes and this furby can nip you during feeding. There’s also a ‘furby boom rainbow caste’ edition which is ‘caste locked’ with blood coloured fur! …. The ‘Boom’ part? Oh yeah. They can be remotely detonated by the empire. Fun! Be sure to diffuse yours, but be careful, they know if they’re being tampered with<333

3. CrockerNet edition! The fanciest, most up to date and arguably the friendliest on face value! They even have net connectivity and can send and receive your trillion messages for you, sing songs, and learn! Too bad they can also access all your digital devices, accounts, and report findings back to base. Comes in pastels as well as the traditional red-white-black combos.

There are also waterproof ‘sea dweller’ versions, not pictured here!

‘circuit bending’ is a real life phenomena where people hack and mod mechanical and robotic toys, often for use as electronic musical instruments, but sometimes as answering machines, gadgets and other cool robotic stuff! I figure that if humans can do it, trolls probably do this 200% better. I can also see it being popular with kid trolls who dream of being rebels or leet hackers.

anonymous asked:

I heard this around before and really like the idea that doorwings are very sensitive and are like a weak spot that can turn them into a flustering mess. Do you think you might have any headcanons of how TFP Smokescreen would react to his s/o who is very intrigued by his adorable doorwings touching them constantly because "oh my gosh, Smokey! Your doorwings are so cool!" :) :) :) :)

someone pls help this smol destiny child he’s such a hot mess <3

  • The first time you compliment his doorwings he gets cocky “yeah, they’re pretty great, huh?” He flutters them a bit for you all flirty-like.
  • Then you touch them and he freezes. You ask him if he’s okay and he’s like “y-yeah, of course…uh, little to the left?” so you keep petting. 
  • He hums and leans into your touch until you brush over a particularly sensitive seam, and his cooling fans start whirring. 
  • You’re concerned but he removes you from his doorwings and makes some excuse about a patrol. For some reason he’s on patrol in his quarters?
  • Later he fesses up and tells you his doorwings are sensitive. He’s a total blushy mess as he tells you.
  • So you don’t touch his doorwings while there are people around, but in private and especially after a long day you pay them special attention. He likes it when you lightly scratch at the base, then brush your fingers up and pinch the edges. One time you kissed a doorwing and one of his cooling fans broke. You had to take him to Ratchet; it was a very uncomfortable visit.