robotic pet

Hunk and La-ance in the moooorning.

*clap clap*

Hunk: And we’re back with Voltron’s resident leader, Shiro Shirogane!

Shiro: My name is Takashi.

Lance: Shiro joins us with his pet robot, Rover.

Shiro: This isn’t mine. It’s Pidge’s robot.

Hunk: Very nice, very nice.

Lance: Now, I understand Rover can eat over 100 inches of fibreoptic wire per day.

Hunk: Whew, that’s impressive!

Shiro: I don’t think robots eat wire

Lance: What do they eat?

Shiro: I don’t know. Electricity? Maybe? I have no idea.

Hunk: Mm. That’s disappointing.

Lance: Yeah, that’s not good.

Shiro: Look, what is going on here? I was studying for our next mission and you guys walk in, you hand me pidge’s pet robot and then you tell me to smile for the folks at home. I mean, what folks at home?

Hunk and Lance: *laughter* Ooh.

Hunk: Let’s to Keith to check in with the weather!

Keith: It’s still space outside.

anonymous asked:

I am honestly surprised that there's no asks about yandere Knockout yet. And I know the requests are closed so I'm just gonna ask what kind of yanderes you think/feel/can imagine that he and the rest of the TFP cons would be? But if this is too much like a request then I'll just ask again when it's an option~

Oh boy!  XD  I’ve been thinking about this a lot, because there are so many different angles to explore with Knock Out.  This is sort of a pre-yandere scenario.  I might do a follow up to this if there’s any interest.  I’ll just focus on him for now so that this post doesn’t get out of control.

Knock Out prides himself on his impeccable finish more than anything, but with Breakdown busy with so many field missions lately, buffing has become an absolute nightmare.  So much so that he’s forced to settle for one of those horridly gauche little human run car washes if he wants a decent wax job.  He rolls into a shabby little run-down place on the outskirts of town, hoping to not draw attention to himself, and honks his horn irritably to get someone’s attention.

You nearly stumble out the door, half startled-half irritated at his apparent rudeness, but Knock Out can’t be bothered to care about appealing to useless human sensibilities.  “Full wash and wax” he says in a clipped tone through his speakers, keeping the mirrored windows rolled up to disguise the lack of a driver.  You grumble under your breath about rude rich assholes and their pretentious cars, but you go and grab the supply cart anyway.  If only you didn’t need this job so badly…

Knock Out inwardly smirks as you start filling up a bucket with soapy water.  How quaint.  It’s almost as if- ooohhhhh…  His thoughts are immediately cut off as you begin running the warm, wet cloth over his hood.  He has to physically stop himself from letting out a loud moan as your nimble, delicate hands run sensually over his frame, massaging the metal in slow, circular motions.  You spare no part of him your attention as you thoroughly rub him down from chassis to rims.  He’s barely holding himself together.  Primus, this is torture!  Sweet, exquisite torture!  He can’t even form coherent thoughts anymore.  It takes every single ounce of willpower in him to keep his cooling fans from kicking on as you start applying the wax to his freshly washed finish. 

You hum quietly to yourself as you work, thinking that the person in the car wouldn’t be able to hear you.  It catches him by surprise for a moment, before he finds himself listening to you, entranced.  Such a sweet voice.  And such gentle hands.  In fact, now that he takes a closer look, you’re all together quite lovely for a human.  He’ll definitely have to come back here sometime in the near future.

Back on board the Nemesis, Knock Out regales Breakdown with the details of his encounter.  “Oh, you should have been there Breakdown!  They reached places I didn’t even know existed!  Primus, but that human is a miracle worker!  Pretty too.  I’ll have to take you with me next time.  They did give me a coupon.”  Breakdown laughs.  “Maybe you should just bring them here and then you’d never have to leave the ship for a full massage ever again!”  Knock Out laughs with him at the time, but he finds himself repeating Breakdown’s words over and over to himself as the days go by until it’s all he can think about.  

Pretty soon his thoughts go from “what if’s” to “how to’s”.  Thoughts of your sensual touches and your soothing voice slowly consume his processor as he drifts off into recharge every night.  He imagines what it would be like to have you there with him, kneading his sensitive neck cables and singing him softly to sleep in that beautiful, angelic voice of yours.   And someday very soon, he’ll no longer have to only imagine it…

People: “Oh yeah Brienne is obviously in love with Jaime but all he feels is respect! And they’re not gonna end up together cause she was in love with Renly too and didn’t end up with him! Plus Jaime is only ever gonna love Cersei!”

Jaime: “…Riiiiight. Let’s see.”

*respectfully gets a boner for Brienne*
*respectfully dreams about her naked and rescuing him*
*respectfully prioritises her life over his*
*respectfully thinks that she really has astonishing eyes*
*respectfully goes against his family to help her*
*respectfully worries about her constantly*
*respectfully remembers the bath they shared the next time he gets a boner*
*respectfully abandons his responsibilities and runs off with her the instant she asks*

And in Cersei’s case…

*starts noticing how mean she really is because tru luv 4eva*
*has thoughts of retaliating when she is physically violent towards him because tru luv 4eva*
*suspects her of sleeping with every guy in the Red Keep because tru luv 4eva*
*literally thinks of her as ‘the queen of whores’ because tru luv 4eva*
*throws her desperate plea for help in the fire because… (drumroll) tru luv 4eva!*

Nobody is forcing you to ship JB or even acknowledge that it’s not exactly one-sided. But please do not reduce a character like Jaime Lannister to nothing but his sister’s pet robot.